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Volgograd panoramic photo

Volgograd imposingly stretched along the coast. It is considered the longest Russian and European city. But this is not his only uniqueness. River landscapes, famous attractions, and cultural sites attract travelers from all around. To fully imbue the spirit of the city, rent a car and look at the Art Fountain, the fire extinguisher Gasitel, Mamaev Kurgan, the Volgograd elevator, visit the planetarium and the Memorial History Museum. To fully ride the intended route, you will need several days.

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Car rental at Volgograd Airport

Gumrak InternationalAirport - download the scheme

IATA code: VOG
Location: 15 km from Volgograd
Official website: Volgograd airport
Information: 8 (844) 226-10-00

The following companies provide car rental services at Volgograd Airport: Europcar, Avis, BLS, Naprokat, Hertz, Thrifty, RusRentaCar, Rentmotors, Splash Rentacar. Rental car rental desks are located in the arrivals hall. There are 3 parking areas near the airport, including free parking.

What to see in Volgograd: interesting sights of the city

Hall of Military Glory on Mamaev Kurgan

St. Marshal Chuikov, 47

Hall of Military Glory on Mamaev Kurgan photo

One of the most significant sights in Volgograd is considered the Hall of Military Glory on the Mamaev Kurgan. There are no windows or doors, the entrance to the hall is open around the clock. The first thing that tourists see when they enter the room is a mosaic depicting the medal “For the Defense of Stalingrad”. Further, moving along the tunnel, the panorama of the oval-shaped hall opens. The work of Robert Schumann “Dreams”, which involuntarily makes everyone think about those terrible events, constantly sounds here. Impressions are added by the names of the dead, carved on the walls. Passing through the hall, visitors enter the Square of Sorrow.

Pavlov's House

St. Sovetskaya, 39

Pavlov's house photo

Rent a car and go on an excursion to the historical monument - to the Pavlov's House. For 58 days, Soviet soldiers desperately held the defenses and the enemy surrendered. After the tragic events, the building was restored, however, upon closer examination, traces of bullets and shells are visible. This attraction is a good example of the courage of soldiers. It makes a lasting impression on tourists. The memorial wall is another confirmation of the terrible events that took place during the capture of Stalingrad.

Kazan Cathedral

St. Lipetsk, 10 http://www.volgograd-sobor.ru/

Kazan Cathedral photo

Just a few decades later, Kazan Cathedral began to be considered a cathedral, so all significant religious events take place here. The shrine is made in an eclectic pseudo-Russian style, the facades are decorated with stucco molding, and the walls are painted. The temple is famous for its miraculous icons: the icons of Saints Nicholas of Myra, Alexander Nevsky and Luke of Crimea. On the territory of the cathedral there is also a Sunday Spiritual-Singing School, a bell tower, a refectory. Believers come here to touch the sacred relics, pray and find peace in the soul.

Volgograd Planetarium

St. Gagarina, 14 http://volgogradplanetarium.ru/

Volgograd Planetarium

If you have visited the main museums and temples, go to the Volgograd planetarium, which is considered one of the best in Russia. The tour consists of a program in the Star Hall and an experiment with the Foucault pendulum. During a visit to the planetarium, you can see the models of Soviet spacecraft, get acquainted with the structural features of the Universe, Galaxy, Solar System. In addition, experienced lecturers will bring many interesting, but little-known facts. The information is easy and accessible, so visiting the planetarium will be exciting for adults and children.

Fire boat “Damper”

Nab. 62nd Army

Fire boat “Damper” photo

The fire extinguisher “Extinguisher” in appearance is an inconspicuous attraction, however, it played an important role in the Civil and Great Patriotic War. Once it was considered the fastest steamboat - participated in the defense of cities, accompanied the ship with ammunition. The “Extinguisher” survived the war, and 30 years later it was flooded. Later it was restored and presented as a museum exhibit. The most convenient way to get to the historically significant monument will be on a rented car.

In the vicinity of Volgograd: the best automobile routes

Memorial “Lyudnikova Island”

Pos. Lower Barricades

Memorial “Lyudnikova Island” photo

There are no picturesque monuments and sights on the island; instead, mass graves, memorials, and the ruins of pre-war buildings. During the Second World War, the Nazis were attracted to the Barricades factory, where they produced powerful weapons. The place is called an “island” from the fact that during the seizure of the territory, the army completely surrounded the object, the battle lasted 40 days. A small part was still captured, and after, at the cost of the lives of thousands of soldiers, the Soviet army still managed to defend a strategically important object. Arriving at the “Lyudnikova Island”, inspect the ruins of the building, which in previous years was the main part of the plant, the Orthodox cross, which was installed at the request of the Cossack community. After walking towards the river, lay flowers on the mass grave.

Floating islands

Floating islands photo

If you want to see interesting natural sights, then you should visit the Floating Islands located in the floodplain of Buzuluk. Sandy-clay soil is washed under a fertile peat layer. Under the influence of wind and waves, islands form - plexuses of grassy and woody-shrubby vegetation, which are especially active in spring floods. However, they are quickly washed away by water and go into oblivion. It is interesting that the number of islands regularly changes: some disappear, new ones appear. There may be three, five, or even ten. To know how much you are fortunate enough to see.

Natural park “Volga-Akhtuba floodplain”

Natural park “Volga-Akhtuba floodplain” photo

The natural park “Volga-Akhtuba floodplain” is an amazingly picturesque place located in the Volgograd region. It is interesting that in the protected areas there are villages, farms. But tourists from all around come to enjoy the flora and fauna. Staying at one of the tourist centers, in the warm season you can swim in the ponds and rivers, sunbathe on the sandy beaches. In addition, walking through the vast territory you can see laughter, yellow heron, white stork. The pearl of the park is the lotus lake, and nearby there are water lilies, swamps, and Bieberstein tulips. To comfortably get to the park and travel around the territory, rent a car.

Park-Museum of the Russian Tale named after A.S. Pushkin

Park-Museum of the Russian Tale named after A.S.  Pushkin photo

One of the most remarkable places in the vicinity of Volgograd is the Park Museum of the Russian Fairy Tale named after A.S. Pushkin. Both children and adults are happy to plunge into the atmosphere of magic. This is an amazing place where fictional characters take shape, and some of them even come to life. In the park-museum, a cheerful woman Yaga plays the button accordion, causing interest among visitors, and Uncle Chur conducts excursions, talking about the Nightingale the robber, Vodyanoy, the humpbacked skate in verse. During the tour, you will also be able to see fabulous things, among which are: gusli-samoguda, tablecloth-samobrana, boots, walkers, magic mirror. After the tour, you will definitely have lunch at the Emelya cafe, which will also make a lasting impression.

Village Rossoshki

Rossoshki village photo

In 1992, the Military Memorial Cemetery was formed on the site of Big and Small Rossoshka. In the center is the square, in the middle of which stands the figure of a woman. In her hands she holds a bell without a tongue, which symbolizes silence and silence. On both sides of the pedestal are graves in which Soviet and German soldiers are buried. The burial of the remains of the dead continues to this day.

Food: atmospheric restaurants, cafes and bars

Happinnes exists

St. Alley of Heroes, 2 http://schastie.club/

Happiness There is a photo

Rent a car and allow yourself to plunge into the atmosphere of happiness and pleasure in the cafe “There is Happiness”. For breakfast, you will be pleased with the original omelet, delicious porridge and homemade desserts. Hurry to catch before 12:00. For lunch, order a Peking duck, Salad “Under the fur coat”, sea buckthorn jelly. For dinner, try a choice of vegetables and pie. The restaurant has a wide selection of dishes, so everyone will find something to their taste here. If you do not have time for a full snack, take a signature pie and aromatic coffee with you.

Steak house

St. Sovetskaya, 11 http://steakhouse.gidm.ru/

Steak House photo

Burger lovers should visit the Volgograd Steak House. The institution works from early morning to late evening, so you can enjoy a juicy piece of meat at any time. By the way, from time to time there are sports broadcasts. At remote tables, staff will help you create a romantic atmosphere for a pleasant stay with your soulmate. The menu is regularly updated, so from time to time coming to Volgograd, you will have the opportunity to try different dishes.


St. Mira, 20 http://nosorogcafe.ru/

Nosorog photo

Nosorog is a cozy establishment with aristocratic sophistication and a sense of sophistication. This restaurant is suitable for a business meeting, family dinner or a romantic dinner. The chef never stops experimenting, he skillfully combines the ingredients to get unforgettable dishes. Taste julienne with chicken and mushrooms, warm salad with tongue and potatoes, pumpkin soup puree. As a drink, you can order special tea or freshly squeezed juice.

Knyagininsky Yard

St. Academic, 8 http://kd-vlg.ru/

Knyagininsky Yard photo

If you want to fully enjoy Russian classical cuisine, we recommend visiting the Knyagininsky Yard restaurant. You will certainly enjoy the original interior, relaxing atmosphere and a wide selection of dishes. Interestingly, the products that are used in the preparation of masterpieces are grown on our own farm. Therefore, the dishes are tasty and healthy. For a celebration or dinner, the restaurant has a banquet hall. For guests' convenience, car rental is provided.


St. Port Said, 9D http://www.bulvar-cafe.ru/

BulVarCafe photo

Walking in the center of Volgograd, you will certainly notice “BulVarKafe”. The highlight of the restaurant is its panoramic windows, looking through which you can slowly enjoy a noisy city with a cup of coffee. Try a juicy marbled beef steak, charcoal fish, home-made desserts. Polite staff will first of all learn about your taste preferences and make sure that you appreciate the ordered dishes.

Where to live: comfortable hotels in Volgograd

Frant Hotel on Zhukova

Avenue , 64 8 (844) 250-31-30 http://franthotel.ru/ double room - from € 36

Frant Hotel on Zhukova photo

Looking for a budget accommodation option in Volgograd? Stop your choice at the Frant Hotel. Guests can choose from economy, standard, deluxe, presidential suites. It offers a shuttle service, a hammam, a Finnish sauna. The hotel rooms have a pleasant interior and a relaxed atmosphere. By the way, the main attractions and restaurants are located nearby. If you do not want to go anywhere, you can order food delivery from the restaurant at the hotel.

Hotel Intourist

St. Mira, 14
8 (844) 230-23-03 http://volgaintour.ru/ double room - from € 72

Hotel Intourist photo

If you value comfort during a business trip or travel, stay at the Intourist Hotel. Within walking distance there will be attractions, shopping centers, restaurants. During your stay you will have the best rooms with high ceilings, modern bathrooms and spacious balconies. At your service is also provided a gym, service desk, laundry. Tourists using rented cars can use the parking lot.

Yuzhny Hotel

Rabochoe -Krestyanskaya, 18 8 (844) 290-11-44 http://hotelug.ru/ double room - from € 50

Yuzhny Hotel photo

The Yuzhny Hotel has all the conditions for a comfortable stay. Spacious and comfortable rooms are equipped with modern furniture. The hotel provides a business center, room service for tourists. If you plan to conduct a seminar, training, business meeting, you will not only be provided with a functional room, but also will help to organize a coffee break. The staff at the hotel is extremely attentive to each guest, so you probably will not need anything.

Hotel “Gallery Park”

St. them. Rokossovskogo, 7
8 (844) 259-05-05 http://gih-hotel.ru/en/ double room - from € 52

Gallery Park Hotel photo

Hotel “Gallery Park” is located in the heart of Volgograd. The highlight of the hotel is the interior in the English style, which successfully combines refined rigor and comfort. Travelers are provided with an aqua zone with a swimming pool, sauna, manicure and massage services. In addition, hotel guests can use the gym, use the shuttle service. Men will like the Gentlemen´s clubs, where in a cozy atmosphere it will be possible to play billiards, leisurely spend time talking and having strong drinks.

Hotel start

Gramshi St., 4
8 (844) 252-50-61 http://hotel-start.ru/ double room - from € 51

Hotel Start Photo

At Hotel Start you will be provided with not only comfortable rooms with everything you need, but also the best rooms for celebrations, seminars, and trainings. Here you will have at your service a business center equipped with modern equipment, covered parking, where you can leave a rental car, and a barbecue area. In addition, after a busy day, you can take sports equipment, play outdoors in the park.

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