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Limassol photo

If you are a fan of great fun, then definitely go to Limassol. Here, evening festivities flow smoothly into the morning, selected Cypriot wine flows like a river, and in the establishments every night, for sure, have great parties. In the afternoon, you can go to the water park or amusement park. In Limassol, you certainly will not get bored. It is also called the "middle city", as it is located between the ancient cities of Kourion and Amatus, as well as Paphos and Ayia Napa. After visiting local beaches and parties, rent a car and head out to explore the sights in nearby cities. The distance to each of them is no more than 70 km, and impressions will remain for life.

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Car rental at Paphos airport

Limassol does not have its own airport, so you will have to get to the city with transfers: first, fly to Paphos Airport, which is only 65 km from Limassol, and then get to your destination on the intended route.

Paphos International Airport ( Paphos International, Airport then ) - download scheme

IATA code: PFO
Location: 65 km from Limassol
Official website: www.hermesairports.com/pafos
Information: +357 25 123022

The following car rental companies operate at the airport: Budget, Sixt, Auto Union, Europcar, Alamo, National, Dollar & Thrifty. Car rental points are located opposite the bulletin board. If necessary, you can leave the car in the parking lot near the airport.

What to see in Limassol: interesting sights of the city

Agia Napa Cathedral

Genethliou mitella

Agia Napa Cathedral photo

Outside, the cathedral looks quite modest, but it stands out for its architecture. The creators skillfully were able to combine the Byzantine style and the Greek. There is a small dome in the center, and towers on the sides of the structure. The interior of the cathedral will certainly amaze everyone. Some icons are trimmed with gilded lace and hand embroidered with silk threads. According to tradition, an altar is located in the center. Walking around the temple, pay attention to the colorful frescoes and jewelry with gold elements. Having rented a car, be sure to go to the cathedral, which will amaze you with luxury and pomp.

Limassol fortress

Richard and Berengaria Lemesos

Limassol Fortress photo

For many centuries, the fortress performed a defensive function. The exception was the day when King Richard the Lionheart was married here with Berengaria of Navarre. Centuries passed and different peoples left their mark in this historical place: the Byzantines, the British and the Turks. The former prison, and subsequently the army headquarters, today is one of the main attractions of Limassol. Here you can view interesting expositions of coins and military armor, weapons and bronze items.

Museum of Folk Art

Odos Agiou Andreou 253

Museum of Folk Art photo

The Museum of Folk Art contains unique collections of household items, tools, clothes and shoes of the inhabitants of Limassol. Here the edge of centuries and the color of the people are clearly traced. It is noteworthy that the assortment of exhibits is regularly replenished: archaeologists bring something from the excavations, and some things are brought by local residents who want to share historically significant objects.

Kolossi Castle

Kalamies Beach

Kolossi Castle photo

Truly historically significant attraction - Kolossi Castle. To this day, it is well preserved. If you come closer, you can consider the coat of arms of Jerusalem and the famous Lusignan dynasty. When the sugar factory was functioning here, which was one of the first and best on the island. However, to this day it has not been preserved in its original form. On the territory of the castle you can see only the remaining fragments from the once working production. Be sure to go up to the tower, where from a height of 30 m you will have a bewitching view of the city and the sea. Near the castle is equipped with convenient parking, where you can leave a rented car.

Kebir Jami Mosque

Ankara Str.

Kebir Jami Mosque photo

The tiny Kebir Jami Mosque is one of the most famous on the island. This is the most striking building, which reflects the essence of Muslim culture. To this day, from time to time, there is a service, the community gathers. However, basically, this mosque is closed, and getting inside is quite difficult. If you are an ardent fan of Muslim culture or just a curious person, then for an extra fee you can get to the Kebir Jami mosque.

In the vicinity of Limassol: the best car routes

Cyprus Wine Museum

42, Paphou Str., Erimi Village

Cyprus Wine Museum photo

Limassol is famous for its wines. After exploring the main attractions, rent a car and go to the small village of Erimi, which is 15 km from Limassol. The local winery is considered one of the best in Cyprus for more than 150 years. Interestingly, so far no one has managed to find out a unique recipe for the production of such a delicious wine. This knowledge passes from generation to generation and is kept in strict confidence. The Erimi winery features more than a hundred types of wine. After a short excursion, be sure to try a few glasses and some of the local dishes.

Sanctuary of Apollo of Hilate

Road B6

Sanctuary of Apollo of Hilate photo

The sanctuary of Apollo Hilatsky is a completely unique complex. Thanks to numerous restorations in the 21st century, travelers from around the world have the opportunity to look at the buildings of the archaic, Hellenistic and Roman periods. To this day, Palestra is well preserved, where the boys were taught military affairs and various sports, the monumental gate through which the emperor Troyan passed. The sacred path that leads to the Apollo Sanctuary itself is lined with stone blocks. Historians suggest that it was erected by order of the emperor Augustus. Walking through the park you will come across ruins with several columns - this is the port and the house of the priest, dating back to the 3rd century BC. Public baths are located a little further. You can clearly see what the locker room and bathing rooms looked like.

Friends of the Cyprus Donkeys Park

Vouni village 4772

Friends of the Cyprus Donkeys Park photo

Historically, Cypriots have a special relationship with donkeys. They used them as a means of transportation and for plowing land. Animals became tame and domestic. Technological progress left its mark: many animals became homeless and could not survive in the wild world. Then a charity created the Friends of the Cyprus Donkeys Park, where they placed homeless animals. In the park you can have fun and fun: feed hand-donkeys, ride on any that you liked.


near Episkopi

Kourion photo

Having rented a car, go to one of the most ancient cities of the island of Kourion. Many historically significant buildings have been well preserved to our days: the city gate, the “Achilles mosaic” with amazing paintings, ancient residential buildings and office buildings dating from the 12th century BC. Be sure to visit the amphitheater. Having risen to the upper stands, you will have a bewitching view of the city. But the most interesting thing is that the performances are still staged here. Without expecting it, you can plunge into the times BC. This spectacle will make a lasting impression on you.


Amatus photo

Moving south in the direction from Limassol to the coast, you will find yourself in one of the oldest villages in Cyprus. Locals considered Aphrodite their patroness, and this left an imprint on many attractions. Murals and murals for the most part relate to myths and legends associated with the Goddess of love and beauty. Several temples were even built in Amathus in her honor. Of course, with the advent of Christianity, such a deep faith was dispelled, but to this day, local residents have a special thrill for Aphrodite.

Food: atmospheric restaurants, cafes and bars

Do wine & dine

50E Amathoudnos Ave.

Do Wine & Dine Photo

You can have a delicious and satisfying breakfast in Limassol at Do Wine & Dine. Here you can try everything that only the soul desires. The menu offers many dishes: breakfast with champagne (ideal for a romantic breakfast), an assortment of sets (you can order ready-made or self-form), delicious buns and bread (they are baked directly in the restaurant's kitchen). Of course, you can enjoy a delicious croissant, drink freshly squeezed juice or eat a noble piece of smoked salmon. The chef of the restaurant regularly updates the menu and comes up with interesting options for a tasty snack.

Limassol marina

Marina Street 3601 http://www.limassolmarina.com/

Limassol Marina photo

If in addition to a delicious meal you would like to get aesthetic pleasure, go to the marina of Limassol Marina, where there is a whole complex of restaurants and coffee houses. There is an incredibly beautifully equipped promenade and a playground for children. In any restaurant you can eat salad, meat dish, something special for dessert and drink a glass of delicious wine. By the way, for those who travel by rental car: convenient parking is organized near the restaurant.


Oktovriou 28
3 57-25-587851

Lido photo

You can have a tasty and budget lunch in the cozy restaurant Lido. You can choose from a wide range of dishes from Mediterranean, Russian, Greek cuisine. If you want a noble steak or fresh seafood, you should definitely look into this place. While the owner of the institution will personally prepare dinner for you, you can admire a beautiful view of the city and the sea. A nice bonus will be a free glass of light wine.

Meze Taverna Restaurant

Agiou Andreou 209 http://www.mezetavernacyprus.com/

Meze Taverna Restaurant photo

Walking around the city center, you can go to Meze Taverna Restaurant to taste the real Cypriot meze. The portions here are incredibly large, so it's best to order one for two or three. In the tavern you can also enjoy homemade soup, moussaka and a delicious wine. Dishes are prepared by the owner himself and his wife. The atmosphere in the establishments is pleasant and relaxing. Here you want to sit for hours and enjoy the taste of homemade food.

Ta piatakia

7 Nikodimou Mylona St.

Ta Piatakia photo

If you are a fan of something extravagant and completely unusual, then by all means look at Ta Piatakia. Forget what you saw and tried before. The chef skillfully combines elements from different dishes and serves the table in an original way. This is exactly the place that is doomed to become loved. You never know what to expect here and always remain completely delighted. Be sure to try the fried squid, octopus and brownie with chili pepper for dessert.

Where to live: comfortable hotels in Limassol

Curium Palace Hotel

Byron Str. 13
+357 25891100 www.curiumpalacehotel.com.cy/ double room - from € 88

Curium Palace Hotel photo

The small, cozy Curium Palace Hotel will allow you to escape from noisy parties and nightlife in all its manifestations. If you have planned a family vacation with children or a romantic trip, it is best to stay here. The staff is very friendly and always makes concessions. If you are not satisfied with the booked room, they will immediately offer you a more suitable option. The hotel has all the amenities, including free parking where you can leave a rented car.

Kapetanios Hotel Limassol

Panagioti Symeou 4-6
+357 25 586266 www.kapetaniosgroup.com/EnterHotels.aspx double room - from € 92

Kapetanios Hotel Limassol photo

The main advantage of Kapetanios Hotel Limassol is its proximity to the city center and to the sea. You will not need to delve into the intricate transport system, all the most interesting is located next to the hotel. The rooms in the hotel are spacious and comfortable. In your free time from excursions, you can soak up the sun by the pool, visit the spa or fitness center.

Harmony bay hotel

74 Georgiou a | Germasoyia
+357 25 328081 www.harmonyhotel.com.cy/en/ double room - from € 99

Harmony Bay Hotel photo

Harmony Bay Hotel is located right on the seafront. You can lie by the pool and enjoy the view of the Cote d'Azur of the Mediterranean Sea or walk 100m and make a real swim. The hotel offers comfortable rooms with sea views, a restaurant. For those who travel by rental car, a free bonus will be free parking. There are also family rooms - for those who plan to travel with children. Here, every member of the family will feel comfortable.

Kapetanios odyssia

Kapetanios Odyssia
+357 25 591111
double room - from € 111

Kapetanios Odyssia photo

Kapetanios Odyssia - great value for money. The hotel has a certificate of quality, which is an indicator that your stay here will be comfortable and pleasant. An on-site spa, fitness center, restaurant and dry cleaning service are on site. Couples traveling with young children can leave their child with a caring nanny and go for a romantic dinner in a nearby restaurant.

Elias beach hotel

125 Ancient Amathus Avenue
+357 25 636000 www.kanikahotels.com/elias-beach-hotel--limassol double room - from € 115

Elias Beach Hotel photo

The incredibly comfortable Elias Beach Hotel will meet your expectations in any situation. Spacious, bright rooms, a private balcony and stunning sea views will make your stay a wonderful one. Here you will have the opportunity to spend time actively, for example, play tennis or work out in the gym, and after that - lie quietly by the pool or in spa treatments.

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