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Oslo panoramic photo

Due to its location on the shores of the fjord of the same name, surrounded by wooded hills, Oslo is suitable for outdoor enthusiasts and those who want to spend several days in a cozy and relaxing environment. Oslo does not have so many unique sights, so the best option for relaxing is to spend 2-3 days in the city, and then rent a car to travel around the area and see the fjords - the main treasure of Norway.

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Car rental at Oslo Airport

Gardermoen International Airport (Oslo Gardermoen Airport) scheme

International Airport, Gardermoen ( Oslo Gardermoen Airport then ) - download scheme
IATA code: the OSL
Location: 48 km from Oslo
Official website: https://avinor.no/
Background: +47 06 400

car rental at Oslo airport FOLLOWING provide car rental companies: Avis , Budget, Sixt, Europcar and Hertz. Dispensing racks are located in the arrivals area. The airport has several parking lots located nearby the terminal. Parking can be booked on the airport website.



What to see in Oslo: interesting sights of the city


National Gallery

Universitetsgata 13 www.nasjonalmuseet.no/

National Gallery Photo

The first thing you need to see in the Oslo Gallery is Edward Munch's famous scream, The Scream, which was stolen from the museum in 1994 and returned after 3 months. Rumor has it that the picture scared the kidnappers, so they decided to get rid of it as soon as possible so as not to go completely crazy. After Munch’s works, we advise you to look at the canvases of other equally famous Norwegian artists (second floor, from the entrance to the right). In the left wing of the museum you will find the works of artists already familiar to you: Goya, Cezanne, Renoir, Monet, Matisse, Degas, Van Gogh and Picasso. Surprisingly, in the gallery there was a place for medieval Novgorod icons, which are dedicated to a separate room.

Vigeland Sculpture Park

Nobels gate 32 www.vigeland.museum.no/

Vigeland Sculpture Park photo

The most visited tourist park in Oslo, created by the sculptor Gustav Vigeland. It has collected more than 200 sculptures made of granite and bronze, depicting people in motion. All figures are created by the sculptor from solid stone. The purpose of such sculptures is to show the whole palette of human emotions and convey the complex gamut of human feelings and relationships. Giant figures look frightening, they are so realistic and fantastic at the same time. The park's most memorable work is the Monolith Plateau, which is a stone platform with a 14-meter column in the center. The column is covered with carvings depicting 121 human figures, which symbolizes the desire of a person to approach something sublime and divine.

Akershus Castle and Fortress

Akershus Slott

Castle and fortress Akershus photo

The history of Akershus Castle began at the end of the 13th century, when King Haakon V Magnusson founded the fortress castle, which became the first stone building in Norway. In 1527, the castle completely burned down during a fire and was later rebuilt in the Renaissance style and surrounded by a powerful wall. At the beginning of the 18th century, a prison was located in the fortress, and at the beginning of the last century it was turned into a museum. In one of the halls of the castle - the Olawa Hall - official receptions are currently underway. We advise you to take a walk around the castle, look at the royal apartments, and then go down to the promenade and dine in one of the fish restaurants where you can try delicious oysters.

Viking Ship Museum

Huk Aveny 35 www.khm.uio.no/

Viking Ship Museum photo

You can look at the Viking ships that have survived to this day in the museum on the Bugde Peninsula. The exposition includes three vessels of the 9th century, found during archaeological excavations on the shores of the Oslo Fjord Bay: the Tuna, Gokstad and Oseberg ships. There is also a collection of items found on ships. A small but very entertaining museum that introduces visitors to the culture and lifestyle of Scandinavian sailors.

Museum of Magic (Norsk Tryllemuseum)

Munkedamsveien 65B www.tryllemuseet.no/

Museum of Magic (Norsk Tryllemuseum) photo

You can add some magic to your life at the Museum of Magic, where on Sundays master classes in magic tricks are held, on which you will learn to masterfully control a magic wand and, who knows, you can turn water into wine. Beginner Harry Potters talk about all the intricacies of this magical craft and reveal professional secrets. You can master the art of magic for free - the entrance to the museum is free for everyone.

Near Oslo: the best car routes


Oslo Fjord

Oslo fjord photo

The Oslo Fjord extends 102 kilometers from the Danish Straits in the south and to the capital of Norway in the north. The Oslo Fjord is found in several paintings by Edward Munch, including in his famous "Scream". If you came to Oslo for a short time and you do not have time to visit other fjords in Norway, we advise you to come here to enjoy fabulous views of the Norwegian nature.


Drebak photo

If you rent a car and drive about 40 kilometers from the capital, you will find yourself in the cozy city of Drebak, located in the narrowest spot on the Oslo Fjord. Here is absolutely fabulous architecture that captivates everyone who falls on the streets of the city. Take a walk around the center of Drebak and drop by the Santa Claus post office, and then go to the port and dine at one of the fish restaurants. We advise you to come to Drebak on Saturday, when a fair opens on the main street of the city where you can buy products of local craftsmen.


Holmenkollen photo

The closest ski resort to Oslo, which can be reached with a rented car in just 20 minutes. Holmenkollen's entertainment is not limited to just skiing and snowboarding. Be sure to visit the world's oldest ski museum, opened in 1923. The museum’s collection covers the 4000-year history of this sport, among other rare exhibits you can see skis that the famous travelers Roald Amundsen and Fridtjof Nansen used in their polar expeditions. The museum has an elevator that takes tourists to the top of the famous ski jump - it offers a magnificent view of Oslo. Do not forget to bring a figurine of the Troll of Collen, a local favorite, who, according to legend, settled in Holmenkollen to protect him from evil spirits, as a keepsake.


Fredrikstad photo

A port city founded in the 16th century by the Danish King Frederick II. To protect against the invasion of the Swedes, a fortress with five bastions, which is depicted on the flag of the city, was built here in the 17th century. Due to the fact that during the Swedish-Norwegian war of 1814 the fortress was surrendered to the enemy, it is well preserved to this day. Inside the fortress is the Old Town with cobbled streets and beautiful buildings of the 18th-19th centuries. We advise you to look at the Fredrikstad Museum, where you can get acquainted with the history of the city and see valuable exhibits.


Lillehammer photo

After renting a car, go to the town of Lillehammer, located on the shores of Lake Mjösa in the Gudbrandsdalen Valley - the birthplace of Per Gynt, the hero of the eponymous poem, Henryk Ibsen. In 1994, the Winter Olympic Games were held in Lillehammer, from which there are ski jumps and tracks that still exist. Among the sights of the city, the most memorable place is the Ethnographic Open Air Museum, built in the style of a traditional Norwegian village. Near Lillehammer there are four ski centers (Hafiel, Quitfiel, Gausdal and Gala), which have one common ski-pass.

Food: atmospheric restaurants, cafes and bars


Søndre Akershus kai 34 www.solsiden.no/

Solsiden photo

Seafood on the background of the fjord - such a picture in Oslo is strictly forbidden to miss. The inexpressive design of the establishment can be explained as follows: why invent some kind of super stylish and sophisticated interior, when the window has a gorgeous view of the harbor, which no designer invention can compare with. Everything is very simple with food here: fresh vegetables are added to fish dishes or served without a side dish in order not to interrupt the main taste and aroma. Do not leave the restaurant until you try Plateau des Fruits de Mer - a huge fish plate, which contains all the most delicious seafood. And do not forget about the wine, which in Solsiden is already 250 species.


Skogveien 1 www.mares.no/

Mares photo

Grilled swordfish and tomato soup with Kamchatka crabs - this is just one version of the fabulously delicious dinner that will be offered at the Mares restaurant. It is best to come here in the evening, since the lunch menu, although cheaper, is much shorter and less interesting. The restaurant has its own shop with fish and seafood - it is very convenient if, for example, you rent apartments in Oslo and want to cook something from local products on your own.

Albertine Cafe & Bar

Stranden 3 www.albertbistro.no/

Albertine Cafe & Bar photo

The best salmon burger is served at the Albertine Café, located near the town hall, in the Aker Brygge area. Tender Norwegian salmon, cheddar cheese, mango sauce and Japanese seaweed - a recipe for a delicious burger that, like first love, is never forgotten. Albertine serves great breakfasts and lunches for a reasonable price. In the evening it’s great to come here for a glass of wine with some light snack and listen to pleasant music.

Lofthus samvirkelag

Åsengata 42 www.lofthussamvirkelag.no/

Lofthus Samvirkelag photo

In Norway, you need to eat fish - this is a fact. But constantly there is only seafood, even the freshest and most delicious, it is impossible - and this is also a fact. We advise you to alternate lobsters and king prawns with other dishes - for example, pizza, which in Scandinavia can cook no worse than in Italy. Loft Samvirkelag does not have the largest selection of pizza (about 10 types), but each of them looks like a gastronomic masterpiece. If Parma ham and parmesan is too easy for you, then try pizza with venison or salami and fennel.

Oslo Mekaniske Verksted

Tøyenbekken 34 www.oslomekaniskeverksted.no/

Oslo Mekaniske Verksted photo

A bar in the area of ​​Grörland, which locals love for their homely atmosphere. In winter, a fireplace is heated here, and then Oslo Mekaniske Verksted turns into the living room of a country house. Add to this a library with a good selection of books, board games and Wi-Fi, and get a great place to sit with your favorite book or meet friends. It is customary to come here with your own food (only drinks are sold in the bar) - in the square opposite you can buy pizza, sushi and take-out burgers.

Where to live: comfortable hotels in Oslo


Grand hotel

Karl Johans gate 31
+47 23 21 20 00 www.grand.no/en/ double room - from € 218

Grand Hotel photo

Luxurious hotel in central Oslo, 500 meters from the Royal Palace. It stops politicians, celebrities and just lovers of luxury. The design of the rooms is designed in a classic style, some rooms have balconies overlooking the main street of the city. The hotel's restaurant serves chic breakfasts: several types of red fish, venison, freshly squeezed juices, a large selection of pastries and fruits - and this is only a small part of what is served here in the morning. It offers a fitness center, a spa with a pool, a sauna and a bath, as well as paid parking. In the evening, we advise you to drop by the rooftop bar, where you can enjoy a great view of Oslo for a cocktail.

Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel

Holbergs gate 30
+47 23 29 30 00 www.radissonblu.com/en/ double room - from € 214

Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel photo

The hotel is only five minutes from the Royal Palace. Spacious and bright rooms with a minimalist design. Summit Bar on the 21st floor offers views of the fjord - perhaps the most memorable view in Oslo. Another advantage of the hotel is the large free fitness center. Parking is available nearby in case you want to rent a car.

Comfort Hotel Grand Central

Jernbanetorget 1
+47 22 98 28 00 www.nordicchoicehotels.no/ double room - from € 173

Comfort Hotel Grand Central photo

Nice hotel near the central train station. Cozy rooms with interesting decor and views of the fjord and Oslo Opera House. The hotel has a small grocery store - a big plus for lovers of night snacks. By the way, if you travel by rented car, then in just a couple of minutes you can drive from here to the Akershus fortress.

Carlton Oslo Guldsmeden

Parkveien 78
+47 23 27 40 00 www.guldsmedenhotels.com/ double room - from € 160

Carlton Oslo Guldsmeden photo

Small eco-friendly hotel in the city center in the style of a Scandinavian country house. White walls, shabby wooden floors, rugs with ethnic patterns, light wood furniture and a large four-poster bed - it feels like living in a house somewhere in the thicket of the forest, and not in the center of the city. The price includes a delicious breakfast made with farm products.

My City Home Hotel & Apartments

Kirkegata 30
+47 22 42 11 50 http://en.directrooms.com/hotels/ double room - from € 160

My City Home Hotel & Apartments photo

My City Home is located in a 19th-century building near Oslo's main street, Karl Johan Street. Simple but elegant interiors in soft pastel colors. Nearby are the main attractions of the city and many cozy restaurants, cafes and bars. Paid parking is available near the hotel, where you can leave your rental car.

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