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Ljubljana panoramic photo

Ljubljana is a miniature and elegant city in which you do not feel the pressure and tension of the capital. Here you can relax and have a great time walking along the streets and boulevards, taking pictures on beautiful bridges and enjoying the leisurely rhythm of this charming city. Of course, it is difficult to judge the whole of Slovenia in one capital, so if you want to get acquainted with the culture and history of the country, we recommend that you spend 2-3 days in Ljubljana, and then go on a trip to the surroundings, where many pleasant places to stay are hidden. Those who appreciate traveling comfort and are looking for a convenient way to travel around the country, we recommend using a car rental service - this way you can not only get rid of the extra hassle associated with transport, but also immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Slovenia.


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Car rental at Ljubljana Airport

Joze Puchik Airport International Airport SchemeInternational Airport named after Jože Puchika ( Joze Puchik Airport then ) - download scheme
IATA code: LJU
Location: 19 km from Ljubljana's
official website: www.lju-airport.si/sl/Main
Reference: +386 420 61 981

car rental service at the airport in Ljubljana The following companies provide: Hertz, Budget, Europcar, Avis, Atet rent a car, Dollar & Thrifty Car Rental, Avant Car, Enterprise, ABC Rent a car, Agio and Sixt. Rental car rental desks are located on the territory of a multi-storey car park. There is also an open parking lot near the airport, where the first 15 minutes of parking are free.



What to see in Ljubljana: interesting sights of the city


Ljubljana castle

Grajska planota 1

Ljubljana castle photo

Ljubljana Castle or Ljubljana Castle is one of the main attractions of the capital, towering on a hill, from which a beautiful panorama of the city opens. The castle arose in the XII century on the site of the ruins of Illyrian, Celtic and ancient Roman buildings. At various times, it belonged to the dynasties of the Spanheim and the Habsburgs, who modified the castle and used it for different purposes. Ljubljana Castle managed to visit the military barracks, and the hospital, and the prison, and the place where the local poor lived. Now here is a museum dedicated to the history of the city. The castle regularly hosts concerts, theater performances and festivals. Do not forget to linger on the observation deck: the opening view asks for the frame.

St. Nicholas Cathedral

Dolničarjeva ulica 1

St. Nicholas Cathedral photo

The Cathedral of the XVIII century, made in the Baroque style. Outwardly, it is quite unremarkable, but inside it looks very impressive. The decoration is made of pink marble, gold stucco molding, a picturesque dome with images of the Virgin Mary, and on the walls are frescoes based on stories of the stories about the life of Nicholas the Wonderworker. Before entering the cathedral, pay attention to the entrance doors: they are decorated with paintings telling about events from the history of Slovenia.

National Gallery

Prešernova cesta 24 www.ng-slo.si/si/

National Gallery Photo

You can get acquainted with the fine arts of Slovenia at the National Gallery, which presents the largest collection of paintings in the country. The collection spans 400 years - from the sixteenth century to the present. The gallery space is divided into several large halls, each of which is dedicated to one of the areas in painting, which is very convenient if you do not want to wander around the museum, but are looking for some specific picture.

Tivoli Park

Tivoli Park photo

Not far from the National Gallery lies the largest park in Ljubljana - Tivoli Park. It appeared in 1813 and got its name after the residence of the Casino Society was located here in the middle of the century and an amusement park with a bar and cafe was opened. It is great to come here in warm weather to wander along the quiet picturesque alleys, look into the Museum of Modern History of Slovakia (it is open in the Tsekin mansion), and then have a picnic in some secluded corner of the park.

Franciscan Church of the Annunciation

Prešernov trg 4

Franciscan Church of the Annunciation photo

This baroque church is hard to miss: painted in a muted red color, it stands out against the background of neighboring buildings with its grace. The church was built in the middle of the XVII century by Augustinian monks, but then passed to the Franciscans, who changed its external and internal decoration. The main decoration of the church is the majestic altar of the XVIII century, created by the sculptor Francesco Robb. Also worth noting are the frescoes created in the 19th century by Mateusz Langus.

In the vicinity of Ljubljana: the best car routes



Shkofya-Loka photo

"City in nature" - this is the name of this town with a thousand-year history, located just 25 kilometers from Ljubljana. The highlight of Shkofya-Loki is in its architecture, which has not changed over time. Low houses painted in pastel colors, red tiles, massive doors with patterns, everywhere open windows and flowers on window sills - Shkofya-Loka resembles a toy city surrounded by picturesque hills and dense trees, as if protecting it from noise and fuss. The city has a couple of attractions, such as: Zhupnisk church with a black marble altar, Nunsky church and museum of local lore. You can quickly get to Shkofya-Loki in a rented car, which you can park in one of the local parking lots.

Predyama castle

Predyama castle photo

One of the oldest castles in Slovenia, standing on a rock at a height of 123 meters. A stream flows under the base of the castle, and there are also caves to which narrow paths lead. Its most famous owner is Baron Erasmus of Yam, who lived in the castle for a long time and turned it into the epicenter of the struggle with Frederick III - the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. They quarreled because the baron, defending the honor of a friend, killed in an duel an imperial marshal who was a relative of the monarch. About a year the siege of the castle and the hunt for the cunning baron, which, it seemed, could not be rescued from the castle, continued. But in the end, they managed to capture Erasmus: the soldiers of the imperial army bribed a local guard, found out which of the rooms the baron was in, and launched heavy stone cores through the windows. Today, in memory of Erasmus of Yamsky, knightly tournaments are held here annually, ending with a noisy feast, similar to those that were in the Middle Ages. Convenient parking is open in front of the castle - for those who plan to get a rental car.

Postojnska Pit

Postojnska Yam photo

Karst caves with a length of 20 kilometers, representing the whole underground city. A little over 5 kilometers are open for visitors, which is considered the largest cave space accessible to tourists. Electricity was carried out in Postojnska Jama, a railway was built and a concert hall was opened, where in 1930 the two concerts of the La Scala Theater were held. Stalactites and stalagmites the height of whole houses are able to surprise even those who have been to caves more than once and, it would seem, have already seen everything. This combination of strength, power and beauty of nature is remembered for a long time.


Whole photo

Having rented a car, go to Celje to see the old Celsky Castle, built in the first half of the 14th century. Be sure to climb the watch tower of the castle - the whole city is right at a glance. By the way, in Celsky Castle, you can go through the knighting ceremony or organize a wedding ceremony in accordance with medieval traditions. If you are not yet ready to put on armor and turn into a knight, and a wedding in the spirit of the Middle Ages does not inspire you, we recommend that you just walk along the cozy streets of the Old Town, go to the Church of St. Mary and St. Cecilia, and also wander around the local history Museum, which presents a good collection of ancient artifacts.


Piran photo

If you want to spend a few days on the Adriatic coast, then rent a car and go to Piran, a small picturesque city with an Italian atmosphere. It used to belong to the Republic of Venice, so don’t be surprised if you hear the townspeople deftly switch from Slovenian to Italian - in Piran there are two official languages. The center of gravity of the city is an oval square, on which stands a monument to the Italian composer and violinist Giuseppe Tartini. From the square you can walk to a cozy marina, take pictures of colorful boats and catch a ferry to Venice. Such a one-day tour can be purchased at any local travel agency.

Food: atmospheric restaurants, cafes and bars

Le petit cafe

Francoske Revolucije trg 4 www.lepetit.si/

Le Petit Cafe photo

For breakfast in Ljubljana, Le Petit Cafe is perfect, where omelets, scrambled eggs, porridge, granola are served all day and excellent croissants are baked, for which you need to take freshly brewed coffee - deliciously incredible. The menu also includes salads, soups, pasta, meat, fish dishes and pancakes with all possible fillings - a mix of Italian and French cuisines. The institution is stylized as a Parisian cafe at the beginning of the 20th century: aged furniture, lamps from the last century, vintage posters on the walls and pleasant music in the background. On the second floor there is a hall with a more modern and secluded atmosphere. In the warm season, Le Petit Cafe opens a terrace for visitors, where you can spend several hours drinking wine, tasting local delicacies and watching the life of the city.

Gostilnica 5-6 Kg

Gornji trg 33

Gostilnica 5-6 Kg photo

If your stomach will insistently demand a piece of grilled meat, then make it pleasant and treat it to a juicy pig in the Gostilnica restaurant 5-6 Kg. Here you can try as a whole pig (you need to order in three days) - as well as individual pieces of meat that are served with baked potatoes or vegetables. The menu also has easier meals: salads, vegetable soups, fish, pizza from a wood-burning oven and a couple of desserts. Do not forget to order homemade wine that will emphasize the taste of your dish.

Sarajevo 84

Nazorjeva 12 www.sarajevo84.si/

Sarajevo 84 photos

Sarajevo 84 is hidden in the basement, decorated in the style of a traditional Serbian restaurant: a lot of wood, bright fabrics and old baubles on the shelves. The menu includes dishes of Serbian and Slovenian cuisines, which are famous for their fried sausages, schnitzels, thick soups and bakery products. The portions are, as expected, impressive: for example, one pita with sausages and grated tomato sauce can easily satisfy even the most severe hunger. We recommend taking beer from drinks, it goes well with hot sausages - the most popular dish here.

Pop's place

Cankarjevo nabrezje 3

Pop's Place photo

A burger bar where all the Ljubljana hipsters gather and burgers on a fried bun are eating appetite, washing them down with craft beer. Here, burgers are treated with great respect, therefore they are served in a special way: they are brought on a large white plate with a black napkin (the color of grains on a bun) and a small paper flag on a skewer stuck in the burger itself. Particularly hungry at Pop's Place they offer an impressive portion of french fries, deep-fried onion rings, ribs, chicken wings with spicy sauce and a couple of dishes that look very tempting. In the evening it is noisy and crowded, so either come in the afternoon or adapt to the local rhythm.


Ciril Metodov trg 15 www.klobasarna.si/

Klobasarna photo

Another point on the gastronomic map of Ljubljana is the Klobasarna cafe, dedicated to Kranje sausages. They are served with mustard and a soft bun or with pearl barley (it doesn’t sound very good, but in fact it’s tasty and unusual). Slovenes love craneskie sausages and consider them the main national dish, so at any time of the day you will see here some of the locals who order several servings of this unpretentious street food.

Where to live: comfortable hotels in Ljubljana


Lesar Hotel Angel

Gornji trg 7
+386 142 55 089 www.angelhotel.si/index.php/en/ double room - from € 180

Lesar Hotel Angel photo

For a romantic weekend in Ljubljana, we advise you to choose the Lesar Angel Hotel, located on one of the streets of the Old Town, surrounded by low houses in the spirit of the Middle Ages. Rooms with a classic decor in pastel colors, there are rooms with skylights. In the lobby you can enjoy a cup of coffee with sweets, and in the nearby restaurant you can try some of the local cuisine. Lesar Angel has its own cozy garden with wooden sun loungers and tables - in warm weather you will not want to go out of here.

Hotel nox

Celovška cesta 469
+386 120 09 500 www.hotelnox.com/ double room - from € 130

Hotel Nox Photos

Fans of interesting design solutions are advised to choose the Nox hotel in the Shentvid area. Each room has its own design, so be sure that your room will be really special and unique. The great love of all guests is the full-wall windows facing the courtyard or the calm street. There are several tennis courts and a golf course within 3 kilometers of the hotel. Guests using rental cars will be provided with free parking spaces.

Vander urbani resort

Krojaška ulica 6-8
+386 120 09 000 www.vanderhotel.com/eng double room - from € 129

Vander Urbani Resort photo

Boutique hotel in the very center of the capital. The highlight of the Vander Urbani Resort is the rooftop pool, where in warm sunny weather you feel no worse than anywhere else on the coast. The rooms are pleased with their spaciousness and thoughtfulness in design: minimalist decor, dressed in ash gray and muted purple colors, does not distract from relaxation and creates a wonderful backdrop for night gatherings with wine. The on-site restaurant serves local cuisine - a great option for those who want a tasty lunch, but are too lazy to go far. Massage services and beauty treatments are also available. If you used the car rental service, then you will not have problems with parking: paid parking is open near the hotel.

G design hotel

Tržaška cesta 330
+386 120 09 100 http://gdesignhotel.si/ double room - from € 129

G Design Hotel photo

Design hotel near the center of Ljubljana. Large purple-tiled rooms feature dark-tiled bathrooms. The windows offer beautiful views of the mountains and picturesque surroundings. Wi-Fi is free throughout. G Design Hotel offers pet-friendly accommodation (please inform staff in advance). The hotel has its own free parking, where you can leave a rental car.

Adora hotel

Rožna ulica 7
+386 820 57 240 www.adorahotel.si/en/ double room - from € 115

Adora Hotel photo

Nice home-style hotel in the center of the Old Town. You will definitely appreciate the comfort of spacious bright rooms with white walls, dark wood furniture and windows overlooking the streets of the Old Town and Ljubljana Castle. The hotel lobby has a small library and a lounge area where you can enjoy coffee and a book. Adora Hotel has a pleasant terrace where guests can relax with a glass of wine. For those who travel by rented car, paid parking is located nearby (prior reservation is needed).

Where to park a rented car in Ljubljana

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