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Paphos panoramic photo

Paphos is a picturesque city of stunning beauty. Inspiring landscapes, the Cote d'Azur, and the sea breeze make you plunge into the world of calm and tranquility. Sights of the city are included in the UNESCO heritage list: majestic temples and cathedrals, holy springs and chapels. The spirit of the Roman Empire is in the air, and everything seems to be shrouded in history. Legends are still circulating about the events of many centuries ago among local residents, and even they can no longer tell for sure where fiction is and where is history. Take a rental car and solve all the secrets.

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Car rental at Paphos airport

Paphos International Airport ( Paphos International, Airport then ) - download scheme
IATA code: PFO
Location: 6 km from Paphos
Official website: www.hermesairports.com/pafos
Reference: +357 (25) 123-022

The airport of Paphos Car rental companies provide the following : Sixt, Auto Union, Budget. Here you can choose a car for every taste and any class. Rental desks are located at the airport. The first few minutes of parking are free, for the rest of the time you will have to pay extra: for 20 minutes of parking € 1,5.

What to see in Paphos: interesting sights of the city

Archaeological Park of Kato Paphos

Agias galatianis

Archaeological Park of Kato Paphos photo

The Archaeological Museum, located in the open air, became famous for its huge complex of mosaics of the period of the Roman Empire. They seem to tell about the scenes and history of that time. Some ornaments depict vintage scenes or myths about ancient gods. Tales of unhappy love are also reflected here. If you look closely, you can trace the whole storyline. The park presents objects that have historical significance: the remains of the Roman odeon and the ruins of the temple of Asklepion. Sightseeing will definitely leave a lasting impression.

Royal tombs

Coastal broadwalk

Royal Tombs photo

The tombs got their name for luxurious decoration, and not from the burial of the nobility. Truly, walking through the mazes, prehistoric columns and magnificent wall murals are striking. In some places, they are fixed to the walls, which resembles a modern house. At first, the kings were really buried here, and later this place served as a refuge for the first Christians.

Monastery of St. Neophyte the Recluse

Tala village

Monastery of St. Neophyte the Recluse photo

This place attracts pilgrims and travelers. There is always a lively atmosphere, while the air soars the spirit of tranquility and complete peace. On the territory of the monastery is a museum where you can view the gospel, manuscripts of monks and the most reverend Neophyte, as well as ancient icons.

Paphos Castle

Coastal broadwalk

Paphos Castle photo

The castle was originally a defensive fort. Subsequently, cells were equipped on the ground floor where prisoners were serving their sentences. At the top of the central room was a garrison mosque. It is especially nice to visit the medieval castle in the evening. You can climb the roof and take a picture against the background of the mesmerizing panorama of the city and the harbor.

Venetian bridge

Paphos Forest | about 6km from Agios Nikolaus village

Venetian bridge photo

The bridge is located in a picturesque place: near the reservoir, and around the dense forest. It is always very lively here, some just come to inspect the bridge and the surrounding area, and someone even holds wedding photo shoots. The attraction is in a picturesque, but inaccessible place. It is best to use a rental car to quickly and comfortably reach your destination.

In the vicinity of Paphos: the best car routes

Aphrodite's Stone


Aphrodite's stone photo

One of the most popular places among travelers. Many legends and legends from year to year attract travelers. According to legend, if you find a stone in the shape of a heart here, then you will meet the love of all life, and in order to find eternal beauty and youth, you need to go around the stone of Aphrodite 3 times clockwise. It will be most convenient to rent a car and explore the surroundings on your own.

Aphrodite's Bath

Latchi, Polis, 48 ​​km north of Paphos

Aphrodite's bath photo

After you have condemned yourself to eternal beauty and youth near the stone of Aphrodite, you can go to the bathhouse. There are legends that in these reservoirs healing water. However, it is not allowed to swim or drink water here. Take the container with you and fill it with miraculous water as needed. A large number of excursion groups can spoil the impression, so it is better to come to the Aphrodite’s bath as early as possible.

Ayia Kiriaki Church

Mariou street

Ayia Kyriaki Church photo

The church was erected on the ruins of the once-existing early Christian basilica. There are also famous Frankish baths, which were public baths hundreds of years ago. But on the column of St. Paul will have to look from afar. Entrance to the church is free, but access to some facilities is limited.

Church of Panagia Theoskepasti

Panagias theoskepastis

Church of Panagia Theoskepasti photo

Having rented a car, be sure to go to the church of Panagia Theoskepasti, which is considered to be the center of Christian pilgrims. Even from the street, the temple attracts attention - an unusual, magnificent structure. Usually there are not many people here, so you can come without any fuss to pray and indulge in thought.

Fishing village of Latchi

25 km from Paphos

Fishing Village Latchi photo

At the end of your stay in Paphos, it is best to go to a fishing village. Here you can get the most out of the Cypriot atmosphere of everyday life and experience the local culture best. This place is worth a visit, because in addition to tourist routes, there are still poorly accessible destinations, by visiting which you can best understand the way of local life. The transport system is underdeveloped, so rent a car and go to meet unforgettable impressions.

Food: atmospheric restaurants, cafes and bars

Ocean basket

Avanti village

Ocean Basket photo

Ocean Basket is a fast food restaurant that will be just right for a snack or a light dinner. Here you can order both a standard sandwich and sea delicacies. Dishes are always prepared with fresh products, so you can be sure of the quality of the food. A nice bonus to your order will be a huge plate of Greek salad. Here are some of the most affordable seafood prices, which is why Ocean Basket is often visited by travelers and Cypriots.

Tsiakkas Tavern

48, Mosfilon Str. | Kissonerga

Tsiakkas Tavern photo

You should definitely visit the colorful Cypriot tavern Tsiakkas Tavern. The cozy atmosphere will help you relax and enjoy delicious food. The tavern owners are a married couple. They cook on their own, and also take care that you feel good in their establishment. The menu contains national and recipes from different countries. Here you should definitely try the national meat meze, trahanas - the national wheat soup and grilled halloumi cheese.

Alkion tavern

Ayiou Antoniou 5

Alkion Tavern photo

The Alkion Tavern has an oak atmosphere. Here, instead of regular bread, you will be offered freshly baked pita bread and served a whole plate of sauces. The portions are slightly smaller than in other establishments, but the taste of the food varies significantly. You should definitely try the fish and meat meze. It also serves cocktail drinks, which you will not find in every restaurant in Paphos.

Tyrimos Seafood Restaurant

Agapinoros 10

Tyrimos Seafood Restaurant Photo

Tyrimos is one of the most popular restaurants in Paphos: huge portions, fresh seafood for every taste, excellent wine and delicious cold snacks. The taste of fish meze, octopus stewed in wine and dorado fish will be remembered for a long time. While waiting for the order, look around and you will have a wonderful view of the port and the sea and the Cote d'Azur.

Sienna restaurant


Sienna Restaurant photo

Sienna - This is a gourmet restaurant. The interior, table top and dishes themselves - everything is done with taste. In the backyard of the restaurant there is a small garden where a wide variety of herbs are grown, which are subsequently used to dress main dishes and sauces. By the way, sauces recipes are kept in the strictest confidence. They are the find of the famous chef, who once worked in the best restaurants in London. Dinner at Sienna will be several times more expensive, but it is definitely worth it.

Where to live: cozy hotels in Paphos

Vrachia beach resort

Milouthkia Street, 10
+357 26 940950 www.vrachiaresort.com/ double room - from € 100

Vrachia Beach Resort photo

A small, cozy hotel is located on the seafront. The apartments offer amazing views of palm trees, the sea and the Cote d'Azur. Breakfast is usually served on the terrace, and if you wish, you can have lunch and dinner there. In the evening, it is especially romantic here: night lights, the sound of the surf and weightless silence. This place is perfect for a romantic or family vacation. Among other advantages, there is an outdoor pool, Wi-Fi and free parking, where you can arrange a rental car.

Anemi Hotel Apartments

Kikeronos Street
+357 26 945666 anemihotel.com/ double room - from € 92

Anemi Hotel Apartments photo

The boutique hotel is located in the heart of Paphos. It has all the amenities: a kitchenette, restaurant, fitness center and free parking. The graceful garden on site is suitable for evening walks, and the terrace is for a pleasant meal in the fresh air. While adults can play tennis or exercise in the gym, children can be in the play area. Once a week a holiday is held here: live music is played, and dances are organized. This fun action cannot be missed.

Paphos Gardens Holiday Resort

Kleious Street
+357 26 882000 www.paphosgardens.com/ double room - from € 88

Paphos Gardens Holiday Resort photo

Looking for the perfect value for money? Then by all means stay at the Paphos Gardens Holiday Resort. The cozy interior, quality service and friendly staff will make your stay unforgettable. You can not even go outside the hotel and enjoy the lush vegetation, delicious food and spa treatments. And if you still decide to go outside the hotel and enjoy the Mediterranean Sea, then you have to go only 500 meters.

Helios bay hotel

Chloraka Ave
+357 269 35 656 www.heliosbayhotel.com/ double room - from € 95

Helios Bay Hotel photo

The hotel is located in a picturesque place near the coral bay. It has everything for a comfortable stay: a kitchenette in the rooms, a balcony or a patio in the rooms, an outdoor swimming pool, a playground for children. The hotel is located 4 km from Paphos, so it is best to rent a car for more comfortable movement. The good news is that there is free parking on site at Helios Bay Hotel.

Panareti paphos resort

Poseidonos Avenue
+357 24 657006
double room - from € 110

Panareti Paphos Resort photo

The chic Panareti Paphos Resort is located on the southwest side of Paphos. Here you will have magnificent views of the sandy bay, you can lie by the pool and enjoy the scenery. Spacious rooms and high quality service will delight you. You can stop for a moment and sit in a chair with pleasure to drink a cocktail or a cup of coffee on your terrace. There is a games room for billiards fans, and a special area for children.

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