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Norway photo

Traveling in Norway is first of all an acquaintance with its nature. Fjords, waterfalls, dense forests and picturesque valleys - you will not find such beauty anywhere in the world, such enchanting views can only be seen here. A trip to the Norwegian fjords will be unforgettable if you rent a car and choose a route that runs through charming villages and small towns, where locals cherish their traditions and lead an original lifestyle.

Popular cities:

  • Oslo
  • Bergen
  • Stavanger
  • Tromso
  • Trondheim

Holidays in Norway


Hardanger Fjord

Hardanger fjord photo

The fjord is surrounded by rocky mountains, from which magnificent waterfalls fall, the most famous of them is Wöhringssossen waterfall (height 145 m). The fjord is known for its orchards that bloom in spring. You can get to the Hardanger Fjord from Bergen by rental car.

Geiranger Fjord

Geiranger fjord photo

Waterfalls, steep cliffs up to 1,400 meters in height and abandoned farms that can be reached on rope ladders - all this you will see when you are on the Geiranger Fjord. At the foot of the village is Geiranger, where you can visit the Museum of the Fjords, telling the history of this unique area.

Luce fjord

Luce fjord photo

Driving in a rented car along the scenic Rüfülkkevegen road, you will find yourself at the Lucefjord. The main attraction is the huge Prekestulen Cliff (height 604 m) with an area of ​​25 by 25 meters. We especially recommend this place to those who are climbing and want to conquer another peak.

Rules of the road, parking, toll roads

Toll roads

There are about 45 toll roads in Norway. Entry to the center of some cities is also paid: Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, Namsus, Berum, Kristiansand and Tonsberg.

Special Pay Roads

Svinesund Bridge (704 m long) - a bridge passing over the Idde fjord of Swinesund Bay on the border of Sweden and Norway. It is part of the E6 Gothenburg - Oslo road. The bridge has two lanes in each direction.

Speed ​​mode

  • In the village - 50 km / h
  • Outside the village - 80 km / h
  • On the motorway - 100 km / h


The maximum allowable level of alcohol in the blood is 0.2 ‰ .


On weekdays, parking on the city streets is paid. The system of automated parking is widespread: you park the car, buy a parking ticket and put it under the windshield. There are also underground parking and garages (P-hus), which are paid at the exit.

Emergency and referral services

  • Single phone number for police, ambulance, fire service - 112
  • Roadside assistance - 222-320-85, 810-005-05

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