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Yalta panoramic photo

Yalta is the most popular resort on the southern coast of Crimea. Despite the fact that Yalta is actively developing and trying to keep up to date, the atmosphere of the past, romantic and a little naive, is still preserved here. At the central market of the city, every buyer is still greeted as an old friend and treated to juicy figs or tart pomegranate juice, grandmothers on the streets sell bouquets of lavender for nothing, and tanned boat drivers on the embankment are a little annoying, but good-natured and always cheerful. All the best places in Yalta and its environs are located close to each other, if you wish, you can see most of the peninsula in one trip. And in order to be in time everywhere and not to miss anything, use the car rental service, and then your trip will be perfect.


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What to see in Yalta: interesting sights of the city


Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Garden 2

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral photo

The main Orthodox cathedral of Yalta, built in 1891-1902. in honor of Emperor Alexander II. The patron of the temple is the prominent Russian commander Alexander Nevsky, with whose name two great battles are associated - the Battle of Neva (1240) and the Battle of Ice (1242). The cathedral is made in the Neo-Russian style and is decorated with many decorative elements that give it the appearance of a tower from old Russian fairy tales. During the persecution of the church in 1938, the bells were sent for re-melting, and a sports club was placed in the temple itself. Divine services were resumed only in 1942, when Yalta was occupied by the Germans.

House-Museum of A.P. Chekhov (Belaya Dacha)

Kirova 112 www.chekhov-yalta.org/en/index.html

House-Museum of A.P.  Chekhov (Belaya Dacha) photo

At the end of 1898, Chekhov moved to Yalta, where he buys a piece of land and begins the construction of a small house with an outbuilding. After 10 months, in 1899, construction was completed, and Chekhov moved into a new house, where he created such famous works as “The Lady with the Dog,” “Three Sisters” and “The Cherry Orchard”. Walking in the garden near the dacha, you understand what the writer attracted to this place: it is incredibly cozy and quiet, nothing distracts from creativity, and inspiration seems to visit everyone who is visiting Chekhov. The rooms preserved the atmosphere that was during the life of the writer. His books, letters, photographs and clothes are in the same places as many years ago. It seems that Anton Pavlovich himself is about to come in in his home clothes and, smiling, will invite you to drink tea with him on the summer terrace.

Livadia Palace

pos. Livadia, st. Baturin 44a

Livadia Palace photo

Before becoming an imperial residence, the estate in Livadia belonged to Count Leo Potocki, who was a big fan of ancient art, which was reflected in the architecture of the main house. After the death of the count, his estate was bought into the treasury and in 1861 turned into the summer residence of Alexander II. On the site of Potocki’s house, the Italian-style Grand Palace appeared, as well as the Small Palace (the Heir's Palace, which was later destroyed during World War II) and several utility rooms. Under Nicholas II, the Livadia Palace was rebuilt and supplemented with new buildings that have survived to this day. The interior of many rooms of the palace has been perfectly preserved; some personal belongings of members of the imperial family can be seen during a tour of the palace. So, for example, textbooks and prescriptions of the daughters of Nicholas II were preserved; numerous photographs from the family archive, presented in the office of the emperor, allow you to learn about the life of the last royal family. Another part of the exposition is dedicated to the Yalta Conference of 1945, during which a meeting of leaders of countries included in the anti-Hitler coalition took place: the USSR (Stalin), the USA (Roosevelt) and Great Britain (Churchill). The main exhibit is a large table at which politicians discussed issues related to the partition of Germany and the establishment of a new world order after the final destruction of the fascist army. USA (Roosevelt) and Great Britain (Churchill). The main exhibit is a large table at which politicians discussed issues related to the partition of Germany and the establishment of a new world order after the final destruction of the fascist army. USA (Roosevelt) and Great Britain (Churchill). The main exhibit is a large table at which politicians discussed issues related to the partition of Germany and the establishment of a new world order after the final destruction of the fascist army.

Massandra Palace

pos. Massandra, st. Embankment 2

Massandra Palace photo

Massandra Palace without exaggeration can be called the most beautiful palace in Crimea. Initially, he did not have such a luxurious appearance and represented a relatively modest and still unfinished manor owned by Prince Semyon Vorontsov. After the death of the prince in 1882, the estate passed to Alexander III. The architect Maximillian Mesmacher continued to work on the exterior of the palace, changing the original construction plan and creating a fabulous palace in the spirit of the French Renaissance. After the death of the emperor, the estate went to Nicholas II, who was here only on short visits and preferred to stay in the Livadia Palace. In the postwar years, the estate turned into a summer residence for the highest party leaders, where Stalin, Khrushchev and Brezhnev came to rest.

Nikitsky Botanical Garden

pos. Nikita www.nbgnsc.com/

Nikitsky Botanical Garden photo

Nikitsky Botanical Garden is not only a picturesque place for walking, but also a research complex created in 1812 by the biologist Christian Steven. The scientist traveled throughout Europe for two years, studying and selecting plants that could be planted in the Nikitsky Garden. One of the main values ​​of the garden is a unique arboretum with an area of ​​about 40 hectares. Every year, scientific conferences, lectures and seminars are held here, as well as delightful flower exhibitions, such as a chrysanthemum ball, which cover a part of the garden with a colorful carpet and look like real works of art.

In the vicinity of Yalta: the best automobile routes


bird home

Swallow's Nest photo

Just half an hour away by car - and you will find yourself in the Swallow's Nest - a symbol of the Crimea and one of the most beautiful architectural monuments of the peninsula. The famous castle rises on the steep Aurorina rock of Cape Ai-Todor and resembles a medieval knight's castle. The Swallow's Nest got its present look in 1912 thanks to the German baron Steingel, who loved the Crimea and wished to build a Gothic castle like those on the banks of the Rhine. Prior to this, on the site of the Swallow's Nest was a wooden structure erected for the Russian general after the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878. There are several legends associated with this romantic and poetic place, one of them tells about a brave young man who, trying to win the love of his proud and impregnable lover, mounted his horse and jumped into the sea with a run.

Vorontsov Palace

Vorontsov Palace photo

Summer residence of the Count and Governor General of the Novorossiysk Territory Mikhail Vorontsov. The palace was built in the period from 1828 to 1848. in English and neo-Moorish styles (pay attention to chimneys resembling minarets), which perfectly fit into the surrounding mountain landscape. It is interesting that the palace architect - the Englishman Edward Blor - never came to Alupka, but he was able to take into account all the features of the relief and local climate and created a truly outstanding building. Everyone who comes to the palace is literally numb when they see the Winter Garden: the ceiling and walls are completely covered with ivy, and from the high windows a magnificent view of the park and the sea is saturated with deep blue. After a tour of the palace, you can relax in the Vorontsov (Alupkinsky) park, where about 200 species of exotic trees from all over the world are collected.

Wuchang-Su Waterfall

Wuchang-Su Waterfall photo

Having rented a car, go to the Uchan-Su waterfall, whose name is translated from the language of the Crimean Tatars as “flying water”. The waterfall consists of several cascades, on one of which you will see a small structure with an eagle on the roof - you can climb it by stairs, but keep in mind that it is very slippery, so be careful. In winter, the waterfall freezes and becomes covered with snow-white icicles resembling stalactites.

Three-Eye Cave

Three-Eye Cave photo

This cave on the Ai-Petri plateau got its funny nickname due to three holes in the rock through which tourists can get inside the cave. The floor here is covered with a thick layer of ice, and huge transparent icicles hang from the arches, giving the cave another name - Icy. They say that ice from these places was delivered to Catherine II when she traveled around the Crimea; Count Vorontsov also preferred to use local ice to cool food and drinks. In the very center of the cave there is a small snow hill, strewn with coins - there is a sign that if you make a wish here and throw a coin, it will certainly come true. You can climb the Ai-Petri plateau both by cable car and by rental car.


Gurzuf photo

18 kilometers from Yalta, there is the town of Gurzuf, where you should call in to look at Chekhov’s pretty cottage (22 Chekhov), take a walk around the Gurzuf park (you can also go to the Pushkin Museum here) and see the “Pushkin” and “Chaliapin” rocks. On the central promenade of Gurzuf, you can dine at some home restaurant and taste local wine, as well as stop by the market and buy fresh fruits. If you want to quickly get to the natural attractions of Gurzuf, then the best option is to use the car rental service in Yalta.

Food: atmospheric restaurants, cafes and bars

“Lighthouse: fish & more”

Embankment them. Lenin 10

“Lighthouse: fish & more” photo

As the name implies, in the kitchen in the “Lighthouse” seafood rules, which are served in all possible forms. The unlimited love of visitors was won by mussels in wine sauce, red mullet and ear "Yalta". The restaurant is located right on the promenade, with a beautiful view of the sea from the veranda. Inside, the restaurant is decorated in a marine style in pleasant pale blue tones. In the evening, live music is playing in the Mayak, giving dinner on the coast a special mood.


Embankment them. Lenin 10

Seagull photo

The whole fashion party of Yalta usually gathers in the Chaika restaurant, where talented chefs and bartenders try every day to surprise their visitors who know a lot about good cuisine. Having entered the restaurant, first of all, ask the waiter to take you to a table by the panoramic window - the sea view is simply fantastic, especially at sunset. Prices at Seagull are above average, which is justified by the impeccable service, excellent taste of the dishes and the pleasure that you get from a vacation here. Jazz vocalists often come to Seagull, so do not miss your free table.

Van gogh

Drazhinsky 31


Van Gogh photo

Cafe on Massandra beach, inspired by the work of the great Dutchman. References to famous paintings are found everywhere: in the design of the walls, on the cover of the menu, on napkins and in the overall color scheme of the institution. The menu consists mainly of salads and snacks (rape in cheese sauce is very good), the bar menu is focused on wine (which is not surprising, because it is Crimea). In the evening, the cafe turns into a noisy bar, which not only tanned tourists, but also local ones, come with pleasure to remind themselves once again how wonderful dinner on the seashore can be.

Tre gioje

Pushkinskaya 2a

Tre Gioje photo

Delicious desserts of the city live at Pushkinskaya 2a. The view of cheesecakes, strudel, fruit baskets, macaroons of all colors of the rainbow and ice cream decorated with a cloud of whipped cream seduces visitors and forces them to return to the window again and again to finally decide on the choice of sweets (and this is not a problem in Tre Gioje simple). The cafe serves not only desserts, but also hearty breakfasts (you don’t want to share an omelet with bacon and mushrooms even with your loved one), as well as pizza and light salads.


Pushkinskaya 17

"Pushkin" photo

A favorite place of all the romantic young ladies of Yalta. Cafe, stylized as a library, where a charming gentleman with black curls looks at you from the cover of the menu, and the score is brought in shabby volumes of Russian classics. The menu, although without frills, is not at all boring: there are sandwiches with jamon and feta cheese, and delicate cream soups, and cheese cakes with pyramids of juicy peaches. With drinks in “Pushkin” everything is fine too: fresh fruits, herbal teas, coffee of all kinds and with different syrups (you can take away) and Crimean wines. While they will carry the order, you can take the book from the shelf and re-read, for example, Tatyana’s letter to Onegin - the atmosphere of the institution just condescends to such a reading.

Where to live: cozy hotels in Yalta


Villa Sofia Boutique Hotel

Embankment them. Lenin 31
+7 978 782 0463
double room - from RUB 16000

Villa Sofia Boutique Hotel photo

Luxury boutique hotel overlooking the lighthouse and the promenade of Yalta. Each room is individually decorated. Fans of expensive cosmetics will appreciate Bvlgari's bathroom kits. The guests are fed in a cozy restaurant with a terrace surrounded by flowers. The menu, of course, only the best wines and dishes - everything is so flawless that to find fault with something is impossible. Villa Sofia cares about the convenience of its guests, so if you rent a car in Yalta, you can leave it in the free parking lot at the hotel.

Yalta intourist

Drazhinsky 50
+7 495 139 1051 http://yaltaintourist.ru/ double room - from RUB 4200

Yalta Intourist photo

Hotel with its own beach, located at the foot of the Yalta Mountains, just 5 kilometers from the Massandra Palace. Spacious, bright rooms in a classic style, most of the rooms offer wonderful views of the sea and Massandra Park. It offers - tennis courts, a football field, three pools, a spa and a children's zoo. The hotel has several restaurants and bars, in one of them - the Cinema Bar showing old films. For those traveling in Yalta in a rented car, paid parking is available on site.

Slavic Alliance

Pushkinskaya 11
+7 978 072 4150 www.hotel-slavalyans.com.ua/ double room - from RUB 4200

Slavic Alliance photo

Hotel on the Black Sea coast, not far (1 km) is Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. Spacious rooms with sea views, a small pond and a picturesque terrace in the courtyard. At the reception you can arrange yacht rental, as well as book excursions in Yalta and the surrounding area. If you arrange a car rental with us, then we are ready to deliver the car to the hotel


Roosevelt 10
+7 978 917 7877 www.bristol.ua/ double room - from RUB 3400

Bristol photo

A small hotel in the city center, a short walk from the coast. Comfortable rooms, a gym, a sauna, a massage room are a simple but always successful set of amenities that well complements a vacation at sea. The hotel has a pizzeria and a bar where you can eat during the day. Free parking is available nearby, which will solve the parking issue for your rental car.


Shcherbak 3
+7 495 204 1062
double room - from RUB 3200

"Imperial" photo

Nice hotel near the city promenade. Neat and clean rooms with a standard set of amenities - an excellent combination of price and quality. Guests can take advantage of the steam bath, sauna, hot tub and indoor pool. The hotel staff will help you with the selection of excursions and will happily tell you the best places in the city. Paid parking is available near the hotel, where you can park a rental car.

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