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Mineral water photo

The healing properties of water from healing springs were known in antiquity, which contributed to the emergence of resorts in areas particularly rich in such sources. With the development of examinations, scientific evidence has appeared of a high content of nutrients in mineral waters. Resorts of the Caucasian Mineral Vody are famous for drinking treatment and bathing in sanatoriums. The city of Mineralnye Vody is the center of this region, since it is in it that the international airport is located, but you still have to drive to the sources by car. Taken car rental opens the way to any sanatorium, source and city of the treatment region.

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Car rental at Mineralnye Vody Airport

Mineralnye Vody International Airport ( Mineralnye Vody International Airport) )

IATA code: MRV
Location: 4 km from the city
Official website: mvairport.ru
Information: 8-800-333-0321

The following companies provide car rental at Mineralnye Vody Airport: RusRentaCar, Urentcar, etc. Rental car rental desks are located in the arrival hall. There are several parking areas near the airport, including free parking.

What to see in Mineralnye Vody: interesting sights of the city

There were never any springs in the city of Mineralnye Vody, but there are plenty of them in neighboring cities, which can be easily reached by renting a car. Nevertheless, the city of Mineralnye Vody - not just a transit point, mountain air, beautiful views and local attractions - is a good reason to linger for a while.

Train Station

Railway Station Square, 1

Railway station photo

One of the main historical attractions of the city is the station building, founded in 1875, from which the development of the city and tourism in the region began. Nowadays, the Mineralnye Vody Railway Station receives trains from all major cities in central Russia and connects them with the North Caucasus region. The majestic building, built in the Baroque style, can not leave indifferent a lover of history and architecture. In the center of the colonnade is a statue of a mountain eagle, the proud symbol of the Caucasus. It is believed that in this case, the eagle also symbolizes the mineral waters that defeat the disease - the snake at the base of the monument.

Cathedral of the Protection of the Holy Virgin

Pyatigorskaya St., 35

Cathedral of the Protection of the Holy Virgin photo

The construction of this temple lasted almost 5 years, starting in 1922. In Soviet times, the cathedral was demolished and a monument to Stalin took its place. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, at the first opportunity, the temple was restored, becoming one of the main shrines of the region. Now it is a whole architectural complex of red bricks, in which there is also a belfry, attracting 8 bells with a melodious ringing.

Memorial “Fire of Eternal Glory”

Square “30th Anniversary of Victory”

Memorial “Fire of Eternal Glory” photo

The large-scale memorial complex in Mineralnye Vody was erected on May 9, 1976 in memory of those killed during World War II. The complex consists of huge pillars connected by bas-reliefs telling about the War. A huge bowl is set inside, filled with pieces of granite, reminiscent of the courage and unshakable firmness of warriors. In the middle of this bowl and the entire memorial is a star, from which the Fire of Eternal Glory burns to the locals who died for their homeland. The monument is surrounded by a beautiful park, with neat avenues and lawns.

Mount Snake

Mount Snake photo

The name of the local natural attraction - Snake Mountain was given by numerous winding ravines on its slopes, which from afar resembled teeming snakes. Now there are no such ravines anymore - they were replaced by an abundance of quarries and adits engaged in mining. From the top of the mountain, a kilometer high, a beautiful view opens, and the path upwards passes through the forest, represented by 60 species of trees. From the station of Mineralnye Vody to the mountain - only 4.5 km, which are easy to overcome by renting a car from rental companies.

In the vicinity of Mineralnye Vody: the best car routes

Tersky stud farm

Pos. Novotersky

Tersky stud farm photo

Founded by Count Stroganov, the Tersky stud farm is still one of the best in Russia and recognized abroad. The first horses were purchased in the East, and by 1901 the plant could boast of hundreds of purebred Arabian horses. During World War II, the plant was moved, but after the end of the war he returned to his original place. The horses from the Terek plant are famous all over the world and successfully participate in Russian and international competitions. Guests are invited to explore the territory with the preserved house of the count and go on an equestrian ride on an elite breed horse.


Essentuki photo

Essentuki mineral water is bottled and is actively sold throughout Russia. If you want to visit 27 sources of this city, treating the gastrointestinal tract and liver along with improving your metabolism, you will need a car rental and less than an hour's journey to the city. Essentuki sanatoriums are open all year round and welcome visitors of all ages, including children from 5 years old. Essentuki is the cultural center of the resort and recreation region with beautiful buildings of the 19th century and the Guest Theater, where F.I. Chaliapin, K.S. Stanislavsky and A. Durov. Picturesque park areas and chic fountains make the city an ideal place for pleasant walks. When visiting the city, it is impossible to miss the pompous building of the Alekseevskaya mud baths, protected by the state.


Kislovodsk photo

Located high in the mountains, the resort town of Kislovodsk does not lose its popularity, thanks to the clean mountain and coniferous air. Here in 1901, German doctors introduced a new treatment for people with a weak heart - walking on special routes among natural landscapes. Kislovodsk also has a third of all resorts in the Mineral Waters region and 39 resorts. The main narzan baths are a must-see - not only due to their therapeutic effect, but also for the sake of the beauty of the building in oriental style. For lovers of swimming in the open air, about two lakes are equipped with beaches with comfortable sun loungers, cafes and boat stations.


Pyatigorsk photo

The capital of the North Caucasus region Pyatigorsk is located at an altitude of 680 m at the base of Mount Mashuk. Here they treat both the mineral waters and muds of Lake Tambukan, characteristic of the area, and radon - in a hospital recognized as the most significant in Europe. One of the attractions of Pyatigorsk is the underground failure with a blue lake from sulfur springs. Between the procedures, you can walk along the picturesque paths in the forest on the slope of Mount Mashuk - everything is equipped here for pleasant walks, and graceful arbors have been built for relaxation.


Zheleznovodsk photo

The resort town of Zheleznovodsk is miniature compared to its neighbors in the lowland, occupying only a small section of the slope of Zheleznaya Mountain. Due to its small size and beautiful nature, the city is one of the three cleanest in Russia, inviting guests to take a walk in a unique forest. The city is equally remarkable for its nature and architectural and historical monuments, such as the Palace of the Bukhara Emir, the Pushkin Gallery, the Cascade Stairs and the singing fountain.

Food: atmospheric restaurants, cafes and bars


Prospect 22 Party Congress, 8a holburg.keer.su

Holburg photo

The building in the form of a medieval castle is both a popular restaurant and a local attraction. Restaurant “Holburg” offers guests to be in an authentic throne room at a massive dark wood table surrounded by tapestries to the sound of quiet music. Hearty dishes and pleasant service are additional reasons to visit this place repeatedly.


St. International, 58 evrazia2007.narod.ru

Sansara photo

Another thematic place to visit during lunch or dinner is the Sansara cafe. The menu consists of Caucasian and Eastern dishes. The latter looks more harmonious here, because the architecture and interior of the cafe are made in Asian style. And the main feature of this beautiful place is a small pond, which you can admire while sitting on the open veranda and wrapping yourself in a plaid, carefully provided by the staff. Do not forget to try local cocktails and a variety of desserts.


St. Lenin, 26 http://vk.com/club54675913

Times photo

Cozy and almost home cafe “Times” is suitable for a family dinner with hearty dishes and a children's menu during the day and for evening gatherings with friends having conversations for cocktails in the evening. In the daytime, children are entertained by animators, and a local chef teaches them how to cook and bake cookies. Adults can sit on soft sofas in a room with a fireplace and dim lighting.

New Baku

St. Trading, 2 https://www.instagram.com/cafe_noviy_baku/

New Baku photo

You can and should try the Caucasian cuisine and feel the whole flavor of the Caucasus in the restaurant “New Baku”. He is loved by both locals, who distinguish the cook’s skills, and visitors who are ready to return to his next trips. Be sure to opt for one of the types of meat on the grill - here it exceeds expectations. If you are not limited to the rental car on which you arrived, drink it with local wine. However, you can always leave a rented car at the hotel and come by taxi. The culture of the Caucasus will be introduced to you by friendly staff and folk singers. In summer, you can sit on the street at the fountain.

Cafe Roma Pizza

St. Sovetskaya, 66a roma-pizza.rf

Cafe Roma pizza photo

Network cafe, presented in several cities of the Mineral Vody region. Inexpensive classic Italian dishes, grilled meat and burgers can be tasted in the hall, stylized as a picturesque summer courtyard, while children spend time in the playroom. Here you can also have breakfast with homemade pancakes, cottage cheese pancakes and fried eggs and order any dishes from the menu with home delivery.

Where to live: cozy hotels of Mineralnye Vody


St. Moskovskaya, 12a
8 (879) 227-65-25 www.eurohotel-kmv.ru double room - from € 21

EuroHotel photo

For those who are looking for a budget option for accommodation in the city of Mineralnye Vody, they will like EuroHotel. The hotel is located in a quiet location some distance from the center, but it can be easily reached by rental car, which can be left in a guarded parking lot in the hotel courtyard. The hotel is combined with a restaurant, the design of which invited designers did a great job. Attendants will take care to show the full breadth of oriental hospitality. Grilled dishes can be ordered to your room.

City and Business Hotel

St. 22 Party Congress, 3
8 (988) 629-77-36 www.cityhotel-kmv.ru double room - from € 38

City and Business Hotel photo

The three-star City and Business Hotel is located just a few steps from one of the main attractions of the city - the Railway Station. The modern hotel provides guests with everything necessary for a comfortable stay and business meetings. A free Wi-Fi connection is available throughout the hotel. The price includes breakfast.

The clouds

St. Zheleznovodskaya, 50
8 (962) 00-99-777 oblaka777.ru double room - from € 45

Clouds photo

The hotel is located on the outskirts of the city on the road to Pyatigorsk and 3 km from the airport, where on the ground floor you can use the services of rental car desks. Arriving in a rented car, you can leave it in a free parking lot and spend a wonderful evening in the hotel restaurant and sauna. There is also a bar where you can enjoy a cocktail. The recently renovated rooms have bathtubs and showers, bathrobes and slippers are provided for all guests.


Ave. 22 Party Congress, 64
8 (800) 707-55-86
double room - from € 47

Hotel Versailles photo

In the city center of Mineralnye Vody, the modern four-star Versailles Hotel is located with beautiful rooms in lilac colors. Some rooms are equipped with armchairs and a table with the ability to relax in the evening and drink tea after sightseeing. Daily housekeeping is provided. The service staff is ready to do everything to make your stay in a pleasant and comfortable environment.

Where to park a rented car in Mineralnye Vody

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