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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the car rental offer include?
Each rental company has its own terms and conditions of rental. All the additional options included in the rental price can be different in each specific case.
What documents do I need to get my car?
To get the car, you will need to have your ID, credit card, voucher, regular driver’s license and international driver’s license. All of these documents need to be registered as the main driver.
What kind of a driver’s license do I need?
In order to avoid problems, we recommend always having your regular and international driver’s license on hand. The allowed driver’s age for rented cars ranges from 21 to 75 (exceptions possible). The minimum driving experience required is 2 years (in some cases, 1 year).
I would like to pay for the car rental in cash, can I do that?
You can pay for the car rental with the following credit cards: VISA Classic/Gold, AMEX, Mastercard. We don’t accept cash.
What kind of a bank card do I need to pay for the car rental services?
You can use the following credit cards for payment: VISA Classic/Gold, AMEX, Mastercard. We don’t accept VISA Electron, Maestro, and Diners. Please note that for some kinds of cars, two credit cards may be required.
Can I pay with someone else’s card?
No, you cannot pay with a plastic card registered for another person. Please note that both the card on which the deposit will be blocked and the card with which the rental cost will be paid need to be registered for the main driver.
I would like to rent a car for a business trip and pay with a corporate business card, can I do that?
Yes, you can pay for the rental with a corporate plastic card registered for your name. Please note that the card on which the deposit will be blocked also needs to be registered for the main driver.
Is there any way you can decrease the amount of franchise for the car?
When you pick up your car you can get various additional options including different kinds of super insurance. You can decrease the amount of franchise up to zero in some cases by buying super insurance.
How do I know where to get my car?
The name and address of the car rental company where you get the car are stated in your voucher which will be e-mailed to you after rental and payment confirmation.
Do you block a certain amount on the card for the rental period?
Yes, in accordance with the international rules, at the reception of the car a deposit is blocked on the credit card of the main driver.
How much time does it take to release the deposit?
Usually, from 3 to 30 days. We recommend contacting your bank in case of a delay.
Can I get the car later than the time stated in my voucher?
In order to avoid changes and delays, we recommend contacting the car rental company indicated in your voucher or Bookingcar to confirm the time when you can get your car.
I would like to rent a car during off-hours, can I do that?
You can get your rented car at any time, but you will have to pay for this service according to the rates of the rental company.
What does pay for the off-time mean?
Delivery of the rented car during off-hours is a paid service. You have to pay for this option at the time you receive the car according to the rental company’s rates.
Do I have to provide a flight number?
If you indicate the flight number in your booking, the rental company can track your flight easier. In case your flight is delayed, the car rental company is able to track your arrival time. If the rental officer does not have your flight number, he or she can suppose you didn’t show up and give your car to another client.
Can I pay the full amount when getting the car?
Bookingcar can only guarantee the rental cost and the car’s availability in the chosen rental office after an upfront fee. The amount of the upfront fee depends on the conditions set by the rental company. The upfront fee can be paid on our website after choosing the car.
What rate do you use for payments?
All the payments made are converted in accordance with the current rates of your bank. Bookingcar is not responsible for the settlements made by your bank.
How do I know the color, model, and fuel type for the car I will get?
In accordance with the international car rental rules adopted all over the world, we don’t confirm the model, color, and fuel type of the car. Bookingcar confirms the category of your rented car as indicated on your voucher. Of course, we always make sure to inform the car rental company of all your wishes expressed when you booked the car.
How can I fuel the rented car and are there any rules concerning fuel that car rental companies use?
In the majority of cases, the rented car is provided with a full gas tank and shall be returned with a full gas tank. In a case when the tank is not full when the car is being returned, the missing fuel price is charged at the rates of the rental company. In some countries like Spain, Portugal, the US, and others, you pay the price of a full gas tank when receiving the car and therefore there is no need to fuel the car before returning it.
Can I have my car delivered somewhere, for instance, to a hotel?
It is possible if you have booked the delivery of your car to the hotel and provided the address in advance. All of your wishes concerning the rental are in the Comments section of the booking form.
How can I book additional equipment and pay for it?
All the additional equipment if booked along with the car and paid at the moment of receiving the car from the rental company (or, in rare cases, during the booking). The cost of additional equipment can be found in the voucher. Additional equipment includes baby seats, additional driver, ski racks, super insurance, etc. Bookingcar is not responsible for the presence of the additional equipment in the car, please make sure it is there when receiving the car at the rental office.
Will I have problems if I reject some of the additional services offered when I get the car?
No, you won’t. You can choose to use or not to use additional options at the moment you receive the car.
How late can I change my reservation?
You can change your reservation by calling us at +44 203 808 4096 or by "My order" section not later than 24 hours before the rental begins. All the additional payments arising out of the changes are calculated in accordance with the rate and availability of cars at the moment of changing. We recommend you take care of making your changes in advance because the more days are left before the rental period begins, the bigger the chance that all of your changes get confirmed.
I would like to change my reservation, do I have to make a new booking?
You do not have to make a new booking, but you do have to contact  Bookingcar to make changes to your reservation. After all the changes are made, we will send you your new voucher by e-mail.
How much do I pay for changing my reservation?
Changing the existing reservation is free, all you have to do is contact с Bookingcar at +44 203 808 4096 or by "My order". You will need to pay for additional services and other fees arising out of the changes, though. The cost of each amendment, implying a decrease in value and a return of the difference to the customer, is 10.00 EUR*. 
Can I return the car earlier than agreed and will I get a refund?
Yes, you can return the car before your rental period ends. Unfortunately, we do not give refunds for the cars returned earlier.
Who is responsible for the fines and offenses during the rental?
You are responsible for all the fines and offenses as a tenant of this car. The car rental company may also charge an administrative fee in accordance with the current rates.
If I have problems when receiving the car, can I contact you?
Of course, you can contact us at any time. We work 24/7 and are happy to help you before, during and after the rental.
How can I cancel my reservation?
By using "My order" section. We specifically ask you to use this section, because a reservation cannot be canceled on the phone.
Will I get my prepayment back if I cancel the reservation?
If you wish to cancel your reservation, please contact us at "My order" section.
How can I book additional equipment if I have already made a reservation?
To book additional equipment, call Bookingcar at +44 203 808 4096 or write an "My order". Please note that in both cases you will need your booking number, so keep it at hand.
What do I do if I don’t receive the confirmed voucher on my e-mail?
According to the company’s rules, your voucher shall be e-mailed to you within 72 hours. If after 72 hours you still haven’t got your voucher, please contact us at +44 203 808 4096 or "My order". Our staff will promptly look into your problem and solve it. In case you have received the confirmation e-mail, but it doesn’t contain an enclosed voucher, you should click the link in the e-mail to view and print your voucher.
How can I prolong the rental period?
In the case when your rental period has not started yet, you can change the return date by contacting Bookingcar at +44 203 808 4096 or by"My order". In the case when your rental period has started, you should call the rental company you received your car at, or come there in person (the telephone number and other contact details can be found in the contract that you receive along with the car). Please note that the price of rental can be different from the one you paid when booking with us. We recommend contacting Bookingcar at +44 203 808 4096 or e-mail. Our experienced staff will help you solve just about any problem.
Can I get the car in one place and return in another one?
This service is called “one-way rental”; if you purchase this service, you may return the car not only in another rental office in the country where you received the car but also in another country. You need to make sure there is this additional option when booking the car. This service may be paid at the moment of booking or at the moment of receiving the car according to the rules of the rental company. We recommend contacting Bookingcar at +44 203 808 4096 or e-mail. Our experienced staff will help you solve just about any problem.
What is a franchise and when is it applied?
When you pick up your car, you will need to provide a deposit in the amount of the franchise that is blocked on your credit card. This deposit will be withheld, in part or in full, by the car rental company, in case the car has new damage or defects at the time you return it. For the maximum amount of franchise, please see the rental terms and conditions at the moment of booking.
How do I find out what amounts I will need to pay?
Bookingcar provides all the information concerning the calculations. Some kind of fees can only be paid at the rental office: administrative, ecological, tax fees (Israel and others), airport fees (in some cases), contract fees and others. Additional equipment and obligatory charges that are required to be paid at the moment of receiving the rented car can be viewed at the moment of booking.
My rental period has passed, I have returned the car to the rental company, now I would like to file a complaint, how can I do that?
If you wish to file a complaint, you need to send all the documents to e-mail. Your claim will be handled by our customer support service. Please make sure your e-mail has scans of all the possible documents attached, such as police protocols, rental agreement, receipts and other documents of the rental company. The more documents you provide, the faster your problem will be solved.
How do I know if I can cross a border on the rented car?
In most cases, car rental companies allow crossing the border of the country you received the car in. During the booking, you can view all the information on what borders you can cross, whether you have to pay for it or not, whether you need to purchase additional insurance or not, etc. You can get all the information and ask your questions by contacting Bookingcar e-mail or at +44 203 808 4096.
What do I do if I have an accident?
In case of accidents, breakdowns and other unexpected situations contact the rental company in which you have received the car immediately. The rental company is to be notified within 24 hours after the accident. If you have an accident, call the police, fill in all the necessary documents, protocols and reports. In some cases, the rental company may require that you fill in an accident report when returning the car. In case your car cannot be used anymore, the rental company shall provide you with a replacement car until the end of your rental period. We strongly recommend keeping the original and copied documents related to the car rental.
I need to contact you, how do I do that?
You can always contact us on the phone and by e-mail. Tel.: +44 203 808 4096.
I have booked the car and got the voucher, how do I find the rental company?
How to find the rental company, where do you meet the company’s representative, is there a company office in the airport and other information can be found in the voucher we have sent to your e-mail. In case you have problems looking for the rental company office, please contact Bookingcar at +44 203 808 4096, and we’ll be happy to help you.
How will I know why the rental company charged me an additional amount?
There are many reasons you could be required to make an additional payment. It can be missing fuel, additional equipment, new damages to the car discovered after your returning of it. In case you do not speak foreign languages you could sign documents stating additional options for services by mistake. The full list of additional options and services with their prices shall be included in the contract. If you have problems or questions, please contact the client support service of Bookingcar at +44 203 808 4096 or by e-mail.
How do I know my reservation number if I lost my voucher?
We can send your voucher to you once again if you contact Bookingcar at +44 203 808 4096 or by e-mail. We’re always at your service.
What do I do if my flight got delayed or canceled?
Provided that you have indicated your flight number when booking, the rental company meeting you at the airport can trace your arrival. In case your flight status changes, we also recommend contacting Bookingcar at +44 203 808 4096 and informing us of the situation.
My flight got delayed, I came to find the rental office closed, what do I do?
In this case, contact Bookingcar at +44 203 808 4096 or by e-mail. We’ll try to solve your problem. We may be able to contact the rental company and agree on delivering your car during off-hours or in another car rental office nearby. In this case, additional charges may arise that you’ll have to pay at the office.
I can’t find the car I need on the site, can you help me?
Bookingcar has over 850 providers all over the world. We are ready to help you choose what you need out of the great variety of options. All you have to do is contact Bookingcar at +44 203 808 4096, and we are sure to find just what you need.
I received my voucher by e-mail and realized that some details there are incorrect, what do I do?
You can always contact us on the phone and by "My order" section. Tel.: +44 203 808 4096, and we’ll change your reservation.
Can I book a car if I don’t have a credit card?
Nearly all car rental companies require a plastic card registered in the name of the main driver to rent a car. The insurance deposit will be blocked on this card.
What kind of age restriction do you have on a car rental?
Every car rental company has its own age restrictions, usually from 21 to 75 years. Age restrictions can also be imposed by the current legislation of the country where you are staying.  During the booking, you can view the rental conditions including age restrictions. Additional payment may be required for certain ages, so in case you’re younger than 25 or older than 26, please contact Bookingcar at +44 203 808 4096 or by e-mail, and we’re sure to help you.
What does the amount of deposit depend on and how much is it?
The deposit amount depends on the car you have chosen, the rental company, and the country where you book the car. Contact Bookingcar for help. The terms and conditions concerning deposit blocking may also be viewed during booking.
Can I cancel the booking by myself or do I need to contact your staff?
In order to avoid booking mistakes, we always recommend first discussing it with our representative. It is possible that we can find a more cost-effective and convenient variant and a better solution overall.
Is it safe to use a credit card when booking a car?
All the confidential information including your credit card details is protected with SSL encryption. Bookingcar-europe.com site accepts payments through VeriSignSecuredSeal. Terms, conditions, and rules for internet payments can be viewed in detail on www.verisign.com.
The rental company that I get my car doesn’t have my booking details, what do I do?
You need to contact us immediately at +44 203 808 4096 or order a call on our website.
What do I do to always stay tuned for your promotions and special offers?
All the prices you see on Bookingcar are special offers. You don’t need anything to use them. We just broadcast these prices we have got from our providers and give everyone an opportunity to use them.
Can people with reduced mobility (disabled people) use your services?
In some cases, we do provide this kind of services. Their availability depends on the country and the city where a special car is requested. Your best way to deal with this issue is to contact Bookingcar at +44 203 808 4096 or by e-mail.
How do I return the car, is there any advice you can give me?
When returning the car, make sure there is the right amount of fuel as per the contract. Carefully inspect the car together with a representative of the car rental company (if possible) for new damages, and only then sign the papers.
Can I book the car on weekends and public holidays?
Bookingcar will help you book a car at any time when you need that, but during public holidays, events etc. we recommend taking care of your booking as soon as possible. During holiday periods, a lot of tourists and business people book cars. If you take care of your booking in advance, we’ll be able to find the most suitable options for you.
I need a car with unlimited mileage, how do I find such offers?
Usually, offers on Bookingcar already have unlimited mileage, but in some cases the mileage is limited. To know for sure the amount of mileage included in your rental and the price charged for excess mileage, you need to check out the rental terms and conditions at the moment of booking. You can always use our round-the-clock service and ask all your questions to Bookingcar at +44 203 808 4096 or by e-mail.
What information do I need to book a car?
To book a car, you need to provide the following information: full name of the driver, number and expiration date of the credit card, place and time where you want to pick up and return the car.
How do I return the car during the off-hours of the counter?
When you pick up your car please make sure to check the working hours of the counter and the location of the parking where you need to return your car. Usually, the parking where you can pick up and return your rented car is located not far from the registration counter, but in some cases where this might be not as easy, there is always a plan at the counter that will help you get to the parking. In case you return the car during the off-hours, the car rental office has a box or a niche where you can leave the keys and documents for the car (if applicable). Such boxes or niches are usually labeled “Key Box”.
What is the standard insurance?
Standard insurance is an insurance package included in the car rental price by default. When booking a car, you may choose from 3-4 various additional insurance options at an additional charge, if you wish.
Do I need an international driver’s license?
An international driver’s license is required to receive your rented car abroad. There aren’t many cases when car rental companies refused to rent out a car on the ground of the absence of an international driver’s license, but in order to avoid this risk, we recommend registering for an international driver’s license.
Is it obligatory to indicate the terminal if I book the car at the airport?
It is not obligatory to indicate the terminal, the flight number is enough. We recommend checking out the terminal your flight arrives to in advance. In case the rental company’s counter is in another terminal, you can look up the way to get from one terminal to another on the airport’s website.
When does the deposit get blocked on the card?
The deposit on your card is blocked during the completion of paperwork to deliver your car. As a rule, the deposit is blocked along with the rental cost. The charge-off and release of the deposit are made after the car is returned.
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