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Tel Aviv panoramic photo

Tel Aviv is a vibrant, youthful and vibrant city that continues to live in its noisy and energetic rhythm at night. Here you can have a great few days and have time not only to get around the best bars and restaurants of the city, but also to walk around museums and galleries, have a picnic on one of the beaches and wander around flea markets, enjoying the local flavor. If Tel Aviv alone is not enough for you and you want to get to know another part of the country, we advise you to use the car rental service and prepare for a rich journey through the cities of Israel, rich in sights, most of which are Christian shrines.


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Car Hire at Tel Aviv Airport

Ben Gurion International Airport schemeThe international airport is named after Ben-Gurion ( Ben Gurion Airport then ) - download scheme
IATA code: the TLV
Location: 14 km from Tel Aviv's
official website: www.iaa.gov.il/
Reference: +972 3937 November 11

car rental services at the airport Ben-Gurion's name is provided by companies such as Avis, Hertz, Budget, Dollar Thrifty, Eldan and Shlomo Sixt. Rental desks are located on the ground floor in the arrivals area. There are several short-term and long-term parking lots at the airport, where not only cash, but also plastic cards are accepted.

What to see in Tel Aviv: interesting sights of the city


Art Museum

Shaul Hamelech Boulevard 27 www.tamuseum.org.il/

Museum of Fine Arts photo

One of the largest art museums in Israel, with an impressive collection of classical and contemporary art. Here, for example, you can see paintings by Rubens, Van Dyck, Goya, Monet, Cezanne, Klimt, Chagall and Picasso, as well as works by Israeli artists, photographers and designers. The museum is adjacent to the sculpture park, where we advise you to take a walk after visiting the main exhibition.

Al Bahr Mosque

Old jaffa

Al-Bahr Mosque photo

The oldest mosque preserved in Jaffa. It is located on the promenade of Ha Aliyah Hashniya, in connection with which it is called the “Sea Mosque”. The exact date of its construction is unknown, however, the painting of the artist Lebrun (1675), which depicts a mosque, suggests that the mosque definitely existed in the 17th century. Local sailors and their wives came here to pray, who each time, seeing off their loved ones on the next voyage, asked God to protect loved ones.

Diaspora Museum

Klausner 2 www.bh.org.il/

Diaspora Museum photo

An interactive museum of the history of the Jewish people, located on the territory of Tel Aviv University. The museum exposition covers the history of the Jewish diaspora, starting with the expulsion of the people from the Promised Land 2,600 years ago and ending with modernity. Here you can not only study the exhibits, but also listen to lectures, take part in master classes and watch science films. The museum does not fit into traditional ideas about historical galleries and offers an original approach to education, which means that you will definitely not be bored here.

Suzanne Dellal Arts Center

Yehieli 6 www.suzannedellal.org.il/

Suzanne Dellal Art Center photo

You can see what modern ballet is like in Suzanne Dellal, where famous Israeli and foreign ballet companies come. Periodically, exhibitions, concerts of live music and performances for children are held here. Citrus trees grow in the courtyard, in the shade of which you can rest while reading a book and drinking coffee. Even if you do not plan a trip to the performance, we still advise you to go to Suzanne Dellal, where you can always find something to your liking.

Jaffa Flea Market

Olei zion

Jaffa Flea Market photo

Nothing conveys the true spirit of the city like its markets, where the local flavor is presented in all its colors and details. In the market in Jaffa, among the small junk, you can find really valuable things at ridiculous prices. For example, an antique ashtray will cost you 4-5 shekels, and a silver table set is around 30. You can also get acquainted with Israeli fashion here, where many local designers have their own shops and shops. Walking around the back streets of the market, do not forget to go to some cafe and try coffee with cardamom - the most delicious in Jaffa. The only thing you should not buy on the market is cosmetics from the Dead Sea: although prices are lower than in pharmacies and specialty stores, the quality is much worse.

In the vicinity of Tel Aviv: the best car routes



Ramle photo

Having rented a car, go to the city of Ramle, founded by the Arabs at the beginning of the VIII century. The founder of the city - Caliph Suleiman - planned to make the city the capital of Palestine, so he was actively involved in the improvement of Ramle. Under him, fortress walls, a mosque and a market were built. Only a 27-meter white tower minaret has survived from ancient buildings to our days, where, according to Muslim tradition, 40 associates of the Prophet Muhammad are buried. Another attraction of the city is the room of Napoleon in the Franciscan monastery, where in 1799 the future emperor stayed. We advise you to take a boat ride through the fabulous arched pool, built at the end of the VIII century. Another popular place in Ramla is the tomb of Harry Potter (no connection with Rowling's magic and books) - a soldier in the English army,

Latrun Monastery

Latrun Monastery photo

About 40 minutes by car rental, you will find yourself in Latrun, on the hills of which stands a 19th-century monastery founded by the monastic order of Trappists. At the beginning of the century, during the Napoleonic campaign, a vine was brought to Latrun, which was planted on the territory of the monastery. Until now, the monastery is famous for its wines made from "Napoleonic" vines. Outsiders are forbidden to enter the cells and the church, but you can look into other buildings and take a walk through the park and vineyards. The monastery has an excellent store where you can buy wine, olive oil and herbal teas. Please note that Latrun monks spend most of their lives in silence, therefore talking here is allowed only in specially rooms.

Beit Jamal Monastery

Beit Jamal Monastery photo

The Beit Jamal monastery was built on the spot where the remains of the holy first martyr Stephen were found during the Byzantine Empire. The Arabic name of the monastery is translated as “beauty house”, which is perfect for this place: Venetian mosaics, magnificent wall paintings, stained glass windows, a flowering garden nearby and beautiful views of the Judean mountains - lovers of cozy places will appreciate the charm of the monastery and its peaceful atmosphere. The nuns of the monastery belong to the order of the sisters of Bethlehem and bear a vow of silence. The novices make pottery and make chocolate, which can be purchased at a local shop. If you are lucky and you fall into the monastery during the festive service, then you will find an unforgettable beauty and mood to watch. Beit Jamal is not far from Tel Aviv, so you can quickly get to the monastery by rental car.

Beit guvrin

Beit Guvrin photo

Another interesting place in the vicinity of Tel Aviv is the Beit Guvrin National Park. The ruins of the Roman policy of Eleutheropol, Byzantine mosaics and about a thousand bell caves connected to each other by underground corridors - there are tourists where to take a walk and what to admire. On the walls of the dungeons, drawings and inscriptions in the ancient Arabic language are preserved - such messages from the past look incredibly intriguing. We do not recommend coming to Beit Guvrin on weekends due to the large influx of tourists, it is better to use the car rental service and come here on weekdays to carefully examine the cave paintings, wander through the mysterious caves and make many excellent pictures for memory.


Nazareth photo

Holy city for the whole Christian world. Here, according to the Gospel, the Annunciation took place (proclamation by the archangel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary of the birth of Jesus Christ) and the childhood and youth of Christ passed. The main attraction of the city is the Basilica of the Annunciation, the largest Christian church in the Middle East. At the lower level of the church is the Grotto of the Annunciation, where the sacred event took place. There are buses to Nazareth from Tel Aviv, the journey by public transport will take about two hours, so we recommend renting a car, which will allow you to get to the city faster and much more comfortably.

Food: atmospheric restaurants, cafes and bars

The old man and the sea

Hangar 1

The Old Man and the Sea photo

Obviously, inventing the name and design of the restaurant, the owners were inspired by Ernest Hemingway's novel “The Old Man and the Sea”. Located on a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, it is an ideal place for a romantic dinner, it is dinner, as it is best to come here in the evening to see the sunset and find another reason to fall in love with Tel Aviv. Freshly caught fish is prepared in the restaurant and served with a variety of salads, appetizers and sauces decorating the taste of fresh seafood. Be sure to try homemade lemonade, which many visitors praise. Keep in mind that the portions in The Old Man and the Sea are large, so it is better to come hungry in order to fully appreciate the local cuisine.

Dr. Shakshuka

Eshel Old Jaffa 3

Dr.  Shakshuka photo

Shakshuka is a traditional Israeli dish, which is eggs fried in a sauce of tomatoes, onions, hot peppers and seasonings. In Dr. Shakshuka is served in a frying pan that is a bit shabby and seems to have gotten straight from the attic of some charming Jewish grandmother. Bread must be brought to shakshuka, with which you can collect the remains of a delicious sauce. This charming café in the Jaffa area is noisy, fun and Israeli-style. On the floor are tiles with bright ornaments, on the stone walls are old photographs, newspaper clippings, posters, and dozens of shabby lamps, lanterns and candlesticks hang from the ceiling.


Shabazi 10 dallalcoil.rest-e.co.il

Dallal photo

If you are a little tired of the noisy restaurants of Tel Aviv and want to dine in a quiet place, then Dallal is for you. The institution has a cozy courtyard, decorated with flowers in large pots and beautiful lanterns that fill the restaurant with soft light in the evening. The menu includes dishes of European cuisine, which is very handy if you want to take a break in tasting traditional Israeli dishes. We recommend taking a salad with blue cheese and walnuts for a snack, as a main dish, sea bass with cauliflower and parmesan, and for dessert, order a millet with raspberries.

Anita - La Mamma del Gelato

Shabazi 23, 40, 42; Florentine 3 www.anita-gelato.com/

Anita - La Mamma del Gelato photo

For the taste of real homemade ice cream, go to Anita. Behind the bar, the owner of the cafe often stands, who will advise the tastiest, sweetest, most chocolate (and many more “most” depending on your taste preferences) ice cream. Syrups, jams, fruits, nuts, marmalade - the choice of toppings is huge, sweet tooth will be delighted. About diets and all sorts of "but you do not stick together?" in Anita it is forgotten instantly and there remains only the desire to plunge into this sweet bliss. Take note of the tastes of cookieman and lemon - delicious right down to the goosebumps.

Casbah De Florentine

Florentine 3

Casbah De Florentine photo

Getting into Casbah De Florentine, as if you are transported to Morocco, on its noisy streets, saturated with sweet-spicy smells of spices and herbal tea. During the day, you can have a nice lunch on the veranda (shakshuka is fabulous, spicy and very tomato), and in the evening enjoy a beer, chat with the locals and dance to good music. Several times a month, the bar hosts parties with famous Israeli DJs who always play something special in the spirit of Tel Aviv.

Where to live: comfortable hotels in Tel Aviv


Alexander Tel-Aviv

Havakuk Hanavi 3
+972 3545 2300 www.alexander.co.il/ double room - from € 194

Alexander Tel-Aviv photo

Boutique hotel near Metsitsim beach. Spacious rooms feature white and gray décor and suites have a fully equipped kitchen. Guests can make use of the fitness center and spa, sunbathe on the terrace and enjoy a cocktail in the bar, combined with a small library. For those traveling by rented car, paid parking is available (a place must be reserved in advance).

Brown tlv

Kalisher 25
+972 3 717 0200 www.browntlv.com/ double room - from € 166

Brown TLV Photo

A hotel near the liveliest market in Tel Aviv - Carmel. The rooms are decorated in muted olive tones and the bathrooms are in black marble. We advise you to relax in the hot tub at the local spa, and then go, for example, for a massage or chocolate wrap. In the evening, you can stop by the attractive bar with a terrace, lit by candles and garlands with lights. The hotel has its own parking, which will delight those who decide to rent a car and think about parking in the city.

The diaghilev

Mazeh 56
+972 3545 3131 www.diaghilev.co.il/ double room - from € 146

The Diaghilev photo

The Diaghilev Art Hotel is set in a historic building near Rothschild Boulevard. The walls of the rooms are decorated with paintings by contemporary Israeli artists, if desired, guests can purchase their favorite painting. The hotel regularly hosts exhibitions of young local artists, so if you like to surround yourself with art, then you definitely at The Diaghilev. Among the staff of the hotel are students of art colleges who are happy to arrange a tour of the exhibition halls. If you rent a car, you can leave it in a paid parking lot at the hotel (prior reservation is required).

Center chic

Zamenhoff 2
+972 3542 5555 www.atlas.co.il/ double room - from € 127

Center Chic Photo

Boutique hotel overlooking Dizengoff Square. Cozy rooms with bright furniture, lovely details in the decor and small balconies where you can drink wine in the evening and enjoy the atmosphere of the calming streets of Tel Aviv. The hotel lounge has a library with soft sofas, just like at home. At the reception you can arrange bike rental.


Nes Ziona 7
+972 3511 1000 www.hotelgilgal.com/ double room - from € 125

Gilgal photo

Nice hotel 200 meters from the city beach and just 20 minutes by car from the airport. The rooms are decorated in pastel colors and some have sea views. The local restaurant has an excellent terrace with magnificent views of the beach - in clear weather you can not imagine a better place for breakfast. The hotel serves 24-hour free tea and coffee with sweets.

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