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Kharkov photo

Kharkov is the former capital of Ukraine and one of its oldest cities. Founded in the first half of the 17th century, the city is of interest to tourists due to its many historical sights. Lovers of ancient buildings should take a walk along Sumskaya Street, where many architectural objects are located, walk to Constitution Square, and then to Liberty Square, which is considered one of the largest in the world. Kharkov is rich in all kinds of entertainment places. If you want to see as much as possible, you should rent a car and follow your route. The main places that every tourist should see are the local zoo and the botanical garden, the Mirror Stream fountain complex, Pokrovsky Cathedral, and Poetry Park.

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Car rental at Kharkov airport

Kharkiv International Airport - download scheme

IATA code: HRK
Location: 12 km from Kharkov
Official website: http://hrk.aero/
Information: +380 57 766 00 76

The following companies provide the car rental service at Kharkiv Airport: NarsCars, Sixt, RENTAL. Car rental desks are located in the arrivals hall. There is a parking lot near the airport where the first 15 minutes of parking are free.

What to see in Kharkov: interesting sights of the city

Pokrovsky Cathedral

St. Universitetskaya, 8 http://obitel.kh.ua/

Pokrovsky Cathedral photo

Having rented a car, go see the Pokrovsky Cathedral. This is one of the first buildings that appeared in Kharkov and the main shrine of the city. Today the temple impresses with its bright exterior and bewitching with luxurious interior decoration. However, there were pages in history when the building was empty, and the main icons were removed and lost over time. The restoration of the cathedral and its relics took place only a few decades ago. Today, Divine Services are regularly held here, anyone can get inside.

Museum "Cosmos"

Per. Kravtsova, 15 http://planetarium-kharkov.org/

Space Museum photo

Whatever the purpose of your visit to Kharkov, take the time to visit the Cosmos Museum. You certainly haven’t seen anything like this before. During the tour you can learn about the anomalous zones of the Earth, the observations of pilots and astronauts, flights to other planets. The halls of planetariums are an open space, having studied which it becomes clear how small our planet is in the scale of the Universe and how much of all the unknown is still there. The excursion will be interesting not only for children, but also for adults.

Gorky Park


Gorky Park photo

It will be possible to escape from the bustle of the city in the Gorky park. Hiking enthusiasts will be able to spend hours walking through the alleys, exploring new secluded corners of the park. Those who prefer to have fun can enjoy extreme rides (fall tower, roller coaster, rope park) or dance on dance floors (entertainment is held on weekends). At the end of the walk, you should ride the Ferris wheel and appreciate the beauty of Kharkov from a height. The city park is a great place to hide from the heat or spend evening leisure.


St. Sumy, 35 http://nemo.kh.ua/

Dolphinarium photo

On a rental car, go on an excursion to the dolphinarium to get a charge of vivid emotions. Guests are invited to not only watch dolphin shows (during which they dance, sing, perform tricks), but also try the effectiveness of dolphin therapy on themselves. If you wish, you can spend a birthday here or arrange a marriage proposal. Aquatic mammals are incredibly affectionate and open to communication with humans.

Art Museum

St. Zhon Mironosits, 11 http://artmuseum.kh.ua/

Art Museum Photo

If you have a free moment, go to the Kharkov Art Museum. More than 20 halls are equipped here, and the collection has about 20,000 exhibits. During the tour you can see the works of Shishkin, Aivazovsky, Repin, Bryullov and many other outstanding artists. In some rooms, works of decorative art and sculpture are also presented. In addition to the main exhibition, temporary ones operate regularly.

In the vicinity of Kharkov: the best automobile routes

Gomolshansky Forest Preservation Park

Gomolshansky Forest Preserve photo

Fans of natural attractions in fine weather should visit the Gomolshansky Forests Preserve Park. Roe deer, deer, wild boars, hares, foxes are found here. In season, the water surface is decorated with lilies, and meadows bloom in the floodplain of the river. For tourists, many routes have been laid, including ecological (it is 3 kilometers). The park is also famous for historical monuments. Here are the ruins of the Cossack St. Nicholas monastery, the remains of the Velikogomolshansky and Sukhogomolshansky settlements, burial mounds of ancient Scythians dating from the 4th century BC. It was here that the Muravsky Way passed, along which nomads, traders, ambassadors moved in the period of the XVI-XVIII centuries. The territory of the park has a good infrastructure. Guests are invited to stay in recreation facilities or to pitch a tent.


Parkhomovka photo

Rent a car and go on an excursion to the village of Parkhomovka, where a unique art gallery is located. The collection has about 6,000 exhibits, including works by Shishkin, Rembrandt, Mane, Aivazovsky, Gauguin, Vasnetsov, Repin, as well as Mayakovsky's posters and drawings by Shevchenko. Initially, the museum was created by the school teacher as a department of the school museum. He bought paintings at flea markets, the villagers brought something, later the artists themselves began to donate their works. Later, the collection was replenished with valuable exhibits brought from the Moscow Kremlin Museum-Reserve, the Hermitage, and the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts. The pearl of the museum are four works by Pablo Picasso, including “Dove of Peace”.


Natalyevka photo

Natalyevka is an old manor built by Ivan Kharitonenko at the end of the 19th century. The estate was named after his granddaughter. At that time, the building stood out for its unusual architecture, and around it was a beautiful winter garden and greenhouses. The Holy Transfiguration Church was also built on the territory - an exact copy of what stands on the Cote d'Azur in France. After the war there was a tuberculosis sanatorium, then the territory was launched. A few decades ago, the estate was restored and today is again replete with its former beauty.


Kochetok photo

In the village of Kochetok, on the site of an old wooden church, in the 19th century a church was built of the St. Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God. The main pride is the miraculous icon, which was nicknamed “The Icon Revealed”. Arriving on an excursion, it is worth examining the bell tower, the interior of the temple. There is also an observation deck equipped with beautiful views of a small village and a dense forest. This is considered a protected area. One of the first balneological resorts of Ukraine was created on the basis of mineral waters. It is interesting that the trees here grew naturally, their age reaches 150 years.

Repin Memorial Museum

St. Roses-Luxembourg, 8

Repin Memorial Museum photo

Having rented a car, go to the village of Chuguev for an excursion to the Repin Memorial Museum. This is the house where the famous artist lived and created, it was this place that played an important role in its formation as a person and creator. Outside, the building looks like a typical wartime building. Inside, the creators of the museum managed to maintain the original atmosphere that prevailed during the life of the artist. Presented exhibits tell about Repin's childhood and youth, as well as about other artists who influenced his formation. In one of the museum’s rooms are the works of Chuguev icon painters of the second half of the 19th century, Repin’s personal belongings, works of art, photographs.

Food: atmospheric restaurants, cafes and bars

City cafe 16/54

Pl. Constitution, 2/2 http://1654.com.ua/

City cafe 16/54 photo

For breakfast in Kharkov City cafe 16/54 is perfect. An assortment of dishes - for every taste. Someone will prefer mushroom soup and hummus, someone will appreciate cocoa and a large selection of desserts. The attentive staff will make sure that you are comfortable and help you choose the dishes. The cozy interior allows you to relax after long walks and gain strength. The city cafe will have a good time with friends or family.


Prospekt Nauki Lenina, 39 http://svkus.com/restaurant/montana/

Montana photo

Whatever your gastronomic preferences, you can definitely find dishes for every taste in the Montana restaurant. The menu features Japanese cuisine, European. The original design of the hall immediately impresses, and in the evenings, when lights and candles are lit, a particularly romantic atmosphere is created. It is worth trying hot rolls, ribeye steak, cheesecake. Experienced waiters will help in the selection of dishes and quickly serve.

Argentina Grill

Nauki Ave., 20 http://luxcarte.ua/proekty/karaoke/argentina-grill/about

Argentina Grill photo

Argentina Grill is famous for its juicy steaks. The stylish interior and spectacular presentation of dishes makes a good impression. It is worth trying a steak (choosing your favorite degree of roasting), Panakota dessert, Cabernet red wine. Thanks to competent adherence to the recipe, the dishes are amazing in taste. By the way, guests using rental cars can use the parking lot located nearby.

Restaurant-pizzeria amato

Ave Tractor Builders, 128V http://www.klass.com.ua/kafe-amato.html

Restaurant-Pizzeria Amato photo

Fans of Italian cuisine should visit the Restaurant-Pizzeria Amato restaurant. The interior is made in white tones, equipped with tables where it will be convenient to sit in a large company or together. Places near panoramic windows, which offer wonderful views of Kharkov, are also popular. It is worth trying pasta with seafood with a double portion of cheese, pizza to your taste, cheesecake, fondant. The highlight of the pizzeria is the open kitchen, so that everyone can literally follow what their dishes are prepared from.

44 Favorite Place

St. Pushkinskaya, 44 http://44favorite.kharkov.ua/

44 Favorite Place Photos

For an evening out, 44 Favorite Place is the place to go. On Saturday and Sunday afternoon, free educational classes for children and shows with animators are held. Club music is played here every Friday and Saturday evenings. It is worth trying a salad with sprouted lentils, waffles, coffee. The cozy interior has a pleasant pastime, and competent staff will help you to comfortably accommodate and take care that you do not have to wait long for an order.

Where to live: comfortable hotels in Kharkov

Mirax Sapphire Boutique Hotel

St. Danilevsky, 30
073 020 5101 https://mirax-hotel.com.ua/sapphire/ru/ double room - from € 43

Mirax Sapphire Boutique Hotel photo

If you plan to rent a car and are looking for a comfortable hotel at a reasonable price, opt for the Mirax Sapphire Boutique Hotel. Helpful staff will take care of your comfort, tell interesting routes for excursions and advise establishments. The rooms are equipped with everything necessary to make everyone feel at home. The hotel offers a shuttle service, jacuzzi, free parking, dry cleaning.


St. Sumy, 19
057 754 4061 http://hotel19.ua/ double room - from € 70

Hotel19 photo

The main advantage of Hotel19 is its good location in the city center. The interior of the apartment successfully combines the spirit of antiquity and modernity. It offers spacious rooms with full breakfasts and a high level of service. If you don’t want to go anywhere in the evening, you can spend leisure time in a bar in pleasant company. Using a special offer, you can save a little on accommodation and spend an unforgettable weekend in one of the popular hotels in Kharkov.

Our Cottage

St. Batumskaya, 4A
057 714 0989
double room - from € 63

Our Summer Cottage photo

Our Nacha Dacha Guest House is an excellent option for those who want to relax from the city bustle. Spacious rooms are equipped with everything necessary for every member of the family to be comfortable. The stylish interior is complemented by original details that create coziness. Having a delicious breakfast in the restaurant you can swim in the pool, go on an excursion into the city or take a walk in the surroundings and enjoy the beauty of nature.


St. Gogol, 6/8
057 752 2333 http://www.chichikov-hotel.com.ua/index.htm double room - from € 53

Chichikov photo

Hotel "Chichikov" is located in the city center on one of the quiet side streets. Competent staff will not only help to comfortably accommodate, but will also make a compliment like a book for a child or fruit in the room. Breakfast is organized as a buffet: a consistently large selection of dishes and drinks. Tourists are provided with a jacuzzi, a conference room, room-service. Free parking is available for tourists on rental cars.

Iris Art Hotel

St. Svyatodukhovskaya, 6A
057 732 0201 http://hoteliris.com.ua/ double room - from € 38

Iris Art Hotel photo

For a romantic weekend in Kharkov, Iris Art Hotel is suitable. It is located near the city center. There is a shopping center nearby. The rooms are decorated in an eclectic style with classic elements. The apartments are spacious and functional. It will be convenient to settle down both on a business trip, and during a family vacation. In case of need for a training or business meeting, a conference room is equipped.

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