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Moscow panoramic photo

Moscow is one of those cities that you can explore and discover for yourself all your life and never solve it to the end. At any time of the year, even in the coldest winter, there are tourists in Moscow walking in the labyrinths of streets with a thick guide in their hands and wondering how Moscow is unlike other cities in the world. If you want to get the most out of your trip, we advise you to rent a car and go on a trip to the outskirts of Moscow, where you can find the estates of Russian writers, unique temples, and quiet villages.

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Car rental at Moscow airport

Sheremetyevo International Airport (Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport) schemeSheremetyevo International Airport ( Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport ) - download the scheme
IATA code: SVO
Location: 28 km northwest of Moscow
Official website: www.svo.aero
Information: +7 (495) 232 65 65

Such world leaders provide a car rental service at the airport rentals like Hertz, Sixt, Avis, Europcar and Rentmotors - the company’s offices are located in Terminal D on the ground floor in the arrivals area. You can also contact a representative of Splash, whose office is located on the third floor of the Aeroexpress terminal. There are several short and long-term parking lots open at the airport, where payment starts at 15 rubles per hour.

Domodedovo International Airport (Moscow Domodedovo Airport) schemeDomodedovo International Airport ( Moscow Domodedovo Airport then ) - download scheme
IATA code: the DME
Location: 40 km south of the center of Moscow
Official website: www.domodedovo.ru
Reference: +7 (495) 933 66 66

Rent a car at the airport Domodedovo you can have car rental companies Avis, Hertz, Europcar, Rentmotors and Sixt - you will find company offices on the ground floor of the airport in the arrivals hall of international airlines. Short-term and long-term parking lots with a total capacity of more than 5,000 spaces are located at the airport. Rates vary depending on the distance from the passenger terminal. The initial price for an hour of parking is 50 rubles.

Vnukovo International Airport (Moscow Vnukovo Airport) schemeVnukovo International Airport ( Moscow Vnukovo Airport ) - download the scheme
IATA code: VKO
Location: 11 km from the Moscow Ring Road
Official website: www.vnukovo.ru
Information: +7 (495) 937 55 55

You can find representatives of such rental cars at Vnukovo Airport companies like Europcar, Hertz, Avis and Sixt. Their offices are located on the second floor of Terminal A. There are two multi-storey car parks on the square adjacent to the airport, the price for which starts at 100 rubles for 30 minutes. Short-term and long-term parking lots also work with a tariff of 150 rubles per hour of parking.


What to see in Moscow: interesting sights of the city


the Moscow Kremlin


Moscow Kremlin photo

The main attraction of the capital, with which begins the walk of any tourist who first appears in Moscow. The Kremlin is the oldest part of the city, throughout its history it has been the center of the socio-political and cultural life of Moscow. On the territory of the Kremlin are famous architectural structures and museums that can really be bypassed in one day. Be sure to visit the Armory, where, for example, you can see the famous Monomakh hat and the coronation dress of Catherine II. Near the northeast wall of the Kremlin is located Red Square - the heart of the capital, one of the favorite places for Muscovites and tourists. The St. Basil’s Church located here is considered a symbol of Russia and the most famous monument of Russian architecture.

Museum-Reserve "Kolomenskoye"

39 Andropov Avenue www.mgomz.ru/kolomenskoe

Kolomenskoe photo

Kolomenskoye is a former imperial residence, a village near Moscow, which, according to legend, was founded by residents of the city of Kolomna, who fled from Batu. The heyday of Kolomensky is associated with the reign of Alexei Mikhailovich, at his direction a wooden palace with 270 rooms was built here in 1667-1668. In 2010, the royal palace was restored according to the layout of the original building, and purely outwardly it is practically no different from the original palace of the 17th century. There are many ancient architectural monuments in Kolomenskoye: the Church of the Ascension of the Lord, the Church of the Beheading of the Head of St. John the Baptist, the Kazan Church, the Vodovzvodnaya Tower, the Rich Courtyard and many others. Walking around the reserve, you will feel the magic of this historical place and feel the connection of times.

State Tretyakov Gallery

Lavrushinsky Lane, 10 www.tretyakovgallery.ru

State Tretyakov Gallery photo

A sea of ​​aesthetic pleasure - this is how you can briefly describe this famous art museum, which has one of the largest collections of Russian fine art in the world. Here you can see a unique collection of Russian icons of the XI-XVII centuries and get acquainted with the work of such great artists as Ivan Repin, Ivan Shishkin, Alexei Savrasov, Nikolai Roerich, Kazemir Malevich - this is only a small part of the artists whose works make up the Tretyakov gallery. If you do not like guided tours, but want to familiarize yourself with the collection, then we advise you to take an audio guide. Those who are interested in Russian art of the XX century, we recommend visiting the building of the Tretyakov Gallery on Krymsky Val.

Theater "Contemporary"

Chistoprudny Boulevard, d. 19 www.sovremennik.ru

Theater "Contemporary" photo

Founded in 1956, during the thaw and exposure of the Stalin cult, Sovremennik was the first theater created by a free creative association of young actors. The theater was founded by Oleg Efremov, Galina Volchek, Igor Kvasha, Oleg Tabakov, Evgeny Evstigneev and Victor Sergachev, later other graduates of the Moscow Art Theater School joined them. They managed to return to the stage a simple person in which the viewer would recognize himself. The desire of the young theater to “speak with the contemporaries in the language of modernity” was joyfully accepted by the public, and soon “Sovremennik” became the favorite place of Muscovites. And now the theater is still very popular among Moscow viewers, so we advise you to buy tickets in advance to get to the selected performance. We recommend going to the "Hidden Perspective" by Eugene Arie, the legendary Five Evenings, directed by Alexander Ogarev and on Three Comrades by Galina Volchek. We assure you that you will fall in love with Sovremennik, where the very bewitching theatrical atmosphere is still alive.

Museum of Soviet slot machines

st. Kuznetsky Most, d.12 www.15kop.ru

Museum of Soviet slot machines photo

A great museum for those who want to remember their childhood. Here is a unique collection of slot machines manufactured in the USSR since the 1970s: “Highway”, “Towns”, “Safari”, “Air Battle”, and, of course, the famous machine with sparkling water. The machines operate on 15 kopek coins, which can be bought at the museum. Here you can also find an analog photo booth and take a retro photo for memory. The museum regularly hosts concerts, lectures and screenings of old films in the original language.

In the vicinity of Moscow: the best automobile routes


Manor Arkhangelsk

Manor Arkhangelsk photo

Just 5 kilometers from Moscow is the Arkhangelskoye estate - a palace and park ensemble of the 18th-19th centuries, which, without exaggeration, can be called Versailles near Moscow. At various times, Arkhangelsk belonged to the princes Odoevsky, Golitsyn and Yusupov. Russian emperors and such prominent figures of Russian culture as A. S. Pushkin, P. A. Vyazemsky, A. I. Herzen, I. F. Stravinsky and many others came here. Ilyinskoye Highway divides the territory of the estate into two parts: on one there is a palace with an adjacent park, which is decorated with statues of the monarchs who visited the estate, and on the other - Apollon's Grove and the unique theater of the Italian architect Pietro di Gonzaga, where some of the original scenery has been preserved. Not far from Arkhangelsk is the Museum of Technology of Vadim Zadorozhny, representing a wonderful collection of vintage cars and motorcycles.


Peredelkino photo

Having rented a car, go to the writer town of Peredelkino, founded in 1934 at the request of Maxim Gorky. He convinced Stalin that writers needed to be provided with cottages, wherever they rested from the city rush and created their works. For several years, more than 50 wooden summer houses were built here, which were provided free of charge to writers for an unlimited period. The first to settle in Peredelkina were Isaac Babel, Ilya Erenburg, Boris Pasternak (there is a museum in his house on Pavlenko Street), Ilya Ilf, Evgeny Petrov and others. This is a quiet and relaxing place where you can come for a whole day to stroll along the writer's dachas, wander through the dense forest, and then relax on the terrace of the restaurant “Children of the Sun”, located in the Writers' Creative House. We also advise you to look into the house-museum of Bulat Okudzhava,


Dubrovitsy photo

The village of Dubrovitsy is known for its baroque church of the Sign of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which does not look at all like a classic Orthodox church. It was founded in 1690 at the direction of Prince Boris Golitsyn, the educator of the young Peter I. Dutch, Swedish, Polish and German masters participated in the construction of the temple, among them was Italian Dominico Trezzini, who later became the first architect of St. Petersburg. Due to the appearance of the temple, which traced the bias to Catholicism, local priests refused to light the building. Golitsyn solved this problem very simply: he invited Peter I and the Moscow Metropolitan Stefan Yavorsky to consecrate, with them the priests, of course, could not express their displeasure. The temple rises on a hill and stands out against the background of neighboring buildings with its unique architecture for the Russian tradition. It is best to come here on a rented car on weekdays, when there is not a soul around and you can enjoy the beauty of this unusual place in silence.

House-Museum of A.P. Chekhov in Melikhovo

House-Museum of A.P. Chekhov in Melikhovo photo

Chekhov lived in Melikhovo for seven years, from 1892 to 1899, and during this time he wrote 42 works, including the plays “Uncle Vanya” and “The Seagull”, short stories and novels “Ward No. 6”, “The Man in the Case”, “The House with a mezzanine "," Gooseberry "," About Love "and others. After Chekhov left for Yalta in 1899, the estate was sold and forgotten for some time, until in 1940 a museum dedicated to the writer opened in Melikhovo. Of the buildings of the Chekhov era, an outbuilding has been preserved here, where the famous Seagull was created. The main house of the estate was rebuilt almost from scratch and furnished in the same way as it was during the writer's life. Walking around the picturesque territory of the estate, pay attention to the small wicker sheds: they still have old tarantulas and sledges, which Chekhov liked to ride around. The estate has the Chekhov Studio Theater, The basis of the repertoire is, of course, performances based on the works of Chekhov. Terraces and rooms of the main house are used as a stage - this gives the productions an even greater connection with the personality of the writer. Performances take place every Saturday, so we advise you to plan a train to Melikhovo on this particular day of the week.


Konstantinovo photo

On the picturesque bank of the village of Konstantinovo there is a museum-reserve of the poet Sergei Yesenin, who in his poems with great love and tenderness described the native land. It’s worth starting a walk in the museum with a small wooden house where the Yesenin family lived, now there is a museum of the poet. After this cozy house, go to the Kazan Church - Yesenin was baptized here, and then go to the Zemstvo school, where the good caretakers allow you to sit at the desk that the poet studied at. We also recommend that you look into the estate of Lydia Kashina, the prototype of the main character of the poem "Anna Snegina". If you want to see what real Russian open spaces look like, then you definitely need to come to Konstantinovo and plunge into the life and atmosphere of the beginning of the 20th century for several hours. It’s quite difficult to get to the village by public transport,

Food: atmospheric restaurants, cafes and bars



st. 1905, d. 2 www.shinok.ru

Shinok photo

Shinok is one of those restaurants where you come to a long dinner with more than one meal change and leave, already imagining how you will return here very soon. After the global reconstruction, the famous Ukrainian restaurant began to play in a new way: the massive and rude interior in the spirit of Gogol's “Evenings on a Farm ...” was replaced by a stylish and bright loft with many simple but interesting details. Instead of heavy wooden chairs - soft chairs and sofas upholstered in bright fabrics; large windows and chandeliers in the form of bottles from under the vodka fill the space with soft and warm light. The most important part of the interior is the glass atrium, which imitates the Ukrainian village courtyard, in which gold and diamond pheasants, peacocks, Yashka rabbit and Gavryusha goby coexist. Order Ukrainian borsch and assorted five types of fat, and if you still have strength,

Fani Kabani

st. Malaya Dmitrovka, 5/9 cabany.ru

Fani Kabani photo

Where else in Moscow will you see a mini-pig running around the restaurant and beg for food from visitors? Fani Alekseevich is a boar mascot of a cozy grill bar with a nice decor and delicious food for reasonable money. Spacious room with several rooms, open kitchen, conservatory and two terraces. The walls are decorated with wood panels with the words “Save water!” Drink beer! ” and Dolce Cabany, the bar counter is decorated in bright colors, and on the waiters - butterflies carved from wood. We advise you to try the signature tartare steak, and for dessert take a carrot cake.

Boston seafood & bar

st. Lesnaya, d. 7, BC "White Gardens" www.boston-restaurant.ru

Boston Seafood & Bar photo

If you are still far from relaxing on the coast, and the soul so requires the sea and fresh seafood, then you should definitely visit the restaurant Boston Seafood & Bar. The menu includes shrimps from around the world (Scandinavian, New Orleans, Singapore, Kamchatka); you can order baked crab, half lobster or pike caviar. Seafood is served fried, boiled, baked and raw, fish is salted and smoked in a large open kitchen. The restaurant did not forget about lovers of poultry and vegetables: on the menu you will also find curry with chicken, bruschetta with tomatoes and juicy asparagus. Almost all the tables are occupied on Friday and Saturday, so we advise you to reserve seats in advance so as not to queue at the entrance.

Sisters café

st. Pokrovka, 6 www.cafesisters.com

Sisters café photo

Sisters café is like running into friends, chatting for a long time, watching movies and leaving after midnight, and returning again the next evening, because the cozy atmosphere of this place is very attractive. The cafe occupies a small room with a window over the wall and vintage-style furniture, an old piano in the corner, and shabby classics and vinyl records can be found on bookshelves. In the evening, live music is played here, which makes the Sisters café an ideal place for a late dinner. Be sure to order baked eggplant and beef with brandy, green pepper and cream.


st. Malaya Bronnaya, d. 20, p. 1

Ess-Thetik photo

If you have ever been to Austria, then remember the burningly sharp and juicy taste of ruddy sausages that go perfectly with beer. Remembered? Then do not deny yourself a gastronomic trip to Vienna (a visa is not needed, just come to Malaya Bronnaya) and be sure to check out Ess-Thetik, where visitors are fed with real Austrian sausages. You can choose any of the six sausages that will be served in the form of a hot dog or grilled, laid out in a semicircle on a wooden plate, add pickles, ketchup, horseradish and other sauces to your taste. Such a dish looks not only appetizing, but also very stylish, just like from the pages of Jamie Oliver's culinary magazine. As for drinks, Ess-Thetik makes interesting vegetable and fruit juices, pours beer, and coffee is served in the best Viennese traditions - with a glass of water and a small portion of chocolate mousse. The cafe is small, with a long bar counter, a brown sofa against the wall and a built-in bookcase, white walls are decorated with black and white photographs. Ess-Thetik is European-style cozy and Austrian-style.

Where to live: comfortable hotels in Moscow


Four Seasons Hotel Moscow

st. Okhotny Ryad, d. 2
+7 (499) 277 71 00 http://www.fourseasons.com/en/moscow double room - from RUB 31 500

Four Seasons Hotel Moscow photo

Five-star hotel in the very center of Moscow - from the windows of the rooms you can see Red Square, which can be reached in less than one minute. The rooms are stylishly decorated in soft gray and beige tones. Each room has a Nespresso coffee machine and a range of cosmetic accessories from Roberto Cavalli. The hotel has a 24-hour fitness center and a large indoor pool. We advise you to stop by the Russian restaurant Bystro, as well as the Moskovsky bar, where they prepare the famous Moscow Mule cocktail (vodka, ginger, lime, honey and bread kvass) and serve it in an engraved copper mug.

Lotte Hotel Moscow

Novinsky Boulevard, 8, bldg. 2
+7 (495) 745 10 00 www.lottehotel.com/moscow/ru double room - from RUB 27 000

Lotte Hotel Moscow photo

An hour by car rental - and you will get from any Moscow airport to this modern hotel, offering guests a luxurious and comfortable stay in comfortable rooms. The rooms are equipped with a special touch panel, with which you can not only adjust the lighting and temperature, but also find out the weather forecast or contact the hotel staff. At the disposal of guests is a beauty salon that provides its services directly in your room; a spa center where you can make a relaxing massage, and then go to the hammam; gym and 20-meter indoor pool. From May to October, the hotel has a summer terrace with a magnificent view of the center of Moscow. Free underground parking is available for hotel guests.

Boutique hotel de paris

st. Bolshaya Bronnaya, d. 23, bld. 3
+7 (495) 777 00 52 www.hotel-deparis.ru double room - from RUB 6 300

Boutique Hotel De Paris photo

The hotel is located a five-minute walk from Tverskaya Metro Station, close to the city’s main attractions. The interior of the rooms is made in the Provencal style in bright colors and using floral ornaments in the decor. Buffet breakfast, fresh newspapers and Wi-Fi are included. Guests at the hotel are served sweet tea daily at 5 p.m. For a fee, you can pick up tours in Moscow. If you are traveling in a rented car, you can leave it in the free parking lot at the hotel.

Hotel Kebur Palace

st. Ostozhenka, d. 32
+7 (495) 733 90 70 www.keburpalace.ru double room - from RUB 5 990

Hotel Kebur Palace photo

A pleasant hotel in the historical center of Moscow, nearby attractions: Moscow House of Photography, Cathedral of Christ the Savior and Pushkin Museum. The rooms overlook a quiet street with an old mansion. The price includes breakfast, use of the pool and sauna. Every evening, piano music is played in the lobby of the hotel, which can be enjoyed sitting in a soft leather chair and sipping delicious coffee. Be sure to go to the neighboring restaurant "Tiflis Yard", which serves Georgian cuisine - the khachapuri here are simple and magnificent.

People Loft Tverskaya

11/6 Staropimenovsky Lane, building 1
+7 (495) 363 45 81 www.loft.hotel-people.ru double room - from RUB 3 300

People Loft Tverskaya photo

Minimalistic hotel located in an old building of the 17th century near the metro station Mayakovskaya. The highlight of the rooms is the dormer windows, which perfectly complement the interior of the rooms designed in brownish tones. In the lobby of the hotel there is a shared kitchen equipped with a fridge, microwave, electric kettle and dishes. There is also a washing machine in the kitchen. If you are looking for a cheap hotel in the center of Moscow with good living conditions, then People Loft Tverskaya is the best option for you.

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