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Car rental in the United Kingdom

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London photo

Popular cities:

  • London
  • Birmingham
  • Bristol
  • Edinburgh
  • Glasgow
  • Liverpool
  • Manchester

A lot of clichés are connected with Great Britain: a red telephone box, a double-decker bus, a checkered kilt, oatmeal in the morning and tea at five in the evening - the list can be continued for a long time, constantly supplemented by associations that refer to the phrase "United Kingdom". Of course, Great Britain is much more than Big Ben, Stonehenge and the Loch Ness Monster. Great Britain is medieval castles, magnificent palaces, charming rural landscapes and lakes with a mirror surface. Traveling through this amazing country will become even richer and more interesting if you rent a car and visit little-known cities and quiet villages that will tell you best about the real UK.

Holidays in the UK

Picturesque lakes


Buttermere photo

A small lake in the county of Cumbria, surrounded by green hills with dense vegetation. Nearby is the highest waterfall in the Lake District - Scale Force, as well as Lake Krummork Water (Crummock Water), where you can rent a boat and spend some unforgettable hours in one of the most romantic places in the UK.

Loch awe

Loch Awe photo

One of the most beautiful and longest lakes in Scotland. Its name translates as “awe”, which accurately describes the feeling you experience when looking at Loch Awe. The lake is surrounded by ruined medieval castles, which can be reached by boat from the pier in the village of Lochawe or on foot from the neighboring village of Dalmally.

Black park lake

Black Park Lake photo

You definitely know the look of Black Park Lake : the lake appeared in Sleepy Hollow, in all Harry Potter films, in two parts of the James Bond movie saga, and in the Doctor Who series. The mystical beauty of the lake is somewhat reminiscent of the atmosphere of the Grimm brothers' fairy tales and is in harmony with the landscapes of Buckinghamshire County, in which it is located.

Rules of the road, parking, toll roads

Toll roads

The only motorway in the UK to be charged for is the M6, located north of Birmingham. Also paid for travel on some bridges and tunnels.

There are several ways to pay for travel:

  • Credit Card (Visa, American Express, Eurocard-Mastercard);
  • Through the electronic system (indicated by the letter T in the lower left corner of the pointer);
  • Coins (a special sign is located in the upper right corner of the pointer);
  • Manual payment (the sign is in the lower right corner).

Special Pay Roads

The Eurotunnel (about 51 km long) is a tunnel running under the English Channel and connecting continental Europe with Great Britain.

There are several types of tickets for driving through the tunnel:

  • Day Trip & Overnight - tickets (round trip) for 2 days. You need to return by midnight on the second day after departure. Price from £ 23 for each trip;
  • Short Stay - tickets (round trip), designed for 5 days. You need to return by midnight on the fifth day from the moment of departure. Price from £ 55 per trip;
  • Single or Long Stay - standard tickets, price from £ 73 for each trip.

Speed ​​mode

  • Settlement - 48 km / h (30 mph)
  • Out of town - 96 km / h ( 60 mph )
  • Highways - 112 km / h ( 70 mph )
  • Motorway - 112 km / h ( 70 mph )

If there are no restriction signs, then the speed should not exceed 48 km / h (30 mph).


The maximum permissible level of alcohol in the blood is 0.8 ‰.


A ticket is issued at the entrance to the parking lot, which the driver must present at the exit when he will pay for the fare. In the UK, there are also parking lots that work according to the following principle: you buy a ticket for a certain period of time and put it under the windshield.

Pay attention to signs along the road that indicate parking restrictions:

  • Single yellow line - there are restrictions on parking at certain times. Stop is allowed only to drop off passengers, while the driver must remain in the car;
  • Double yellow lines - parking is prohibited at any time of the day;
  • Single red line - there are restrictions on parking at certain times;
  • Double red lines - parking in this place is always prohibited.

Emergency and referral services

A single phone number for the police, ambulance, fire service is 999 or 112.
Technical assistance on the roads is 0800 88 77 66.

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