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Lamezia Terme photo

The spa town of Lamezia Terme begins in an ancient fortress in the mountains and as if boiling milk is poured over old borders and goes down to the sea. In mountain Lamezia, time seemed to stop, keeping the old routine unchanged and transmitted through generations of tradition, but modern life, heated by visitors, boils on the coast with renewed vigor. Rent a car and experience the southernmost region of Italy, Calabria. Rocky cliffs, dense forests, fertile vineyards and secluded beaches - the bewitching nature of these places leaves no one indifferent. Calabria keeps many monuments, unexpectedly and effectively showing guests its treasures - ancient castles in the mountains, ancient Greek temples among the hills.

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Car rental at Lamezia Terme Airport

Lamezia Terme International Airport ( Lamezia Terme Airport )

IATA code: SUF
Location: 5 km from Lamezia Terme
Official website: lameziaairport.it
Information: +390968414333

The following companies provide car rental services at Lamezia Terme Airport: Alamo, Enterprise, Europcar, Goldcar, Keddy, Locauto, Maggiore, National, Rhodium, Sicily by Car. Rental car rental desks are located in the arrivals hall. There is a parking zone near the airport.

What to see in Lamezia Terme: interesting sights of the city


Nicastro photo

The ancient settlement, dating back to the 9th century, is now part of Lamezia Terme. During the reign of the Byzantines, the majestic Neo Castrum castle was founded, to which Norman influence annexed the Benedictine monastery of St. Euphemia. Unfortunately, the 1638 earthquake almost completely destroyed the abbey and the Neo Castrum castle, preserved by the feudal lords, and the flood completed the job, destroying the entire settlement. Despite the fact that there are ruins on the site of historical buildings, Nicastro is popular with tourists who come for beautiful photographs in memory of the former greatness of these places.


Sambyase photo

Another of the three cities in Lamezia Terme, Sambiase has long been known for its thermal springs and baths. In the days of the Roman Empire, legionnaires came here to rest. From the parishes of the barbarians, a beautiful resort town was plundered and destroyed, remaining in a deplorable state for a long time. The 7th century brought renewal to the city, thanks to the Sicilian monks who came to rebuild it almost anew. At the same time, trade relations with major cities were established. In Sambiaz, Orthodox churches of the 10th century and traces of the presence of the Normans were preserved.


Eufemia photo

The third settlement, which served as the foundation for the city of Lamezia Terme in 1968, Santa Eufemia bears the name of a Christian martyr. Before the earthquake, there was the Greek city of Terina, the ruins of which can be seen during the tour. The city of Eufemia was originally built on a hill, but the expansion of the city required new territories and during the fascist regime, the swamps surrounding the hill were drained to build a new quarter.

Botanical Garden

Via ArmandoScarpino

Botanical Garden Photo

The extensive botanical garden in the city of Lamezia Terme was founded in 1972 and during this time managed to expand and acquire in its collection many outlandish plants that have almost disappeared in Europe. The variety of flowers and trees presented in the garden exceeds a thousand species, attracting lovers of flora, and bright flower beds invariably raise the mood and create a background for memorable photos.

Citrus orchards

Citrus orchards photo

The main source of income for the inhabitants of Lamezia Terme is tourists and agriculture, which are based on citrus fruits in the region. Surprisingly, Calabria is the only place in Europe where citron cedro grows, which are mentioned both in the Bible and in the writings of Virgil and Palladio. No wonder Calabria is also called the Riviera dei Chedri. Traditionally, rabbis from all over the world come here every year to choose the best fruits for the ritual festival of Sukkot. Small trees with sharp spikes are hung with bright, sun-soaked fruits. It is impossible to miss the garden - the smell from the fruits is felt from afar. If you rent a car, you can go to real plantations full of smells and colors. Based on this citrus fruit, cosmetics, medicines and products are created. Only here you can buy a real liquor “Cedro”,

Near Lamezia Terme: the best car routes


Diamante photo

The popular resort of Diamante is located in the heart of Calabria, 100 km from Lamezia Terme. Until the XVIII century there was a small fishing village. She, or rather, her remarkable location, became interested in Tiberius Karafa, who erected a castle here, from which only ruins have survived to this day. There are two beaches in the city - the main pebble in the city center, and the remote sandy one. It is better to visit Diamante in late August - at the height of the season, pampering visitors with a warm sea and hot sun. And stay until the first Sunday of September to participate in the local festival of hot red pepper. At this time, on the streets of the city you can try many dishes from culinary experts from all over Italy, take part in a procession and listen to street musicians.


Scalea photo

The small mountain town of Scalea, 117 km from Lamezia Terme, is just beginning to develop as a resort, so the absence of an influx of tourists allows you to see the real life of a quiet Italian town. Old white houses, narrow streets with plants planted in tubs, long stairs lost between the houses - all this creates an unforgettable atmosphere of Scalea. The symbol of the city is the Torre Talao tower, which was founded in the 15th century, from where a beautiful view of the city and the sea opens. 7 km of beaches are always ready to receive vacationers, offering to enjoy the sea air and a pleasant swim, staying in one of the comfortable hotels on the beach.

Vibo Valentia

Vibo Valentia photo

Settled at an altitude of 500 m above sea level, the capital of the smallest province in Calabria, boasts stunning views of the bay and the Sicilian volcano Etna. In the 5th century BC, there was a Greek colony Hipponion, which became in the 1st century BC. Roman colony of Vibo Valentia. The city still carefully preserves the monuments of its rich history. Tourists are also attracted to the well-equipped beaches, stretching for 25 km. Rent a car to come here at least for a day (the road from Lamezia Terme will take no more than an hour). Local restaurants offer a view of the views over dinner, tasting homemade fileja pasta with meat sauce cooked in Calabrian tradition.


Amantea photo

Fans of night resort life will appreciate the town of Amantea - bars, restaurants and a local night club open their doors for tourists. It will be interesting here for those who are fond of history - the city preserved monuments of the XVIII century. When approaching the historic city center, the rented car will have to be left in the parking lot and continue to walk along the narrow streets of the old city, which even in the middle of summer keep a pleasant cool. The picturesque town, drowning in bright colors, has always attracted artists to whom the whole Pittori street is dedicated. On the signboards of the stores the hand-drawn product is painted, so even without knowing the language, it is impossible to make a mistake in choosing a place for buying souvenirs.

Capo Vaticano and Tropea

Capo Vaticano and Tropea photo

The entire resort town of Capo Vaticano mainly consists of a 7-kilometer sandy beach, where everyone will find a place to their taste - the central active beach or a quiet secluded bay. From the cape, indented by waves beating it for many centuries, a breathtaking view of the turquoise sea, the Aeolian Islands and Mount Etna opens. Using the services of car rental companies, you can get to the city of Tropea in 10 minutes, and see ancient palaces and booming fruit groves. The beaches of Tropea are included in the top ten in Italy, thanks to the cleanest water and snow-white sand.

Sibari Marina

Sibari Marina photo

The archaeological park Sibari Marina, 140 km from Lamezia Terme, was once one of the richest cities. Founded in the VIII century BC, the city of Sibaris is recognized as one of the oldest settlements of Ancient Greece. In the II century BC, the most famous colony at that time on the Apennine Peninsula was captured by the Romans. The archaeological zone stores the results of excavations telling about the history of the great empires and the former luxury of the city of Sibari Marina.

Food: atmospheric restaurants, cafes and bars

Alla pentolaccia

Salita Fratelli Maruca 17
+39 366 210 8610 www.allapentolaccia.it

Alla Pentolaccia photo

Popular with locals and tourists, the Alla Pentolaccia Restaurant is famous for its generous portions of homemade delicious local dishes. Friendly service staff is ready to clarify the menu for those who do not know Italian well enough and are not familiar with the culinary traditions of the region. The family owns the establishment: the mother cooks according to the best recipes of her family, and the father, daughter and son serve the guests. The restaurant is almost always full, so it is better to take care of the preliminary reservation of the table.


Viale Primo Maggio 97
+39 339 790 5109 www.facebook.com/SpizzicandoLamezia

Spizzicando photo

If you miss American fast food with classic hearty hamburgers, head to Spizzicando Restaurant. In the very center of Lamezia Terme, a restaurant has been established, the dishes of which are understandable to people from all over the world. Here you can order a familiar burger and a special Italian with pesto sauce. All this with a consistently large portion of french fries. For dessert, they offer to order local ice cream with chocolate sauce.

Restorante Il Borghetto

Via Arturo Perugini 9
+39 0968 438537 www.facebook.com/ilborghettohotelristorante

Restorante Il Borghetto photo

Il Borghetto restaurant will captivate lovers of fish and seafood, which are offered to the visitor to choose from before a live meal. Even if you do not stay in Lamezia Terme and drive through it with a rental car, you will not regret the time spent if you choose this restaurant for lunch. The menu offers all types of seafood and several types of meat. The elegant presentation of each dish is thought out by the chef of the restaurant. Without being a lover of haute cuisine, you can order pizza, which visitors also consider the best in the city.

Ristorante Pizzeria Trattoria da Ugo

Via San Ermia 50
+39 0968 438647

Ristorante Pizzeria Trattoria da Ugo photo

A great place for a quick hearty snack, which Italians enjoy visiting. Here you can inexpensively order a large plate of fish and seafood in batter with french fries as a side dish, a pan of boiled mussels in tomato sauce and pizza with thick pastry stuffed over the edges.

Henry Morgan Pub

Via Rinaldo Miceli 11
+39 333 457 3777 www.henrymorganpub.it

Henry Morgan Pub photo

Feel like a real sea pirate in the colorful Henry Morgan Pub. The restaurant’s bar card contains several varieties of excellent draft beer and signature cocktails, to which you can order a large plate of snacks. The menu offers both Italian and American cuisine with large hearty portions at a good price. Every week incendiary parties are held here with a guest DJ and the opportunity to sing karaoke.

Where to live: comfortable hotels in Lamezia Terme

Mini-Hotel Giardino Dei Fiori

Via Cristoforo Colombo, 67
+212 676-162624
double room - from € 28

Mini-Hotel Giardino Dei Fiori фото

The small, cozy Hotel Giardiono Dei Fiori opened in 2014 in the heart of Lamezia Terme. If you are looking for a budget vacation option, this mini-hotel will appeal to you. Each room has a toilet and shower with clean towels and olive soap. Fresh croissants are served for breakfast. Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel. In the evening, guests can relax by the fireplace in the shared lounge.

La vigna

Via Savutano 41
+212 5282-19494 La Vigna Hotel double room - from € 25

La Vigna photo

Another affordable hotel, La Vigna, is located just a 10-minute drive from the center of Lamezia Terme, which is convenient for those who travel by car or rent a car. The air-conditioned rooms overlook the hotel's own garden. Upon arrival, a set of clean towels and necessary toiletries are provided. Breakfast and lunch are served in the local restaurant located here, where you can enjoy homemade Calabrian cuisine.

Bram hotel

Via Del Mare, 63
+212 5282-11313 bram.ru double room - from € 80

Bram Hotel photo

The 4-star Hotel Bram, just 200 meters from Lamezia Terme Central Station, invariably collects excellent tourist reviews. The price includes a breakfast buffet, which is served in the hotel's restaurant on the ground floor, where you can also have lunch during the day. Those wishing to relax with a glass of wine after a long day will appreciate the local lounge bar. The hotel offers the opportunity to use the services of rental leaders and rent a car for traveling around the region.

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