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Perm panoramic photo

Perm is famous for its cultural places and art objects. The attention of tourists is attracted by the PERMM Museum of Modern Art, a monument to the letter “P”, a monument to Permyak salty ears. In addition, the city is famous for various festivals. The festival “Diaghilev Seasons”, “White Nights”, competitions for the most beautiful ice sculpture are regularly held here. If you have a free day and you don’t know how to spend it by renting a car, go to the Transfiguration Cathedral, visit the Opera and Ballet Theater, and then dine in one of the restaurants. In the evening you can take a walk along the Kama embankment and see firsthand the famous phrase “Happiness is just around the corner”.

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Car hire at Perm airport

Bolshoye Savino Airport - download scheme

IATA code: PEE
Location: 18 km from Perm
Official website: http://www.aviaperm.ru/
Information: 8 (342) 294-97-71

The following companies provide car rental services at Perm Airport: Hertz, BLS, Europcar, Avis, Naprokat, Thrifty, RusRentaCar, Splash Rentacar, Sixt. Rental car rental desks are located in the arrivals hall. There are 5 parking zones near the airport. In the forecourt and short-term parking the first 15 minutes of parking are free, in the commercial parking the first 10 minutes are also free. Zone P5 - free parking area.

What to see in Perm: interesting sights of the city

Holy Trinity Stefanov Monastery

St. Visimskaya, 4A http://www.permstefan.ru/

Holy Trinity Stefanov Monastery photo

The first building of the Holy Trinity Monastery was built at the end of the 18th century. Interestingly, the residents of the city themselves chose the location of the complex: the townspeople wanted the shrine to be near a picturesque pond. The monastery was built on the donations of workers and craftsmen of the smelter. The monastery found its present form only at the end of the 20th century. Gradually, the buildings were decorated with carvings and kokoshniks, and new monastery monasteries were being completed. The main attraction of the complex is the “Inexpressible Chalice” icon. It is believed that the water consecrated here has healing properties.

House of Gribushin

St. Lenin, 13A

Gribushin House photo

Having rented a car, go on an excursion to the most beautiful building in Perm - Gribushin House. It is built in a traditional eclectic style. Once the building belonged to an official, and later to a philanthropist and public figure. During the October Revolution, there was a military hospital and a tuberculosis dispensary. Now in the House of Gribushin is the Perm Scientific and Cultural Center. Outside and inside it is decorated with stucco molding in the form of faces of women, photos of which were taken from the Gribushins family album. The premises of the house serve as a venue for classical chamber music concerts.

Museum of Soviet Naive

St. Pushkin, 15 http://naive-museum.com/

Museum of Soviet naive photo

The museum of Soviet naive displays three expositions. The first collection is dedicated to contemporary art in Russia. Here you can see the work of Zvezdochotov, Dubossarsky, Pepperstein. The second collection is a collection of paintings by realist artists, which includes the works of Nurulin, Necheuhina, Kayetkin. Of particular value in the museum is the third collection, which presents works by little-known authors. They clearly trace the Soviet heritage, design, visual culture. In addition, the museum often hosts thematic exhibitions and promotions. Especially popular are “And the world will open to you”, “I hate my village”, “Inverted house”.

Park them. Gorky

St. Siberian, 49 http://www.parkperm.ru/

Park them.  Gorky photo

If in the evening you want to stroll through beautiful places, go to Park them. Gorky. There is entertainment for everyone here. For kids sandpits, small slides, swings are equipped. For older children - fun rides, animated shows and mini-contests. Adults will be interested in attending photo exhibitions, watching an ice sculpture competition, and then having lunch in one of the cafes. By the way, the park also has extreme rides, a 4D cinema and a zoo.

Rock park

St. Catherine, 225 A

Park of stones photo

If you visited Perm museums and galleries and want to see something unusual, go to the Stone Park with a rented car. This is one of the most famous and visited attractions in the city. In the park you can see an unusual art object - a 12-meter letter “P” made of spruce logs, a collection of stones, picturesque fountains, a stele with bas-reliefs of the artist Sobakin. The eyes of residents and visitors are also pleased with landscape and architectural objects.

Near Perm: Best Car Routes

Memorial Museum of the History of Political Repression “Perm-36”

Pos. Kuchino

Memorial Museum of the History of Political Repressions Perm-36 photo

Perm-36 is a unique museum that has no such museum in Russia. In Soviet times, there was a camp for dissidents. Law enforcement officers and dangerous recidivists were serving sentences in the labor camp. Only at the end of the 20th century a memorial complex began to work here, which presents authentic exhibits of the history of the Gulag. Museum visitors will have the opportunity to see the balance in the dining room, sit on the bunk, walk past the tower with machine gunners. In addition, Perm-36 serves as a venue for the international civil forum Pilorama, the All-Russian festival in memory of V. P. Astafiev, and the summer school of museology. A discussion club “I have the right” has been created here for high school students.

Belogorsk monastery

with. Kalinino

Belogorsk monastery photo

On the White Mountain, which is located near Perm, you can see the Belogorsky monastery. Long before the official appearance of the temple, there were settlements of Old Believers and monks. Only at the end of the 19th century was a wooden church erected, on the basis of which a school for orphans also worked. During the period of the October Revolution, various mockeries were organized here against those who were repressed and dispossessed. At the end of the 20th century, the temple was again placed at the disposal of believers. Belogorsky monastery is considered one of the most popular places of pilgrimage. For this purpose, a hotel is operating on the basis of the monastery. Of particular value in the shrine are unique icons of the pre-revolutionary period, the image of the Monk Martyr Barlaam, the Kazan icon of the Mother of God and the relics of the saints.

Kama reservoir

St. 3rd Zatonskaya

Kama reservoir photo

In the vicinity of Perm is the Kama reservoir, which is considered an excellent place for recreation and fishing, in addition, attracts the attention of geologists and botanists. Pond perch, crucian carp, sterlet, bream, ruff, roach are found in the reservoir. Nearby are the Lunezh mountains, on the tops of which many species of plants grow. Some of them are listed in the Red Book. If you decide to spend several days in these places, you can stay in one of the camp sites. The most convenient way to get to the reservoir is by a rental car.

Stone city

Stone city photo

The stone city, located near Perm, the locals are often called the "Devil's Hillfort". This is because the bizarre rocks clearly resemble a city in which there are streets in the form of labyrinths, but no traces of people's lives were found here. According to scientists, many centuries ago this place was a river mouth that flowed into the Perm Sea. From time to time, a natural attraction turns into a stage where artists of the Dominant Theater perform performances. Then the Stone Town comes to life, filled with the sounds of musical instruments, laughter, staged intrigues and confessions.

Museum of Wooden Sculpture

P. Parmailovo

Museum of wooden sculpture photo

The Museum of Wooden Sculpture is located in the open. Self-taught Yegor Utrobin independently created a whole museum of unusual characters carved from wood. In the fairytale tower and a small forest located next to it, there are more than fifty pagan monsters and fairy-tale heroes. Once in the museum, you will not see anyone here: devils and goblin, Russian heroes, “drunk Parmailov’s men returning home from the store”. The most unusual figure is either a six-meter goblin, or a hero of the Komi-Permyak epic. It is a symbol of how paganism and Orthodoxy can sometimes be organically combined.

Food: atmospheric restaurants, cafes and bars

Cup by cup

Ave Komsomolsky, 16 http://cupbycup.coffee/

Cup by Cup photo

Having rented a car, head to the cozy Cup by Cup coffee shop. Here you will be offered the most delicious coffee, and to it - home-made confectionery. Crouching at a table by the window, you can slowly enjoy the floating aromas of coffee, listen to pleasant music or spend time in the company of loved ones. By the way, the institution provides catering services, delighting guests of the event with soft drinks, Chinese tea, drinks for children, and coffee classics.


St. Osinskaya, 19 https://vk.com/mishka.food

Mishka.food photo

For a delicious breakfast or snack between excursions, check out Mishka.food. The kitchen is open, so guests can watch how their dishes are prepared. The highlight of the cafe is colored buns for burgers. The combination of ingredients in dishes can be completely extravagant. Who knows, this is what you will like. Be sure to try the burger with spicy veal, waffles with salmon, salad with figs and goat cheese, homemade lemonade in this restaurant. The staff is unobtrusive and attentive at the same time.


Ave Komsomolsky, 1 http://www.partizanperm.ru/

Partizan photo

You can plunge into the relaxed atmosphere and taste specialties in the Partizan restaurant. A juicy piece of meat cooked on the grill, salmon salad with avocado, guerrilla pie, strong drinks - all this is offered in the restaurant's menu. In addition, concerts are regularly held here. Having glanced at “Partizan” one evening, you can enjoy the performance of folk songs in a modern twist and the virtuoso play of musicians.

Blanche de bruxelles

St. Perm, 30 http://www.blanche-perm.ru/

Blanche de Bruxelles photo

When you rent a car, head to the cozy Blanche de Bruxelles restaurant for dinner. The menu offers the best of Belgian cuisine. Try warm Medium salad, mini toasts with salmon tartar, home-made sausages, Po Valiyiski mussels, Brussels-style trout. Beer lovers will appreciate Belgian beer made according to traditional recipes. In addition, in the evenings, the restaurant broadcasts sports matches.


St. Lenin, 37 http://www.permrest.ru/

Zhivago photo

If you want to treat yourself to a wonderful restaurant, opt for Zhivago. The interior of the main hall is organically complemented by a white piano, mirrors and light baguettes. All this creates a fabulous atmosphere and has a pleasant pastime. Salad of oily fish, bouillabaisse, cod in onion-saffron sauce - just a small list of dishes that will certainly leave an aftertaste. Restaurant "Zhivago" is an exquisite place that is suitable for both a family dinner and a business meeting.

Where to live: comfortable hotels in Perm


St. Verkhnemullinskaya, 30
8 (342) 240-59-59 http://marmelad-hotel.ru/ double room - from € 44

Marmalade photo

Hotel “Marmalade” is located in a quiet quarter away from noisy tracks. Staying here, you can use the “morning wake up” service, equipment for newborns, and translation services. If you are confused about the best way to organize your travel itinerary, contact the hotel's tour desk. Before booking a room, study the special offers of “Marmalade”. Surely you can use one of them, which will save on accommodation.


St. Popova, 59
8 (342) 270-05-89 http://www.avant-hotel.ru/ double room - from € 42

Avant photo

If you plan to travel by rental car, the Avant hotel will be the best option for your stay in Perm. Here you can help book air / train tickets, deliver food to your room at any time of the day. The hotel provides guarded parking, wake up service, wedding decoration of rooms. Qualified staff will ensure that you have the best impression of your stay at Avant Hotel.


St. Lenina, 58
8 (342) 218-62-61 http://www.hotel-ural.com/ double room - from € 53

Ural photo

Hotel "Ural" is suitable for both family vacations and business trips. At the Wellness Center, you will have at your service a gym, group programs (dancing, yoga, Pilates), a solarium with vibration massage, manual massage, hairdresser, and cosmetologist services. After a busy day, you can head to the Finnish bathhouse or the Turkish steam room. If you need a conference room, then at the Ural Hotel you will be given a choice of 5 rooms equipped with everything you need.


St. General Dovatora, 5
8 (342) 254-05-00 http://avsteria.com/ double room - from € 38

Asteria photo

The complex “Asteria” can be accommodated in standard rooms or in detached houses. Here you will have a Finnish sauna, a gym, an open veranda with barbecue, and a pool. The hotel regularly hosts all kinds of quests, in addition, there is the opportunity to play paintball. If you are staying with your soulmate and want to give a surprise, they will help you organize a romantic weekend.


St. Perm, 63/1
8 (342) 212-58-58 http://eva-hotel.ru/ double room - from € 53

Eve photo

The advantage of the Eva Hotel is its convenient location. Nearby is the airport, railway station, shopping centers, exhibition halls, theaters, restaurants. Upon request, ironing service, shuttle service, breakfast in the room, and laundry are provided. In order to properly organize your excursion program, contact the hotel bureau, and in order not to worry about the rented car, reserve a place in a guarded parking lot in advance.

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