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Tivat photo

Tivat is a popular resort in Montenegro, famous for its mild climate, bewitching views of the city and fish restaurants. Having rented a car, you should definitely visit the city park, explore unique plants in the botanical garden and visit the main attraction of the city - a medieval castle. One of the most popular places is the Tivat yacht marina. Life is in full swing in the harbor: it is worth visiting if you want to have a tasty lunch and get a charge of positive emotions. Diving enthusiasts can book dives in caves or on sunken ships at the Rose or Neptune Mimosa Club. Those who prefer a more relaxing vacation will appreciate the beaches of Pržno, Kalardovo with healing sand, picnic places, olive groves. In February, August, November in Tivat, the traditional festivities of the seaside are held - carnivals, festivals. It’s worth watching the poster,

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Car rental at Tivat Airport

Tivat Airport ( Tivat Airport then ) - download scheme

IATA code: TIV
Location: 4 km from Tivat
Official website: www.montenegroairports.com
Information: +382 32 671 337

The following car rental companies operate at Tivat Airport: Meridian Car, EuropCar Montenegro, Avis, Hertz, EuropCar, Sixt Rent A Car. Car rental desks are located in the arrivals hall. Outdoor parking is also available at the airport.

What to see in Tivat: interesting sights of the city

Bucha Palace

Bucha Palace photo

Having rented a car, go on an excursion to one of the brightest places in Tivat - Bucha Palace. Built in the 17th century, the castle served as the summer residence of the Lukovic and Bucha families. The architectural complex consisted of a chapel, a church, a house-keeper, a residential building. Especially distinctly traced are medieval motifs in the exterior, while modern details are also noticeable. Today, the palace serves as a platform for art exhibitions, film screenings, literary evenings, and theater performances. In the summer, the open-air theater is located in a park area in front of the palace.

Church of St. Sava


Church of St. Sava photo

The Church of St. Sava was erected in the middle of the last century in honor of the political and cultural figure of Sava Serbian. He was able to strengthen the Orthodox faith and create the right church hierarchy in the country. The temple is small and does not differ in luxurious decorations, sculptures, mosaics. At the same time, the shrine is especially popular among local residents who honor traditions, religion and are sensitive to the history of their country.

City Park

City park photo

One of those places in Tivat where you can relax your soul and breathe in the fresh air is City Park. On its territory is the largest botanical garden. Walking, you can see not only traditional trees (magnolias, pines, palms, cedars), but also rare plants brought from distant corners, for example, from Chile. The park is small, it can be leisurely walked around in an hour. Such a walk will be a pleasant and useful pastime in the early morning or evening.

Tivat Embankment

Setaliste kroz Porto Montenegro

Tivat embankment photo

Having got acquainted with the architecture, history and culture of the city, go to the promenade by rental car, where locals and tourists like to spend leisure time. In addition to the views (from here you can see mesmerizing panoramas of mountains, yachts, bays), there are many entertainment venues on the promenade. At the guests' disposal are restaurants, shops, cafes. There are also the beaches of Zupa and Belane, equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay.

Yacht Club Porto Montenegro


Yacht club Porto Montenegro photo

Fans of non-trivial leisure activities should definitely visit Porto Montenegro Yacht Club. Here classes are held in different directions: “Sports Club”, “Rowing”, “Motor Yacht”, “Sailing School”. In the center of sailing activity, not only classes are organized, but also regular events, special events, contests, competitions are arranged. So you can follow the poster to spend an unforgettable vacation in Tivat.

Near Tivat: the best car routes

Island of Flowers

Flower Island photo

The Island of Flowers or as it is also called the island of St. Michael is a completely ambiguous attraction with a rich history. Already in the XIII century a monastery was operating here - very honorable among believers. Later, the territory was turned into a resort for the military, so the island was closed to ordinary residents. There was a period when it was famous for its rugged vegetation, which is why it got such a romantic name. Olive trees, flowering bushes, palm trees - whatever met on the tourist's path, all made an indelible impression. Today the place is not so colorful, but the flow of guests is not reduced. It attracts a certain spirit of its former charm and modern splendor. Walking around the island, you should definitely visit the monastery of Archangel Michael and visit the local beach.


Krasici photo

Rent a car to go to the resort town of Krasici. Residents here are engaged in the production of olive oil, grape growing, fishing. Several decades ago, the village became especially popular among tourists - inveterate travelers were attracted by curiosity and local flavor. Today, there are many places for beach holidays, restaurants, hotels. The main attractions worth visiting are the old church of St. Nicholas, built in the XVIII century, the Church of the Holy Martyrs, which is a vivid example of modern architectural trends, and old-time houses that still preserve their former greatness. From the point of view of history, it will be interesting to visit the ancient cemetery and learn about the culture of burial and veneration of ancestors. And to consolidate the impression of the town,

St. Mark's Island

St. Marco Island photo

Perhaps one of the most picturesque and relief places in Tivat and its environs is St. Mark's Island. Half a century ago, there was a developed infrastructure, so that tourists could feel great, relaxing on the beaches, doing water sports and taking sun baths. Today everything is overgrown with grass, and the place is especially popular among those who want to take a break from civilization, gather their thoughts and switch to a new wave. The calm atmosphere provides peace of mind and complete relaxation.

Gornia Lastva

Gornya Lastva photo

5 kilometers from Tivat is the village of Gornia-Lastva, the first mention of which dates back to the beginning of the 16th century. This is the best place for those who are interested in traditional Montenegrin architecture and culture. Recently, Gornia-Lastva has become a popular tourist destination thanks to master classes and festivals that are regularly held here. During such events, you can have an unforgettable time, plunging into the atmosphere of local folklore. Round dances, games, authentic music - all this will not leave anyone indifferent and will remain in memory for a long time.

Church of St. Luke

Church of St. Luke photo

The Church of St. Luke is one of the main sacred places near Tivat, located on a hill near the village of Goshichi. The history of the shrine began in the XII century. At first it was an Illyrian castle, later - a Benedictine monastery. Today the church is Orthodox, and Byzantine and Romanesque elements are organically combined in architecture. The rich interior decoration was practically not preserved, tourists have the opportunity to see only fragments of former frescoes and murals. The main value is the altars. One of them relates to Orthodoxy, the other to Catholicism. Having rented a car, you should definitely see this sacred and unique place in order to experience the indescribable emotions that literally take your breath away when you enter the church.

Food: atmospheric restaurants, cafes and bars


Obala bb, Porto Montenegro, Zgrada Ozana 0-12 byblos.me

Byblos photo

Byblos is a cozy place that is suitable for a hearty breakfast or a light dinner. The doors of the establishment are open from 7 in the morning until late in the evening. The main highlight of the menu is Lebanese cuisine with national delicacies. Many dishes seem unfamiliar, and the taste is completely original. If you want to taste something special, you should definitely ask the waiter for advice. Aesthetic and gastronomic pleasure of food is guaranteed.

The black sheep

Ribarski put www.facebook.com/tbsgastropub

The Black Sheep photo

Fans of juicy burgers should take a peek at The Black Sheep. The interior of the institution is stylish, but at the same time comfortable, without unnecessary pathos. The service is fast and competent: the handwriting of professionals is felt. It is worth trying Caesar salad, chocolate souffle, pancakes with bananas, nuts and honey and, of course, a burger to your taste. Here you can have a hearty lunch with your family or go for a quick snack with a group of friends. Each visitor will surely find a favorite dish on the menu.

Grill giardino

Kalimanj 11/20 www.facebook.com/Grill-Giardino

Grill Giardino photo

Grill Giardino - a “must visit” place for lovers of seafood. Here, a particularly cozy family atmosphere reigns, where in every detail a bit of love is felt. It is worth trying grilled sea bass with potatoes or any other side dish, homemade wine. In fine weather, it will be especially pleasant to sit down at a table in the courtyard by the fountain and, enjoying the atmosphere of warmth, to taste the offered delicacies. It will be more convenient to get to the restaurant by rental car.

Pizzeria galija

Mose Pijade 8 www.facebook.com/pages/Pizzeria-Galija-Tivat

Pizzeria Galija photo

Pizzeria Galija is one of those places that lovers of Italian cuisine should visit. The interior is made with elements of rustic motifs: everything is made of wood, and colorful details organically fit into the general format. The most popular dish here is pizza. The dough is invariably thin, the portions are large, the aroma is indescribable. The establishment is popular because of average prices, delicious food and fast service. By the way, if you are in a hurry in between excursions, then you can take something “takeaway”.


Porto Montenegro | Teuta Building www.portomontenegro.com/en/village/restaurants-bars/one

One photo

One is an atmospheric restaurant in Tivat with unique views of the port and yachts, where you can spend a romantic evening. Stylish interior, pleasant music in the background, polite staff - everything here has to relax and fully enjoy the food. In addition to the main dishes, you should order tiramisu or panna cotta. If the meal promises to be long, you can try the wine or signature coffee presented on the menu.

Where to live: comfortable hotels in Tivat

Eco Hotel Carrubba

Donja Lastva
+382 32 540 153 septemberhotels.com double room - from € 89

Eco Hotel Carrubba photo

Eco Hotel Carrubba is the best option for those who plan to rent a car and are looking for a cozy hotel at a reasonable price. The original interior makes a pleasant impression: natural stones, wood, wrought iron chairs, large beds, a spacious veranda - getting into the room, it seems that he found himself in a castle. A good-natured atmosphere reigns here thanks to the competence and attentiveness of the staff to each guest. It offers free parking and a small beach at the hotel.

La roche hotel

Setaliste Kapetana Iva Vizina 4
+382 32 662 881 www.larochehotel.me double room - from € 131

La Roche Hotel photo

For special occasions, the romantic La Roche Hotel is a good choice. Its main advantages are its convenient location and high level of service. Nearby is the airport, to the sea and the promenade can be reached in 3-5 minutes. The rooms are incredibly comfortable, with stunning panoramas. The restaurant serves French dishes. The hotel has a rooftop swimming pool where you can spend time if the sea is not calm in the morning.

Hotel magnolia

Magnolia Square 2A
+382 32 673 431 www.hotelmagnoliativat.com double room - from € 52

Hotel Magnolia photo

Hotel Magnolia is a budget but at the same time comfortable accommodation option where you can stay for a couple of days or stay for the whole vacation. Nearby there is a market where you can buy fresh vegetables, fruits, cafes and restaurants. The beach can be reached in 10 minutes. The rooms are comfortable, equipped with everything you need, no frills. The windows offer romantic views of the mountains and town houses. There are special rooms for couples, in addition, there is a playground in the courtyard of the hotel.

Hotel helada

Belani bb
8 (800) 100-34-54 hotelhelada.me double room - from € 60

Hotel Helada Photos

Hotel Helada - suitable for couples and for traveling with friends. The staff meets each guest, helps to comfortably accommodate, and if necessary gives recommendations on the best establishments and interesting places. The rooms are cozy and comfortable. There is a restaurant serving delicious breakfasts and a bar where you can spend evening leisure with a glass of your favorite drink. For guests, a rental car is equipped with parking, which can be used for free.

Hotel san

Seljanova bb
+382 69 146 272 www.hotelsan.me double room - from € 63

Hotel San Photo

If you are not picky about accommodation and want to stay close to the sea, Hotel San is the place to go. The staff meets guests at the airport and helps to comfortably accommodate. The rooms are simple, but there is everything for the convenience of guests. The windows offer panoramic views of the mountains and the sea. The hotel has its own private beach, which is regularly cleaned. The city center, the promenade can be reached on foot in 10-15 minutes, see the sights and stay for dinner at one of the best restaurants in the city.

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