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Salzburg photo

Salzburg is the fourth largest city in Austria, known as the birthplace of the outstanding musician Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Baroque architecture, cozy parks and squares, medieval fortresses and mesmerizing mountain landscapes are the main reasons to fall in love with the original and romantic Salzburg. If you rent a car and go on a trip around the city, you will find many more reasons to be sure to call Salzburg one of your favorite European cities.

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Car rental at Salzburg Airport

Name Airport WA Mozart ( WA Mozart Airport then ) - download scheme

IATA code: SZG
Location: 3 km from Salzburg
Official website: www.salzburg-airport.com
Information: +43 6628 5800

Car rental services at Salzburg Airport are provided by rental companies such as Hertz, Sixt, Sunny Cars, Europcar, Avis, Buchbinder and Megadrive. Rental desks are located on the ground floor of a multi-story parking lot. At the airport, just a five-minute walk from the terminals, several short-term and long-term parking lots of different price categories are open.

What to see in Salzburg: interesting sights of the city


Monchsberg 34

Hohensalzburg photo

One of the largest medieval fortresses in Europe, dating back to 1077, when the Archbishop of Salzburg Gebhard I built a castle in the Romanesque style, from which only the foundation has survived to this day. Throughout its long history, Hohensalzburg has survived only one siege: in 1525, the peasants surrounded the fortress, the attack of the rebels lasted 61 days. In Hohensalzburg, you should visit the palace with the magnificent “Golden Room”, climb the palace tower to see the oldest organ of the city “Salzburg Bull”, and also look at the Fortress Museum, which presents a collection of ancient weapons and other valuable artifacts.

Cathedral of Saints Rupert and Virginia

Domplatz 1a

Cathedral of Saints Rupert and Virginia photo

Mozart was baptized in this baroque-style cathedral, which is not surprising: incredibly beautiful and majestic, as if created for sacred rites that leave an imprint on the whole future life of a person. Pay attention to the front bronze gates and the three dates marked on them: 774, 1628 and 1959. The date of foundation of the cathedral by Bishop Virgil Salzburg is associated with the first date. The second - refers to the consecration of the cathedral after a large-scale reconstruction, which the temple suffered due to a strong fire in 1598. And the last date is stamped in honor of the end of the restoration work that was required after the bombing of the city during World War II.

The house where Mozart was born

Getreidegasse 9 www.mozarteum.at

The house where Mozart was born photo

In this pretty yellow house on Getreidegasse on January 27, 1756, an outstanding Austrian musician was born, whose talent and genius still amaze everyone who hears the music of his composition. The museum exhibits unique family portraits, letters and musical instruments that began Mozart's acquaintance with the world of music: a children's violin, clavichord (the predecessor of the piano) and the hammer clavier (an old-fashioned piano). The second floor of the museum is dedicated to Mozart’s opera productions and includes an interesting collection of scene models from the 18th century to the 20th century. You can continue your acquaintance with the history of the Mozart family in the second museum on Makartplatz, where at that time dancing classes were held for royal people, and Michael Haydn performed in the large ballroom, which was shot by the parents of the future virtuoso. Joseph Haydn, the founder of the symphony and string quartet genres, and Emanuel Schikaneder, who wrote the libretto for Mozart’s opera The Magic Flute. You can visit both museums on a special ticket, which gives a good discount on entry.

Art Gallery Residences

Residenzplatz 1 www.residenzgalerie.at

Art Gallery Residences photo

On the third floor of the Bishops' Residence, the Art Gallery of European Painting of the 16th-19th Centuries is open. The gallery opened in 1923 and was originally planned as a future art academy, but it remained a museum. The basis of the exposition is the work of Dutch masters, including paintings by Peter Bruegel the Elder, Rubens and Rembrandt. Austrian art is represented by Ender, MacArth, Amerling and other prominent artists. In addition to the permanent exhibition, the gallery has special exhibitions at which private collectors exhibit canvases from their collections.

Mirabell Park

Mirabellplatz 4

Mirabell Park photo

You can spend some quiet and relaxing hours in Mirabell Park, designed in 1690. Mozart himself spoke in the marble hall of the palace, in which the newlyweds are now registering their marriage. Cozy terraces, a large rose garden, beautiful fountains, marble sculptures and shady alleys leading into the very depths of the park - you cannot find a romantic place for walking in Salzburg. Walking through the park, you will find yourself in a garden of dwarfs, which, according to one legend, are made in the image of real midgets, who once lived at the royal court.

In the vicinity of Salzburg: the best car routes


Helbrunn photo

Having rented a car, be sure to go to the summer residence of the Archbishop of Salzburg - Helbrunn Castle - to see how the amazing Mechanical Theater works. A stone nativity scene is used as a stage in this ancient theater, and instead of the actors, 256 wooden figures appear, which rotate on round stands. Every detail of the figure moves under the influence of water, imitating gestures and emotions. In the center of the stage, the craftsmen erected the building of the city hall - around it are built the actions of the performances, covering the city life of the Baroque era. Another attraction of Helbrunn is the Stone Theater, located right in the crevice of the mountain. The theater is very small, but very impressive: the thick trees around, the pond, well-preserved sculptures and beautiful wall lining create a unique Baroque view. And of course,

Eisriesenvelt Ice Cave

Ice Cave Eisriesenvelt photo

Eisriesenvelt is the largest ice cave in the world with a length of 42 kilometers. Until the 19th century, only local hunters knew about this miracle of nature; in 1879, the discovery of the cave was officially announced by the Austrian naturalist Anton Posselt. There is a 1 kilometer long route for tourists. Keep in mind that even in the summer, the temperature inside is 0 degrees, so be sure to stock up on warm clothes. Eisriesenvelt Cave is open to visitors from May 1 to October 26, in winter the passage is closed due to the threat of avalanches. You can get to the cave in a rented car from Salzburg, moving towards the city of Werfen.

Krimml Falls

Krimml Falls photo

About an hour away by car from Salzburg - and you will find yourself at the Krimml Falls, recognized as the highest in Central Europe. Water falls from a height of 380 meters - a spectacle of incredible beauty and strength. Be sure to climb the path leading to the highest point of the waterfall, and linger there for a few minutes to feel the full power of the natural element. In winter, Krimml waterfalls freeze, forming a picturesque ice relief.


Hallstatt photo

Hallstatt is a true paradise for those who love nature and mountain views. In this tiny village (a little over 900 people live in Hallstatt) it is worth coming all day to take a boat ride on the lake, visit the salt mines and see the Dachstein Caves located in the neighboring village of Obertraun. Before you go to Hallstatt, make sure that your camera is charged - you will want to take pictures here at every step. If you are going to Hallstatt with a rented car, you can leave it either in the parking lot in the tunnel that leads to the village, or in parking lots outside Hallstatt. Entering the historic center by car is possible with a pass, which is valid for a fairly short time.


Mauterndorf photo

On the hill near the Tauern mountain range stands Mauterndorf Castle, which was founded in the middle of the 13th century and was intended to protect trade routes. In 1939, the castle passed into the possession of Nazi Germany warrior Hermann Goering, who regarded Mauterndorf as a refuge in the event of an unsuccessful outcome of the war. Now the castle has a museum of local lore and a museum of hunting trophies, as well as a collection of old costumes. Visitors to Mauterndorf can visit the traditional knightly feast, try on armor and master the medieval spear - immersion in the atmosphere of the past does not end with these entertainments. For tourists who decide to use the car rental service, free parking is available near the castle.

Food: atmospheric restaurants, cafes and bars

St. Peter Stiftskeller

St. Peter Bezirk 1/4 www.stpeter-stiftskeller.at

St.  Peter Stiftskeller photo

The oldest restaurant in Europe, located in the building of the Abbey of St. Peter. Owners St. Peter Stiftskeller claim that Mozart himself dined here. Visitors can take a table either in the luxurious baroque hall or in the basement with massive stone arches, illuminated by large candles in antique candlesticks. The menu contains interesting variations of traditional Austrian dishes and good wine. While you enjoy your dinner, the string quintet will play for you numbers from The Magic Flute, The Weddings of Figaro and Don Giovanni - a great opportunity in an informal setting to get acquainted with the best works of Mozart and at the same time learn about the gastronomic life of Salzburg.

Cafe bazar

Schwarzstrasse 3 www.cafe-bazar.at

Cafe Bazar photo

The legendary cafe, the place where Romy Schneider and Marlene Dietrich came to try Austrian coffee and the main national dessert - strudel. We advise you to look here for breakfast and order aromatic coffee, freshly baked buns or strudel with ice cream - believe me, there is no better breakfast in Salzburg. The Bazar also serves great, hearty lunches for lovers of large portions.

Cafe tomaselli

Alter Markt 9 www.tomaselli.at

Cafe Tomaselli photo

Another old cafe that has been owned by the Tomaselli family for 150 years. Some sources claim that it was here that Mozart drank poisoned milk, which led to his death (one of the versions of the death of the musician is poisoning). Of course, now Tomaselli visitors are not in danger, the biggest danger that awaits you is the intoxicating smell of desserts, which make you forget about all diets and restrictions on food. The charm of the confectionery is given by waiters who always meet visitors in an ironed tuxedo and bow tie - immediately I want to change my jeans and sneakers to something more refined, to match this sophisticated place.


Kaigasse 3 www.zwettlers.com

Zwettlers photo

Restaurant of national Austrian cuisine, one of the favorite places among local ones, where there are noisy family dinners and romantic dinners. The restaurant’s interior shows a desire for owners to create a simple home-like atmosphere that sets them up for long gatherings with friends: large wooden tables, hunting trophies on the walls, black-and-white photographs and a pleasant dim light, creating additional comfort. We recommend trying chicken hearts in beer sauce, sausages with sauerkraut and potatoes, as well as Kaiser Karl beer.

Organic pizza

Franz Josef Strasse 24a

Organic Pizza Photo

Organic Pizza serves delicious oval pizza on thin crust with meat and vegetable fillings. Visitors note that this is one of the best pizzas in the city, the price for such a large portion is very reasonable. In addition to water, juices and beer, pizza serves red wine, which perfectly sets off the taste of fresh tomatoes, basil, cheese and smoked bacon.

Where to live: comfortable hotels in Salzburg

Schloss Fuschl Resort & Spa

Schlossstrabe 19
+43 6229 2253 0 www.schlossfuschlsalzburg.com double room - from € 349

Schloss Fuschl Resort & Spa photo

Luxurious five-star hotel overlooking the Austrian lakes. Schloss Fuschl Resort & Spa is on the list of the best spa hotels in Europe according to Condé Nast Traveler magazine. Spacious rooms in an elegant style with notes of aristocratic chic will be appreciated by lovers of comfort and impeccable interior. It offers guests a golf course, a large fitness and spa center, a Turkish bath, an indoor pool, massage services and fishing opportunities. The hotel has several restaurants where you can try dishes of national Austrian cuisine, as well as evaluate the best wines. If you are traveling in a rented car, you can leave it in the free parking lot next to the hotel.

Crowne Plaza Salzburg - The Pitter

Rainerstrabe 6
+43 6628 8978 0 www.imlauer.com/hotels/crowne-plaza-salzburg-the_pitter double room - from € 243

Crowne Plaza Salzburg - The Pitter photo

Four-star hotel in the vicinity of Mirabell Park. Classic-style comfortable rooms with large windows and a spacious bathroom. Guests have free access to the sauna and fitness center. We advise you to visit the local PitterKeller beer bar (the oldest in the city) to appreciate the taste of Austrian cuisine, flavored with quality beer. For dinner, head to the hotel’s top floor in the Imlauer restaurant - a panorama of the Old Town will add unforgettable romance to your meal. For guests with rental cars, private parking is available near the hotel.

Hotel Wolf Dietrich

Wolf-Dietrich-Strabe 7
+43 6628 7127 5 www.salzburg-hotel.at double room - from € 134

Hotel Wolf Dietrich photo

Design hotel in the Old Town area, close to Mirabell Park and the house where Mozart was born. Bright rooms in a minimalist style are ideal for a relaxing, secluded vacation. After a busy day, guests can relax at the spa, which offers massage services. A nice bonus is the Turkish bath, sauna and indoor pool. If you move around the city in a rental car, then at your service - paid parking nearby.

Hotel elefant

Sigmund-Haffner-Gasse 4
+43 6628 4339 7 www.hotelelefant.at double room - from € 101

Hotel Elefant photo

The oldest hotel in Salzburg, which dates back to the 13th century. Elefant is located in the heart of the Old Town, and the main attractions can be reached in a few minutes. Small cozy rooms in a pleasant brown tones. They offer nice views of the historic center of Salzburg. At the reception you can book a table in any restaurant in the city or book an excursion to the museum. For those who have used the car rental service, paid parking is available near the hotel.

Altstadthotel Kasererbrau

Kaigasse 33
+43 6628 4244 551 www.kasererbraeu.at double room - from € 83

Altstadthotel Kasererbrau photo

The 4-star family-run Altstadthotel Kasererbrau is located by the Cathedral of Saints Rupert and Virginia. Some of the rooms are furnished with antique furniture, and the rest of the rooms are made in a modern style. The hotel has been owned by a family for several years, for which the Altstadthotel Kasererbrau is a lifelong business, therefore, it has a homely and friendly atmosphere. Hotel guests can relax in the sauna, go for a massage, book a city tour at the reception, and reserve a parking space for their rental car in advance.

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