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Rome panoramic photo

Rome is a city of romance, love, rich history, wonderful architecture and one of the most delicious cuisines in the world. In fact, everyone has their own definition of Rome, and this is just a small list of associations that arise with the capital of Italy. The “Eternal City”, as Rome is often called, has been repeatedly recognized by artists, musicians and directors who dedicated more than one work to it, imbued with admiration and respect for its culture and traditions. It is so full of important and interesting historical places that it seems that it takes several years to get around them. No matter how attractive Rome may seem to you, it is better not to try to fully recognize it in one trip - leave a couple of unexplored places for your next trip, and then your interest in this magical city will not fade away for a very long time. And so that parting with Rome was not so sad,

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Car hire at Rome Airport

Leonardo da Vinci International Airport or Fiumicino Airport (Leonardo da Vinci - Fiumicino Airport)Leonardo da Vinci International Airport or Fiumicino Airport ( Leonardo da Vinci - Fiumicino Airport ) - download the scheme
IATA code: FCO
Location: 35 km from Rome
Official website: www.adr.it/fiumicino
Information: +39 06 65951

The following car rental companies provide car rental at Fiumicino Airport: Hertz, Sixt, Europcar, Avis, Maggiore, Auto Europa, Rent4U and Locauto Rent. Rental desks are located in Torre Uffici 2 - a separate building connected to the airport terminals by special crossings. At the airport you will find outdoor and indoor parking, where you can leave your rented car for several minutes or a couple of days.

Ciampino Airport SchemeCiampino Airport ( Ciampino The Airport then ) - download scheme
IATA code: the CIA
Location: 12 km from Rome's
official website: www.adr.it/ciampino
Background: +39 65951 06

Rent a car in Rome Ciampino airport, you can have these car rental companies like Avis, Hertz, Europcar, Sixt, Maggiore, Locauto Rent, Goldcar Italy and Sicily by Car. Car rental desks are located at the airport entrance, not far from the P8 parking lot. There are several outdoor parking lots at the airport, which can be booked online.

What to see in Rome: interesting sights of the city



Piazza del colosseo 1

Colosseum photo

The symbol of Rome and all of Italy, a unique building of Ancient Rome, preserved to this day. The background to the construction of the Coliseum is as follows: after the death of the tyrannical emperor Nero, Vespasian became the ruler of Rome, who wanted to quickly destroy the memory of his predecessor and strengthen his authority. Then the new ruler gave the palace of Nero (it occupied an area of ​​120 hectares) in the city center for official buildings, and the lake at the palace ordered to be filled with sand and in its place in 72 AD began the construction of an amphitheater for the entertainment of citizens. It was a tricky and thoughtful move: Vespasian not only erased the memory of the past ruler, but also showed that, building an amphitheater, he transfers to the people the land that Nero used to solely own. For many years, the Colosseum was the main place of entertainment for the Romans. There were gladiatorial fights, sea ​​battles and animal persecution. After the earthquake in the XIV century, the southern part of the building was destroyed, and the Colosseum itself was gradually dismantled into building materials. And only in the middle of the XVIII century the amphitheater was taken under guard by Benedict XIV, who ordered a cross and a row of altars symbolizing the suffering of the martyrs, the procession to Calvary and the death of Christ (later they were brought out of the Coliseum) in the center of the Coliseum.


Via della Salara Vecchia 5/6

Forum, Italy photo

In ancient times, the forum was the center of public life: initially there was a market, later on the square there were places for public gatherings, Senate meetings, trials and religious rites. The location of the forum was not chosen by chance: it was here that the Romans and the Sabines made a truce and declared the square "a place for trade and general meetings." In the Middle Ages, the forum completely lost its former meaning. Antique buildings began to be used as residential houses, stables and workshops of artisans. Over time, the forum was finally abandoned and turned into a pasture.


Piazza della rotonda

Pantheon, Rome photo

You can see the burial of Raphael in the Pantheon - the "temple of all gods", built in the II century BC. on the site of the previous Pantheon, built two centuries before. Entering the temple, you will be amazed at how well preserved its interior decoration. All thanks to the fact that throughout its existence the Pantheon has never been closed and continued to operate as a temple. Pay attention to the roof: thanks to the hole in it, at noon a column of light penetrates into the Pantheon, which does not diverge along the walls of the temple, but retains its shape. An impressive sight, similar to magic and a divine sign from above.

Trevi Fountain

Piazza di trevi

Trevi Fountain photo

Do not be afraid of the crowds of tourists who linger for a long time at this magnificent baroque fountain. As soon as you approach him and see at least part of his sculptures, you will immediately join the crowd of admiring spectators and start frantically searching for a camera in your bag to capture its magical look. The Trevi Fountain is adjacent to the facade of the Polly Palace and thereby acquires an even more magnificent appearance. In the center of the structure is the god Neptune, sitting in a sea shell, and in niches on the sides are allegorical figures. This is only part of the architecture of the fountain, consisting of several figures of mythical creatures. Do not forget to drop a coin to return to Rome and relive the feeling of delight and admiration at the sight of the beautiful Trevi Fountain, immortalized in such masterpieces of cinema as “Roman Vacations” and “Sweet Life”.

Saint Paul's Cathedral

Piazza san pietro

St. Peter's Basilica photo

Acquaintance with the Vatican should begin with a visit to St. Peter's Basilica - one of the largest Christian churches in the world, the construction of which was carried out by Michelangelo, Bramante, Rafael and Bernini. According to legend, the cathedral was built on the site of the execution of the Apostle Peter; an altar leads to his underground tomb - the main decoration and treasure of the cathedral. Here is the first and most famous “Pieta” by Michelangelo, copies of which can be found in many Catholic churches around the world. Incidentally, this is the only work signed by the sculptor: Michelangelo somehow heard the conversation of several passers-by arguing about the authorship of “Pieta,” and so that there would no longer be any doubt as to who its author was, the sculptor decided to leave his signature. If you move around the city in a rented car, then note that the nearest parking lot to the Vatican is located at the Cipro metro station,

Near Rome: Best Car Routes



Tivoli photo

Having rented a car, go to the city of Tivoli, located just 24 kilometers from Rome. The city was founded in the 13th century BC. and then called Tibiur. Under the emperor Octavian Augustus, he became popular among the Roman nobility, who built palaces around the city and rested in luxury in this paradise. Here poets Horace, Catullus and Propertius sought inspiration. Today in Tivoli you can wander through the ruins of the villa of the emperor Hadrian (pay attention to the pond where the lover of the emperor Antino drowned, who was considered the main beauty of Rome); see a 120-meter waterfall on the territory of the Gregorian Palace; rise to the castle of Pope Pius II and take gorgeous pictures against the background of the famous villa of the 16th century - the villa d'Este, whose fountains tried to surpass Peter I, creating Peterhof.


Bracciano photo

It is best to come to Bracciano in a rented car in the morning until the city is filled with tourists. Have a cup of coffee at a local cafe, and then head to Orsini Odescalchi Castle. Here you can walk through the front rooms, examining the well-preserved furniture, utensils and paintings of the Renaissance. Be sure to stay on the observation deck by the castle and admire the views of Lake Bracciano and its picturesque surroundings. After that, we advise you to go down to the shore of the lake and relax in silence on the bench, watching the swans swimming.


Viterbo photo

The city of Viterbo is an open-air museum. This is the only Italian city that managed to maintain its medieval appearance in the 12th-13th centuries in such good condition. Walking along the winding cobbled streets, you can imagine how hundreds of years ago, locals quarreled, reconciled, fell in love and parted here; how nearby someone sounded laughter and heard the chatter of some tramp. As soon as you think about how much the battered and battered walls of urban buildings remember, it immediately becomes a little uneasy. Among the attractions of Viterbo, we recommend visiting the medieval pilgrim quarter, the Papal Palace, the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, whose column is made in the style of Siena Gothic of the 14th century, and Villa Lante, famous for its fairytale park with many labyrinths and a lovely fountain.


Orvieto photo

2 hours by car - and you will find yourself in the charming city of Orvieto, where you should not come for a tour of historical places, but just so that you can stroll through the old quarters of the city, admire the wonderful balconies covered with ivy, bargain with street vendors of ceramics and try another variation of Italian pasta in one of the local restaurants. We recommend that you look into the Gothic Cathedral (Duomo), which, incidentally, was restored by Russian architects in the 1940s.


Siena photo

Siena, a city in the Tuscany region, can be reached by rented car on the A1 road and motorway 326. If you find yourself in Siena on July 2 or August 16, you will get to the Palio festival - horse racing, in which riders from 17 Siena counters participate (urban counties, districts). The tradition of holding the Palio dates back to the Middle Ages, when horse races were canceled, and the inhabitants of Siena decided to replace these animals first with donkeys, and then with horses. During the holidays, the main square of the city - Piazza del Campo - is decorated with flags and coats of arms of the counter, and the races themselves end with solemn processions that last all night.

Food: atmospheric restaurants, cafes and bars


Via Labicana 125 www.aromarestaurant.it/it/

Aroma photo

Breakfast can be enjoyed on the terrace overlooking the Coliseum in the Michelin-starred Aroma Restaurant at the Palazzo Manfredi, a 17th-century palace. An excellent continental breakfast is served here in the morning, but we recommend that you pay extra and take the extended version with cheeses, scrambled eggs, fruits and sparkling wine. It costs such a pleasure of about € 30, which is a little expensive for breakfast, but believe me, this is offset by the luxurious look and the positive mood with which you will start the morning in Rome after a cup of invigorating coffee in Aroma.


Via di Tor Millina 27 www.cyboroma.com/en/

Cybo photo

Nice Italian restaurant next to Piazza Navona. Inside are white walls, large windows, beige furniture and tall wine racks. In good weather, sit down at a table on the street - against the background of local architecture, even a simple bagel with salmon looks like a culinary masterpiece. We recommend trying pasta with cherry tomatoes and mozzarella, chocolate cake with strawberries and mascarpone sauce and freshly squeezed orange juice (local people praise it very much).


Via Di Pietralata 149 www.fishmarket-roma.com/

Fishmarket photo

For inexpensive, but fresh and high-quality seafood, head to Fishmarket. You yourself choose in the refrigerator your favorite fish, which you will immediately cook and serve with fragrant herbs and delicious sauce. It is best to take a table on the street: the restaurant is located on a charming street in the Trastevere district, where all the buildings resemble the scenery for old films. Order octopus in batter or pasta with mussels and shrimp and add a glass of good wine to the dish. In the evening, when Trastevere plunges into a cozy twilight, and music comes from neighboring houses, Fishmarket becomes the very place to come for the mood and atmosphere of non-tourist Rome.

Tre scalini

Piazza Navona 28 www.trescalini.it/en

Tre Scalini photo

Italian ice cream (gelato) is delicious by default, even the smallest portion will be enough to close your eyes with pleasure, as in a chocolate advertisement, and smile blissfully. The Tre Scalini restaurant has more than 20 types of gelato, which looks so appetizing that it is simply impossible to resist. For starters, we recommend ordering a special Tartufo (chocolate ice cream with a cloud of whipped cream and a waffle roll), and then take a horn of two or three balls of some fruit ice cream and take a table on the street overlooking Bernini's Four Rivers fountain. By the way, in the 50s Tre Scalini was one of the most popular restaurants in Rome, which Federico Fellini glorified in one of his films.

Salotto 42

Piazza di Pietra 42 http://thesalotto42.com/

Salotto 42 photos

You can walk a new dress, bought at a local boutique, in the Salotto 42 bar, the entrance to which is buried in purple colors. During the day, the institution works like an ordinary coffee shop, and in the evening it turns into a stylish bar, where, they say, celebrities like to drop by. Cocktails "Bellini" and "Rossini" are among the favorites of visitors to the bar. If you order wine, then get ready for a pleasant surprise: snacks are included.

Where to live: comfortable hotels in Rome


Villa laetitia

Lungotevere delle Armi 22
+39 06 3226776 www.villalaetitia.com/ double room - from € 114

Villa Laetitia photo

To make your Roman holidays even more romantic and memorable, we advise you to stay at Villa Laetitia, surrounded by a picturesque garden. The hotel was designed by Anna Fendi Venturini, one of the daughters of the founders of the famous Italian brand Fendi. The rooms open onto a cozy patio decorated in the style of a typical Italian patio. The hotel's Michelin-starred restaurant, Enoteca la Torre, serves fine ravioli with ricotta. The good news is for those who rent a car and do not want to bother with parking for a long time: there is a private parking nearby where you can leave your car for a small fee.

San pietro boutique rooms

Via Properzio 32
+39 06 68139819 www.sanpietroboutiquerooms.com/ double room - from € 110

San Pietro Boutique Rooms photo

Boutique hotel near St. Peter's Square. Six spacious and bright rooms with a minimalist design and small balconies overlooking a pretty street. Great coffee is served at the local cafe for breakfast - a tasty and pleasant start to the day is guaranteed. For those traveling by rented car, paid parking is available near the hotel.

IL Boom B&B

Via Dandolo 51
+39 06 86905226 http://ilboom.it/ double room - from € 100

IL Boom B&B photo

Retro Hotel IL Boom is located in a historic hotel in the Trastevere district, where you hide from the noise of the city and stroll through the narrow streets in the spirit of the Middle Ages. The hotel has only three rooms, each of which is named after an Italian actress: Sophia Loren, Anna Magnani and Monica Vitti. Aged wooden furniture, vintage decor details and a creative, inspiring atmosphere will be the perfect complement to your Rome vacation. Do not forget to look at the spacious terrace of the hotel, where you can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee in the shade of trees and enjoy the panorama of the city.

La maison d'art

Via di Torre Argentina 18
+39 06 6877992 www.lamaisondart.com/ double room - from € 90

La Maison D'Art photo

Just 200 meters from the Pantheon is the charming La Maison D'Art. Light colors in the decor, vintage-style furniture, some rooms even have a fireplace. Breakfast is served on a lovely veranda overlooking a busy street. In the area you will find many restaurants, cafes and bars where you can sample local cuisine and have a great time.

Arena suites

Via Arenula 41
+39 06 68300547 www.hlrgroup.it/ double room - from € 70

Arenula Suites Photos

A minimalist hotel near the Trastevere district. The design of the rooms captivates with its stylish simplicity: white walls, windows to the floor, a dark wooden floor and beautiful covers of pale purple color. A nice bonus is a coffee machine in every room. The hotel is also attractive for its location: for example, the Roman Forum can be reached in just a couple of minutes by rental car.

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