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Chisinau panoramic photo

Chisinau is a cozy city with a rich architectural and cultural heritage. Whatever the purpose of the trip to the capital, it is worthwhile to take a few days to get acquainted with the local cuisine, traditions. Learn about the history of the city and the country in the best possible way at the Museum of National Archeology and History, no less exciting will be an excursion to the Museum of Plastic Arts, where medieval exhibits and works by modern Romanian, Moldavian artists are presented. A special place in Chisinau is occupied by the Jewish heritage. This is due to the fact that until the beginning of the 20th century, 35% of Jews lived in the city. Well-preserved yeshiva, synagogue. You can breathe fresh air and escape from the big flow of information by going to one of the many parks of the capital by car: “La Izvor”, arboretum, “Valley of the Mills”, “Pink Valley”, “Risky.” Finally, definitely go on a wine tour to taste the best varieties.

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Car rental at Chisinau Airport

Chisinau Airport ( Chisinau Airport ) - download the scheme

IATA code: KIV
Location: 13 km from Chisinau
Official website: www.airport.md/homepage-ro/
Information: +373 22 525 111

The following representatives of rental companies work at Chisinau Airport: VIP rent, Europcar, Avis, Prim-Auto, Enterprise, Sixt. Car rental desks are located in the arrivals hall. There is a 4-level parking lot near the airport, where the first 15 minutes of parking are free.

What to see in Chisinau: interesting sights of the city

Presidential palace

Stefan cel Mare avenue, 154

Presidential Palace photo

In a rented car, go see the Presidential Palace. This is the tallest building in the city, which is a vivid example of modern local architecture. Outside, the palace looks majestic and stylish: the towers are made of concrete and glass, a wide landing is equipped before the construction, and the national flag rises at the top. Today, the residence of the head of state is located here, the palace is closed to visitors.

National Museum of Ethnography

St. Mikhail Kogalnichanu, 82 www.muzeu.md

National Museum of Ethnography photo

The National Museum of Ethnography opened its doors to visitors at the end of the 19th century. The modern building is an example of a pseudo-Moorish style. Inside the museum is decorated with stained-glass windows, tiles with ornaments, mosaics. During the tour you will be able to see the rich collections of paleontological, archaeological, zoological, ethnographic exhibits. A collection of national costumes and coins also deserves attention. The pride of the museum are ancient treasures, a collection of Bessarabian carpets of the XVIII-XX centuries, a collection of unusual ties. After viewing the exhibits, you can go to the botanical garden at the museum, examine animals and unique plants.

House with Gulliver

St. August 31, 1989, 34 www.gulliver.md

House with Gulliver photo

One of the interesting places where you can go on an excursion with children is the house with Gulliver. This is a two-story mansion, stylized in the best traditions of old Europe. On the facade you can see a statue of the character of Gulliver, inside - no less themed design. By the way, the office of the large Moldavian tour operator Gulliver is located in the house, so that having examined the architectural features, you can order a tour.

Pushkin House-Museum

St. Anton Pann, 19 www.pushkinmuseum.ru

Pushkin House-Museum photo

Pushkin House-Museum is the main cultural attraction, which every tourist reaches. Inspecting the corner around the corner of a small house, you can feel the Pushkin atmosphere, and looking at authentic artifacts you can literally travel back to that distant time. The pearl of the collection is the digest of Pushkin's workbooks, a dueling gun of the 19th century. To quickly get to your destination, rent a car.

Museum of History

St. August 31, 1989, 121 a www.nationalmuseum.md

Museum of the History of Photo

Those who prefer to spend time with benefit, studying new facts, should visit the Museum of History. The presented exhibits will introduce Chisinau's guests to the best traditions, culture, and local life. Particularly noteworthy are: a fragment of the Hittite war chariot dating from the 4th century BC, a map of Moldova at the end of the 18th century, and the Olanesti treasure, consisting of bronze artifacts. It will also be interesting to see the numerous numismatic collection.

In the vicinity of Chisinau: the best automobile routes

Tsypov Monastery

S. Tsypovo www.visit.md/tour/tsipova/

Tsypov Monastery photo

Tsypov Monastery is one of the most valuable archaeological finds. The rock temple was built in the VI century. At first it served as a place of refuge for hermits and monks. Several centuries later, services began to be held here, and already in the 15th century the Moldavian ruler Stefan cel Mare married his beloved. A few decades ago, the temple was taken under state protection; services are still held here. Outside, the monastery looks impregnable: it is cut into the thickness of a huge green cliff, a flowering valley is located around, and the Dniester flows nearby. Just by going inside, the true beauty of the shrine is revealed. There are more than a dozen rooms: refectory, cells, a church with a bell tower. Thanks to the secret well, the monks survived the sieges, and the grottoes were used as pantries.

Underground Galleries of Cricova

Cricova, st. Petru Ungureanu, 1 www.cricova.md

Underground Galleries Cricova photo

Having rented a car, set off to look at a unique attraction - Underground Galleries of Cricova. Previously, it was a kind of mine where a shell rock was mined. In the middle of the last century, the underground city, stretching for 120 kilometers, passed into the possession of the Cricova winery. Unique natural conditions for storing drinks are created here: ideal temperature and humidity. During the tour, you can see a huge collection of wines, which has 20,000 bottles, visit the hall in the form of a wine glass, learn about production, aging, storage. One of the halls contains a collection of photographs of prominent people who once visited underground galleries. It also houses a collection of famous businessmen and politicians, for example, John Kerry, Vladimir Putin. The tour takes place by electric train,

Talmaz village

Talmaz village photo

Another popular tourist destination is the village of Talmaz. It is a vivid example of original folklore, it is here that it is the best way to get to discover the true soul of Moldova. The main attractions that will be of interest to tourists are the 19th-century windmill “Mosh Tikhon”, the archaeological site “Big Grave”, a pheasant farm. Of particular interest is the winery of the same name, which has 450 hectares of vineyards and whose products are known far beyond the borders of Moldova. It will also be interesting to visit the hunting complex “Fazanul argintiu”, look at peacocks, pheasants, guinea fowls, partridges.

Hirzheuk Monastery

Hirzheuk Monastery photo

70 kilometers from Chisinau in a picturesque place of Codri is the monastery of Hyrzheuk. A whole legend is associated with its construction. They say that in a dream, the Mother of God Khirzh appeared the Mother of God three times and ordered to build a holy monastery in the place where the monastic monastery was already. This happened in the middle of the XVIII century, and a little later the monastery was decorated with alleys, fountains, a park with ponds. Already in Soviet times, a sanatorium was located here. But at the end of the last century, the temple was returned to its former destination. Today you can stroll through picturesque places, go to the shrine, and then drink water from the Source of Youth.

Gidigich Park

Gidigich Park photo

If you have already managed to see all the sights and want to spend time in a quiet and picturesque place, take a rental car to the village of Gidigich. Gidigich Park is a favorite vacation spot of metropolitan and rural residents. There is a recreation area near the reservoir: a beach, nearby, picturesque alleys and places where you can set up a campground. You can come here for a few hours walk or stop for a weekend in one of the tourist centers, go fishing (perch, grass carp, bream are found in the reservoir), go on a boat trip and have a picnic.

Food: atmospheric restaurants, cafes and bars

Tucano coffee

St. Pushkina, 15 www.tucanocoffee.com

Tucano Coffee photo

For breakfast in Chisinau, Cafe Tucano Coffee is perfect. The interior of the institution is stylish and bright. Inside, a pleasant aroma of coffee is felt. The order is made at the checkout. Here you can try a sandwich, cake, cookies, specialty coffee. The institution is especially popular among local youth. In a cafe it will be convenient to sit together or with a company. In addition, this place is great for families with children.

Pegas restaurant & terrace

St. Albisoara, 20/1 www.pegasrestaurant.md

Pegas Restaurant & Terrace photo

For a delicious lunch, head to Pegas Restaurant & Terrace. Polite staff greets guests, helps to accommodate and gives recommendations on dishes. The menu features local and Romanian cuisine. Specialties and snacks developed by the chef of the place are popular. Shrimp and avocado salad, duck breast with raspberry sauce, steaks are beyond praise. The cozy atmosphere provides for a pleasant pastime.

Beef. Meat & wine

14/1 Moskovsky Ave. www.facebook.com/BeefMeatWine

Beef.  Meat & Wine photo

Fans of juicy steaks and a cozy atmosphere should visit Beef. Meat & Wine. You can try fakkacha with eggplant caviar, beef in sweet and sour sauce, liver pate with tomato jam, beef tenderloin steak. If you plan to visit the property in the evening with your soulmate, notify the staff when booking. Your table will certainly be decorated with candles, this will create a romantic atmosphere. To comfortably get to the restaurant, rent a car.

Carpe Diem Wine Shop & Bar

St. Kolumna, 136 www.wineshop.md/rom/

Carpe Diem Wine Shop & Bar photo

Carpe Diem Wine Shop & Bar - wine bar with the best wineries in Moldova. Here you can taste local wines and sample signature snacks. A specialist in all the presented varieties will hold a small educational program, and after that he will offer special varieties, having previously learned about the preferences of visitors. Each of the varieties leaves a truly unique aftertaste. Locals assure that the fact that the wine is on the shelves of this establishment is a guarantee of quality in itself, so that, without fear, you can taste the proposed options.

Propaganda Cafe

St. Schuseva, 70 www.facebook.com/propagandacafe

Propaganda Cafe photo

A great option for an extraordinary evening out is the Propaganda Cafe. Despite the large flow of visitors, the staff pays time to each guest, talking about dishes and drinks. The place is extremely atmospheric: the light is a little dim, pleasant music plays, the interior is complemented by vintage furniture, and pleasant aromas are in the air. Here you can have a great time with friends or with your soulmate.

Where to live: comfortable hotels in Chisinau

Aria hotel

St. Alba Julia | St. Iona Pelivana
+373 22 999 171 www.ariahotel.md double room - from € 60

Aria Hotel photo

Are you looking for a comfortable hotel while planning to travel in a rented car, opt for the Aria Hotel. Despite the time of day, polite staff greets guests, helps to quickly check in and conveniently settle down. The rooms are comfortably equipped, and the amenities provide for a pleasant stay. In the morning, enjoy delicious breakfasts in a traditional manner. It features a spa, room-service, free parking, a fitness center, and a conference room.

Berd´s Design Hotel

Dmitry Cantemir B
+373 22 022 222 www.berdshotel.com double room - from € 126

Berd´s Design Hotel photo

Berd´s Design Hotel is a romantic hotel in which everything is thought out to the smallest detail. The interior is made in European style, the rooms are spacious and comfortable. In the morning, guests are invited to have breakfast in the restaurant. A large selection of dishes and drinks allows everyone to choose to their taste. The hotel is the best suited for those who adhere to a healthy lifestyle (equipped with a fitness center) and for couples (a babysitting service is provided).

Best Western Plus Flowers Hotel

St. Anestiade, 7
+373 22 260 202 www.hotelflowers.md double room - from € 76

Best Western Plus Flowers Hotel photo

The Best Western Plus Flowers Hotel is centrally located in a quiet area. Leaving the apartment, you can quickly get to any attraction, shopping center, restaurant. The hotel has a delicious restaurant where you can have a hearty breakfast or spend evening leisure. The staff is attentive to each guest, requests are politely executed. The hotel is perfect for both a business trip or a family trip.

Hotel chisinau

7 Negruzzi Blvd.
+373 22 578 506 www.chisinau-hotel.md double room - from € 33

Hotel Chisinau photo

If you plan to stay in Chisinau for a couple of days and are looking for a budget accommodation option, Hotel Chisinau, located near the center, is suitable for this. Despite the low price, the rooms are clean, spacious and comfortable. The staff shows due respect and attention, gives recommendations on attractions and interesting places. In the morning, delicious breakfasts, tea and coffee are offered. Rental cars can be parked for free.

Weekend Boutique Hotel

Blvd. +373 22 840 484 www.weekend-boutique-hotel.com double room - from € 109

Weekend Boutique Hotel photo

The main advantage of Weekend Boutique Hotel is its convenient location. It is located near the airport, shopping center. It impresses with a bright interior with an original combination of colors. The rooms have a spacious bathroom with plenty of bath amenities. Thanks to the comfortable bed you can relax after a busy day. The restaurant offers delicious national dishes for every taste.

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