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Odessa photo

Odessa is a resort and cultural city of Ukraine. It is impossible to describe it in one word: it consists of a thousand jokes, colorful characters, unusual architecture and beautiful courtyards overgrown with ivy. The real decoration of Odessa is the palaces. The Novikov Palace, Count Tolstoy, the Vorontsov and Shah Palace are vivid examples of the architecture of the city of different times. No less significant sights - Odessa Opera House, Potemkin Stairs, Catacombs of Odessa. In between cultural education, it is worth looking into a restaurant and tasting local delicacies. For the first - certainly borsch, for the second and dessert - “tsimes”, “meze”, “forshmak”. In search of souvenirs you can stroll through the City Park, Bunin Street and Deribasovskaya.

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Car rental at Odessa Airport

Odessa International Airport ( Odessa International Airport )
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IATA code: ODS
Location: 7 km from Odessa
Official website: www.odessa.aero
Information: +380 482 393 025

The following companies provide car rental services at Odessa Airport: Budget, Europcar, VRC Car rental, Sixt, United International Car Rentals, Rental, Narscars. Rental car rental desks are located in the arrivals area. Near the airport there are two parking zones. In zone No. 1, parking is free of charge.

What to see in Odessa: interesting sights of the city

Opera theatre

Per. Tchaikovsky, 1 www.opera.odessa.ua

Opera House photo

One of the most striking and memorable sights of the city is the opera house, built in Odessa at the end of the 19th century. It is considered an outstanding architectural monument of Eastern Europe, on the famous stage of which were Isadora Duncan, Chaliapin, Rimsky-Korsakov, Tchaikovsky. The auditorium has a horseshoe shape, which provides unique acoustics. Armchairs upholstered in red velvet, stucco ornaments with thin gilding, sculptures, domes - all this makes an indelible impression. Looking around, you should raise your head up and hold your eyes on each of the 16 scenes from Shakespeare's works. To get to the theater, you should rent a car.


Deribasovskaya photo

Deribasovskaya is one of the main places in the city, which every tourist should definitely get to. This is one of the most famous streets of Europe, the heart of Odessa. At any time of the day or night, life here is in full swing. Each tourist will definitely have his own reason to fall in love with Deribasovskaya street: someone will appreciate the beauty of architecture and a certain weightlessness, while others will have fun in one of the shopping centers or delicious restaurants.

Vorontsov Palace

Per. Vorontsovsky, 2

Vorontsov Palace photo

Walking along Primorsky Boulevard, take the time to explore the Vorontsov Palace. Built at the beginning of the 19th century, the building is still considered an example of a successful combination of taste and luxury. Once upon a time, magnificent balls were held in this place, but today there is a palace of pioneers. The colonnade is considered equally popular, from where picturesque views of the bay, the arena and the Oryol building open.

Transfiguration Cathedral

Pl. Cathedral, 3

Transfiguration Cathedral photo

Having rented a car, go look at the largest Orthodox church, the construction of which began at the end of the 18th century. A lot of events have happened since then. Immediately after construction, the cathedral shone with luxury. Rare icons, copper crosses, an altar made of pure silver - all this had the opportunity to admire more than 12,000 parishioners. With the advent of the Bolsheviks, the temple was looted and destroyed. The current Transfiguration Cathedral is an exact copy of the ancient church. Architects and icon painters managed to restore everything to the smallest detail, including the iconostasis.

Museum of Western and Eastern Art

St. Pushkinskaya, 9

Museum of Western and Eastern Art Photo

The Museum of Western and Eastern Art is considered one of the best in its direction in Ukraine. The first thing that visitors see when they go inside is a grand staircase carved from Carrara marble. In the halls of the museum are exhibits of antique, eastern, western European art. Of greatest interest are European porcelain of the 18th century, works by Caravaggio, Halsa, Strozzi, paintings and ceramics from Tibet, India, and China.

In the vicinity of Odessa: the best automobile routes

Odessa catacombs

Odessa catacombs photo

Odessa catacombs are one of the most mysterious sights, the exact origin of which has not yet been established. Some experts, on the one hand, adhere to the point of view that the catacombs appeared as a result of the extraction of “seashell” in the 18th century. On the other hand, it is reliably known that in ancient times “catacombs” were called underground labyrinths in which Christian communities hid from the persecution of the Roman authorities. Be that as it may, Odessa catacombs are known throughout. Their length reaches 3,000 kilometers, and this is an order of magnitude greater than the length of the Roman or Paris catacombs. Underground labyrinths are one of the most complicated in the world, the temperature here is kept at around +14 all year round, the depth in some places reaches 100 meters. During research in the catacombs, the remains of an antelope, hyena, camel, mastodon. In addition, passages open access to some caves. Despite decades of research, the full plan map of the underground labyrinths has not yet been recreated.

Church of St. Nicholas

Church of St. Nicholas photo

Every year the village of Kulevcha gains more and more popularity. And all thanks to the church of St. Nicholas, where truly incredible things happen. A few years ago after the Sunday service, an icon depicting the saints Love, Faith, Hope, and their mother Sophia began to myrrh. Then the believers came and smeared their forehead with a wonderful liquid. According to eyewitnesses, a bit later, a similar thing happened with the Golgotha ​​Cross, the Caspian icon of the Virgin. The miraculous Icon of the Savior restores diseased organs, removes tumors, and near the Kazan icon of the Mother of God on dried stems sprouts appear from time to time from which flowers cut. Incredible stories are evidenced by a book in which miracles are written. To date, about 400 entries have already been recorded.


Vilkovo photo

In the Danube Delta (about 200 kilometers from Odessa) is the town of Vilkovo, also known as the “Ukrainian Venice”. The old part of the city is floating on the water, and the movement takes place along the canals in local motor boats and gondolas. The main attraction here is the Old Believer Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Arriving in Vilkovo, it is worth ordering an excursion by local transport and listening to amazing stories of local residents.

Belgorod-Dniester fortress

Belgorod-Dniester Fortress photo

Appearing in the VI century BC, the city of Belgorod-Dniester is considered one of the oldest in Europe and Ukraine. Of particular interest to tourists is a medieval fortress located directly on the banks of the Dniester estuary. It belongs to the Genoese period of the XIII-XIV centuries, the length of the walls is 2 kilometers, the height reaches 15 meters. For some time, the construction belonged to Turkey, a preserved minaret testifies to this. The fortress is not only a popular attraction, but also actively used as a cultural platform, where championships and festivals are regularly held.


Shabo photo

Having rented a car, go to the Shabo Cultural and Wine Center, which has been successfully operating since 2009. During the tour, you will be able to visit a high-tech enterprise and see how the production process goes, then go down to the ancient wine cellars and learn about the features of storing drinks. The Museum of Wine and Winemaking is also famous for its exhibits of modern sculptural and architectural art. The tour ends in the tasting room, where guests are invited to try different sorts of wines and acquire their favorite tastes.

Food: atmospheric restaurants, cafes and bars


St. Sadovaya, 19 benedikt24.com.ua

Benedict photo

Fans of early breakfasts should visit the Benedict Café. Immediately impresses with the bright interior with original details and cozy tables. As a light snack, you can order eggs in the form of scrambled eggs, glazes, poached and fresh, if you want to eat hearty, you should try mushroom cream soup, hot bread, croissant, cappuccino. The portions are consistently large and the service quick. The restaurant has panoramic windows, which means you can romantically sit by the window and watch the life of the city.


St. Bunina, 15 bernardazzi.com

Bernardazzi photo

Restaurant "Bernardazzi" offers its guests exquisite dishes of French cuisine, Italian. In the warmer months, it will be especially pleasant to sit on a summer terrace under an umbrella and enjoy the invisible charm of the city. Hot dishes, salads, rolls, desserts are beyond praise. You can stop by for a family dinner or a romantic dinner. Live music is played in the evenings, and a spacious playroom is available for children.


French, 85/3 www.dacha.com.ua

Cottage photo

The highlight of the Dacha restaurant is Ukrainian cuisine and an extensive vegetarian menu. When you rent a car, go and try signature pepper with feta cheese, a salad with mozzarella, chicken and tomatoes, a duck baked with apples. There is a large assortment of dishes, so there is something special for both the child and the adult who fasts. Competent staff will quickly serve you and easily cheer you up, for example by reading poetry.

Steakhouse Meat and Wine

St. Deribasovskaya, 20 steak.od.ua

Steakhouse.Meat and Wine photo

Walking along Deribasovskaya, look at the restaurant “Steakhouse. Meat and Wine. ” In addition to specialties and drinks, it is worth trying the village salad and the cream creme brulee dessert. The staff is always friendly and polite, and the service is fast. At the end of the meal, a cook comes out with a full tray of meat and offers to taste local delicacies. The restaurant is popular, so in the evening it is better to book a table.

Buffalo 99

St. Rishelievskaya, 7 buffalo99.com.ua

Buffalo 99 photos

For a fun evening out, head to the Buffalo 99 Bar. It impresses with a stylish interior to match American trends and pleasant music in the background. It is worth trying a salad with prosciutto, pepercon steak, pasta, sandwich. In addition, taste some signature sauces. In addition to delicious food, it is worth noting the attentiveness and friendliness of the staff. By the way, discounts apply to online orders.

Where to live: comfortable hotels in Odessa

Boutique hotel Frederic Koklen

Per. Nekrasova, 7
+380 48 737 5553 www.koklenhotel.com double room - from € 63

Boutique hotel Frederic Koklen photo

For a romantic vacation in Odessa, Boutique hotel Frederic Koklen is suitable. The apartments have a stylish design and original details that create homeliness. The restaurant serves a wide range of dishes with a beautiful presentation for breakfast. From the windows you can see a beautiful terrace with a lawn and flowering plants. The Vorontsov Palace, Potemkin Stairs, Deribasovskaya can be reached in a few minutes. Free parking is available for tourists on rental cars. Couples with children can use the babysitting service.


Per. Tchaikovsky, 10
+380 48 705 3636 www.hotel-duke.com double room - from € 56

Duke photo

Duke is a small hotel with luxurious rooms, first-class service and a convenient location. A delicious restaurant, spa, fitness center, swimming pool - everything is equipped here for a comfortable stay for city guests. The rooms are small, with every detail blending seamlessly into the interior. Good sound insulation and a comfortable bed will guarantee a sound sleep. For any help and any question you can contact the hotel staff, who will kindly agree to help.


St. Assumption, 95
+380 48 784 0898 www.london-hotel.com.ua double room - from € 53

London photo

Hotel London is suitable for both business trips and family trips. Nearby are the main attractions, restaurants, cafes, park. Breakfast includes a variety of dishes for children, quail eggs, mozzarella and pesto, desserts. Signature snacks and champagne will also be a pleasant surprise. The staff is as responsible as possible in the performance of their duties and tries to please every guest.


St. Deribasovskaya, 13
+380 482 356 800 www.frapolli-hotel.com double room - from € 49

Frapolli Photo

The main advantage of the Frapolli Hotel is that it is located right on the legendary Deribasovskaya Street. The staff warmly welcomes each guest, helping to conveniently settle down. The hotel’s cozy interior and spacious rooms immediately impress. For a business trip, a work area with a computer is equipped, for those who plan to cook on their own - a small kitchen. Tourists who plan to rent a car can use the free parking.


St. Bunina, 19
+380 48 728 9777 ayvazovsky.com.ua double room - from € 59

Aivazovsky photo

Aivazovsky Hotel is a great option for a reasonable price. It is located in the center, the main attractions are within walking distance, a shuttle is organized to the Arcadia beach. The rooms are spacious and equipped with everything necessary for every guest to feel comfortable. It makes a good impression not only a stylish interior, but also first-class service. You can have breakfast in the hotel's restaurant or in 5 partner institutions to choose from.

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