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Varna panoramic photo

Varna is the oldest city in Bulgaria with a rich cultural heritage, warm sea and clean air. Here there are entertainment for every taste, regardless of the weather. Shopping enthusiasts will be able to please themselves with new acquisitions in the Central Plaza, Pfohe Mall or Grand Mall. Car rental travelers can explore the sights of the city and the surrounding area. You should definitely visit the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the seaside park “Morska Gradina”, Aladzha Monastery. Guests of the city traveling with children can go to the zoo, terrarium, dolphinarium. An indispensable point on the tourist route is visiting delicious restaurants and tasting local delicacies. The highlight of the city is the many establishments with stunning views of the Black Sea coast and excellent seafood.

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Car rental at Varna Airport

Varna Airport ( Varna Airport then ) - download scheme

IATA code: VAR
Location: 8 km from Varna
Official website: http://www.varna-airport.com/
Information: +359 52 573 323

The following companies provide car rental services at Varna Airport: Hertz, Budget, Europcar, Top Rent-a-Car, Choice Rent-a-Car, Avis, Sixt. Rental car rental desks are located in the arrivals area. There are several parking zones near the airport.

What to see in Varna: interesting sights of the city

Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Pl. Saints Cyril and Methodius, 2 http://tardes.net/varna-hram/

Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin photo

The Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin plays a huge role for the Bulgarians. Locals consider the attraction the most sacred place. The temple was built after liberation from Turkish rule, therefore it is recognized as a symbol of the country's independence. The highest hierarchies of the church, clergy, peasants, noble persons - all donated money for the construction of the cathedral. As a result of long work, the shrine gradually took on its current shape. Every day the appearance was supplemented by elements of Russian architecture, details of the Byzantine and Gothic styles. Massive gray walls are complemented by magnificent domes, the brilliance of which is visible from anywhere in the city, and the interior of the cathedral is complemented by the works of masters of the middle of the last century.


Bul. Primorsky, 4 http://aquariumvarna.net/

Aquarium photo

Rent a car and go to an amazing place where you can plunge into the beauty of the underwater world. The history of the aquarium began at the beginning of the XX century. Since then, little has changed: unless the collection is replenished annually. During a tour of the three halls, you can see the octopus from India, crabs, carps, and mullet. It will also be especially interesting to look into the museum, which presents artifacts on the study of the Black Sea bottom, an exhibition of naval equipment, seabirds and sharks.

Boulevard of Prince Boris I

Boulevard of Prince Boris I photo

If in the evening after long negotiations or excursions you just want to walk around the city without hesitation, go to Prince Boris I Boulevard. This is the main pedestrian street where locals and tourists gather. The main attractions that are worth paying attention to are ancient buildings, the architecture of which organically combines classicism, neo-Renaissance, Baroque. Such a non-standard mix gives an atmosphere of charm and southern beauty.

Varna Archaeological Museum

Bul. Maria Louise, 41 http://www.archaeo.museumvarna.com/

Varna Archaeological Museum photo

The best way to get to know the interesting facts of Varna is to go to the archaeological museum. Here you can learn about the development of the Black Sea region, the Balkan Peninsula and Bulgaria, see magnificent exhibits from the time of the two Bulgarian kingdoms, get acquainted with church art. The pearl of the museum is an ancient collection of gold items dating from the period before Christ. The find was discovered near Varna Lake, and then transferred to the museum's collection.


Saltanat, 5 http://varna-zoo.com/

Tiger at Varna Zoo photo

If you travel with children or like to see animals yourself by renting a car, go on an excursion to the local zoo. Walking through the beautiful territory, you can look at the funny animals and feed them. Lions, tigers, ponies, bears, ostriches, roe deer, camels - this is just a small list of individuals that guests can see. The inspection of the zoo will take 1-1.5, and then you can go to the amusement park.

Near Varna: the best car routes


St. Konstantin and Elena, Residence Evksinograd

Evksinograd photo

One of the picturesque sights, located just a few kilometers from Varna, is Evksinograd. This is the suburban area of ​​the royal family, which is located on the Black Sea. Today, official presidential and government receptions are held here from time to time. And at a time when the residence is empty, especially if there is terrible heat on the street, you can come here to hide from the heat. Around the palace is a luxurious green garden, famous since the end of the 19th century. Nearby is also a wine hut, where the best wine has been created and stored for more than a century. A tour of the palace will certainly impress. Reception rooms, a room for playing music, bedrooms - everything is permeated with grace and elegance.

Stone forest

Stone Forest Photo

If you like to explore unique natural attractions, then Stone Forest is a must-see. 18 kilometers from Varna is a small valley with bizarre, and sometimes frightening “stone trees”. The forest is conditionally divided into groups. One is visible from the track, the second is the composition of the tallest trees, whose height reaches 6 meters. The third group consists of three stones placed on top of each other. Particular magical meaning is given to the fourth group, which is located in the center in a circle. Locals say that if you go around the forest, and then go into the very middle, you will certainly be successful. Interestingly, the scientists did not manage to agree on the origin of the trees. Someone claims that these are stalagmites that are more than 50 million years old, others believe that these are calcareous deposits,

Wonderful rocks

Wonderful rocks photo

Continuing your tour of the natural attractions in the area with a rental car, head out to see the Wonderful Rocks. From afar, these pointed pyramid-shaped figures resemble an old castle. In fact, the secret to rock formation is the creation of water and winds. Tunnels have been broken inside the mountain ranges and a road has been laid. Leaving the car on the side of the road, you can view natural formations from the inside and take memorable pictures from the outside. Nearby you can also rent a cottage and enjoy fishing and a variety of colors in a relaxed atmosphere.

Varna Lake

Varna Lake photo

If you travel in the warmer months, Varna Lake is undoubtedly a place that is not only worth visiting, but also staying here for a couple of days. Tourists are attracted by the necropolis and the picturesque ruins of the basilica erected by the Genoese, where excavations are still being carried out. Having examined historical sites, you can fish, collect mud, which has a healing effect, take a walk on water transport along the coast. Another great idea to have fun here is a small picnic on the lake. Exotic bushes and trees, the water surface, and the sun's rays will have a magical effect, help you get a boost of energy and will certainly cheer you up.


Balchik photo

If you have the time and want to diversify your trip, go to the town of Balchik, located a 40-minute drive from Varna. It is doomed to become a favorite place, because it is saturated with a romantic mood and gentle charm. Walking through the narrow streets surrounded by small houses with tiled roofs, the look of which is complemented by flowering bushes and sea breezes, will definitely impress. The main attraction here that is worth visiting is the residence of Queen Mary. It is not distinguished by luxury and pomp, and is modestly located on the seashore, not taking up much space. During the tour, do not forget to sit on the “throne of Queen Mary’s love” and make a secret wish.

Food: atmospheric restaurants, cafes and bars

Graffiti caffe

Bul. Prince Boris I-vi, 65 https://www.facebook.com/Graffiti-Cafe-184764711556626/

Graffiti Caffe photo

Hire a car and head out for your morning cup of coffee at Graffiti Caffe. The first thing that impresses is the original interior in light beige colors, complemented by original design details. The institution pays special attention to the level of service, so be sure that your requests will be taken into account. The menu offers Bulgarian dishes prepared in accordance with the best national traditions.

My cafe by ani boland

Bul. Slivnitsa, 16

My Cafe by Ani Boland photo

If you are a fan of healthy eating, including vegetarian options, then My Cafe by Ani Boland is a must-have place to visit. Here you can have a snack with the “right” tuna sandwich, taste a cup of arabica with soy milk or try an original dessert. Fresh breakfast is served here for breakfast, soups, salads for lunch, and sandwiches for dinner. By the way, branded cakes are also prepared here, which can complement your holiday table.

Parmy family restaurant

St. R. Popovich, 8 http://www.parmy.bg/

Parmy Family Restaurant photo

For a family dinner, you should definitely head to Parmy Family Restaurant. In the warm season, there is the opportunity to sit in one of the cozy gazebos surrounded by a wonderful park. The menu offers a huge selection of fresh seafood, vegetarian dishes and local specialties. The institution is open from 8 am until late in the evening, so you can take your time, enjoying delicious delicacies. Even the most notorious critic will appreciate the technology of cooking and serving dishes.

Villa marciana

S. Padina http://www.villa-marciana.com/

Villa Marciana photo

If you are looking for an exquisite place for an important day or just want to treat yourself to delicious dishes and elegant surroundings by renting a car, head to Villa Marciana. The luxurious interior in a royal style, high-quality service will certainly leave a mark in your memory. The menu presents Italian cuisine, French. The restaurant does not work every day, so to be sure to have a meal here, it is better to book a table in advance. By the way, there is a tea house on the premises where you can witness the tea ceremony.

Havana Steak House

Golden Sands https://www.facebook.com/pages/Havana-Steak-House/455902831086597

Havana Steak House photo

Havana Steak House definitely serves the most delicious and juicy steaks. The menu also includes pasta, pizza, barbecue, salads, seafood. After long walks around the city in the institution you can taste your favorite dishes. The attentive staff will ensure that your order is prepared as soon as possible and is presented with the proper look. An indicator of the quality of the institution is considered to be a consistently large number of people who come here for every meal for their favorite cooking.

Where to live: comfortable hotels in Varna

Panorama hotel

Bul. Primorski, 31
+359 52 687 300 http://www.panoramabg.com/ double room - from € 45

Panorama Hotel photo

Panorama Hotel - a cozy hotel at a reasonable price, located not on the Black Sea. The rooms are spacious and functional, overlooking the sea and the park area. Tourists are provided with room-service and a sports and swimming complex where you can work out in the fitness center, relax in the spa treatments or swim in the pool. A conference room is equipped for business travel.

mOdus Hotel

St. Stefan Stambolov, 46
+359 52 660 910 http://www.modushotel.com/bg double room - from € 76

mOdus Hotel photo

The main advantage of mOdus Hotel is its proximity to all the main attractions. Nearby is a planetarium, an aquarium, a puppet theater, an archaeological museum. At the same time, if you plan to rent a car, you can use the parking lot. The hotel has conference facilities, a fitness center, and a restaurant. If you travel without a car, you can use the shuttle service.

Splendid boutique

St. Brothers Shkorpil, 30
+359 52 681 414 http://boutiquesplendid.net/ double room - from € 53

Splendid Boutique Photo

Tourists who are looking for a good hotel in the category “price / quality” should opt for Splendid Boutique. Rooms of various classes are suitable for both family living and for a business trip. Tourists are offered a restaurant, room-service, a business center, and parking. If you came to Varna not only to see the city, but also to mark a significant date, a wonderful banquet hall is equipped in this case at Splendid Boutique.

Grand hotel london

St. Musala, 3
+359 52 664 100 http://londonhotel.bg/ double room - from € 105

Grand Hotel London photo

Grand Hotel London is an elite hotel with high-quality service and a full range of services. Fitness center, restaurant, jacuzzi - all this will be at the disposal of guests. In case of a need for a business meeting with partners, conference rooms are equipped. The cozy interiors of the rooms, made in the classical style with elements of art deco, create a pleasant atmosphere. Grand Hotel London is one of those hotels that you want to return to again and again.

Ventura boutique hotel

St. Mara Taseva, 16
+359 52 375 115 http://hotelventura.bg/ double room - from € 115

Ventura Boutique Hotel photo

Are you looking for a comfortable accommodation with good service at a reasonable price? Ventura Boutique Hotel is perfect. The rooms are spacious and equipped with everything necessary. The competent staff makes every tourist feel at home. Nearby is a park where you can take a walk in the evening or take a couple of pictures in the afternoon. By the way, tourists on rental cars will be able to use free parking.

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