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Lviv photo

Founded in the middle of the XIII century, for several centuries Lviv was the capital of the Principality of Galicia. Despite numerous events, it was possible to maintain that atmosphere of history and romance. Traveling by rental car, you should definitely visit the main places that tourists love Lviv so much: Opera House, Market Square, Greek Catholic Cathedral of St. Jura, Dominican Cathedral. To truly feel the atmosphere, you can ride through the bright places of the surroundings. Local establishments saturated with color are no less popular. Confectionery “Tsukernya”, restaurant-brewery “Kumpel”, restaurants “Puzata Hata” and “Krivka” are some of the most delicious and unforgettable places where you can have a hearty meal with friends or family.

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Car rental at Lviv Airport

International airport "Lviv" named Daniel Galitsky ( Danylo Halytskyi International, Airport then ) - download scheme

IATA code: LWO
Location: 6 km from Lviv
Official website: lwo.aero
Information: +380 3222 98112

The following car rental companies operate at the Lviv airport: Ukr-Prokat, Budget, United International Car, Europcar, Avis, BLS, Rental.ua, Enterprise, Sixt. Car rental desks are located in the arrivals hall. There is a parking lot near the airport where the first 15 minutes of parking are free.

What to see in Lviv: interesting sights of the city

Archcathedral of St. George

Pl. St. Jura, 5 sobor-svyura.lviv.ua

Archcathedral of St. George photo

For more than 7 centuries, the look of local residents and guests of the city has been pleasing to the majestic ensemble of the Arch-Cathedral of St. George. It was built on the site of a wooden church, which at that time had already received parishioners for more than 4 centuries. Near the temple, a bell tower with the oldest bell in Ukraine and the chamber were rebuilt. The exterior of the shrine is a prime example of the Baroque style. The interior organically combines the most seemingly incompatible styles: Rococo, Classicism, Baroque. Famous artists took part in the design, and if you look closely, you can notice the handwriting of each of the creators.

Palace of Counts Potocki

St. Copernicus, 15

Palace of Counts Potocki photo

Rent a car and go see the pearl of Lviv architecture - the palace of Counts Potocki. The three-story building is made in the traditional style of French classicism. It was built to receive important guests, which is why it is replete with rich details in the interior. The rooms are generously decorated with stucco, marble, and gilding. There is a chapel in the palace, famous for the miraculous icon of the Lviv Mother of God. Legends still circulate about the incredible things that happened to believers asking for help.

Armenian Cathedral

St. Armenian, 7-13

Armenian Cathedral photo

One of the main shrines of the city is the Armenian Cathedral, famous for its courtyard, in which the famous Soviet film “D'Artagnan and the Three Musketeers” was shot. It is interesting that the Armenian diaspora settled on the territory of Lviv in the XIV century. Around that period, the temple was built, over time it was completed and reconstructed. The architecture of the cathedral simultaneously combines Armenian, Gothic, Old Russian styles.

Lychakiv cemetery

St. Mechnikova, 33 lviv-lychakiv.ukrain.travel

Lychakiv cemetery photo

Of particular value to Lviv is the Lychakiv Cemetery, founded at the end of the 18th century. It is often called the "classic museum." Notable and wealthy people, as well as writers and composers (Igor Bilozir, Stepan Tudor, Ivan Franko, Stanislav Lyudkevich) are buried here. In their honor, magnificent monuments were erected, over which famous sculptors and architects worked for more than a year, in particular, Grigory Kuznevich, Leonardo Marconi, Abel Perrier.

High Castle Park

On the slopes of the Castle (Princes) mountains

High Castle Park photo

For the most beautiful views of Lviv, renting a car, go to the High Castle Park. The name is due to the fact that once a castle was really rebuilt here to protect against enemies, today only ruins remain from it. The walk begins with a cozy chestnut alley, rising higher, you can already see the television tower and television center. From the observation deck you can see the city, in the palm of your hand with its unique architecture and invisible charm.

In the vicinity of Lviv: the best automobile routes


Jovkva photo

The first mention of Zhovkva dates back to the middle of the XIV century. The most significant figure is considered to be the Polish hetman Stanislav Zholkevsky (the city was named after him), who soon after the construction of the first houses decided to create an “ideal city”, about which ancient philosophers dreamed. With his light hand, a castle was built with the “Menagerie” garden, which once served as the residence of Jan III Sobieski, a market square with trading houses and arcade galleries. The Church of St. Lawrence was also famous, where prominent figures of the Polish state were buried, in particular, the hetman Stanislav Zholkevsky himself. Despite the fact that the city was badly damaged during the Second World War, a lot of effort was made to restore its former beauty.

Zolochevsky castle

Zolochevsky castle photo

The first mention of the Zolochevsky castle, which is part of the “Golden Horseshoe” of Lviv region, dates back to the first half of the 16th century. Built in the shape of a rectangular citadel, it is distinguished by the presence of earthen ramparts along the perimeter and four bastions. Walking through the territory, you can see the Chinese Palace, a two-story palace. The first is considered a miracle of engineering and construction: here for the first time in Poland sewer and heating systems were implemented. Until the 18th century, Zolochevsky Castle was used as a defensive complex, and with the advent of Austrian, Polish, Soviet authorities - as a prison. During the last restoration, carried out several decades ago, stones with mysterious Gothic inscriptions dating back to the 15th century were found here. According to historians, the find is associated with the activities of the Knights Templar in this territory.

Olesky castle

Olesky castle photo

Olesky Castle is considered one of the oldest in the territory of Lviv region and is included in the Golden Horseshoe route. Over its long history of existence, it has survived numerous attacks by the Tatars, an earthquake, and fires. In the middle of the last century, large-scale work began to restore the former grandeur of the attraction. Today, a wonderful exposition with works of art of the 16th – 19th centuries is presented within the walls of the castle. During the tour, you will be able to see a collection of voluminous wooden sculptures, icons, take a walk in a picturesque park. It will be more convenient to get to the castle by rental car.

Unevskaya Lavra

Unevskaya Lavra photo

In the village of the same name in the Lviv region is the oldest monastery in Ukraine - Unevskaya Lavra. According to archival documents, the Greek Catholic Church was an integral element of the spiritual center of Galicia. At first, the attraction was the possession of the princes Gediminovich, later - Lagodovsky. There was a period when the shrine served as the residence of Metropolitan Mikhail Levitsky. Metropolitan Andrei Sheptytsky thoroughly engaged in the revival of the laurel with its immediate functions and transferred it to the monks a century ago. Today, believers have the opportunity to visit a holy place and bow before the main shrine of the temple - the Unev miraculous icon of the Virgin.

Svirzhsky castle

Svirzhsky castle photo

Finishing a trip to the main castles and shrines of Lviv region, it is worth visiting a unique monument of defense architecture - Svirzhsky castle. It was assumed that due to its favorable location (it is surrounded by impassable swamps and lakes), it will “perfectly” perform its functions. Expectations did not come true: the castle was taken by Cossack troops, Tatar, but still managed to withstand the massive Turkish siege. Today, the attraction is partially restored and is on lease. In addition to the castle itself, tourists have the opportunity to explore the church, which since the 15th century served as the main shrine.

Food: atmospheric restaurants, cafes and bars

Restaurant Bachevskikh

St. Shevskaya, 8 kumpelgroup.com

Restauration Bachevsky photo

Rent a car and head to Bachevsky Restaurant for breakfast. The first words that come to mind when you go inside are atmospheric and colorful. A glass ceiling, a lot of light, bright and warm colors in the interior - all this creates a certain lightness and comfort. It is worth trying foie gras, cold cuts, pies, lard, mincemeat. As a drink - coffee or branded liquors. The highlight of the place is a spectacular presentation. Salads with steaming dressing, a waiter's hand instead of a tray - all this will make a lasting impression.


Shevchenko ave. , 21 veronica.ua

Confectionery Veronica photo

Incorrigible sweet tooth should look into the confectionery-restaurant "Veronika". Summer cake, macaroons, croissants, Danish buns, charlotte - everything you order will be delicious. The institution also has an extensive menu that allows you to fully get enough. Slightly subdued light, dark tones in the interior create a romantic atmosphere: sitting with a cup of coffee and a delicious cake, I want to hold on to the moment and keep it in my memory for a long time.

First Grill Meat and Justice Restaurant

St. Valova, 20 www.fest.lviv.ua

The first grill restaurant Meat and Justice photo

For a hearty meat dinner and for an unforgettable experience, take a look at the “First Grill Restaurant of Meat and Justice”. This is an incredibly atmospheric place with an executioner, hemp instead of chairs, a unique taste of smoky meat and hearty snacks. Gourmets will surely appreciate a mix of different barbecue, hunting sausages, grilled vegetables, craft beer. The institution is very popular, so most likely it will be necessary to wait until the table is empty.

Teahouse Samarkand

St. Pekarskaya, 48 (entrance from the street. Tershakovtsev) chaykhana-samarkand.jimdo.com

Teahouse Samarkand photo

Teahouse Samarkand - a colorful institution with Uzbek and Asian cuisine. A stylish interior with authentic details, pleasant music have a leisurely meal. When renting a car, do not deny yourself the pleasure to try a gentle pilaf, a rich lagman and juicy samsa. The staff is extremely attentive to each guest and tries to quickly serve. The institution is suitable for gatherings with friends in between excursions, and for a romantic dinner.

House of Legends

St. Staroevreyskaya, 48 www.fest.lviv.ua

House of Legends photo

One of the most unforgettable and romantic places you can visit is the House of Legends. Each floor of the restaurant has its own history and different cuisine. The main highlight is the rooftop tables, which offer wonderful views of Lviv. Guests are met by restaurant staff, tells a certain legend and offers to visit two secret places. Waiting for the order, it seems that you can endlessly consider the original sculptures and interior details, enjoying the special surroundings.

Where to live: comfortable hotels in Lviv

Citadel Inn Hotel & Resort

Grabovsky Prospect , 11
+380 322 957 777 citadel-inn.com.ua double room - from € 128

Citadel Inn Hotel & Resort photo

Citadel Inn Hotel & Resort is a luxury hotel with first-class service. The interior in the rooms - to match the old castles. From the windows you can see picturesque panoramas of the city. Competent staff responds quickly to requests and helps resolve misunderstandings. The restaurant offers a wide range of dishes that will satisfy any gastronomic preferences. But the main highlight is the pianist's game during the meal. After a busy day, it will be especially pleasant to take a walk in the hotel park or relax in the spa treatments.

Chopin hotel

Pl. Malanyuka, 7
+380 322 611 020 www.chopinhotel.com.ua double room - from € 96

Chopin Hotel photo

For a romantic getaway in Lviv, Chopin Hotel is located on a quiet street in the center. Rooms with classic interiors feature a large bathroom, good soundproofing and crystal clearness. The restaurant offers delicious dishes for every taste. The hotel provides a shuttle service, banquet facilities, conference facilities. Tourists using rental cars can use the free parking.

Swiss hotel

St. Prince Roman, 20
+380 322 403 777 swiss-hotel.lviv.ua double room - from € 76

Swiss Hotel photo

Are you looking for a comfortable accommodation at a reasonable price? Choose your own Swiss Hotel. It has all the attributes of a first-class hotel: high quality service (the doorman kindly meets and helps carry things), daily cleaning, spacious apartments and an assortment of bathroom accessories. Original furnishings create a homely atmosphere. Family rooms are equipped for couples with children, and a conference room for business travelers.

Rudolfo Hotel

St. Virmenska, 4
+380 322 368 000 rudolfo.com.ua double room - from € 55

Rudolfo Hotel photo

Rudolfo Hotel is located right next to the Market Square, the Opera and the market, where you can buy souvenirs. The hotel has everything to feel comfortable even to the most demanding tourist: spacious apartments with beautiful views and a large terrace, friendly staff. Variety of breakfasts will please not the least of the rest: slices, vegetable, fruit salads, pancakes, omelets, desserts. Guests can choose from standard rooms, family rooms, luxury apartments.

Taurus Hotel & SPA

Pl. Prince Svyatoslav, 5
+380 322 554 451 hotel-taurus.com/ua/ double room - from € 38

Taurus Hotel & SPA photo

If you plan to rent a car and are looking for a budget accommodation option, opt for Taurus Hotel & SPA. The rooms are spacious and equipped with everything necessary to feel comfortable. In the mornings, a hearty and varied breakfast is served, which can be fully satiated. In case of misunderstanding, you can safely contact the hotel staff for help.

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