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Simferopol panoramic photo

Simferopol is one of the largest cities in Crimea , its economic center, through which the path to the resort part of the peninsula passes. At first glance, it might seem that there is nothing special to do in Simferopol, but this is not at all so. Yes, there are no magnificent palaces and cozy embankments, but there is a wonderful museum telling about the history of the peninsula, several lovely parks and theaters. After spending one or two days in the city, rent a car in order to comfortably get to the coast and on the way to call into places that are iconic for Crimea.


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Car rental at the airport of Simferopol

Simferopol Airport (Simferopol Airport) schemeSimferopol Airport ( Simferopol Airport ) - download the scheme
IATA code: SIP
Location: 12 km from Simferopol
Official website: www.sipaero.ru/
Information: +7 978 936 77 71

You can rent a car at Simferopol airport with rental companies such as Hertz , Naprokat, Rent Motors and BLS. You can find rental desks in the arrivals area. Free parking is available at the airport, and guarded paid parking is available at the terminal building.

What to see in Simferopol: interesting sights of the city


Naples Scythian

Archaeological 1

Naples Scythian photo

The ancient city, the capital of the late Scythian state (III century BC - III century BC). They learned about the existence of Naples quite by accident: for a long time this area near Simferopol was used as a source of limestone, until in 1827, plates with drawings and inscriptions in ancient Greek were found among the stones. After the first excavations, it was possible to find ancient moments, marble bas-reliefs and the ruins of ancient buildings. The most important find is the mausoleum of Tsar Skilur, a truly unique structure, since the Scythians usually buried the dead in the mounds and only buried their king with all the honors in a safe place. Excavations are still underway in Naples Scythian, new exhibits appear annually, so the collection of artifacts is constantly updated here. The entrance fee includes a tour of the ruins.

Central Museum of Tauris

Gogol 14 www.tavrida.museum-crimea.ru/

Central Museum of Tauris photo

The largest museum in Crimea, where more than 150,000 exhibits are presented that give an idea of ​​the history of the peninsula. The museum houses a large collection of graphics of the XVIII-XIX centuries, numismatics, ancient household items, as well as objects of decorative and applied art. Caretakers are very talkative and happily tell visitors about the museum's collection, so you can not take a separate tour.

Holy Trinity Cathedral

Odessa 12

Holy Trinity Cathedral photo

Orthodox church erected on the site of a wooden Greek temple in 1868. The cathedral survived the period of persecution of the church: in 1933 it was closed and planned to be converted into a boarding school, but thanks to the efforts of the parishioners, many of whom were Greeks, the cathedral was preserved. The icon “The Image of the Grieving Virgin Mary” is stored here, as well as the power of the outstanding Soviet surgeon and Archbishop Luke Voino-Yasenetsky.

Karaite kenassa

Karaite 6

Karaite Kenassa photo

Karaites are a small nation professing a special form of Judaism (their religion is based on the Tanakh, the three sacred books of Judaism). The place where Karaites pray - kenassa - has been preserved in Simferopol to this day. This beautiful building with elements of Moorish, Byzantine and Gothic styles was built at the end of the 19th century with the money of the Karaite community, which was rapidly expanding and needed a new building to conduct its rituals. During the Soviet era, the kenassa was slightly rebuilt and closed; during the Great Patriotic War, there were stables. After the collapse of the USSR, the Karaites demanded that the building be returned to them, but to no avail. In October 2012, they nevertheless managed to obtain permission to conduct worship services in one of the premises of kenassa - for the first time in 82 years. Now the building is in disrepair, so here, Unfortunately, tourists are not allowed. However, you can look at it from behind the fence and consider some details of the external decor.

Botanical Garden (Salgirka Park)

Yalta 2 www.salgirka.com/

Botanical Garden (Salgirka Park) photo

Perhaps the best place in the city where you can relax in silence, walking along winding paths and stopping at the lush flower beds with roses and irises. In the park you will find the house of Prince Mikhail Vorontsov, the estate with the astronomical tower of the Russian-German scientist and traveler Peter Pallas, as well as a sundial. It is especially good here at sunset when the park is filled with soft golden light.

In the vicinity of Simferopol: the best automobile routes


Marble Cave

Marble Cave photo

Everyone who comes to the Marble Cave is greeted by a long gallery of amazing halls created by nature. The patterns on the walls, stalactites, stalagmites, calcite tubes and stone altars amaze the imagination and once again prove that nature is a skilled craftsman. Marble Cave is one of the five most beautiful caves on the planet, it is considered one of the most visited in Europe. It’s quite cold inside, so bring some warm clothes with you. Near the cave there is a parking lot where you can park your rental car.

Red Cave (Kizil-Koba)

Red Cave (Kizil-Koba) photo

The largest cave of Crimea, its length is about 27 kilometers. It got its name because of the muffled red color of the walls, which give impurities of iron. Inside the cave is hidden a river and underground lakes, the water in which is simply incredible in color. Please note that due to the complexity of the terrain, the cave can only be reached with a guide. To get to the cave, you need to get to the Perevalnoye-2 stop (you can leave the rental car here) and continue on foot following the signs.


Bakhchisaray photo

Having rented a car in Simferopol, go to Bakhchisaray - the "garden-palace", the former capital of the Crimean Khanate. First of all, people come here to visit Hansaray - the palace of the Crimean khans, where the very fountain (the Fountain of Tears), glorified by Alexander Pushkin, is located. We advise you not to limit yourself to just visiting the palace: take a walk around the Old Town (pay attention to the houses with a protruding second floor), visit the Holy Assumption Monastery, on the territory of which there is a sanctified spring, wander around the fortified city of Chufut-Kale (about 3 km from Bakhchisaray) and drop into the cave monastery of the VIII century Kachi-Kalon. If you still have strength, then you can climb to Mangup-Kale.

Park of lions "Taigan"


Park of lions "Taigan" photo

You can see lions walking in freedom and pet charming lion cubs in Taigan Park. Visitors here walk on special bridges overlooking the habitats of animals. In addition to lions, you will also see giraffes, tigers, raccoons and other furry-shaggy, causing tides of delight and tenderness in adults and children. The best entertainment of the park is, of course, feeding animals. Crowds of tourists gather at food stalls to please their beloved animal. Talking with cubs that you can hug and hold in your arms will bring a lot of pleasure to children. Taigan is located 40 kilometers from Simferopol. There is a parking lot near the park where you can leave your rented car.


Evpatoria photo

A nice resort town, where it is worth staying for a few days to lie on the beach with a book, in the evening sit in restaurants on the promenade and walk to local attractions. We recommend visiting the Karaite kenassas, the temple of St. Elijah, the Juma-Jami mosque and St. Nicholas Cathedral. In the vicinity of Yevpatoriya there is also something to see, so think about renting a car, as it is most convenient to move around the region by car.

Food: atmospheric restaurants, cafes and bars


Treneva Park

Vesla photo

All the best of the Black Sea cuisine is presented in the Vesla restaurant. Red mullet with soufflé from tomatoes, salmon baked in white wine, Black Sea oysters, fish soup, creamy soup with seafood - this is only a small part of what is pleasing and pleasantly surprising in the restaurant. A cozy interior, a beautiful serving of dishes and a good location in a picturesque park make Vesla a great place for family lunches and dinners with live music in the background.

City cafe №1

Ushinsky 4


City cafe №1 photo

According to local, this is one of the best institutions in the city. A versatile cafe where you can have breakfast, and quickly have a bite to eat with a sandwich, and dine in a romantic setting. The menu contains several non-banal pasta options (for example, with lamb and beans or eggplant and feta cheese), grilled meat and fish (chicken with specialty lecho and garlic bruschetta is very juicy), as well as salads, pizza, sushi and a couple of desserts. Another plus is a large bar list with a good selection of wine, including Crimean ones.


Gorky 3


"Buffet" photo

Pleasant inexpensive cafe with a large and varied menu. The Buffet has a cozy porch decorated with white wood and decorated with graffiti on a circus theme. A hearty three-course lunch will cost you less than 1000 rubles. Particularly thrifty tourists will enjoy business lunches for 200 rubles.

Bakery and bistro "Chao"

Gorky 31


Bakery and bistro "Chao" photo

For airy and fragrant croissants for breakfast, go to Chao. It always smells so appetizing with freshly baked bread that even if you have already eaten, you still want to bring a couple of buns with you. The menu also has light snacks, salads and soups (pea cream soup with smoked meat conquered more than one visitor). The only negative is a small selection of sweets, but this is fixable. The bakery has a brother - the dessert cafe "Chao" (Samokisha 7a, Seminarsky Park), where you can spend 2-3 hours missing trying wonderful eclairs, cupcakes, profiteroles and other desserts.


Karl Marx 3


Vatabar photo

The heart of the most fashionable parties in Simferopol. Famous Russian and foreign DJs perform here, film screenings and theme parties take place. On weekends, Vatabar is not crowded, and if you are looking for just such a noisy and party place with a special atmosphere, then here you are. Bartenders at Vatabar know their stuff and make great cocktails for every taste. During the day, the institution works like an ordinary cafe, the menu includes salads, pasta, burgers and sandwiches.

Where to live: cozy hotels in Simferopol



Odessa 8
+7 978 834 44 88 www.simferopol-hotel.com/ double room - from RUB 4000

Valencia photo

Three-star hotel 100 meters from the central avenue of the city - Kirova Avenue. In addition to standard rooms, the hotel has a studio room and self-catering apartments. On the ground floor there is an Italian restaurant with a good selection of dishes. For those who travel around the Crimea in a rental car , paid parking is open.


Serova 14
+7 978 900 90 00, +7 978 900 90 01 http://hotelserov.ru/ double room - from RUB 3950

Serov photo

Hotel Serov is located next to Sovetskaya Square in the building where the prominent composer Alexander Nikolayevich Serov lived in the middle of the 19th century. The hotel does not have its own restaurant, so breakfast is served in the neighboring cafe 23 Cafe Boulangerie (breakfast is paid separately). Pleasant and comfortable rooms with standard amenities. The hotel has a lounge area where you can enjoy tea or coffee with sweets. If you rented a car in Simferopol, you can leave it in a free parking lot (you need to reserve a place in advance).

"Simple things"

Gorky 19a
+7 978 817 37 37 http://hotelcafe.net/ double room - from RUB 3800

"Simple things" photo

A small hotel in the city center, only 12 kilometers from the airport. Spacious rooms in brown tones, some rooms have balconies. The hotel has 2 restaurants with large panoramic windows and attractive design in the spirit of an art cafe. For those traveling with a rented car, free parking is available.


Decembrists 17a
+380 652 600 064
double room - from RUB 3600

"Victoria" photo

Hotel near the train station of Simferopol. Spacious clean rooms, a bar, a sauna, a swimming pool and free parking at the hotel are all you need for a comfortable stay for a reasonable price. At the reception you can book a tour of the city and the surrounding area. If you want to rent a car, we can drive it directly to the hotel

TPP Hotel

Krizhanovsky 38
+7 978 832 33 99 http://teshotel.ru/ double room - from RUB 3100

Thermal Power Station Hotel photo

Despite the fact that the hotel is near the airport, it is very quiet and calm. Large rooms with a classic design, a good restaurant and a fitness center with pool, sauna and massage room. Free parking is available on site in case you have used a car rental service.

Where to park a rented car in Simferopol

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