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Tashkent photo

Tashkent is a city with many religious buildings of several faiths, city markets, bazaars, cultural places and unforgettable flavor of the East. In the heart of the capital on Amir Timur Square are the buildings of the Timurids Museum, Tashkent chimes. The religious center is the Hast Imam Square, where the main shrines of the country are located. It is worth visiting the Tilla-Sheikh mosque, the Barak Khan madrasah, the mausoleum of St. Abu Bakr Kaffali Shashi. An absolutely unique attraction has survived to our days - the Khoja Ahrar Vali Mosque, the history of which dates back to the 9th century. Those who like to learn as much as possible about the history of new places should visit the Museum of the History of Uzbekistan, the State Art Museum, and the Museum of Amir Timur. In the Old Town there are many delicious and colorful establishments, from where, in fact,

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Car rental at Tashkent airport

Islam Karimov International Airport - download scheme

IATA code: TAS
Location: 12 km from Tashkent
Official website: www.uzairways.com
Information: +998 71 140 28 01

The car rental service at the Tashkent airport is provided by Avtouzbegim, RentCar and others. The rental car rental desks are located in the arrivals hall. There are several parking areas near the airport.

What to see in Tashkent: interesting sights of the city

Kukeldash Madrasah

Rashidova ave., 3

Kukeldash Madrasah photo

Hire a car and go look at one of the brightest sights of the capital, Kukeldash Madrasah. In medieval times, there were no educational institutions in Tashkent, so the training was carried out on the basis of the madrasah: a theological seminary and a secondary school were equipped here. The building is made in the traditional style of medieval architecture. It consists of several parts: the courtyard, the cell, where students live. Over the long history of the existence of the madrasah, it was used as a fortress, a hotel worked here, and today, like 4 centuries ago, it serves as an Islamic educational institution.

Alai Bazaar

St. Amir Timur, 1

Alai Bazaar photo

Alai Bazaar is one of those places where you can get acquainted with the true face of the country's social life. The first mention of the bazaar dates back to the 12th century; it is one of those that was founded on the Great Silk Road. If at that time holidays were organized in places of mass congestion, punished criminals, read out decrees of viziers, today the place in the usual sense looks like a bazaar with dozens of shops. Here you can buy fresh meat, sweets, fruits, milk, jewelry, and then refresh yourself in a traditional teahouse.

Jami Mosque

Dead End Hakikat

Jami Mosque photo

Perhaps the main pride of the Old City of the capital is the Jami Mosque, which is considered a vivid example of the Friday mosque. Thanks to the recent reconstruction, the shrine is considered one of the largest in the country. Outside, it is decorated with three domes, while it looks solemn and restrained at the same time. The interior is quite ascetic: such an idea was intentionally implemented, because nothing should distract the believer from communicating with Allah.

Tashkent Zoo

St. Bogishamol, 232A www.tashkentzoo.uz

Tashkent Zoo photo

Tashkent is famous for its large zoo, on the territory of which about 3,000 animals live. Here you can see an elephant, a lion, a giraffe, a tiger, a dwarf hippo, a black neck and many other no less interesting representatives of the animal world. Interestingly, the zoo also breeds birds of prey, for example, condor, white-headed vulture. Especially popular is the aquarium complex with various natural ecosystems. It will be more convenient to get to the zoo by renting a car.

Museum of Applied Arts

St. Rakatboshi, 15 www.artmuseum.uz

Museum of Applied Art photo

The Museum of Applied Arts also enjoys popularity among tourists. The expositions are divided into three sections: works of modern artisans, ancient products of folk craftsmen dating from the 19th century, and modern objects of applied art. In 13 halls exhibited more than 20 thematic collections. During the tour you will be able to see varnished miniatures, souvenirs, fabrics, graphics and much more. By the way, if a visitor has an original idea, it can be realized by contacting a craftsman for help.

In the vicinity of Tashkent: the best automobile routes


Samarkand photo

Samarkand is one of the most popular tourist destinations after Tashkent. It is considered the oldest city in Central Asia and was the main point of the Great Silk Road. The city with dramatic history is famous for its unique architectural monuments from the time of Tamerlane. It is worth taking a walk along the beautiful Registan Square, which is surrounded by minarets, mausoleums, ancient buildings, then visiting the Tilla-Kari Madrasah, each square centimeter of which is decorated with luxurious decor. No less popular is the mausoleum of Ishrat-Khon, where women from the Timurid dynasty and the Ulugbek observatory are buried. Perhaps the most visited place in Samarkand is the Timur Bibi-Khanum mosque, near which the mausoleum of Timur and its descendants is located.


Bukhara photo

When traveling by rental car, do not miss the opportunity to visit the colorful and vibrant city-museum of Bukhara. There are more than 140 architectural monuments of the Middle Ages, and the historical center is under the protection of UNESCO. Masterpieces of early Islamic architecture, traditional Muslim sights - here, every monument of culture makes an indelible impression. The first step is to go to the Old City, where the Kalon minaret, built by the ruler Arslan Khan at the beginning of the XII century, is located. By the way, his other name is “Death Tower”. Until the beginning of the 20th century, criminals were executed, dropping from a building 47 meters high. The city citadel Ark, located on Registan Square, was once the summer residence of the Bukhara emirs, and today a museum is opened inside the citadel. Laby Havs Square is considered the center of the Old Town, there is a complex of ancient structures: a pool with monumental buildings, Kukeldash madrasah, Nadir-Divanbegi madrasah, winter mosque Nadir-Devanbegi. To consolidate the impressions of a trip to Bukhara, it is worth visiting a public bath, which is open for tourists from 14:00 to midnight.

Charvak reservoir

Charvak reservoir photo

Charvak reservoir is one of the main natural attractions of Tashkent. Azure water looks simply bewitching against the backdrop of the red slopes of the Western Tien Shan. Along the coastline there are many tourist centers, beaches, hotels, and children's camps. Having enjoyed the beauty of nature and having plenty of fun, you should visit one of the establishments and try dishes of national cuisine. There are also small shops where you can buy delicious pastries, tea, and then go back to explore the picturesque reliefs of the place.


Chimgan photo

Fans of steep slopes and notorious skiers should definitely visit the Chimgan ski resort. There are blue and green tracks for beginners, red for professionals. They say that the resort has the most slippery snow in the region, so winter sports are a complete pleasure. Those who prefer extreme sports will appreciate the “wild” ranges where you can do backcountry. By the way, the infrastructure in Chimgan is well developed: you can rent skis, a snowboard, a suit, a helmet for hire, several hotel complexes with restaurants, tennis courts, discos, a sauna are also equipped.

Mausoleum of Zangiata

Mausoleum of Zangiata photo

One of the brightest sights in the vicinity of Tashkent, where you can get by renting a car, is the Zangiata Mausoleum. The Muslim holy sheikh Ai-Khoja and his wife, who lived in the 13th century, are buried in this place. The mausoleum was erected during the reign of Temur. In the period of the XVIII-XX centuries, madrasahs, a minaret, a mosque and a courtyard were finished here. Around the memorial complex there is a huge garden and an ancient cemetery. The locals have formed a whole rite of visiting the holy place: for the fulfillment of 12, 24, 36, (and so on) years, family members bring a charity gift to Zangi-ata. The set includes a white handkerchief, a cloth, a kilogram of refined tea, a package of tea and all the ingredients for making pilaf.

Food: atmospheric restaurants, cafes and bars


St. Said Baraka, 16b www.facebook.com/chaykofuz

TeaCoff photo

For freshly brewed coffee for breakfast and delicious sweets, head to the ChaiKof coffee shop. A large selection of dishes allows you to choose something special for every taste. For each family member there is an interesting offer. It is worth trying lasagna, roast beef sandwich, tartlets with strawberries or nuts, pasta, pumpkin cheesecake, mint tea. In addition, the institution has several rooms: for smokers and non-smokers.

Central Asian Plov Center

St. Iftihor | Amir Temur Ave

Central Asian Plov Center photo

True foodies should head to Central Asian Plov Center. The main dish that is prepared here is Andijan pilaf. The unique cooking technology, per minute compliance with the recipes, the right spices allow you to cook this dish incredible in taste. In addition, you can order shakarob salad and suzmy, tortillas. The atmosphere is quite ascetic, but the process of preparing pilaf in huge cauldrons will certainly impress every tourist.


St. Abdullah Kahhara, 22 www.caravangroup.uz/caravan

Caravan photo

One of the most picturesque places where you can try Middle Eastern dishes and vegetarian dishes in a national style, the Caravan restaurant. It impresses with atmospheric design and original interior details. The staff is extremely polite and courteous. It is worth trying manti, pilaf, lamb shish kebab, shurpa. The establishment is popular, so it is better to book a table in advance. It will be more convenient to get to the restaurant in a rented car.

Siesta pub & restaurant

St. Amir Temur, 98 www.facebook.com/SiestaPubRestaurant

Siesta Pub & Restaurant photo

For dinner in Tashkent, head to the popular Siesta Pub & Restaurant steakhouse. The establishment has a calm, cozy atmosphere. In addition to the signature juicy steak, mushroom soup, pizza, siesta salad, ginger tea are excellently prepared here. The staff will be able to give the necessary recommendations on dishes so that guests can make a choice and quickly serve. Here you can not only watch football in the company of friends, but also arrange a romantic evening.

Media bar

St. Kara Niyazova, 68 www.cmi.uz

Media Bar Photo

For those who want to spend evening leisure in a noisy place with live music and dancing, it is worth visiting the media bar. It is equipped with several areas, including VIP, you can comfortably accommodate both together and a large company. As drinks, you should try wine, beer, signature cocktails. If you want to have a bite, you can order pike perch in batter or light snacks. Polite staff will help you to comfortably accommodate and take care that your evening goes perfectly.

Where to live: comfortable hotels in Tashkent

Darhan Boutique Hotel

Mustakillik Ave., 88a
+998 90 354 91 76 www.darhan.uz/en/boutique-hotel double room - from € 145

Darhan Boutique Hotel photo

Planning to rent a car, appreciate comfort and high quality service? Check out the Darhan Boutique Hotel. The hotel is in a quiet location in the green part of the city near the center. The rooms are spacious, equipped with their own kitchen and dining area. The interior is made in traditional national motifs. The staff is extremely attentive and friendly. It offers a shuttle service, spa, fitness center, and free parking.

Radisson Blu Hotel

St. Amir Temur, 88
+998 71 120 49 00 www.radissonblu.com/en/hotel-tashkent double room - from € 153

Radisson Blu Hotel photo

Radisson Blu Hotel is a luxury hotel with the best price / quality ratio. The apartments are clean and comfortable. The competent staff will be able to give recommendations on what sights and places to visit, as well as take care of the comfort of guests. In the morning, delicious breakfasts are offered for every taste. The hotel territory is well-groomed, in the warmer months there is a swimming pool. Among other services - professional massage.

Ichan Qal´a Hotel

St. Yusuf-Khos-Khozhib, 75/10
+998 71 231 98 98 www.ichanqala.uz double room - from € 100

Ichan Qal´a Hotel photo

Ichan Qal´a Hotel is a universal place where you can stay during your business trip or travel with your family. Nearby is the Babur Park, shops, supermarkets. Breakfast is delicious and varied. Some dishes can be prepared upon request. The rooms are cozy and colorful, equipped with everything to feel comfortable. After a busy day, you can spend time in the bath or pool.

Grand orzu hotel

St. Mahmud Tarobi, 27
+998 71 120 88 77 www.grandorzu.com double room - from € 43

Grand Orzu Hotel photo

The best budget option for a few days - Grand Orzu Hotel. The hotel is well located: there are delicious establishments nearby, and the center can be reached on foot if desired. The staff is friendly and tries to help every guest. The restaurant serves delicious breakfasts, and you can also go here for dinner. In addition, a swimming pool with sun loungers is equipped, where it will turn out to be pleasant to pass a few free hours. Tourists can rent a car with free parking.

Grand mirror hotel

St. Mirabad, 2
+998 71 140 20 00 www.grandmirhotel.com double room - from € 141

Grand Mir Hotel photo

Grand Mir Hotel is a cozy hotel that is suitable for a long rest or a two-day stop in Tashkent. The staff is attentive, while doing its job quickly and seamlessly. Breakfast consists of many dishes from various cuisines. The rooms are equipped with everything necessary, but the main advantage is excellent sound insulation. Family apartments are also available. In the lobby, you can slowly enjoy a cup of coffee or meet with a partner. To services of tourists the pool, a fitness center, a conference hall, a transfer are provided.

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