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Prague photo

Once on the streets of Prague, at first it seems to tourists that they were in a fairytale city: massive bridges decorated with sculptures, Gothic cathedrals, towers with an astronomical clock and houses with a red tiled roof look incredibly picturesque and romantic. Lyric music of street musicians is heard in the squares, a mixture of different world languages ​​is heard everywhere, townspeople sit on the terraces and leisurely drink wine or beer, for the sake of which, by the way, tourists specially come here from other countries. The charm of Prague is not retained only within the city, it extends beyond its borders and is intertwined with the special mood of each surrounding town. When planning a trip to Prague, think about renting a car with which your movement around the capital and the surrounding area will become much more comfortable.

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Car rental at Prague airport

International Airport named Vaclav Havel ( by Vaclav Havel Airport then ) - download scheme

IATA code: PRG
Location: 17 km from Prague
Official website: www.prg.aero
Information: +420 220 111 888

Car rental services at Prague Airport are provided by rental companies such as Avis, Budget, Sixt, Rent Plus, Hertz, Europcar, Dvořák Rent a car and Czechocar. Rental desks are located on the ground floor of parking C. There are 6 parking zones at the airport: 2 express parking lots and 4 secured long-term parking lots of different price categories.

What to see in Prague: interesting sights of the city

Prague Castle

Pražský Hrad www.hrad.cz


Prague Castle photo

The main attraction of Prague - Prague Castle - can be described in many words with a particle of "the most." This is the most visited place by tourists, the largest presidential residence in the world in area, one of the most impressive Czech buildings and, according to some, the largest castle in the world. The history of Prague Castle began in the 9th century with the appearance of a fortification surrounded by earthen ramparts, which, after two centuries, were replaced by powerful stone walls. The initiator of the construction of the fortress was Prince Borzhiva I. Prague Castle witnessed many historical events that affected its appearance and significance. The fortress developed not only as the residence of the Czech monarchs, but also as an important cultural and spiritual center, personifying national strength and power. Prague Castle is not a place where you can look for an hour or two, it will take you a whole day to inspect it, but it is better to divide the tour into two days, so as not to lose sight of anything. The historical complex includes St. Vitus Cathedral with its collection of coronation regalia, the Royal Palace, St. George's Monastery, Strahov Monastery, Loret's Temple, the Royal Garden and the picturesque Golden Street with colored two-story houses.

Tyn Church

Staroměstské náměsti

Tyn Church photo

Gothic temple of the XIV-XV centuries, towering on the Old Town Square. Here the great Danish astronomer and alchemist Tycho Brahe is buried, who was the first in Europe to conduct regular astronomical observations. On their basis, the astronomer Johannes Kepler developed the laws of planetary motion. Having entered the temple, pay attention to the gravestones. They are badly damaged and this is not so much the fault of time as one long tradition: in the Middle Ages it was believed that if you step on a gravestone, then those who suffer from toothache immediately feel better. Therefore, it is not surprising that the townspeople zealously stepped on the plates, waiting for miraculous healing.

Kampa Island

Kampa Island photo

For silence and solitude go to the island of Kampa, located on the Malostranskaya side between the Vltava and Chertovka rivers. Getting to the island is very simple - just go down the side stairs from Charles Bridge. The name "Campa" comes from the Spanish campa and translates as "camp": the fact is that in this place there was once a Spanish military camp that appeared on the island after the defeat of the Czech army in the battle of White Mountain. The main attractions of Kampa are the Liechtenstein Palace (a concert venue is open in summer), the John Lennon Wall, the Franz Kafka Museum and the eccentric Kamp Museum, which amaze with its eccentric exhibits: huge figures of crawling babies, statues of red rabbits and models of cars made of wire. Another interesting place is the narrowest street in Prague, on which only one person can go. Pay attention to the small balcony with the lamp: during the flood in 1892, the water rose to the level of the balcony and almost flooded the apartment in which the local resident was located. The woman went to the balcony and caught the icon of the Virgin Mary floating at that moment. Surprisingly, as soon as she began to pray, the water gradually began to recede. In memory of this miracle, a woman hung an icon over the balcony and lit a lamp that still burns. The woman went to the balcony and caught the icon of the Virgin Mary floating at that moment. Surprisingly, as soon as she began to pray, the water gradually began to recede. In memory of this miracle, a woman hung an icon over the balcony and lit a lamp that still burns. The woman went to the balcony and caught the icon of the Virgin Mary floating at that moment. Surprisingly, as soon as she began to pray, the water gradually began to recede. In memory of this miracle, a woman hung an icon over the balcony and lit a lamp that still burns.

Anezhsky monastery

U Milosrdnych 17 www.ngprague.cz

Anezhsky monastery photo

The monastery of St. Anezhka, founded in the 30s of the XIII century, houses an impressive collection of medieval art of the XIII-XVI centuries. Along with the outstanding masters Dürer and Lucas Cranach the Elder, the works of the equally talented Czech artist Master Theodorich, who worked for a long time at the court of Charles IV, are presented here. After visiting the exposition, we advise you to go to the chapel of the Virgin Mary, the presbytery where the burial of Czech King Wenceslas I is stored, as well as to the church of St. Salvador - the internal walls of the church are separated by columns with beautiful ornaments, and on the capitals of one of them you can see the face of St. Anezhka herself.

Alphonse Mucha Museum

Panská 7 www.mucha.cz

Alphonse Mucha Museum photo

The only official museum of the artist, illustrator and poster artist Alfons Mucha, one of the most famous representatives of the Art Nouveau style, has been opened in Prague. The museum’s collection consists of photographs from the personal archive, little-known canvases, sketches and sketches of works, wall panels, posters and two typographic prints of the theater poster for the play “Gismond”, made by the artist on the order of the French actress Sarah Bernhardt. It was this poster that glorified Mukha as a master of poster design and approved the special style of the artist, which is called Le Style Mucha.

Near Prague: Best Car Routes


Karlstein photo

Having rented a car, go to the Gothic castle Karlstejn, built on the orders of Charles IV in the XIV century. The emperor spared no money for its construction and invited the best court masters of that time. The main purpose of Karlstejn is the storage of royal regalia and relics collected by the emperor around the world. You can see the treasury of Charles IV and walk through the royal chambers only as part of the tour. By the way, souvenirs in Karlstejn are much cheaper than in Prague, so if you want to buy something as a souvenir of your Czech travel, then it is better to do it here.


Konopishte photo

About an hour away by car - and you will find yourself in Konopiste Castle, one of the owners of which was the Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinad. A passionate hunter, he turned the once defensive structure into a storehouse for hunting trophies, weapons and armor. With his participation, a mechanical shooting gallery also appeared in the castle, electricity was carried out and even a hydraulic elevator was installed - from a classical medieval castle Konopiste turned into a kind of place where the main inventions of that time were collected. The castle has a picturesque park with terraces, benches, marble statues, a beautiful rose garden and winding paths, which the archduke himself liked to walk. A nice restaurant is open next to the castle, serving a specialty - pheasant soup with quail eggs and sherry.

Kutna Hora

Kutna Hora photo

Despite the fact that in Kutná Hora there is the majestic St. Barbara Cathedral - the second largest Gothic temple in the Czech Republic, the main attraction for tourists is the Kostekhranilishche - a chapel decorated with 40,000 human skeletons. Initially, the Ossuary was used as a tomb, where bones were extracted from graves from a neighboring cemetery. In 1870, a noble family bought a chapel and hired a woodcarver who was supposed to make out a pile of bones. As a result, the master created a frightening interior, where every centimeter is laid out from human remains. The skeleton storehouse leaves a terrible impression and is deeply remembered for a long time, so if you are not ready for such a meeting with “art”, we advise you to admire the magnificent stained-glass windows of St. Barbara’s Cathedral and visit the silver museum, where you can go down to the medieval silver mine. If you are going to get to Kutnaya Gora in a rented car, then you will have no problems with parking - there are parking lots in the city, many of which are free.


Tabor photo

The cozy town of Tabor in the southern part of the Czech Republic (the so-called "Southern Czech Republic") arose from a large military camp of the Hussites - members of the reformist religious movement led by the preacher Jan Hus. This is a city with an incredibly powerful historical atmosphere that lovers of antiquity and the spirit of the past will appreciate. Leave your rental car in one of the public parking lots and start a walk around Tabor from Kotnov Castle, which during the Hussite Wars served as an important fortification and place of strength of the city. From the observation deck of the castle offers a beautiful view of Tabor itself and its surroundings - be sure to stay here for a few minutes. Next, go to the Bekhin Gate, where a permanent exhibition dedicated to the life of medieval society is open, and after that move towards the main square, where the monuments to Jan Hus and his comrade-in-arms are erected,

Cesky Krumlov

Cesky Krumlov photo

The main thing for which tourists come to Cesky Krumlov is to see the monumental Krumlov Castle, the second largest after Prague Castle. The castle was first mentioned in 1240, and from that moment on, its long and dramatic history begins. It seems that you can walk around the castle endlessly - it is so rich in remarkable places and nooks where you can enjoy its architecture and special charm in silence. A stone bridge with statues of the Virgin Mary and St. Joseph the Betrothed, Renaissance stables, a mint, a masquerade hall with painted walls, a five-story raincoat bridge and a unique Baroque theater as if from a fairy tale - Krumlovsky Castle can amaze and delight its visitors. Those who plan to use the car rental service, please note that arrival in the Old Town by car is possible only with special permission (it can be obtained at the hotel where you stayed). In the city center, you can park your car in a public car park.

Food: atmospheric restaurants, cafes and bars


Dlouhá 33

Lokal photo

If you try the national Czech cuisine, then just not in the promoted restaurants from guidebooks that have nothing to do with the real taste of the Czech Republic. Lokál relies on homemade food prepared according to traditional recipes that have been tested for several centuries. The minimalist interior of the restaurant differs from that of its elaborate and often tasteless competitors. Lokál's philosophy is simple - delicious food for little money, which even the most budget traveler can afford. We advise you to get acquainted with the local menu with a pork neck with dumplings, complementing it with fried cheese and potatoes.

Grand cafe orient

Ovocný trh 569/19 www.grandcafeorient.cz

Grand Cafe Orient photo

Where else will you try square curd rings no matter how in the legendary cafe Orient - a tribute to the Czech cubists. This cult institution is located in the famous house "At the Black Madonna" - the first building in the Czech Republic, built in the style of cubism. Order Viennese coffee and a local interpretation of the Austrian Sacher cake - in such establishments you should always pay attention to something refined.


Jana Zajíce 975/7 www.alchymista.cz

Alchymista photo

For dessert, head to the Alchymista confectionery, where they prepare excellent coffee and sweets for which you want to return. But even if you are not hungry and the smell of fresh cakes does not attract you very much, still do not be too lazy to look into this cafe to find yourself in a magnificent rose garden - an ideal place for a romantic evening in Prague. Wooden tables, flower vases, pleasant music in the background, and a black Howard cat bouncing on the lap of visitors - at Alchymista everything is very reminiscent of a home, where you can relax and forget for a few hours about all the difficulties and problems.

Zubaty pes

Agiou Andreou 209 http://www.mezetavernacyprus.com/

Zubaty pes photo

If you have already tried traditional Czech beer brands, then at Zubaty pes you can appreciate the taste of beer brewed at regional factories. The bar specializes in rare varieties, so be sure that what you try in Zubaty pes is truly unique. Exclusive beer from other countries is also bottled here - for example, Denmark, Scotland and Norway.

Hemingway bar

Karoliny Svetle 26 www.hemingwaybar.cz

Hemingway Bar photo

Bar-dedication to the American writer, whose name is called several signature cocktails. Hemingway is recognized as the best bar in Prague, it has long been chosen by locals, so finding a free table here is a great success. On weekdays, the bar is open from 5 pm, and on weekends from 7 hours and just a few minutes after the opening is filled by visitors, so it is better to book a table in advance. Hemingway’s food includes only salted nuts and small snacks, so don’t count on a hearty dinner.

Where to live: comfortable hotels in Prague

Hotel kings court

U Obecniho Domu 3
+420 224 222 888 www.hotelkingscourt.cz double room - from € 279

Hotel Kings Court photo

Hotel Kings Court is located in the center of Prague near the main attractions of the capital. The elegant design of the rooms will be appreciated by lovers of timeless classics, which is always appropriate when traveling. Guests have free access to the fitness center, Finnish sauna and pool. A massage service is available for a fee. There is also a casino at Kings Court, so if you suddenly want to try your luck at roulette, you will have a chance to do it. You do not have to worry about parking - the hotel has a large parking lot where your rental car will be securely guarded.

Grandior Hotel Prague

Na Poříčí 42
+420 226 295 111 www.hotel-grandior.cz double room - from € 140

Grandior Hotel Prague photo

Five-star hotel two kilometers from Charles Bridge. Bright rooms with a classic design. The bathroom has underfloor heating and L´Occitane body kit. It offers guests a spa center with a large sauna, the possibility of ordering a diet menu, a tour desk, babysitting services and parking (advance reservation is not required), which will please guests who use the car rental service.

Hotel Pod Vezí

Mostecká 58/2
+420 257 532 041 www.podvezi.com double room - from € 148

Hotel Pod Vezi photo

The pretty Hotel Pod Vezí is located in two neighboring historic buildings near the Charles Bridge. Rooms with a slanting roof, beautiful ash-colored walls, windows overlooking the old part of Prague and a sense of coziness and tranquility - at Pod Vezí they know how to ensure a comfortable stay for tourists. In fine weather, Czech cuisine, which is famous for its rich and expressive tastes, is served on the terrace of the local restaurant.

Hotel Century Old Town Prague

Na Porící 7
+420 221 800 800 www.accorhotels.com double room - from € 105

Hotel Century Old Town Prague photo

Century Old Town Hotel is located in the very center of the capital, just 400 meters from Old Town Square. Spacious rooms in a pleasant beige color scheme, large windows and beautiful views from which your morning in Prague will begin to look. The hotel has a good beer restaurant with a cozy summer terrace. If you are traveling around the city in a rented car, you can park it in a paid parking lot (you need to reserve a place in advance).

Paste of prague

Františka Křižka 461/11
+420 603 252 810 www.tasteofprague.com double room - from € 100

Taste of Prague photo

Taste of Prague is a stylish apartment housed in a 1930s building, giving it a special atmosphere. Their owners are culinary bloggers from Prague who, with great love and care for the guests, reacted to the design of the apartments. On the floor there is light parquet, on the walls are black and white drawings of Czech artists, and instead of a standard minibar, a large sideboard is located in the kitchen, where several bottles of the famous Becherovka are hidden. The Old Town area is approximately 1.5 kilometers and the airport is 12. 

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