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Zagreb photo

The capital of Croatia - Zagreb - is beautiful for its medieval architecture and "postcard" views that you want to take pictures every minute. A large number of museums, churches, monasteries and castles are sure to be appreciated by history buffs and long walks with a guide or guide. Even more beauty and impressions are hidden outside the city, where you should get out for a few days to relax from the tourist noise and get to know the Croatian culture and traditions. If you do not plan to stay in one place for a long time and want to travel around the surroundings of Zagreb, we advise you to rent a car - you are guaranteed convenience and mobility.

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Car rental at Zagreb Airport

Zagreb International Airport Pleso ( Pleso International Airport ) - download the scheme

IATA code: ZAG
Location: 10 km from Zagreb
Official website: www.zagreb-airport.hr
Information: +385 1456 2170

You can rent a car at Zagreb Airport from representatives of companies such as Sixt, Avis, Hertz, Thrifty, Enterprise, Active, Europcar, Autorent, Fleet Rent A Car, Last Minute Rent A Car and Uni Rent. Racks for issuing rental cars are located at the entrance to the terminal. Three parking lots are open at the airport, the first 10 minutes of parking are free.

What to see in Zagreb: interesting sights of the city

St. Mark's Church

Trg Svetog Marka 5

Church of St. Mark photo

The Catholic Church, whose fame was brought by its motley tiled roof. On the slope of the roof there are two coats of arms - a white castle on a red background refers to the coat of arms of Zagreb, and three white-red patterns belong to the coat of arms of the Triune Kingdom (it included Croatia, Dalmatia and Slavonia). The famous roof was added to the temple only in the second half of the 19th century, and the building itself appeared in the 13th century. The church’s Gothic portal is supplemented by 15 wooden statues (12 apostles, the Virgin and Joseph the Betrothed with Jesus), and the interior is decorated with frescoes depicting members of the royal family.

Zagreb Cathedral

Kaptol 31

Zagreb Cathedral photo

The full name of this neo-Gothic building is the Cathedral of the Ascension of the Virgin Mary and Saints Stephen and Vladislav. The first cathedral on this site was built in 1093 and suffered during the Mongol raid in 1242. Over the next centuries, the building was restored and a tower was added to it, which served as an observation post. In 1880, the Zagreb Cathedral again had a hard time: the central nave collapsed due to a powerful earthquake. The restoration was undertaken by the Viennese architect Hermann Ball, who gave the church its former neo-Gothic appearance and rebuilt two towers with peaked peaks. The walls of the cathedral are decorated with elongated stained-glass windows, and an exquisite glass chandelier hangs from the ceiling. If you like organ music, then be sure to stay for service - the cathedral houses one of the largest organs of the 19th century in Europe.

Archaeological Museum

19 Nikola Subic Zrinski Square www.amz.hr

Archaeological Museum Photo

The extensive collection of the museum has about 400 thousand exhibits related to prehistoric, ancient and medieval eras. One of the main exhibits is “Zagreb Linen Book”, a manuscript with the longest surviving text in Etruscan. The history of the book is this: in 1848, during a business trip to Alexandria, a Hungarian officer purchased a sarcophagus with a female mummy wrapped in pieces of linen cloth. The officer did not attach importance to the inscriptions on the fabric and stored it separately from the mummy. After the death of the officer, the mummy was inherited by his brother, who did not want to keep such a specific souvenir at home and handed it to the Archaeological Museum (then it was the State Museum of Croatia, Slavonia and Dalmatia). Initially, the researchers took the inscriptions on the fabric as Egyptian hieroglyphs, but after they established

Modern Art Museum

Avenija Dubrovnik 17 www.msu.hr

Museum of Modern Art photo

If you love art in all its manifestations, and not just in the form of medieval paintings and antique statues, then take a look at the Museum of Modern Art. The exhibition space is not limited only to the halls of the museum - some installations and paintings are presented on the roof of the building, where in good weather you can relax on soft poufs and enjoy the sunset. The museum has a bookstore with a good collection of books on painting, architecture and design, as well as a cafe where excellent coffee is brewed.

Museum of Divorces

Cirilometodska 2 www.brokenships.com

Museum of scams photo

A museum that has no analogues in the world. Instead of paintings and archaeological finds - objects (sometimes eccentric), behind which are dramatic love stories. The idea of ​​creating such a strange and sad “repository” belongs to two artists from Zagreb, former lovers of Olinka Vistica and Drazen Grubisic. After parting, they decided to keep the happy moments of their relationship and collect them in one place. For several years now, the initiative of artists has been supported by ex-lovers from all over the world: they send books, postcards, clothes (even bras are hung on the wall of one of the halls) and other things symbolizing the love that has passed away. Each exhibit is accompanied by a tablet with a description of where this thing was sent from and what story is associated with it.

Near Zagreb: Best Car Routes


Karlovac photo

An hour away by car from Zagreb is the city of Karlovac, which grew out of a fortress that has been used since the 16th century to protect against Turkish attacks (by the way, the fortress was besieged seven times). When the Turkish threat came to naught, Karlovac went far beyond the fortress and began to develop actively, which was greatly facilitated by its favorable location at the intersection of trade routes. The main attractions of Karlovac are the Baroque Church of the Holy Trinity, the City Museum, which occupies the Frankopanov Palace (Croatian noble family) and the Museum of Church Art with an interesting collection on religious subjects.

Great Tabor

Velikiy Tabor photo

One of the most famous and most visited castles in Croatia, its first construction dates back to the 12th century, when the main five-pointed tower was erected. The architecture of Velikiy Tabor combines several styles (from late Gothic to Baroque), there are only 12 types of roofs. Every year the castle hosts jousting tournaments, fairs and feasts, stylized as the Middle Ages, as well as a festival of short films. A museum of pottery and blacksmithing is open in the fortress, although the collection is not very large, but impressive.

Trakoshchan Castle

Trakoshchan Castle photo

Trakoshchan is a clan nest of the noble Croatian Draskovic family, whose representatives held high state, military and church posts. The castle was founded in the XII century as an observation post for monitoring road safety. After a century of desolation, members of the Draskovic family took up the arrangement of the castle and turned it into a picturesque manor with a spacious park and lake. In 1944, the last owner of Trakoshchan emigrated to the United States, so the castle was nationalized and in 1953 turned into a museum. In the collection is a collection of weapons, furniture, paintings, books, photographs and letters. There is a parking lot near the castle, so you don’t have to look for a place for your rented car for a long time.


Varazdin photo

Having rented a car, go to the medieval city of Varazdin, which in the years 1756-1776 was the capital of Croatia. During this time, the appearance of the city has changed dramatically - the architecture has acquired elegant Baroque features. Begin acquaintance with Varazdin with the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Church of St. John the Baptist with a beautiful carved pulpit. After that, look into the ancient castle of the XIV-XVI centuries, which has survived to this day with virtually no change - a rare occurrence for such a monument. If you have the strength, we advise you to drive to the cave of Vindia to see the remains of the Neanderthals who inhabited the cave more than 30 thousand years ago.


Rastock photo

Drive a little over 100 kilometers in a rented car and you will find yourself in the village of Rastok, famous for its watermills, waterfalls and wooden houses surrounded by dense thickets. In Rastock, you can spend a wonderful day in nature, walking along the river valleys, watching the waterfalls from the suspension bridges and dining in the family restaurant on the beach. To enjoy the silence and tranquility of this fabulous village, come early in the morning before the tourists are filled with Rastok.

Food: atmospheric restaurants, cafes and bars

La struk

Skalinska 5

La Struk photo

This small establishment specializes in the Croatian national dish, strudel. Shtrukli are similar to lasagna (only without meat and tomato sauce), are sweet and salty and served in baked or boiled form. In La Struk, all kinds of strucules are good, but the very best are blueberries and stuffed with cheese. Keep in mind that the dishes are very satisfying, and the portions are not stingy here, so if you want an easy meal, order one serving for two.

Konoba Didov San

Gornji Grad, Mletacka 11
Kajzerica, Bencekoviceva 28 www.konoba-didovsan.com

Konoba Didov San photo

You will find all the richness of Croatian cuisine in the cozy Didov San konob, stylized as a medieval tavern. On the tables are bright red and white tablecloths with embroidery, and the walls are hung with wooden utensils, bunches of onions, garlic and dried grass. We recommend ordering tomato soup, seafood stew or lamb chop. From drinks, take home-made wine or Pan Zlatni beer - any of these options will perfectly complement your meal.

Zrno bio bistro

Meduliceva 20 www.zrnobiobistro.hr

Zrno bio bistro photo

A nice vegetarian cafe, with its variety of flavors not inferior to restaurants with a “meat” menu. Tofu, falafel, sweet potato, quinoa salad, brown rice and low-calorie desserts - the Zrno menu contains all the components of a vegetarian diet. The portions are impressive and the service is friendly and fast. The owners of the institution buy products on an organic farm, so you can be sure of the naturalness and high quality of the dishes.

Meet mia

Vlashka 43

Meet Mia photo

For desserts, head to Meet Mia, a small cafe with tall windows, sky-blue chairs and fresh flowers on each shelf and countertop. For sweet tooths, Meet Mia is a real paradise: from the abundance of fillings, bright glaze and lush buns with chocolate and cinnamon, your eyes run wide. The portions are tiny, so you can not worry about the choice for a long time and take a few cakes. For those who want to eat something more satisfying, they will prepare sandwiches or toasts here (try a sandwich with prosciutto and honey mustard).


Kozarska 19

Melin photo

Melin Jazz Bar is so hidden in the mazes of streets that not everyone is destined to find it. There is no sign, so you have to go to the sounds of music and the clink of glasses. In the evening, Melin is so warm and romantic that you will not want to leave until the morning. The interior of the establishment is based on old televisions and vintage furniture, which the bar owners collected from flea markets. A unique place that you leave inspired and endlessly in love with jazz.

Where to live: comfortable hotels in Zagreb


Ljudevita Gaja 1
+385 1486 3555 www.hotel-dubrovnik.hr double room - from € 110

Hotel Dubrovnik photo

In the central square of Zagreb - Ban Josip Jelacic Square - the famous Dubrovnik Hotel has been operating since 1929. Elegant rooms in a classic style - as befits a premium level hotel with a long history. Hotel guests can use the services of a fitness center, book a massage, try their luck at the casino and try juicy meat on the grill in a steakhouse. For those who have used the car rental service, paid parking is open on the territory of Dubrovnik (you need to reserve a parking space in advance).

Sheraton Zagreb Hotel

Kneza Borne 2
+385 1455 3535 www.sheratonzagreb.com double room - from € 110

Sheraton Zagreb Hotel photo

Four star hotel in the city center, close to the main attractions of Zagreb. Spacious rooms in neutral beige tones. It offers a heated indoor pool, a gym and four restaurants (in Piano, a glass of Riesling serves assorted cheeses, grapes and nuts). If you travel by rented car, you can leave it in a paid parking lot at the hotel.

Hotel 9

Avenija Marina Drzica 9
+385 1562 5041 www.hotel9.hr double room - from € 100

Hotel 9 pics

Boutique hotel 10 minutes drive from the center of Zagreb. They feature mirrored panels, silver-white furniture and soft leather sofas. The price includes breakfast with a large selection of dishes (be sure to try pancakes with chocolate sauce). The hotel has its own underground parking, which guests can use for free (advance reservation is not required).

Garden hotel

Valentina Vodnika 13
+385 1484 3720 www.gardenhotel.hr double room - from € 75

Garden Hotel Photo

A miniature hotel with minimal design and friendly staff. Neat rooms with a standard set of amenities and pleasant views. There are three museums and a botanical garden in the area, which can be reached in a couple of minutes. The hotel has paid parking, so your rental car will be under reliable protection.

Rooms Zagreb 17

Radiceva 22
+385 9117 00000 www.sobezagreb17.com double room - from € 48

Rooms Zagreb 17 photos

Cheap apartments in the historical part of the city. Simple but sweet and homely decor: plain walls are decorated with plain paintings, light furniture, flower vases on window sills, pillows and rugs. The windows overlook a quiet street with nice restaurants and cafes. For an additional fee, you can check in with your pet.

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