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Krasnodar panoramic photo

Krasnodar is considered a resort city. Everything is arranged here so that every guest will be fascinated by beauty. It is diverse and diverse. Walking along Red Street, you can look into St. Catherine’s Cathedral, after visiting the “green house” of the post office and the magnificent building of the art museum. There are many amusement parks in the city where you can have fun with your children or meet an old friend over a cup of coffee. If not one of your travels goes without visiting cultural sites, then this city will be a real expanse for you. The Art Museum, the Art Soyuz Gallery, the Premiere Palace of Arts are just a small list of iconic places. To comfortably move along the intended tourist route, rent a car.

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Car rental at the airport of Krasnodar

Krasnodar International Airport ( Krasnodar Pashkovsky Airport ) - download the scheme

IATA code: KRR
Location: 12 km from Krasnodar
Official website: http://basel.aero/krasnodar/
Information: 8 (800) 333-19-91

The following companies provide the car rental service at the airport of Krasnodar: Europcar, Avis, RentMotors. Rental car rental desks are located in the arrivals hall. Near the airport there is hourly parking (the first 15 minutes are free), additional hourly parking (the first 5 minutes are free), alternative parking.

What to see in Krasnodar: interesting sights of the city

City garden

St. Guard, 34

City garden photo

Arriving in Krasnodar, first go for a walk in the city garden. This is the cultural center of the city, where the Summer Theater and the stage are located. At any time of the year there will be something to do: in the summer you can ride children on the rides, take a leisurely stroll along the alleys, enjoying flowers and fresh air. In winter, you can enjoy nature while sitting in one of the cafes. It is interesting that it was in the park that archaeologists discovered an ancient settlement that existed in the 1st century. Now these finds are stored in the city historical and archaeological museum.

Krasnodar planetarium

St. Tram 2

Krasnodar planetarium photo

Having rented a car, go on an exciting excursion to the planetarium. The institution was created in order to involve young people in the scientific and educational process. Using the latest digital technologies, the celestial sphere with planets, comets, satellites is demonstrated here. It will be especially interesting to see the panorama of Mars, Venus, the Moon. Interestingly, the planetarium also shows educational films on geography, history, natural history, physics. Video information and interactive graphics will be interesting to any age audience.

Kuban embankment

Kuban embankment photo

Kuban embankment is perhaps the most visited place in Krasnodar. One way or another, locals and visitors alike come here to enjoy pleasant walks, views, and restaurants. The developed infrastructure allows you to spend time with pleasure on the banks of the Kuban: well-groomed lawns, numerous trees and plantings make a good impression. Upon reaching the promenade, be sure to kiss your soulmate on the Bridge of Kisses, and if traveling alone, make a wish.

House of creativity Vysotsky

St. Babushkina, d. 295

House of Art Vysotsky photo

If you are a fan of Vysotsky’s work, or are just interested in everything and everyone, Vysotsky’s creative work definitely deserves your attention. Entrance to the attraction is free, which, one way or another, attracts a large flow of tourists. Here you will plunge headlong into the life and work of an outstanding poet. Children's and youthful photographs, personal items, recordings from performances and concerts help to look at the creator’s being from the inside.

Krasnodar Ballet Theater

St. Red, 44 http://www.to-premiera.com/

Krasnodar Ballet Theater photo

Having rented a car, feel free to put on the best outfits and go to an unforgettable performance in the ballet theater. The audience has the opportunity to get acquainted with the most diverse repertoire, starting with classical performances, ending with modern productions. The theater is famous for the fact that the sprint distance was overcome in a matter of years, when it usually takes decades. An unusual, primordially Russian atmosphere reigns here. This is a theater that is distinguished and appreciated.

In the vicinity of Krasnodar: the best automobile routes

Scythe Chushka Spit

Scythe pig pig photo

If you came to Krasnodar in the summer, you want to take a break from the bustle of the city, go to Chushka Spit, which is located only 18 kilometers from the city. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it is located in the Black and Sea of ​​Azov at the same time, and a narrow strip of land is composed of shell rock and sand. During the Second World War, they tried to build a railway bridge here, but the structural ideas were unsuccessful, so over time the whole building was destroyed by ice. Today, the attraction is famous for its excellent beaches. On the one hand, the braids of the coast are straight, and on the other, there are many processes. Be that as it may, everyone here finds a place to soak up the sun.

Dantovo Gorge

Hot Key

Dantovo Gorge photo

The next object in your tourist route may be the Dantovo Gorge, which is located within 70 kilometers from Krasnodar. This is one of the most popular and colorful places. It was created partly by humans, partly by nature. As far back as the end of the 19th century, for ventilation purposes, the Cossacks cut down a gorge here. Every year it deepened under the influence of snows and rains. A stone staircase was later built for easy movement. Years passed, the steps were overgrown with moss and other vegetation. Dantov Gorge is gloomy and cold, but at the same time located in picturesque places. The name is given thanks to the poem of Dante's “Divine Comedy”. The description of the underworld in this work represents the best of sights.

Mud Spring Saline

Mud spring Solonetsy photo

The mud source Solonets is a miniature analogue of the famous mud volcano “Shugo”. The attraction is located near the rock Devil's finger. When traveling by rental car, stop for a while to explore an unusual natural phenomenon. Mud volcano are considered healing and are universal for the treatment of many diseases. Staying here for a long time will not work due to an unpleasant odor, so after making a couple of photos, go further on a journey through the picturesque surroundings of Krasnodar.

Cat cave

Cat's cave photo

The cat's cave is constantly causing intense interest among tourists. It is known that in the middle of the 20th century lynxes were found here. In addition, the remains of a forest cat were found, which is very similar to these carnivorous feline mammals. At the end of the recess is an underground lake that appears and disappears. But the most interesting exhibit in the cave is the human skull. No body remains were found, but judging by the fact that he even grew into a wall and overgrown with stalactites, he has been here for centuries. Legends are made up about this place, it is covered with many fables. Believe it or not is everyone’s choice.

Rock Cockerel

Rock Cockerel photo

Another of the most visited attractions is Rock Cockerel. Its top is visible from afar. The nature in this place is unusually beautiful: near a relief rock, at its foot there is a lake with either green or blue water. Some daredevils decide to jump from a cliff. But be careful not to repeat the mistakes of adrenaline lovers. Jumping from a height in these places is strictly prohibited. You can come here in the summer, take a swim in the lake and have a good time in the company of friends, or visit a natural attraction in the winter and take some memorable pictures against the backdrop of relief landscapes.

Food: atmospheric restaurants, cafes and bars

Bread Stories

St. Red, 17 http://breadstories.ru/

Bread Stories Photos

If you are a fan of bakery products, having rented a car, go to the Bread Stories coffee shop for goodies. The advantage of the establishment is that it works from morning to late evening, so you can enjoy delicious pastries at any time. The interior of the establishment is very cozy, it is especially pleasant to sit at a table by the window. In the last two hours of work there is a promotion: a 30% discount on all products. Do not miss the opportunity to eat favorably. If you came to Krasnodar for a special event and want to please your loved ones with an interesting surprise, here you can order a cake to your taste.


St. named after Turgenev, 126/1 https://www.facebook.com/ugliugli16/

Coals-coals photo

If you are a true connoisseur of gourmet dishes, if you like an individual approach in everything, even in cooking, you should definitely visit the Ugli-Ugli restaurant. It is worth trying creamy seafood soup, sockeye salmon, the signature ugli dessert. This institution has its own charm. Despite the rather simple interior and the lack of pomposity, I want to come back here again and again. A trace in the memory is left by the attentive attitude of the staff and the completely unique taste of the dishes.

Sherlock Holmes Pub

St. Karasunskaya, 80 | intersection with st. Red http://holmespub.net/

Sherlock Holmes Pub photo

Sherlock Holmes Pub is one of the most atmospheric establishments in Krasnodar. The interior is made in the best traditions of the stories of Sherlock Holmes. A nice addition to the cozy atmosphere is live music. Between 12: 00-16: 00 there are discounts for lunch. In addition, interesting offers apply every season. Keep an eye on the poster, perhaps on the day when you decide to dine at the pub, a party will be held. An unforgettable pastime and a memorable photo report are guaranteed.


St. Industrial, 21/1 http://www.dikanka-cafe.ru/

Dikanka photo

Dikanka is a colorful establishment near the center with an original interior. The menu offers a wide selection of dishes: hot and cold appetizers, side dishes, dishes in pots, dumplings, salads and much more. Special offers operate regularly, so you can have a tasty and budget lunch at Dikanka. In addition, presentations and tastings are often held here. Events are accompanied by a music program, contests and gifts. Everything that happens carries away not only children, but also adults. By the way, parking is provided for tourists on rented cars.


St. Kuban Embankment, 15 http://stan-restoran.ru/

Become a photo

If you are looking for an unusual place for a special occasion, opt for the Stan restaurant. Each guest will appreciate the breathtaking panoramas, original interior and decent service. Here you can not only have a good time, but also organize a banquet. In the institution for any occasion there is a suitable room and a veranda. By the way, popular groups and musicians often perform in the Stan. Arriving in Krasnodar, do not miss the opportunity to visit this cozy place and listen to live music.

Where to live: comfortable hotels in Krasnodar

Amici grand hotel

St. Krasnykh Partizan, 112
8 (804) 333-22-24 http://amici-grandhotel.ru/ double room - from € 55

Amici Grand Hotel photo

Amici Grand Hotel is located in the center of Krasnodar, while there is no urban mind and fuss. The rooms are cozy and functional. For a comfortable stay, guests have all the necessary accessories. Arriving at the hotel, they will certainly help you carry your suitcases and take care that you have everything you need. A nice bonus: Amici Grand Hotel has a flexible discount system. It offers a swimming pool, spa, fitness center. In addition, an underground parking lot is equipped here, where it is convenient to leave a rental car.

Avangard hotel

St. Krylataya, 3
8 (861) 227-77-72 http://www.avangard-hotel.ru/ double room - from € 41

Avangard Hotel photo

The advantage of Avangard Hotel is its convenient location. It is a 5-minute drive from the airport, and the famous OZ mall is nearby. Despite the loyal pricing policy, the rooms are clean and spacious. There are all amenities to make everyone feel comfortable. Breakfast is included. In the morning you will be pleased with a wide selection of dishes: scrambled eggs, cheesecakes, cereals. Those planning to stay for a few days will be able to visit the fitness center and pool.


St. Fadeeva, 328a
8 (861) 227-88-00 http://www.aerootel.com/ double room - from € 50

Airhotel photo

The airhotel is located near the airport, while being well insulated from extraneous noise. In addition, a shuttle runs from the airport to the hotel around the clock. For guests with pets and for air passengers who stop at night, special accommodation offers apply. It offers a fitness center, laundry, pool. Breakfast is available for a fee. The recipe for each dish is strictly seasoned, and the menu is varied. On top of that, the friendly and attentive staff makes a good impression.


St. Gogol, 65
8 (861) 266-04-04 http://www.hotel-chehov.ru/ double room - from € 61

Chekhov photo

Accommodation at the Chekhov Hotel will be calm and comfortable. Booking a room on a weekend, or paying for your reservation with a card, you will get a good discount. Room service will fulfill your request at any time. The hotel provides its guests with transportation services, shoe shine. Having ordered the “alarm clock” service, you probably will not be late for an important meeting. Having a delicious breakfast at the Cherry Orchard theme restaurant, you can go on an excursion or on business matters. And in the evening it will be just the time to relax, swimming in the pool or at spa procedures. There is no need to worry about a rented car; convenient parking is provided at the Chekhov Hotel.

Aton hotel

St. Fadeeva, 189
8 (861) 227-58-00 http://aton23.ru/ double room - from € 99

Aton Hotel photo

Leaving all the troubles for the Aton Hotel staff, allow yourself to relax and enjoy the atmosphere of the city. From the threshold, a solid interior and an organic combination of elements impress: the columns, gold, sculptures look impressive and impressive. The rooms are spacious and functional. The bar offers an excellent wine list. After long walks or intense business meetings at Aton Hotel, you can visit the steam room or play a game of billiards.

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