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Samara photo

Since its foundation in 1856, Samara has grown to 50 km in length, turning from a defensive fortress into a city with the longest river embankment in Russia. The name of the city came from the Greek language with the meaning “merchant”, and Samara until now retains the charm of the Russian merchant center. The architecture of the city is dominated by neo-Russian style and modern, and part of the streets can rightly be considered an open-air museum, for example, Leningradskaya Street - a pedestrian zone with expensive restaurants and luxury boutiques. To explore all the beauties of Samara, you need a rental car, because when you visit the city you will want to see all the sights preserved from the beginning of the 19th century and enjoy the Volga from different points of the city.

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Car rental at Samara Airport

Kurumoch International Airport ( Kurumoch International, Airport then )

IATA code: KUF
Location: 35 km from Samara
Official website: www.kuf.aero
Information: +7 846 966 50 55

The following companies provide a car rental service at Samara Airport: Hertz, IDrive, RentCar63, etc. Rental car rental desks are located in the arrival hall. Given the remoteness from the city, the services of rental companies in Samara are popular.

What to see in Samara: interesting sights of the city

Train Station

Komsomolskaya sq., 1

Samara Train Station photo

For many tourists, this is the first stop in Samara. In any case, it is impossible to miss it; its appearance adorns most of the city's souvenirs! The highest station in Europe invites you to visit the observation deck and admire Samara from a height of 95 m. An innovative hi-tech building was created for a comfortable stay of passengers and numerous visitors to the city's attractions. In addition to transport need, the Samara railway station attracts you with the opportunity to visit the Kuibyshev Railway museum, which tells about the history of the railway, and the picturesque Winter Garden.

Stalin's bunker

St. Frunze, 167

Stalin's bunker photo

Few people know, but during World War II, Samara was considered as a spare capital in the event of the capture of Moscow. A huge government bunker was built in the city, until recently, all information about it was kept secret, even residents of house 167, under which it is located, did not know about it. Unbeknownst to the residents, the builders were able to remove more than 25,000 cubic meters of soil. The Samara bunker is recognized as one of the largest and deepest in the world - Stalin's underground office was located at a 12-story depth (almost 200 steps down). The museum accepts visitors by appointment on weekdays from 11 to 15.

Kuibyshev Square

Kuibyshev Square photo

One of the five largest squares in the world is the center of Samara's social life - it is here where folk festivals and public celebrations take place. The area covers an area of ​​17.4 hectares and is limited to four flowering squares. If the territory occupied by squares is taken into account when calculating the scale of the area, then it will be able to fight for the title of the widest area in the world. Initially, here was located Cathedral Square with a monumental Temple. In 1935, it was decided to blow up the Cathedral, the area expanded and the Kuibyshev Palace appeared on it. Now the square annually gathers crowds of residents of the city and the region for the celebration of May 9 and other public holidays.

Zhiguli brewery

Volzhsky pr., 4

Zhiguli brewery photo

Zhigulevskoye beer in Russia is known to everyone, and it is produced just in Samara at a brewery on the banks of the Volga. The Zhigulevsk factory, one of the oldest beer factories in Russia, was founded at the end of the 19th century by an Austrian nobleman and merchant Alfred Fillipovich von Vokano. The daily production of beer is estimated at hundreds of thousands of liters, which required the expansion of the plant, however, during the reconstruction of the main buildings, their historical appearance was preserved. For those who arrive in a rented car and cannot taste beer on site, a store is opened in which you can cheaply buy draft beer.

Samara space

Prosp. Lenin, 21

Samara space photo

Samara celebrated the anniversary of the first manned flight into space with the construction of the Samara Cosmic Museum and Exhibition Center. The building of the museum itself is connected to a real Soyuz launch vehicle, the analogues of which have been sent into space more than 1670 times already. It reaches a height of 68 meters, weighs 73 tons and amazes both Russian and European tourists whose museums do not own such exhibits. The museum exposition presents the most modern space technology and tells about the life of astronauts in zero gravity.

In the vicinity of Samara: the best automobile routes

Shiryaevsky adits

Shiryaevsky adit photo

One of the most famous places in the Samara region is located in the village of Shiryaevo and is an extensive underground labyrinth created in the process of mining the best limestone in the USSR. The length of the internal transitions is not measurable, since parts of the labyrinth are not interconnected, but presumably they reach tens of kilometers. Top officials of the state often come here during cruises on the Volga. The adits attract tourists both in winter, when hoarfrost and icicles create magical patterns and compositions, and in summer, when under the vaults of caves you can rest in coolness and silence. Independent travel by rental car will allow you to go into the farthest nooks and crannies of the labyrinths, where sightseeing tours do not lead. In the labyrinths you can suddenly find cave cows, in the walls of the caves you can see fossils and the remains of shells,

Blue Lake

Samsonovka Village

Blue Lake Photo

The nature monument of the Samara region leaves no one indifferent attracting water with its beauty and pure sky-blue color. It formed in a karst funnel, which explains the almost perfectly round shape of the edges. The lake was given a magic color by hydrogen sulfide springs, but because of them there are no living creatures in it. In addition to color, the lake captivates with the view of “internal forests”, which form algae growing for days. They say that at the bottom of the lake there is a real tree, which you can find out on your own by joining the local diving club.


Perevoloki photo

The unusual name of the village “Perevoloki” preserves the history of fishing by local residents, who from the 19th century helped to reduce the route along the Volga by 230 km, dragging boats from the Volga to Usa, bypassing the Samara bows. From the high coast near the village, a breathtaking view of the Volga and numerous islets opens. This area can not be called a tourist, so to get to it, you need to rent a car. An undoubted advantage of the lack of tourist flow are low prices at the local fish market. Here on the shore, where it is often possible to catch predatory fish, you can fish yourself. A little further, on the shores of the Gulf of Usinsky, travelers discover paradise places with their transport - an untouched thick oak grove.

Tsarev Kurgan

Village Volzhsky

Tsarev Kurgan photo

40 km from the city there is a picturesque local Tsarev Kurgan (13.7 hectares), which the locals, according to old memory, called Tsarevschina (he had this name until 1961). During the Azov campaign, Peter I himself was at its summit. It is easiest to get here by renting a car, since public transport does not enter the village. You can park the car near the holy spring at the Temple in honor of the icon of the Mother of God “Inexhaustible Chalice”. There is also a swimming pool. Bringing meat and coal with you, you can cook kebabs on the shore of the quiet Kurumoch River. A wide pedestrian road leads up to Kurgan, located between the Zhiguli and Sokoliy mountains. It offers a beautiful view of the village and the Sok River, which flows into the Volga.

Food: atmospheric restaurants, cafes and bars


Volzhsky ave., 29 volga.gidm.ru

Restaurant Volga photo

Spending time on the banks of the Volga, you can not ignore the eponymous restaurant located on the picturesque promenade. The interior is made in a classic style, which attracts the organizers of banquets. In the evenings, guests are entertained with a show program and offered to sing a song in karaoke. The menu returns to the Soviet Union, offering dishes of the cuisines of the socialist republics with names such as “Jurmala-86” and “Olympics-80”. In the morning, breakfast is served as a buffet, while at lunchtime you can enjoy a profitable business lunch.


St. Revolutionary, d.133 hutorok63-4.samaragid24.ru

Khutorok photo

You can eat delicious home-made dishes in the traditional interior of a cozy Ukrainian hut in the Khutorok restaurant in the center of Samara. Wooden benches, embroidered seat cushions, homemade pickles arranged all over the place along with the invariably warm welcome of the owners create a pleasant atmosphere for the establishment you want to return to. It is worth starting a meal with borsch with pampushkas, and later ordering lamb with spices and mushrooms or pork with potatoes and homemade cucumbers from a barrel, washed down with pervak ​​or kvass.


Street Zoe Kosmodemyanskoy, d.7 uhanumy.gidm.ru

Hanuma has a photo

Hire a car and come to spend time “At Hanuma”. It offers not only a wonderful restaurant of Georgian cuisine, but also a sauna with a pool and a billiard room. In the restaurant hall you can sit on comfortable sofas and order a hookah while waiting for dishes. While in the sauna, guests can also ask to bring dishes from the restaurant. The restaurant specializes in grilled meat dishes that you must definitely try.


Volzhsky prospect, 36 myasnoff.gidm.ru

Myasnoff photo

Fans of meat dishes will also like the Myasnoff restaurant, which took its place right on the Samara embankment. The restaurant immediately attracts with its thoughtful interior: dark beams, wide leather sofas, stained-glass windows - all this reminds of Austria, both inside and outside - an interesting house on the street cannot be missed. In winter, warming smells of hot meat and warm blankets for each visitor make this place especially popular.

Farrini (Farrini)

St. Lesnaya, 31 farrini.ru

Farrini photo

A more refined atmosphere, suitable for romantic dates, offers the Italian restaurant “Farrini”. It is also a pleasant restaurant for spending time with the whole family - for children they offer a children's menu. By tradition of the best Italian restaurants, Farrini offers homemade pasta and pastries from its own pastry shop. Here you can try delicacies such as real parmesan, jamon with melon and arugula leaves and marbled beef carpaccio.

Where to live: comfortable hotels in Samara

Hotel Meridian

St. Revolutionary, 3
8 (846) 240-51-22 meridian-samara.ru double room - from € 31

Hotel Meridian photo

Cozy and bright rooms of the Meridian Hotel in green colors uplift the sensation of spring and home comfort. Breakfast is provided for guests. The historic center and the beautiful promenade are within walking distance. Each room has a bathroom, a small seating area where you can drink tea or coffee - for this, everything is also provided. Lunch is available at the Beer House Restaurant, located next door.

Hotel Graf Orlov

St. Kuibysheva, 88
8 (846) 33-23-202 www.hotelgraforlov.ru double room - from € 72

Hotel Graf Orlov photo

For lovers of comfort and high-quality service at a high level, the 4-star Graf Orlov hotel on the banks of the Volga is perfect. If you rented a car, you can leave it at the hotel in a free secure parking lot. It has a gym and spa, and all rooms have wireless internet access. In the restaurant of the same name in the hotel building you can taste European and Russian cuisine and spend a day on excursions on the hotel boat.

Hotel SamaRa

St. Chapaevskaya, 201
8 (846) 270-85-40 www.dom-turizma.ru double room - from € 45

Hotel SamaRa photo

In the very center of Samara, near the famous square, the 3-star SamaRa Hotel awaits guests. Cozy rooms with wide beds and soft carpets are equipped with bathrooms, TVs and Wi-Fi access. For newlyweds and especially demanding guests, the hotel has deluxe rooms and three-room apartments with a view of the Volga. The Pena Restaurant offers local beer from the Zhiguli Brewery with European dishes.

Holiday Inn (Holiday Inn) Samara

St. Alexey Tolstoy, 99
8 (846) 372-70-00 www.hi-samara.ru double room - from € 75

Holiday Inn Samara photo

The Holiday Inn international network has settled in a modern building near the historical center of Samara, a 5-minute walk from the banks of the Volga River. By renting a car at the airport, you can leave it at the hotel's underground parking. Guests also have access to the pool, spa and beauty center. You can dine at one of three restaurants offering classic and sophisticated European dishes. There are special offers for family and romantic getaways.

Hotel Bristol-Lada

St. Kuibyshev, 111
8 (846) 331-6-555 www.bristol-zhiguly.ru double room - from € 55

Bristol-Lada photo

The historic building with columns in the center of Samara with an Art Nouveau interior is occupied by the Bristol-Zhiguli Hotel. Five minutes walk to the Volga embankment. Not only guests of the city come here, but also local business representatives to organize meetings. Breakfast is served in the hotel restaurant. In the evening, guests are offered cocktails in the lobby bar and billiards are offered.

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