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Karlovy Vary photo

Karlovy Vary is one of the most popular destinations in the Czech Republic among tourists. The city is famous for its 14 healing springs, to which Paganini, Peter I, and Beethoven once came to improve their health. In addition to healing waters, a special atmosphere reigns here, which heals the soul and charges with positive energy. Going on vacation, it is worth grabbing a few evening dresses and tasting local dishes in the best restaurants. In addition, you can rent a car and travel to nearby towns and plunge headlong into the local flavor. Fans of historical places and beautiful architecture should visit the Castle Tower, examine the sculpture “Deer Leap”, go to the temple, built in honor of the holy apostles Peter and Paul. At the end of the trip it is worth taking a funicular ride and visiting Karlovy Vary from a bird's eye view.

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Car rental at Karlovy Vary Airport

International Airport, "Karlovy Vary" ( Karlovy Vary The International, Airport then ) - download scheme

IATA code: KLV
Location: 20 km from Karlovy Vary
Official website: http://www.airport-k-vary.cz/en/
Information: +420 353 360 611

Car rental at Karlovy Vary Airport is provided by Sixt, Europcar, Budjet. The rental car rental desk is located in the arrivals hall. Near the airport there is a short-term riser and long-term. The service is free, while parking is not guarded.

What to see in Karlovy Vary: interesting sights of the city

Church of St. Mary Magdalene

Nam. Svobody, 1 http://www.farnost-kv.cz/

Church of St. Mary Magdalene photo

Having rented a car, go on an excursion to one of the most beautiful and ancient temples of the city - the church of St. Mary Magdalene. Built in the XIV century, the shrine is considered a vivid example of the Gothic style. Under the influence of trends and the popularization of new trends, the temple was reconstructed several times, supplementing with new elements. Going inside, you should pay attention to the original wood carvings and paintings. Numerous sculptures attract the eye, including those dedicated to Mary Magdalene. The church is equipped with an organ and concerts are regularly held, tickets for which can be bought at information centers or directly in the church before the start of the performance.

Geyser colonnade

Vridelni 137/57

Geyser Colonnade photo

The geyser is the most famous source of the city, where water erupts from a depth of two kilometers under powerful pressure. The place has become popular since the middle of the last century. The territory was beautifully equipped and a canopy was made so that you could visit an unusual place in any weather. From various fountains, tourists are invited to try the water. It is interesting that in some of them the water temperature can reach + 73 ° С.

Goethe Tower

Goethova vyhlidka

Goethe Tower photo

Built at the end of the 19th century, the Goethe Tower is still the main observation building in the city. Climbing to a height is not easy (you have to overcome 165 steps), but the mesmerizing views are definitely worth your effort. There is also a restaurant where you can try dishes of Czech national cuisine. It is interesting that Johann Wolfgang Goethe himself liked to be in the tower on the observation deck, to explore the surroundings and be inspired.

old lock

Old castle photo

In the very center of Karlovy Vary you can see the Old Castle. There is a legend that the area was discovered by Charles IV himself. A small hunting lodge was built for him, and after a major fire, a castle was erected, which is still the pride of the townspeople. There is a tower nearby with an excellent restaurant inside. Having examined the architecture of the building, be sure to stop by for lunch. It will be more convenient to get to the Old Castle by rental car.

Dvorak Gardens

Dvorak gardens photo

If you want to change the atmosphere and enjoy the beauty of nature, you should go to Dvořakovy Gardens. In any weather, it will be nice to walk along the alleys, see sculptures and monuments, and relax on benches in the shade. Walking, it is worth keeping a glance at massive trees, which are already about 200 years old. Against the background of the lake with a sculpture of a mermaid girl, it will be possible to take several memorable pictures, and then relax or have a small picnic on the lawn.

Near Karlovy Vary: the best car routes


Locket photo

Near Karlovy Vary is the small town of Loket. The main attraction here is the castle of the same name, built at the beginning of the XII century. It is not known for certain who built the massive structure. There are three legends that can be learned during the tour. Initially, the castle served as a border fortress; later it was converted into a prison. And only in the second half of the 20th century a museum began to function here. Tourists are given the opportunity to inspect a unique collection of archaeological artifacts, porcelain, and look into the torture chamber. Instruments of torture are activated from time to time during a staged execution. It will also be interesting to visit the wedding hall and stroll around the castle, examining the statues of mythical characters and gnomes.

Becov nad Teplou


Bečov nad Teplou photo

25 kilometers from Karlovy Vary is Bečov nad Teplou, which is famous for its ancient fortress and castle. Rent a car and go on an excursion to this romantic place, inspired by the spirit of antiquity. Buildings were built in the middle of the XIV century. For a long time of existence, owners, architectural style, interiors have changed. Initially, it was the residence of the head of a noble family, but today the relic of the Holy Moor and an accompanying exhibition are working here. During the tour, which lasts about 45 minutes, you can see the classic castle interiors with beautiful works of art. Reliquary is of particular value. This is a unique sarcophagus, the cost of which is comparable to the royal crown. Outside, it is decorated with figures of gilded silver, bas-reliefs, ornaments and filigree works.

Castle Hluboká nad Vltavou

Castle Hluboká nad Vltavou photo

If you want to change the situation, go on a one-day excursion to the Hluboká nad Vltavou castle. Every room, every element of decor can instantly arouse admiration. The library holds about 12,000 books, each of which is of value to the history of the country. Of particular interest are the kitchen facilities where you can see the machine for peeling potatoes and apples, the machine for the production of ice cream, molds for meat puddings. Art lovers will appreciate the work of Dutch artists of the XVI-XVIII centuries, as well as Gothic sculptures of the XIII-XVI centuries.


Jachymov photo

17 kilometers from Karlovy Vary is the popular spa Jachymov, which is famous for its mineral waters with natural radioactivity and mineral wealth. There are all the possibilities for the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system of any complexity. Arriving here in the hope of improving your health, take the time to explore popular places. On the cable car you can get to Mount Klinovets (the highest point of the Ore Mountains) and be inspired by breathtaking views. Fans of interesting architectural solutions should visit Klashterts nad Ohří and the Royal Mint.

Marianske Lazne

Marianske Lazne photo

If nothing inspires you so much as beautiful landscapes, renting a car, go to the small town of Marianske Lazne, which is called the city of greenery, parks, forests. The impression will certainly be made by the Roman Catholic Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, the building of the Evangelical Church, the Orthodox Church of St. Vladimir. If you want to diversify your leisure, you can visit one of the many concerts or play golf on the oldest field in the world, which was founded by the English king Edward VII. Going to Regent Lake, you will be able to ride on a yacht and meet the sunset in a romantic place.

Food: atmospheric restaurants, cafes and bars

Cafe pub

Mirove namesti 316/2 | Grandhotel Pupp http://www.pupp.cz/

Cafe Pupp Photo

For delicious cakes, head to the popular Cafe Pupp. The room is spacious and bright. There is a special dessert for every taste, and if you want variety, you can order a salad to your taste. Here it will be a pleasure to have a meal with your family or to meet a friend and discuss the most intimate. It will also be pleasant to sit by the window enjoying a cappuccino or hot chocolate and watching the life of the city.

Cafe-restaurant quisisana palace

Marianskolazenska 298/3 http://www.quisisana-palace.com/en/cafe-restaurant.html

Cafe-Restaurant Quisisana Palace photo

If you want a delicious meal with a beautiful view, head to the Cafe-Restaurant Quisisana Palace. The facility is suitable for both a gala dinner and a quick lunch. In addition to a wide range, gluten-free dishes and vegetarian delicacies are also on the menu. It is worth trying mushroom soup, quail cooked according to a special recipe and Moravian wine. While waiting for the order, you can enjoy the view of the river and the aroma of fresh bouquets.

Velkopopovicka pub

Petrin 1113/10 http://velkopopovicka-orion.webrestaurant.eu/

Velkopopovicka pub photo

Familiarity with national cuisine is worth starting at the Velkopopovicka pub. The staff of the establishment welcomes each guest warmly, helps to conveniently settle down and introduces with the assortment of dishes. It is worth taking note of fried cheese with lingonberry jam, potato pancake with meat, local beer. Thanks to the authentic atmosphere, local flavor is felt. Getting to the place can be difficult, so it’s better to use a rental car and navigation.

Restaurant embassy

Nova louka 296/21 https://embassy.cz/ru/restoran

Restaurant Embassy photo

Restaurant Embassy - a gourmet restaurant where everything is thought out to the smallest detail: serving dishes, interior, service. Sitting on the veranda while waiting for an order, you can enjoy views of the mountains and the promenade. It is worth trying veal goulash, an author-made duck, Argentinean steak, oysters. Fans of tasting dishes in new establishments can ask the waiters for advice. The desserts offered on the menu will certainly impress even the inveterate sweet tooth.

Ventura pub

Jizdarenska 1459/1 http://www.evropak.cz/

Ventura Pub Photo

If you want to spend evening leisure in an authentic restaurant and taste different types of beer, go to Ventura PUB. In fine weather, you can sit on the summer terrace and enjoy salmon with vegetable lasagna, chowder, Tatar beef steak. Despite the fact that the institution is located in the tourist center, it is popular with locals. The key to success is large portions, reasonable prices and delicious dishes.

Where to live: comfortable hotels in Karlovy Vary

Resort poppy

Hamerska 1 | Brezova
+420 353 224 849 http://www.resortpoppy.com/en/ double room - from € 63

Resort POPPY photo

If you have rented a car and are looking for a comfortable hotel at a reasonable price, opt for Resort POPPY. It is located in a picturesque place right next to the forest. It will be especially pleasant during the day to stroll along the river and breathe in the forest air. It offers tourists a spa center with a wide range of wellness services, parking, room-service. Delicious breakfasts and a high level of service will guarantee a good rest.

Hotel romance puskin

Trziste 384/37
+420 353 222 646 https://www.hotelromance.cz/ double room - from € 86

Hotel Romance Puskin photo

Hotel Romance Puskin is located in the heart of Karlovy Vary. The rooms are simple and bright, while the calm interior adds home comfort. It offers views of the main street. The staff is courteous and attentive to each guest. In the morning, having a hearty breakfast of national dishes, you can set off to explore the sights of the city. By the way, the healing springs and the colonnade are a 5-minute walk away.

Hotel Saint Petersburg

Marianskolazenska 448/13
+420 353 223 933 http://www.hotelsaint-petersburg.cz/ double room - from € 78

Hotel Saint Petersburg photo

The main advantage of Hotel Saint Petersburg is its convenient location. Opposite is the famous Grand Hotel Pup, on the one hand - a forest zone, on the other - the main street. Breakfast is varied, and large portions allow you to get enough in full. The homely atmosphere will allow you to relax and have a good rest, and the attentive staff will take care that you do not need anything. It will be convenient to stay with children, alone or with friends.

Hotel embassy

Nova louka 296/21
+420 353 221 161 https://embassy.cz/cs double room - from € 121

Hotel Embassy photo

If you prefer luxury hotels, opt for Hotel Embassy. This is a romantic boutique hotel with a classic interior. Here, special attention is paid to details: cleanliness, assortment of breakfast dishes, the needs of each guest. If you wish, you can use the room-service: you will be served in the room a cup of freshly brewed coffee, for example, or a newspaper. Tourists can rent a car with free parking.

Hotel dvorana

Chebska 394
+420 355 311 311 http://www.hoteldvorana.cz/en double room - from € 70

Hotel Dvorana photo

Hotel Dvorana is suitable for those who want to stay away from noisy streets and establishments. A cozy atmosphere and stylish interiors will appeal to every guest. Competent staff can make sure your stay at the hotel is unforgettable. Hotel Dvorana has a cinema where you can spend your evening leisure and not go out for dinner. The apartments are in demand, so book rooms in advance.

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