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Nizhny Novgorod panoramic photo

Nizhny Novgorod is one of the few cities that keeps the memory of merchant Russia. Khokhloma painting was born here, bone products and lace weaving were very popular. Walking along the old streets, you will stumble upon houses built in the distant 19th century, sculptures and the places where Maxim Gorky spent his childhood. Photographers and artists especially like to come to Nizhny Novgorod - the landscapes preserved here are completely unique and picturesque. When traveling in a rented car, be sure to visit the Switzerland Park, climb to the observation deck and go to one of the many churches.

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Car rental at the airport of Nizhny Novgorod

International Airport "Strigino" ( Strigino International, Airport then )
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IATA code: GOJ
Location: 18 km from Nizhny Novgorod
Official website: http://www.airportnn.ru/
Information: 8 (800) 100-03-33

The following companies provide car rental at the airport of Nizhny Novgorod: Europcar, Avis. Rental car rental desks are located in the new MANN terminal on the 1st floor. There are also 4 parking zones near the airport: free, short-term paid, long-term paid, VIP. The first 15 minutes in the short-term paid parking area are free.

What to see in Nizhny Novgorod: interesting sights of the city

Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin

Pl. Minin and Pozharsky

Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin photo

The Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin was erected at the beginning of the 16th century. Once he defended the locals from the raids of the Tatars, then officials moved here. Today, the main registry office, arbitration court, philharmonic society, prosecutor's office, art museum, several cafes are located on the territory of the Kremlin. They say that the library of Ivan the Terrible is kept in the Kremlin’s casemates. However, it is not possible to start the search: the complexity of the terrain and the proximity of the waters can violate the basis of the structure. After viewing the existing expositions and exhibitions, you can stroll along the avenue of love, lay flowers at the eternal flame and visit the philharmonic.

Annunciation monastery

Per. Mill, 8

Annunciation monastery photo

Having rented a car, go to the Annunciation Monastery, which is located in a picturesque location on the banks of the Oka. It is made in the pseudo-Russian style, which was characteristic of northeastern architecture. There was a period when the monastery was empty, later a planetarium was set up here. Only at the end of the 20th century the activity of the monastery was resumed. The monastery can be visited alone or with a guided tour, during which they will tell you the history of the ancient iconostasis, tell the features of fresco paintings, and take them to the bell tower. On Easter and Bright Week you will be allowed to ring the bells.

Museum of entertaining sciences “Quarks”

Kazan highway, 12, building. 1 http://kvarky.ru/

Museum of entertaining sciences “Quarks” photo

If you came to Nizhny Novgorod with children, then the Quarks Museum of Entertaining Sciences is a place that is definitely worth a visit. The museum is divided into zones. In the blue zone, the discoveries of the Medieval period are represented, in the red - the era of the New Age. In the green zone you can see the inventions of the last century. Scientific shows are regularly held here, during which it will turn out to become a lightning tamer, inflate huge air bubbles, and experience the most unexpected ways to use liquid nitrogen. By the way, children's birthdays are often held here. The action is remembered for a long time by kids.

Nizhny Novgorod Exotarium

St. Bolshaya Pskovskaya, 18 (House of Culture named after Y. M. Sverdlov) http://terraria-nn.ru/

Nizhny Novgorod Exotarium photo

The Nizhny Novgorod Exotarium is a completely unique place where the most incredible mammals from all over the planet are collected. This exhibition complex is considered the most visited in Nizhny Novgorod. The most prominent representatives in the exotarium are eared hedgehogs, tarantulas, rare species of owls and falcons, marsupial flying squirrels, amphibians and dozens of other fish, birds, mammals and invertebrates. You can visit the exposition on your own or with a guided tour.

Nizhny Novgorod cableway

Nab. Kazan, 8a

Nizhny Novgorod cableway photo

If you are tired of long walks in the sights, take a cable car for a rental car. You can embark on a short trip with a guide who will tell you what to pay attention to and devote you to interesting historical events that once had a place to be. From the booth you will see a picturesque view of the Rybinsk reservoir, pine forest and the city.

In the vicinity of Nizhny Novgorod: the best car routes


Semenov photo

Semenov is unusually rich in forests. From the 17th century, fugitive artisans, skilled craftsmen who were engaged in wood carving, began to settle here. Over time, the city began to be considered a center for the artistic processing of wood. The attention of tourists is attracted by the museum of Khokhloma painting, which presents thousands of exhibits: furniture, dolls, painted dishes. After seeing the old exhibits, go to the factory of Russian Khokhloma CJSC. For those who wish, excursions are held here, during which you can see how dolls are cut out, trays, vases, plates are painted. It produces souvenirs that can be purchased in a shop near the factory. By the way, if you are interested in the process, the craftswomen can arrange a master class. After a tour of the museum, take a ride around the city, inspect ancient merchant houses and visit the Old Believer church.


Gorodets photo

Gorodets is a small provincial town in the Nizhny Novgorod region. His dawn came in the XII-XIV centuries. Then the city was a major economic and political center in Russia. Today, here is the famous museum of samovars, long earthen ramparts, artsy houses with elegant wood carvings. Particularly noteworthy is the Makaryevsky Monastery, located on the banks of the Volga. The complex dates back to the middle of the 15th century. Soon after its foundation, the monastery was destroyed by the Tatars, and its restoration took almost two centuries. Today the temple is operational: the walls and buildings are completely restored, services are conducted here. Locals claim that it is better to look at the Makaryevsky monastery from the ship. Then you can fully appreciate the greatness of this pearl.

Green City

Green City photo

Rent a car and go to the resort village "Green City". In the XIII century, this territory was the border of Russian lands. Today, it is considered a natural monument and is protected by the state. It is better to come here for a few days to stay in one of the sanatoriums or boarding houses, drink mineral water and improve your health. Here you will be offered many procedures for the treatment and prevention of diseases of the nervous and cardiovascular system.

Kerzhensky reserve

Kerzhensky reserve photo

If you want to escape from the bustle of the city and be in nature, go to Kerzhensky Reserve. It is a UNESCO biosphere reserve. Walking around the reserve, you can enjoy picturesque wetlands, which occupy about 47 thousand hectares, see birds of the southern taiga and animal populations for a whole day. If you plan to stay here for a long time, you can take something for a snack and have a picnic, of course, if the weather allows.


Kazakovo photo

Kazakovo is an old Russian town that was once called the “sovereign plowed village”. Now it is considered the center of artistic metal processing using filigree technique. Using this technique, a local factory produces vases, bowls, baskets, candy cans, jewelry. In addition to production, the attention of tourists deserves the Russian Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, built in the middle of the XIX century. The believer considers it a great luck to get to serve in the temple, which, among other things, is considered an architectural monument.

Food: atmospheric restaurants, cafes and bars

English Embassy

St. Zvezdinka, 12 http://www.pir.nnov.ru/englishpub

English Embassy photo

For a delicious breakfast, head to the English Embassy restaurant. The interior of the establishment is striking. A spiral staircase, massive stained-wood furniture, watches from the English boulevard and English porcelain are the main elements of the decor. On the ground floor there are tables in the common room, on the second there is a children's room and VIP rooms for private communication. Here you should try roast beef, grilled steak, Irish shepherd's pie with lamb, apple strudel. The design and presentation of dishes is made in the traditional English style with the author's elements of the chef. Leave your rental car in the parking lot and plunge into the world of fashionable culinary trends.


St. Bolshaya Pokrovskaya, 46 http://www.biblioteca-nn.ru/

Photo library

In the cafe “Library” you will find spiritual and secular food. Try Marinara pasta, spelled dishes, salads on wheat cakes. The main advantages of the establishment are a relaxed atmosphere and affordable prices. While waiting for your order in a cafe, you can read the book you are interested in. The collection of the institution has many books of various genres. Here you will find not only classics, but also modern literature by foreign and domestic authors.


St. Rozhdestvenskaya, 25 http://www.pir.nnov.ru/pyatkin/

Pyatkin photo

Walking along the historic Rozhdestvenskaya street, go to the Pyatkin restaurant for lunch. Once this building was the estate of a local merchant, over time, a restaurant was opened here. The interior contains elements of that time: vaulted ceilings, large windows, arched vaults, hand-painted. In every element of the decor, the spirit of the XIX-XX centuries has been preserved. The menu features classic Russian cuisine. To pickle, chicken paste on toasts and apple strulets "Boyarsky", you can order a tincture of your own preparation.

Music library

St. Bolshaya Pokrovskaya, 46 http://fonoteca-nn.ru/

Music Library Photo

To spend an unforgettable evening, rent a car and go to the music cafe “Fonoteka”. Events are regularly held here, you can follow events on the institution’s website. In “Fonoteka” you can enjoy live jazz music, try Japanese, Chinese dishes and enjoy selected varieties of tea from around the world. The institution works until late in the evening, so you can leisurely spend time in a pleasant company.


St. Bolshaya Pokrovskaya, 2 http://gustosoup.ru/


If you can not imagine your day without a bowl of soup, then you should visit Gusto Soup. At quite affordable prices you can try cream soup with porcini mushrooms, thick borsch with beef, chowder with red fish, noodle soup with chicken and mushrooms. The term for the implementation of each dish is no more than 4 hours, which means that any dish will be freshly prepared. Interesting fact: A serving of soup at Gusto Soup can replace a traditional multi-course dinner.

Where to live: comfortable hotels in Nizhny Novgorod

Courtyard Nizhny Novgorod City Center

St. Ilyinskaya 46
8 (831) 200-99-00 http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/gojcy-courtyard-nizhny-novgorod-city-center/ double room - from € 62

Courtyard Nizhny Novgorod City Center photo

Courtyard Nizhny Novgorod City Center is located in a house that once belonged to a merchant. The atmosphere of past centuries is organically combined with a modern interior. This is a historic place, so staying here is a double pleasure. The choice of tourists is provided with family and romantic rooms. At the Courtyard Hotel you can visit the fitness room, use the banquet room, conference room, dry cleaning.

Hampton by Hilton Nizhny Novgorod

St. Maxim Gorky, 252
8 (831) 422-31-50 http://hamptoninn3.hilton.com/en/hotels/russian-federation/hampton-by-hilton-nizhny-novgorod-GOJNNHX/index.html double room - from € 56

Hampton by Hilton Nizhny Novgorod photo

Hampton by Hilton Nizhny Novgorod has the advantage of being conveniently located. The Kremlin and the Embankment are a 10-minute walk away. If you plan to travel by rental car, you can use the parking lot. It doesn’t matter if you come for business or to see the sights of the city, at the Hampton Hotel you will be cozy and comfortable. A nice bonus for those involved in sports: here you will have the opportunity to go to the gym and not miss workouts, even while away.

Business Hotel Nicole

Sormovskoe highway, 15A building.1
8 (831) 220-07-00 http://www.hotel-nikol.ru/ double room - from € 62

Business Hotel “Nicole” photo

Business Hotel "Nicole" is located near the entertainment center and railway station. The rooms are spacious and functional. A minibar is included in the price, while breakfast deserves special attention. In the morning you will be offered not only a standard menu (cereals, cheesecakes, sandwiches, scrambled eggs), but also excellently prepared fish and meat, original desserts. The staff is extremely attentive to each guest, so be sure that any of your questions will be quickly resolved.

Grand Hotel "Oka"

Gagarina Ave., 27
8 (800) 100-04-77 http://www.hoteloka.ru/content/show/47/607/ double room - from € 60

Grand Hotel “Oka” photo

If in matters of comfort you are not ready to make any concessions, opt for the Grand Hotel Oka. At your disposal will be room service, fitness center, pool, spa, restaurant. Sports fans can watch games at the bar. The hotel rooms are spacious and bright, some have balconies with panoramic views. If you want to have fun, without leaving the hotel, go to bowling, billiards or karaoke. You have a lot of fun.

Hotel Nikitin

St. Strelka, 13
8 (831) 265-22-65 http://nikitin-hotel.ru/ double room - from € 56

Hotel "Nikitin" photo

The Nikitin Hotel is an excellent option for short and long-term accommodation in Nizhny Novgorod. There are all amenities: freshly renovated, spacious apartments, water in the cooler. Especially cozy and romantic in the room, which is located under the roof. The hotel administrator will help to form a tourist route and advise places that are definitely worth a visit. If you arrive before the due date, you will be immediately accommodated in the apartment.

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