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Corfu panoramic photo

In the northernmost part of Greece is a popular island among tourists - Corfu or Kerkyra. Many peoples left their mark here: Italians, British and Germans. According to legend, the city is named after the daughter of Poseidon and the nymph beautiful Metopa. Some attractions are dedicated to these mythological characters. Interestingly, the island managed to maintain its identity, despite numerous attempts to conquer the Ottoman Empire and Alexander the Great by the armies. Today, Corfu is a place where you can spend a wonderful beach holiday, explore many attractions that are on the UNESCO heritage list, drink incredibly tasty wine and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of myths and legends. Having rented a car, you will certainly go on a trip to the mysterious and bewitching island of Corfu.

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Car hire at Corfu Airport

Corfu International Airport ( Corfu You International, Airport then )
of IATA Code: of CFU
Location: 3 km from Corfu
Official website: http://www.corfu-airport.com/
Background: +30 2661 089 600

Leaders hire in Corfu are: Alamo, National Car Rental , Dollar, Antena, Budget, Europcar, CarTrawler, Thrifty, Avant Car, Enterprise, and Sixt. Car rental points are located near the reception, and there is free parking at the airport where you can park your rented car.

What to see in Corfu: interesting sights of the city

Cathedral of St. Spyridon

Agiou Spyridon Str.

Cathedral of St. Spyridon photo

The Cathedral of St. Spyridon is named after the virtues of Spyridon, which has repeatedly saved the island and its inhabitants from the Turkish army, plague and famine. Many tourists come here annually to venerate the relics of the Saint. Someone asks for financial well-being, while someone else is just a blessing in business. Walking around the temple, you can notice unusual decorations on the walls: metal figures, cars, and even body parts. This temple is considered so significant that both Catholics and Christians consider it their duty to donate its maintenance money.

Temple of Poseidon

Temple of Poseidon photo

The Temple of Poseidon is undoubtedly the hallmark of Corfu. It has long been believed that the patron saint of the island is this mythical hero. Reflecting such a deep conviction of the locals, the temple, named after him. Excerpts from the life of Poseidon and some moments from the battles of the centaurs with lipaphams are engraved on marble slabs and columns. It is best to come here with a rental car to linger until sunset. Then you will see a truly magical sight - the sunset against the background of antique columns.

The ruins of the temple of Artemis

1 A. Vraila Street

Ruins of the Temple of Artemis photo

You can plunge into the times BC, visiting the ruins of the temple of Artemis. Locals considered Artemis the goddess of hunting and fertility. It was always customary to ask her for a good harvest and help in getting food. In order to show their reverence and respect, back in 600 BC a magnificent temple was built where one could come and worship the goddess Artemis.

Royal Palace

Royal Palace photo

A magnificent building - the Royal Palace is located in the heart of Corfu. In the 19th century, Commissioner Frederick Adams presented it to his wife. Subsequently, the house served as the residence of the governors of Great Britain, the summer residence of the Greek king. This place is perfect for day and evening boardwalks. First go to the Museum of Art, and then take a walk in the park. Enjoy the beauty of luxurious gardens and Venetian ponds.

The old fortress of Kerkyra

Old fortress of Kerkyra photo

The fortress was built during the reign of Italians. It was thought that she would defend the city, so the Venetians tried to make it as impregnable as possible. They dug up multiple trenches, separating the island’s land from the fortress, and later connected them with a bridge. And it will be best to get to the fortress on a rented car, then you can stay until sunset and enjoy the views of the night city, as well as light shows that are regularly arranged by local residents.

Near Corfu: the best car routes

Achilleion Palace

Achilleion Palace photo

Taking a rental car, head towards the village of Gasturi to the cape above the Ionian Sea. After driving about 20 km, you will notice in the distance an elegant neoclassical palace. Initially, it belonged to the Empress Elizabeth of Austria, and after - to the Kaiser of Germany William II. From these two owners here, to our days, unique architectural monuments have been preserved: statues, columns, portraits. After viewing the sights, you can go to a three-level garden and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Mouse Island and Vlacherna Monastery

Mouse Island and Monastery Vlacherna photo

Rent a car and drive 4 km from Corfu. You will find a small island overgrown with trees, in the shadow of which a mysterious structure is hiding. This is the monastery of Vlaherna. It spreads over almost the entire territory of the island and is a series of religious buildings. The chapel of the Virgin Mary and the snow-white church have survived to this day. This fascinating journey does not end there. Take a small boat and head towards the next point on the map of the tourist route - Mouse Island. Someone calls this place the ship of Odysseus, which angry Poseidon turned into stone. Around this place there are many legends that locals are happy to share with tourists. Be sure to go to the old church and leave time for gorgeous photos.

Monastery of Our Lady of the Life-Giving Spring

Monastery of the Mother of God of the Life-Giving Spring photo

Everyone comes here for their own purpose: someone to make a pilgrimage and pray life-giving icons, someone to see historical sights, and some come here for the sake of idle interest. For whatever purpose you come, you will certainly be amazed at the beauty of the place and feel its holiness. In addition to ancient icons and relics, there is a well here, which, according to the monks, fulfills desires. Is this so, no one knows for sure. But just in case, stand with your back to the well and throw a coin. If you get - the most secret desire will come true.

Fortress Paleo Frurio

Fortress Paleo Frurio photo

The Byzantines desperately tried to resist the raids of the army of the Ottoman Empire, so they regularly erected new bastions and strengthened the fortress. In addition to the main building, a church was also built here, named after St. George. The place where the citadel is located is unusually picturesque. That is why nowadays various outdoor ceremonies and celebrations are held here. At the weekend, concerts, exhibitions, mass celebrations are held. It is best to come here in a rental car so that you can stay until the evening and watch the reconstruction shows and the national dances of the Ionians.

The ancient city of Paleopolis

The ancient city of Paleopolis photo

The ancient city of Paleopolis is a kind of archaeological park. When it was the area where influential people built their mansions: merchants, artisans, close emperors and kings. Here are the most striking sights that relate to the early Christian basilica. Multiple attacks by the Saracens, the Ottoman army and the Goths inflicted huge damage on historically significant buildings. After World War II, ruins remained here. Some of the monuments were restored, and some remained to rest in ruins.

Food: atmospheric restaurants, cafes and bars

Cafe kanoni

Naksikas cafekanoni.com

Cafe Kanoni photo

If you want a delicious breakfast and enjoy the sea view, you should definitely go to Cafe Kanoni. This is the best place for those who want a tasty and inexpensive meal. The cafe serves dishes from the Mediterranean, Greek cuisine. Here you should definitely try rice with cuttlefish ink and gyros. The staff is extremely polite and the views of the surrounding area are simply dizzying. While you are waiting for an order, pay attention to the runway in the distance. You may be able to see several aircraft.


Alkiviadou Dari 9 Garitsa www.avlicorfu.com/

Avli photo

One of the most popular places on the island is Avli Restaurant. Here you can stay inside, in a room with an original interior and unusual paintings, or on a terrace with breathtaking views of the city. The menu features Greek cuisine. Fried halumi cheese, filo pastry pies with toppings to choose from, meze, eggplant with tomatoes and cheese, pork, seafood - these dishes are definitely worth a try. It is interesting that dishes are prepared according to great-grandfather's recipes, thanks to this, the original taste is preserved.


+30 266 1039249

Stamatis photo

For 50 years, the restaurant has pleased its visitors with real Greek cuisine. Here you can taste dishes from the national cuisine: beef in garlic sauce, beef in tomato sauce with pasta, meat cooked on charcoal, pies with herbs, chicken, a variety of mushroom dishes. And as a drink, you can choose homemade wine, which is prepared according to the recipe of the chef of the restaurant. Stamatis offers great views of the forest, where you can walk and enjoy your meal. By the way, free parking is available here, where you can leave your rented car.

Stevens on the hill

Corfu 490 84 www.stevens.gr/

Stevens on the Hill photo

Incredibly cozy restaurant is suitable for a romantic dinner, as well as for lunch with children. It has a playground, which is in sight of adults. While you enjoy Greek dishes, children can have fun in the company of peers. If you drop by Stevens on the Hill on a Thursday night, be sure to stay until night. A fascinating action awaits you - a gastronomic show. Each time, in the main role, there is a dish prepared in the most varied and unusual variations. In addition, real Greek dances are held here with the appropriate musical accompaniment. The chef of the restaurant never repeats in dishes, so if you have planned a long rest, you will surely find how to have fun on Thursdays.

Ammus Restaurant Cafe

Peritheia, Agios Spyridonas

Ammus Restaurant Cafe photo

Ammus Restaurant Cafe - one of the most popular restaurants where you are tasty and inexpensively fed. It is called family, but here you can have a romantic evening or have fun dinner with friends. In anticipation of the order, you can enjoy the seascape or take a dip in the pool, sunbathe on a sun lounger. Seafood, salads, meat - everything is prepared from the freshest products, and most importantly - with a soul. You should definitely try hot chocolate, which costs a penny, but the taste is absolutely amazing.

Where to live: comfortable hotels in Corfu

Summertime Apartments

Sidari, Canal d´amour, Kerkira 490 81
+30 2663 095401 www.summertimeapartments.com/ double room - from € 110

Summertime Apartments photo

A cozy hotel where you can stay with family or friends. Each room is a small house with its own elaborate interior. A pleasant bonus is a free breakfast and a spacious pool. The hotel staff is extremely attentive and courteous. Any of your wishes or requests will be fulfilled. For those who prefer to drive a rental car, there is ample parking available for free.

Dassia Chandris Hotel & Spa

Dassia Bay Dassia Bay
+30 2661 097100 www.chandris.gr/contact-en.html double room - from € 145

Dassia Chandris Hotel & Spa photo

Dassia Chandris Hotel & Spa - a democratic option for relaxing on the island. Here you will have at your disposal a large area where you can stroll leisurely in the evenings, a fancifully shaped pool, rooms with sea views, and a tennis court. fitness center and spa. If you are planning a family vacation with young children, then at this hotel you can entrust your child with an experienced nanny.

Sidari water park hotel

Sidari, Sidrion 490 81
+30 2663 099066 www.sidariwaterpark.com/ double room - from € 140

Sidari Water Park Hotel photo

For families, Sidari Water Park Hotel is the best choice. In order for children to have fun, the hotel is equipped with: a water park, water slides, a playground and all kinds of slot machines. At this time, adults can enjoy their time in the restaurant or by the pool. The hotel is 20 km from the city, so the best means of transportation is a rented car, which can be left in free parking.

Pantokrator hotel

Barbati, Kerkira 490 83
+30 2663 091 005 http://www.pantokratorhotel.com/index.php double room - from € 110

Pantokrator Hotel photo

An ideal place to spend time calmly and without too much fuss on the amazing island of Corfu. The hotel is located at the foot of the mountain, which means that your room will have a view of the beautiful natural landscape. The rooms are small but with a cozy interior. The hotel staff is very friendly and always tries to make every guest feel comfortable. By the way, there is a beach nearby, which locals rightfully consider one of the best.

Hotel yannis corfu

PO Box 89, Pyrgi, Feakes, Pirgi 490 83
+30 2661 081650 http://www.hotelyannis.gr/ double room - from € 120

Hotel Yannis Corfu photo

Hotel Yannis Corfu stands right on the seafront. The pool is located outside the hotel, so nothing will stop you from admiring the seascape from the windows of your room. If you don’t want to go anywhere, here you can play billiards, ping pong, sunbathe by the pool. On the right side of the hotel there is a whole line of restaurants, taverns, bars and cozy cafes. Everything is within walking distance and, if desired, you can not go far from Hotel Yannis Corfu. Free parking is available near the hotel, where you can leave a rental car.

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