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Palermo panoramic photo

Palermo is a colorful city where the most diverse architectural styles, history and modernity are successfully combined. It was rumored that the mafia had once operated in this city, but today there is no trace of the criminal history. Tourists come to Palermo in search of beautiful landscapes, historical and cultural sites. Be prepared to go around the many palaces, churches, castles, in the architecture of which elements of the Byzantine style, Arabic, Norman are harmoniously combined. To fully enjoy the beauty of the city and get to know it better, be prepared to drive hundreds of kilometers. For comfortable movement, we advise you to rent a car.

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Car hire at Palermo Airport

Palermo International Airport ( Palermo International Airport ):
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IATA code: PMO
Location: 35 km from Palermo
Official website: http://www.gesap.it/
Information: +39 091 702 0111

The car rental service at Palermo Airport is provided by the following companies: Avis, Goldcar, Firefly, Europcar, Hertz, Budget, etc. Rental car rental desks are located in the old terminal. Parking at the airport is paid.

What to see in Palermo: interesting sights of the city

Church of La Martorana

Via Incoronazione, 1-13

Church of La Martorana photo

La Martorana Church harmoniously combines Norman and Arabic styles. It is considered the main attraction of the Sicilian capital, which, first of all, tourists come to see. In addition, the basilica is widely popular among newlyweds. Historians claim that here are some of the oldest Byzantine mosaics on the island. Each of them reveals a whole storyline. Of particular interest to tourists deserves a mosaic that tells the story of the founders of the church. Art, biblical motifs and history are closely intertwined here. Having rented a car, go first to visit the church of La Martorana.

Capuchin Catacombs

Piazza Cappuccini 1 http://www.catacombepalermo.it/

Capuchin catacombs photo

"Capuchin Catacombs" are considered the most popular museum among tourists. Once this place served as a platform for the burial of medieval nobility. Interestingly, the catacombs are very well designed. Here not a single free square centimeter is found, and the whole territory is divided into compartments. In one, for example, only children or women are buried, in the other - priests or monks, in the third - representatives of various professions. The place causes two sensations: on the one hand, fear and disgust, and on the other, delight and surprise. It is better for tourists with fine spiritual nature to refrain from visiting the gallery.

Palazzo normanni

Piazza Indipendenza, 1

Palazzo Normanni photo

Having rented a car, go to see one of the most significant sights of Palermo - the Royal Norman Palace. Once this place was the residence of the royal family, but today it houses the Parliament of Sicily. The conquerors of this land considered it their duty to bring elements of their cultures to the interior and exterior of the palace. The Palazzo Normanni organically personifies the Sicilian, Byzantine, European styles.

Teatro Massimo

Piazza Verdi http://www.teatromassimo.it/

Massimo Theater photo

The Massimo Theater is a cultural site where you can enjoy the best opera in Italy, as well as see the ingenious works of sculptors. Of particular note are the busts of prominent personalities. Such a great popularity of the theater in Palermo is due to excellent acoustics and large capacity. By the way, it was here that some scenes were shot from the film “The Godfather”.

Puppet Museum

Piazza Antonio Pasqualino, 5 http://www.museodellemarionette.it/index.php?lang=en

Museum of puppets photo

Small and large puppets, knights with armor and dolls on strings, wooden and rag - the museum's collection features more than three thousand exhibits. It is interesting that in addition to the traditional excursion, you can still watch a film about dolls, attend various master classes, seminars, lectures. These classes will help you learn puppetry techniques. For new knowledge and impressions, be sure to go to the puppet museum.

Near Palermo: the best car routes


Montreal photo

After seeing the main attractions of Palermo, rent a car to go on a trip to a small town in the southwest of Palermo. He is known for the fact that in the Middle Ages kings rested here after military exploits. In addition, since the end of the XII century, Montreal was considered the main city of the diocese. An indelible impression is made by the Cathedral. This is a Catholic church, however, on one of the walls you can see the image of the Holy Trinity, which, according to tradition, Catholicism does not recognize. Royal tombs, magnificent arches and a beautiful internal garden are also located on the territory of the basilica. Finally, be sure to walk around the local market, where you can buy inexpensive souvenirs.


Cefalu photo

The next small town that deserves the attention of tourists is Cefalu. It is located 70 km from Palermo right on the Tyrrhenian Sea. Among the main attractions of Cefalu are the Cathedral on Duomo Square, the rock of La Rocca, which literally hangs over the city, the ruins of the temple of Diana. Fans of extraordinary excursions will be able to visit the medieval laundry, which, by the way, is open to this day. Those who like to actively relax have the opportunity to take an excursion tour in the vicinity of Cefalu on ATVs or horses. To get the most memorable vacation, try yourself in water activities - kitesurfing or windsurfing. To fully enjoy the cozy town of Cefalu, it is better to stay here for a couple of days.


Soliento photo

Solunto is an ancient town located on Mount Catalhorano. It is of particular historical value, as it is an archaeological center. Here are collected the most diverse objects of the late Hellenism and Greco-Roman period. Travelers will be interested in exploring the ruins of the ancient city, including a gymnasium, antiques, theater. It offers an unforgettable view of Cape Capo Zafferano and the Tyrrhenian Sea.


Bagheria photo

Having rented a car, head east to the small town of Bagheria. It is famous for its luxurious antique villas, which were built for a rural holiday of wealthy people. Villa Palagonia, which attracts tourists with a certain mystery, is especially popular. The entrance of this building was once decorated with 600 monsters of the most unusual forms. Only 60 statues have survived to this day. It is also interesting that they were created according to the project of the owner of the villa, who had nothing to do with architecture. Rumor has it that he repeatedly turned to the dark forces and the monsters that were created according to his projects - not an artistic fiction at all.


Mondello photo

Mondello is a small resort in the vicinity of Palermo. Locals often come here for the weekend to enjoy the Cote d'Azur and the beauty of nature. Tourists are attracted by the sandy beach and the warm sea. The town is located in a picturesque place between the cliffs of Monte Pellegrino and Monte Gallo. During the day, you can actively spend time on the beach, riding on all kinds of water attractions, and in the evening - enjoy walking along the promenade, visit a cafe or bar. The choice is so large that every tourist can satisfy their gastronomic desires.

Food: atmospheric restaurants, cafes and bars

Carizzi d´amuri

Via Lungarini 21
+39 091 616 1388

Carizzi d´Amuri photo

If, in addition to delicious food, the quality of service and the interior are important to you, if you attach importance to every little thing, feel free to go to the Carizzi d´Amuri restaurant. Delicious seafood, pizza, pasta, risotto - this is a small list of dishes that you will surely be satisfied with. In addition, you will be pleased with the size of servings and the serving of dishes. The institution has a flexible work schedule, so it is better to check the established mode in advance.

Al fondaco del conte

Piazza Conte Federico 24 http://www.alfondacodelconte.it/en/#_=_

Al Fondaco del Conte photo

Al Fondaco del Conte is not easy to find. There are no hiking trails nearby and no key attractions. All the better. Here you can fully enjoy the real Sicilian cuisine, a cozy atmosphere, decent service. By the way, the prices here are reasonable, without too much cheating. Feel free to leave a rental car and allow yourself to enjoy excellently prepared fish or tagliatelle.

Gagini restaurant

Via Cassari 35/37 http://www.gaginirestaurant.com/it/#_=_

Gagini Restaurant photo

The establishment stands out from those located nearby, with an authentic atmosphere and convenient location. The Gagini Restaurant has the opportunity to sit at a table on the street, and a view of the port will be a pleasant bonus. The menu offers dishes from Italian and European cuisine. Seafood lovers will appreciate the manner of preparation and the way of serving. The owner of the institution pays attention to each visitor: someone helps to make an order, someone - serves food.

Il culinario

Via Concettina Ramondetti Fileti 24/26 http://www.ilculinario.com/#_=_

Il Culinario photo

If you would like to have a delicious dinner while being in an institution with a homely atmosphere, opt for Il Culinario. The owners of the restaurant are an Italian family. Here everyone is at work: someone prepares dishes, someone takes orders or is engaged in registration. That is why, being in an institution, creates a feeling of complete comfort and peace. It is worth trying pizza, pasta, seafood. And as a drink you can choose homemade wine. The highlight of Il Culinario is that the dishes here are not warmed up, but are prepared exclusively by order of visitors.

Il baro

Via Mario Rutelli 20 | Chiuso Lunedi http://www.ilbaro.net/#_=_

Il Baro photo

You can have a tasty and budget lunch at Il Baro Restaurant. In addition to delicious dishes, you will be imbued with a real Italian atmosphere. Here you can stay in a large company or family. The establishment is located not far from the city center, so after a stroll through the historical sights, you can go to Il Baro for delicious food and wine.

Where to live: comfortable hotels in Palermo

Grand Hotel Piazza Borsa

Via dei Cartari, 18
+39 091 320075 http://www.piazzaborsa.it/index.php/it/ double room - from € 128

Grand Hotel Piazza Borsa photo

Grand Hotel Piazza Borsa is like a real palace. During your stay at the hotel you will be able to move to the times of the XIX century and feel like a king. Superior rooms offer wonderful views of Palermo and the patio. You can have breakfast on the rooftop terrace or in the courtyard. The hotel is located in the center, near the station. Tourists on rented cars will be able to use the parking lot.


Via Mariano Stabile, 136
+39 091 251 4962 http://www.almahotel.it/# double room - from € 149


ALMA HOTEL belongs to the category of elite mini-hotels. He has a certificate of quality and participates in the EcoLeaders program. If it is important for you to be as close to the center as possible while getting decent service, choosing ALMA HOTEL will be a great solution. The owner personally takes care of the comfort of tourists, meets, helps to settle in and orient in the city. By the way, if you have an early departure scheduled, be sure that even at 6 in the morning you will be served a delicious breakfast.

Hotel ucciardhome

Via Enrico Albanese, 34
+39 091 348426 http://ucciardhomehotel.com/en/ double room - from € 95

Hotel Ucciardhome photo

The rooms at Hotel Ucciardhome are spacious and comfortable. It has everything for a comfortable stay of tourists: a restaurant, a jacuzzi, a fitness center, room service, and a kitchenette. You can have a tasty breakfast in the courtyard of the restaurant. If you plan to go to the theater or a restaurant in the evening, you can entrust the child with a competent nanny. Note for those planning to travel by rental car: Hotel Ucciardhome offers free parking.

Politeama Palace Hotel

Piazza Ruggero Settimo, 15
+39 091 322777 http://www.hotelpoliteama.com/ double room - from € 101

Politeama Palace Hotel photo

The advantage of the hotel is customer focus. A few days before arrival, the administration will contact you and specify the time of arrival. This will help to avoid unpleasant situations. No matter what time you come, you will be provided with a decent service. The rooms offer beautiful views of the old theater and the city. A pleasant bonus of being at the Politeama Palace Hotel will be a free breakfast and the possibility of accommodation with pets.

Palazzo brunaccini

Piazzetta Lucrezia Brunaccini 9
+39 091 586904 http://www.palazzobrunaccini.it/en/ double room - from € 125

Palazzo Brunaccini photo

Palazzo Brunaccini is a pretty boutique hotel located in the historic city. It is called an oasis of calm and beauty. Nearby there are many restaurants where you can taste a wide variety of dishes from local cuisine. The friendly staff will ensure your comfortable stay at the hotel. There is a parking lot for tourists, where you can leave a rented car.

Where to park a rented car in Palermo

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