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Kazan panoramic photo

Kazan is called the third capital of Russia. Here the religion of the East and West, the culture and mentality of different countries are organically combined. Walking along the streets, it is impossible to predict what will happen after the next intersection: an old building of the 12th century or a futuristic skyscraper. Do not be surprised even if you see that in the neighborhood there is an Orthodox church and a mosque. Residents here are tolerant of views and religions. If friends went to church in the morning in accordance with their beliefs, then in the evening they will surely, as if nothing had happened, sit in a cafe for a glass of coffee and discuss the latest news. Walking through the city blocks, you will see old carriages and, of course, the Kazan drake in the form of architectural objects. To fully experience the atmosphere of this mysterious city, rent a car and explore the surroundings.

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Car rental at Kazan airport

International Airport Kazan ( Kazan International, Airport then ) - download scheme

IATA code: KZN
Location: 26 km from Kazan
Official website: http://www.kazan.aero/
Information: 8 (843) 267-88-07

The following companies provide car rental at Kazan Airport: Hertz, Avis, Storlet Car Rental. Rental car rental desks are located in the arrivals area of ​​Terminal 1A. There is a parking lot near the airport where the first 20 minutes of parking are free.

What to see in Kazan: interesting sights of the city

Kazan Kremlin

Kremlin, 2 http://www.kazan-kremlin.ru

Kazan Kremlin photo

The Kazan Kremlin is the heart of the capital of Tatarstan. This is a whole complex, which includes 8 towers, the Governor's Palace, Kul-Sharif Mosque, Transfiguration Monastery, Junkers College, Annunciation Cathedral, Cannon Yard. On the territory of the Kremlin is the Hermitage-Kazan, the Museum of Islam, the Great Patriotic War Memorial Museum. Historical and architectural monuments were built in the period of XII-XX centuries, therefore they are of value to the city and the country. Once these possessions were the center of the Kazan principality of the Golden Horde, later the Kazan Khanate. It will take 1.5 days to fully explore all the sights of the Kremlin; 1.5 hours is enough for a quick tour.

Epiphany Cathedral

st. Bauman, 78

Epiphany Cathedral photo

After renting a car, go see the historic building, the architecture of which organically combines Russian Baroque and gilded onion domes. Near the temple there is a bell tower, which is very popular with tourists. It is decorated with ancient Russian motifs, geometric ornament. During the tour in the bell tower you can see the old Russian exposition of the Republican Art Museum or visit the concert hall to them. Chaliapin.

Bauman Street

Bauman street photo

Arriving in Moscow, you certainly go for a walk on the Arbat, in Kazan, tourists go to Bauman Street, which is the oldest street. Here you can endlessly inspect the structures of various historical periods and enjoy the atmosphere. It is amazing how the adjacent buildings organically combine Romanesque, modern, neoclassicism. Finally, take a picture at the monument to the carriage of Catherine the Great and the monument to Kot Kazan.

Park "Black Lake"

Park “Black Lake” photo

Walking in the city center, go to the Black Lake Park. In hot weather, you can hide from the sun in the shade of trees and sit by the fountain or pond. The park often hosts dance and music events, concerts, so when planning a trip to Kazan, look at the poster, maybe you can have fun. After a walk, you can sit in one of the cafes and watch a leisurely life with a cup of coffee.

Temple of All Religions

St. Art. Arakchinskaya, 4

Temple of all religions photo

The temple of all religions is a modern attraction that attracts the attention of tourists. The temple represents the symbiosis of cultures, religions, civilizations. This place is exclusively a tourist destination; services are not provided here. Looking around the attraction, you can see not only elements of Buddhist, Chinese, Jewish cultures, but also the symbolism of the disappeared civilizations. The best way to get to the Temple of All Religions is by rental car.

Near Kazan: the best car routes

Volga-Kama Reserve

Zelenodolsky district, p. Sadovy, st. Vekhova, 1 http://www.vkgz.ru/

Volga-Kama Reserve photo

30 km from Kazan in the village of Sadovoy is the Volga-Kama Reserve. This is a reserve of federal significance. The main objects for visiting are the Museum of Nature, which contains a collection of stuffed animals, the Arboretum, where you can see more than 500 species of woody plants, and the Visit Center, which presents digital materials describing the entire reserve. In addition, the Raifsky Bogoroditsky Monastery is located here, which traces its history from the beginning of the 17th century. He is known for keeping the miraculous Georgian icon of the Mother of God here. As eyewitnesses assure, she heals all patients who believe, from blindness and weakness.


Sviyazhsk photo

Having rented a car, go on an excursion to the picturesque island-town of Sviyazhsk. It is also called the “guardian of shrines”, because it is in this small territory that many temples are concentrated, including unique ones. One of these is considered a wooden church, which was erected after the capture of Kazan by Ivan the Terrible. An event is associated with each structure. If you plunge into history, you can find out where Leo Trotsky read his speeches, and where the Church of the Nativity once was located, which was dismantled, and the bricks were used to build a printing house on Bauman Street. The city has developed infrastructure. So you can not only book a sightseeing tour, but stay at a hotel for the night.

Sheremetev Castle

Pos. Yurino

Sheremetev Castle photo

Sheremetev Castle is located in a picturesque place surrounded by a park area overlooking the Volga. It seems like time has stopped here. Once in the castle, you are transported to the XIX century. The colorful interior and personal belongings of the Sheremetev family were preserved here. For the decoration of the walls used volcanic stones brought from Pompeii. Interestingly, in the castle several rooms are residential. So, having pre-booked a room, you can spend the night in a real castle that keeps its memory for several centuries.

Tatar Avyly

Tatar Avyly photo

If you have a day or two left, go to the Tatar ethnographic village of Tatar avyly. The creators tried to recreate the lives of local residents 100 years ago. This place is extremely colorful, which will be especially interesting to visit for urban residents and tourists with children. The sights of the village are a wooden mill, which was built by women during the war, and a contact zoo where you can see an ostrich who understands the Tatar language. During a tour of the village, you will also be able to see the Tatar stove, harmonica-talyanka, swing-dogan, loom. The exhibits are over a century old.


Innopolis photo

Innopolis is often compared with Skolkovo. There is a special economic zone and a university. During the tour it will be possible to see how students live, in what conditions they study, get acquainted with approaches to the educational process. The opening of the IT village took place in 2015. The infrastructure is constantly growing and now there are already equipped town houses, apartment buildings, a kindergarten, a school and a sports complex. To comfortably get to the city, rent a car.

Food: atmospheric restaurants, cafes and bars


St. Moscow, 24

VK photo

For breakfast in Kazan, the VKoffeine establishment is perfect. If you like to eat fully in the morning, then in this cafe-restaurant you will definitely be able to offer something like that. Be sure to try carbonara, Day and Night salad and tiramisu for dessert. Each dish is always delicious. The cozy atmosphere and pleasant music uplifts the mood and sets the rhythm for the whole day. Nobody will get bored here: there are books and games for adults and children.

Gastrobar Apartment 63

St. Bolshaya Krasnaya, 63 http://gastrobar-kvartira63.ru/

Gastrobar Apartment 63 photos

Gastrobar Apartment 63 - an unusual institution with a claim to style. There is always a stir, so sometimes visitors have to sit down at the bar. Dishes are served quickly, whatever you order will be tasty and satisfying. The highlight of the restaurant is that the tables are located close to each other, so it feels like you are having a meal in a big company. The menu in the gastrobar is extremely original. The competent staff will help you sort out the assortment of main dishes and choose a drink.

Intelligence Bar IQ

St. Bauman, 60 http://www.iq-bar.ru/

Intelligence Bar IQ Photo

The next conceptual place for a delicious meal is the IQ Intellect Bar. You can have a quick breakfast here in the morning, eat hearty food and read a book in the afternoon, and listen to live music and a glass of wine in the evening. Visitors have the opportunity to play board games or the piano. The cafe menu features European and Japanese cuisine. It is especially worth trying beef stroganoff with mashed potatoes, mushroom cream soup with croutons or fish soup. Leave your rental car in the parking lot and fully enjoy the intellectual establishment.


St. Malaya Krasnaya, 13 http://malabar-kazan.ru/

Malabar photo

Looking for the right place for dinner? Go to Malabar. The menu offers Indian and European cuisine. The interior is colorful and cozy at the same time. For those who are not familiar with Indian dishes, staff will help you figure out the names and ingredients. Here you can often meet foreigners, in particular, Indians who come to Malabar to enjoy national food. The institution is usually not crowded, you can sit until late in the evening in a pleasant company and taste the dishes on the menu.


St. Bauman, 58 http://cafe-skazka.com/

Fairy tale photo

Hungry for a walk in the city center? Take a look at the family cafe Tale. Here you can taste dishes from Tatar and Russian cuisine. The interior of the institution is fully consistent with the name: on the walls are fragments from cartoons and fairy tales. The atmosphere is completely conducive to a pleasant pastime. The cafe has a children's room, and in the hall there is a TV on which everything that is broadcast is broadcast. You can not worry about children and enjoy the atmosphere of the establishment in the family circle.

Where to live: comfortable hotels in Kazan

Ramada Kazan City Center

St. Chernyshevsky 39,
8 (843) 294-00-00 https://www.wyndhamhotels.com/ramada double room - from € 85

Ramada Kazan City Center photo

The Ramada Kazan City Center has everything for a comfortable stay for city guests. At your disposal will be comfortable beds, bath accessories, a large number of towels, a kettle, and an iron. The rooms are spacious and clean. Rooms and corridors are cleaned every day. The staff at the reception will not only make sure that all your wishes are fulfilled, but will also tell you the route for memorable excursions. It offers a fitness center to maintain muscle tone and free parking where you can leave a rental car.

Courtyard Kazan Kremlin

St. Karl Marx, 6
8 (843) 567-40-00 http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/kzncy-courtyard-kazan-kremlin/ double room - from € 89

Courtyard Kazan Kremlin photo

Courtyard Kazan Kremlin is located in the historic city center. From the windows you can see the Kremlin and the Church of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God. The interior is made in a restrained style: there is nothing superfluous, everything is functionally and competently located. Fans of delicious food will appreciate the presentation of dishes and unusual combinations of ingredients. There is also an excellent wine list in the hotel restaurant. The hotel offers a fitness room, conference room, dry cleaning.

Hotel art

St. Ostrovsky, 33
8 (843) 567-30-03 http://www.hotelart.ru/ double room - from € 79

Hotel Art Photo

Hotel Art is located near Bauman Street, so if you come to Kazan on business, in the evening you can easily see the sights, take a walk along the main street and dine in a colorful restaurant. Everything is within walking distance. If you plan to rent a car while in Kazan, you will have the opportunity to leave it at a free parking lot. The hotel rooms are very comfortable, there are all the amenities for a comfortable stay for couples with children. The competent staff will take care of the needs of each guest, help to deal with emerging issues and suggest the best places to visit.

Club hotel corona

St. Ovrazhnaya, d. 35
8 (843) 233-39-98 http://koronakazan.ru/ double room - from € 55

Club Hotel Corona photo

Club Hotel Corona is a hotel where tourists are very attentive. If, for example, you arrive at 4 in the morning, you will be greeted with smiles, quickly populated and make sure that you have everything you need. If the noisy areas are not to your liking and you want to relax in a calm quarter, opt for the Club Hotel Corona. Nearby preserved old houses. You can start the excursion from the hotel from the house where young Lenin lived, and then move towards the main street.


St. Decembrists, 85G
8 (843) 516-90-00 http://www.relita-kazan.ru/ru/ double room - from € 77

Relita-Kazan photo

Relita-Kazan Hotel was built just a couple of years ago, so the rooms are modernly equipped, all the equipment is working properly. The rooms are clean and spacious. The hotel offers a swimming pool, a conference room, a fitness center, and room service. After a tasty and satisfying breakfast, you can go explore the sights of the city. For travelers, rental cars provide free parking.

Where to park a rented car in Kazan

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