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Irkutsk panoramic photo

In the XVII century, a small settlement was founded at the mouth of the Irkut River. It was located on important at that time trade, industrial and colonization routes that connected Russia with Mongolia, China, and the Far East. The city developed rapidly: the population grew exponentially, new residential areas appeared, and production developed. Today, Irkutsk is an old Siberian city with a unique status of historical and cultural heritage. Rent a car to explore the sights and places of entertainment. Attention of tourists deserves the Spasskaya Church, the building of the East Siberian Department of the Russian Geographical Society, the Polish Church, the Icebreaker "Angara". If you have very little time for excursions, just take a walk around the city, enjoying the unique structures,

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Car rental at the airport of Irkutsk

Irkutsk International Airport ( Irkutsk International Airport ) - download the scheme

IATA code: IKT
Location: 8 km from Irkutsk
Official website: http://iktport.ru/index.php?lang=en
Information: 8 (395) 226-62-77

The following companies provide a car rental service at the Irkutsk airport: Hertz, Avis Russia, AvtoTur 38, Not Walk, I Am a Car, etc. Rental car rental desks are located in the arrivals hall. Free parking and paid parking are available near the airport.

What to see in Irkutsk: interesting sights of the city

130th quarter

130th quarter photo

To get acquainted with the city, having rented a car, go to the 130th quarter. Residential buildings and wooden buildings of the 18th century have been preserved here. Any city can boast of modern high-rises, but such historic buildings are unlikely. To preserve the historical heritage in 2010, reconstruction work began, so today the buildings look fresh and bright. Some houses have been converted into museums. For example, if you want to visit the Handicraft Compound, you need to go to the Kurnosov estate, and where the strike of the printing workers once took place, now there is the Museum complex “Window to Asia”. Having reached the inscription "Irkutsk 350 years", twist 3 times around its axis and make a wish.

Spasskaya Church

St. Suhe Bator, 2 http://spashram-irk.ru/

Spasskaya Church photo

As the locals say, it was with the Spasskaya Church that the city began. In the entire history of its existence, it survived the fires, the difficult years of the USSR. The main asset of the shrine is the icons stored in it, which heal the faiths of the ailments. Here are stored: the icon of St. Righteous Theodore of Tomsk, the icon of “Nikola Mozhaisk”, the Yaroslavl icon of the Mother of God. In addition, the church has a particle of the relics of Theodore of Tomsk.


St. 2nd Railway, 66 http://www.baikalnerpa.ru/en/about/welcome

Nerpinaria photo

For an unforgettable experience, go to Nerpinarium. From Thursday to Sunday every 45 minutes you can watch a show of trained seals. What they can’t do: play with the ball, count, sing, dance. These fearful creatures even paint pictures. During a visit to Nerpinaria, you can not only watch the fascinating action, but also purchase a painting at auction. The name of the masterpiece can be invented independently.

Decembrists Museum

Per. Volkonsky, 10 http://www.imd38.ru

Museum of the Decembrists photo

The next item on the map of the tourist route is the Decembrists Museum. The basis of the museum is household items and the estate of the Volkonsky and Trubetskoys, which after the coup were exiled to Siberia. Visitors will be able to see a pyramidal piano, a beaded collection of princely wives, numismatics, textiles, rare books and old china. For children, the museum hosts interesting thematic and cultural educational programs. It will be more convenient to get to your destination by rental car.

Lower Angara Embankment

Lower embankment of the Angara photo

At the end of your short excursion around Irkutsk, take a walk along the Lower Angara embankment. It will be interesting to see famous sights: a 6-meter monument to the founders of the city and a monument to the saints Fevronia of Murom and Peter, who are considered the patrons of the family and marriage. The symbol of the city is the Moscow Gate - a 19-meter triumphal arch. At the end of the walk, be sure to climb to the observation deck and admire the beauty of the Angara.

In the vicinity of Irkutsk: the best automobile routes


Taltsy photo

50 kilometers from Irkutsk is one of the most visited attractions - the Taltsy architectural and ethnographic museum. It is located in a picturesque place right on the banks of the Angara. For visitors, several cultural and historical zones with various expositions are equipped. During the tour it will be possible to get acquainted with the life of the indigenous peoples of the Baikal region: Tof, Evenki, Buryats. The Volostnoye Selo complex features monuments of wooden architecture in the Baikal region: a parish school, old estates, the Kazan Church of the Ilimsky Ostrog, Spasskaya travel tower. Workshops work on the territory of the museum, looking into which you can learn how to sculpt from clay, weaving from birch bark. National holidays here are held according to all traditions and on a large scale.

Stone experiences Olha

Stone experiences Olkhi photo

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, rent a car and go to the stone experiences of Olha. These are unique natural monuments that were formed during the centuries-old weathering of rocks. Stone sculptures are hidden from prying eyes in the picturesque surroundings of the Irkutsk region. If you have the time, you can plan a trip for one day with an overnight stay. The route runs along the Olha River. In the warm season, nature plays with colorful colors, so the trip will surely bring a lot of pleasure. The most famous is the Vityaz rock, where climbing competitions were regularly held. If you are also keen on this extreme sport, you can work out well here.


Listvyanka photo

Listvyanka village is a visiting card of Baikal. The name of the area was given by the first settlers and has survived to the present moment. The highlight of the territory is a large number of larch trees, which at different times of the year play with the brightest colors. At first glance, the village is modern and stands out for its rapidly developing infrastructure. Here you will find delicious restaurants, first-class service hotels, necessary shops. But it is worth going a little further along the coast, the time boundaries are erased, there is only an unusually beautiful nature around, which lives by its own rules.

Settlements Pribakalya

Settlements Pribakalya photo

If you are ready for the most unforgettable experiments, contact a travel company, where you will probably be able to offer a trip to the settlements of Pribakalya. The most memorable action will be a workshop on rural Russian singing. First you will be introduced to the history of traditional Russian songs, and then they will conduct a lesson in singing. Having dressed in national costumes and singing along with the button accordion, you can have fun in a pleasant company. Changing the scenery and moving to another era make an unforgettable impression.


Angarsk photo

Having rented a car, go to the small town of Angarsk. It will be interesting to visit the watch museum, where a collection of watches from different eras is presented, take a walk in the Lukomorye park, enjoying unique combinations of sculptures and nature, take a look at Holy Trinity Cathedral, where a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere reigns. If you want to enjoy the work of local artists, go to the Oneka-Angarsk art center. Here you can not only attend a master class, but also purchase your favorite masterpiece. For a walk with the children go to the builders park, where you can sit by the fountain, see squirrels and ride bicycles.

Food: atmospheric restaurants, cafes and bars

New Zealand Pies

St. Sverdlova, 8 https://vk.com/nzpies

New Zealand pies photo

New Zealand Pies is a great place to have a delicious breakfast or light snack. Fish pie with chum salmon and spinach, with vegetables and omelette, with ham and egg, beef and champignons - everything here is invariably fresh, and the filling is juicy. The assortment also has pies with sweet fillings. The visitors' favorites are a pie with apple and cinnamon, strawberries and cherries, pumpkin and apple. A cozy atmosphere and a delicious smell floating in the air make for pleasant gatherings.

Traveler´s Coffee

St. Kievskaya, 7 http://www.travelerscoffee.ru/

Traveler´s Coffee photo

Can't deny yourself a delicious coffee? We advise you to visit Traveler´s Coffee. Here, delicious food and drinks, and a calm and cozy atmosphere is a pleasant bonus, thanks to which the institution becomes a favorite. In Traveler´s Coffee, you should try pancakes with salmon, cream of champignon soup, pasta with chicken. As a dessert, you can order Napoleon with coffee. Food is served as quickly as possible, which is very nice, especially when there is no time to wait long.


St. Red Uprising, 20 http://varvar.irk.ru/

Barbarian photo

For a hearty dinner, the restaurant “Barbarian” is suitable. The institution is permeated with the atmosphere of the Spanish castle, which makes it look brutal and pompous. This is one of the few places where steak lovers will appreciate cooked dishes. Due to the fact that the chef clearly follows the technology, the meat turns out to be especially delicious. The menu offers a wide selection of dishes, so you will surely find here what you came for. A rental car can be parked in a conveniently equipped car park.


St. Karl Marx, 40 https://www.facebook.com/DesignBar-427453473964055/

DesignBar photo

Looking for an original place for special meetings? The dim light, the original interior, organically complemented by unusual paintings, will impress everyone. The menu of the establishment, at first glance, seems incomprehensible, but the waiters help to figure out and make your choice. It is especially worth trying cream soup with chicken, brown rice with shrimp and coconut milk, beetroot risotto, lemon tart.

Rock´n´Roll Pub

St. Kievskaya, 24 https://vk.com/rocknrollpub

Rock´n´Roll Pub photo

If you want to have an unforgettable evening at your leisure and enjoy the great sound, head to Rock´n´Roll Pub. It hosts fun parties, loud music plays in original arrangements, and companies of various ages and interests gather in the establishment. The menu features Japanese and Italian cuisine. You can try both a juicy steak and rolls, sushi. For those who want an easy meal there is a good selection of salads and snacks.

Where to live: comfortable hotels in Irkutsk


Baykalskaya 69 69 (395) 229-15-15 http://www.europehotel.ru/en double room - from € 68

Europe photo

Choose a hotel based on the fact that you plan to rent a car? Choose your hotel Europe. Tourists are offered free parking, a fitness room, and an audience for conferences. Breakfast is included. The cozy rooms are equipped with everything necessary for everyone to feel comfortable. We offer advantageous offers for guests: when booking online, a 15% discount on accommodation is provided, on weekends - 50%.

Courtyard Marriott

St. Chkalova, 15
8 (395) 248-10-00 http://www.courtyardirkutsk.ru/ double room - from € 87

Courtyard by Marriott photo

If you appreciate the original interiors, the high quality of service, we recommend staying at the Courtyard Marriott. The rooms are available for choice: Deluxe King, Deluxe Twin, Grand Deluxe, Suite. The undoubted advantage for both family tourists and those who are on a business trip is the location of the hotel. Nearby is the city administration, Kirov Square, Drama Theater. The hotel offers a conference room, fitness center, dry cleaning.

Cote d'Azur

St. Baikalskaya, d. 252b
8 (395) 270-48-88 http://lb-irk.ru/ double room - from € 54

Cote d'Azur photo

"Cote d'Azur" is located near the railway station and airport. The advantage of the hotel is the optimal ratio of price and quality. The hotel offers parking, room-service 24/7, laundry, transfer, restaurant. Qualified staff will not only do everything to make you feel at home, but will also help in organizing excursions, conducting seminars, and trainings. In the evening, after a busy day, you will have at your disposal a hammam, Finnish and Russian saunas.


St. Karl Marx, 13b
8 (395) 250-00-00 http://www.sayen.ru/ double room - from € 136

Saen photo

Saen is a high-tech and modern complex. Guests are offered apartments of various classes. Traveling services include a spa (peeling, body wrap, programs for men), room-service, bicycle rental, organization of excursions. For regular guests and newlyweds special offers. Convenient parking is available for tourists on rental cars. If you appreciated the quality of service, you can purchase a gift certificate for hotel accommodation for your loved ones.

Merchant Yard

St. Sedova, 10
8 (395) 279-70-00 http://kupecheskyhotel.ru/ double room - from € 74

Merchant Yard photo

Hotel “Kupechesky Dvor” is located in an old Siberian manor, which once served as a hotel for wealthy merchants. Today, tourists are provided with a wake-up call, room service, a meeting room, and a shuttle service. Commemorative gizmos can be purchased at the souvenir kiosk, and a business partner can be met in the lobby bar. When booking online, a discount is provided. There is a loyalty program for regular guests.

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