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Car rental in Burgas

Bookingcar offers a wide selection of car rental options in Burgas
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Burgas panoramic photoBurgas is a city in Bulgaria, second only to Varna in size. It is from here that it is convenient to begin your journey around the country. But in order to make it with maximum comfort, it is worth thinking about car rental. It is best to book a car in advance, right on our website.

On our site you can arrange a rental in Burgas online by choosing the most advantageous offer for you from a variety of options. Just use the vehicle selection form, indicating the place of its receipt, as well as the estimated rental dates.

What does a rental car driver get

Different rental companies have their own conditions, but often, in Burgas you can find companies that not only provide a car with a full tank of fuel, but also offer free child seats, full insurance valid in Bulgaria, unlimited mileage, snow chains, a road map, if you decide to enter the second driver, then you can do this also for free.

As a rule, the following insurance is also included in the lease: from damage during an accident, from theft, civil liability insurance. Pay attention to the prescribed deductible amount, as this amount can become real money that you have to pay in case of an accident. The insurance company will only cover what goes beyond this amount. However, keep in mind that in the event of damage to the windows, windshield, wheels or tires, underbody or roof of the car, all payments fall on your shoulders. If you want to avoid this - insure these elements of the machine separately.

We recommend that you carefully study the rental offers presented on our website - you can definitely choose the option that is ideal for you under all conditions.

Driver requirements

Night Burgas photoDepending on what class of car you want to rent, the requirements for your age will also depend. As a rule, the general requirement is that you must be at least 21 years old. In some cases, you may have to pay an additional amount if you are not yet 23 years old and if your experience is less than 1 year.

In some rental companies, they will be completely satisfied with national rights, but in order to avoid problems, it is still better to obtain international rights, this is not at all difficult to do.

For rent, in addition to rights, you will need: a passport, a voucher (which we sent you by email), a credit card. Please note that the credit card must be issued in the name of the main driver, on this bank card, the rental company will block the amount of the deposit. Each company may have a different deposit amount, as a rule it varies depending on the class of car. Make sure your credit card has the required amount. The maximum amount is calculated according to a simple scheme: the amount of prepayment, deductible with tax, and the cost of a full tank of fuel are added to the rental price. Please note that the rental companies have their own prices for gasoline, if you forget to fill the tank before the car is handed over, they will deduct from your card an amount that exceeds the amount that you could pay if you refueled yourself.

Toll roads

Many roads in Bulgaria are paid. To travel, you will need to buy a vignette, which is sold at a gas station, and attach it to the windshield. The cost of this “badge” varies depending on the validity period. So, a vignette for 7 days costs 60 BGN, for a month - 172. For the lack of vignette you have to pay a fine of 300 BGN.


After Bulgaria joined the European Union, many fines were equal in size to the European ones. This affected Burgas. 

All your violations are monitored by video recording cameras. If you exceeded the speed by 10 km / h, then pay only 10 leva, but over 51 - about 250.



For the most part, all Burgas parking lots are paid. Payment is hourly, and its size depends on different nuances. So just watch the signs carefully. The average price for parking is 1 euro per hour.

If you have any problems when renting a car, then contact us and we will help you.

Car rental with BookingCar - profitable, convenient, easy!

In case of any problems associated with the rental car, BookingCar will solve them as quickly as possible.


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