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Budva photo

Budva is the main tourist resort of Montenegro, where travelers gather in search of new experiences, bright sun and an unforgettable vacation. There is a lesson here for lovers of active and fun leisure, as well as for those who want to spend a measured time enjoying the beauty of nature. Whatever your plan, rent a car and drive along several beaches, which, by the way, are about 35 in Budva. The most popular are Slavic beach, Mogren beach, Pisana. Of course, it is worth visiting the main attractions of the city: the church of St. John, St. Mary, the Holy Trinity, the Archaeological Museum, the island of St. Stephen. Do not miss the opportunity to visit a local restaurant and try barbecue, pizza, waffles. Finally, be sure to do paragliding or bungee jumping,

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Car rental at the airport of Budva

The international airport Tivat ( Tivat International, Airport then ) - download scheme

IATA code: TIV
Location: 20 km from Budva
Official website: http://www.montenegroairports.com/#
Information: +382 32 671 337

The following companies provide car rental services at Budva Airport: Hertz, InMontenegro Rent-a-car Europcar, Avis, Sixt. Car rental desks are located at the entrance to the airport building. There is a parking lot near the airport where you will have to pay 0.60 euros per hour for parking, and 6 euros per day.

What to see in Budva: interesting sights of the city


Citadel photo

The Citadel in Budva is a visiting card of the city where every tourist reaches. Having rented a car, go look at the massive fortress, which was built to protect against Turkish raids in the middle of the IX century. This is not just an old building reminiscent of the centuries-old history of the city, but also a platform for cultural events. Every year, the Grad Theater festival is held here, where actors from many countries come together. Inside the citadel there is a maritime museum, which presents unique exhibits: models of the Mayflower and Bounty ships, a small restaurant, a library and an open-air theater. To see the mesmerizing panorama of Old Budva, you should climb the fortress wall.

Art Gallery

Art Gallery Photo

Lovers of art and long thinking should visit an art gallery where you can get acquainted with the peculiarities of the styles of local painters. During the tour you can see more than 200 paintings, sculptures, prints, watercolors and drawings. The gallery also features works by contemporary expressionists, and some are even for sale. There are not many visitors here, so enjoying the works of art will turn out in almost complete silence.

Church of St. John

Church of St. John photo

Walking around the Old Town, you will definitely see a high bell tower - this is the church of St. John. This is the oldest shrine in Budva, which was built in the XVII century on the ruins of a centuries-old church. The external structure looks ascetic and does not attract the attention of tourists. However, to go inside is still worth it, if only because to inspect the rich exterior decoration and ancient exhibits of the 15th-17th centuries. There are legends that the Budva Mother of God is miraculous and, as the locals say, the icon was painted by St. Luke himself.

Archaeological Museum

Stari Grad, Petra I Petrovica, 11

Archaeological Museum Photo

The Archaeological Museum in Budva consists of 4 floors. The first is a lapidarium, where funeral urns of stone and glass, stone slabs with ancient writing are presented. On the second and third floors you can see kitchen utensils, household items, personal belongings of the Byzantines, Greeks, and Romans. The property of the collection is the Illyrian bronze helmet dating from the 5th century BC. On the fourth floor are ethnographic exhibits of the XVIII-XX centuries. It will be convenient to get to the museum by rental car.

Podmaine Monastery


Podmaine Monastery photo

The history of the Podmaine Monastery began around the 13th century. Since then, the shrine was attacked, fires, was looted, but every time there were people who gave a second life to the monastery. Today it is divided into the Small Assumption Church, which is located underground and the Great Assumption Church, which was built several centuries later and is visible from the street. For several decades, the summer residence of the Montenegrin clergy was located here, and now the monastery is functioning: any believer can go inside to pray.

In the vicinity of Budva: the best car routes

Monastery Stanevichi

Monastery Stanevichi photo

One of the amazing sights in the vicinity of Budva is the Stanevichi Monastery. It is located near the village of Pobori at an altitude of 600 meters above sea level. The history of the shrine began in the fourteenth century, when the church of St. George was built on the top of Dzhurzhevets. There was a period when these territories belonged to Venice, and later to Austria. It was here that the nephew Peter II Petrovich Negosh wrote his poem “Rays of the Microcosm”. The monastery was gradually gaining popularity and once enlighteners Vuk Karadzic and Dosifei Obradovich even visited here. Over time, the Austrians chose the territory, turning the monastery into a massive fortress, which was designed to protect them from the Montenegrins. Only a few decades ago, a car route was laid here, and the place became one of the favorite among locals and tourists.

Boka Kotorska Bay

Boka Kotorska Bay photo

Rent a car and go to one of the most picturesque places not only in Budva, but throughout Montenegro - in Boko-Kotor Bay. Upon reaching the pier, you have to leave the car and transfer to a small ship, from which a full journey begins in the most beautiful place of the Adriatic. During the tour, you will be able to see the “village of beauties”, where, according to the legend, the sailors, returning from a long voyage, landed their beloved, the Church of the Virgin Mary on a cliff, which was built on a man-made island. A closed Catholic monastery will also be visible along the way, but only relatives of the monks are allowed inside, as well as the city of millionaires Perast. Going on a trip, do not forget to stock up on water and hats: in the warm season, the sun is especially aggressive, so there is a risk of getting a sunstroke.

Madonna Island

Madonna Island photo

By cruise you can get to the island of Madonna, which was artificially created in the XV century. According to legend, the sailor brothers found in this place the icon of the Mother of God, which healed one of them from the illness. And the inhabitants of the city of Perast, which is nearby, saw a miracle and decided to capture this miracle in history. It took almost 200 years to build a massive building on the reef. Years passed, and the church with each new brick took shape. The shrine was built in the Byzantine style, and inside is decorated with paintings, icons.


Kotor photo

Kotor is a picturesque city where you should definitely go if you have the time. To feel its atmosphere it is worth taking a walk along the narrow streets, go to the Catholic Cathedral of St. Tryphon or the Church of St. Anne. The architecture here is made either in the Byzantine style or in the Romanesque, which is why the city is invisibly divided into several parts. Do not miss the opportunity to stroll through the souvenir shops and buy completely unique gizmos. Finally, treat yourself to local seafood or national dishes. Numerous cafes and restaurants seem so cozy that it is simply impossible to pass by, especially after long walks.


Drawn photo

Perhaps the trip to Risan will be the most unforgettable. Local giving claims that a person was born in order to spend time at his pleasure. The atmosphere in the city, the behavior of people is proof of this. There is complete serenity, friendliness and tranquility. After a little look, go to the Marble Castle, which is located almost on the city beach, which makes it look even more picturesque. Attention is also worthy of the Roman courtyards, which are a complex of 8 elegant buildings. In the evening, be sure to head to one of the local discos or dine in the restaurant overlooking the bay. Having rented a car, make your trip comfortable and enjoyable.

Food: atmospheric restaurants, cafes and bars

Garden caffe

Mainski Put 23 https://www.facebook.com/gardenbudva/

Garden Caffe photo

For breakfast in Budva, Garden Caffe is an excellent choice. From 7:30 in the morning, the institution greets visitors with hearty dishes. Affordable prices allow you to order everything you like, and then come back here again, but for dinner. Friendly staff will be able to advise something special or advise on all the ingredients in a particular dish. The cozy atmosphere allows you to relax and enjoy your meal slowly.


Adriatic photo

For the most delicious seafood, head to the second line from the seafront at Adriatic. Be sure that here you will be served only the freshest and most excellently prepared. For lovers of meat delicacies there is also something to eat, for example, a steak stuffed with cheese and a rod. Those who come with a family or a group of friends will be able to order a hearty pizza. You can sit at a table closer to the sea or garden.

Konoba Bocun


Konoba Bocun photo

For a family dinner with a rental car, head to Konoba Bocun. The owners of the restaurant are a young couple who greet each guest with a smile and heartily feed with their favorite dishes, offer homemade wine as drinks. The second floor is also equipped, where you can sit perfectly and see the views of the city. The institution is far from tourist routes, so there are either locals or travelers who are not the first time in Budva.

Restoran lim

Slovenska obala http://restoranlim.com/en/o

Restoran Lim photo

Want to dine in the garden overlooking the sea? Restoran Lim is perfect. Here you will be given a warm welcome, conveniently accommodated and quickly served. The menu is represented by a wide selection of dishes, so no matter what you want soup, pizza, seafood or meat, there will be something to choose from. Large portions allow you to be well fed, and friendly waiters leave a pleasant memory. An interesting fact: the institution has a fully open kitchen, so guests have a unique opportunity to observe what products are made and how their dishes are prepared.

Casper bar

Cara Dusana https://www.facebook.com/casper.budva

Casper Bar photo

If you are looking for an institution where you can have a great evening with a glass of wine and talking, opt for Casper Bar. In the afternoon, you can enjoy coffee or a cocktail in the shade of a sprawling tree. In the evenings, talented musicians play jazz, and all the tables are gradually occupied in the bar. To be sure to get here, it is better to book a table. Casper Bar is an incredibly atmospheric place where you can come with children, friends or alone.

Where to live: comfortable hotels in Budva

Hotel Villa Bojana

Popa Jola Zeca 33
+382 69 183 750 http://vila-bojana.com/en/ double room - from € 70

Hotel Villa Bojana photo

If you are planning on renting a car and want to stay in a comfortable hotel at a reasonable price, stop at Hotel Villa Bojana. The hotel is a luxury villa, which is located in the garden. The rooms are spacious with access to a small private balcony. For guests equipped with a cozy restaurant on the outdoor terrace, twined vineyard. It offers free parking, swimming pool, laundry.

Hotel blue star

Mainski Put 11
+382 33 773 777 http://www.montenegrostars.com/index.php/en/ double room - from € 78

Hotel Blue Star photo

For a comfortable accommodation in the city center, Hotel Blue Star is suitable. The main advantage is its convenient location. The beach can be reached in leisurely steps in 7 minutes, there are no noisy establishments nearby that would disturb peace in the evening. A varied and hearty breakfast is offered, and the caring staff does everything possible to make everyone feel comfortable. It will be convenient to accommodate both with children and alone.

Hotel budva

Slovenska Obala
+382 69 184 058 http://www.hotelbudva.me/ double room - from € 77

Hotel Budva Photos

Hotel Budva is located in the resort area of ​​Budva. Nearby are many shops, restaurants, cafes. The rooms are spacious and equipped with everything necessary, and the windows offer beautiful views of the sea. The stylish interior of the hotel is complemented by interesting elements, which creates the effect of comfort and warmth. Friendly staff ensures that guests feel comfortable. It features a restaurant with local cuisine and a pool.

Hotel Poseidon

Beach Jaz
+382 69 411 240 http://www.poseidon-jaz.com/sr double room - from € 80

Hotel Poseidon photo

Hotel Poseidon is a cozy hotel with spacious rooms, panoramic windows and sea views. For couples, special rooms are equipped where it will be convenient to accommodate with children. Competent staff takes care of each guest, helping to cope with misunderstandings and providing comfort. After having a delicious breakfast in the hotel restaurant, you can head to the beach, which is a 5-minute walk away. Convenient parking is available for tourists on rental cars.

Hotel meridian

Rafailovici bb
+382 69 078 557 http://hotel-meridian.me/ double room - from € 45

Hotel Meridian photo

Hotel Meridian is a great option for a reasonable price. The spacious rooms are equipped with everything necessary, there is access to a balcony with wicker furniture, where you can have breakfast or a glass of wine in the evening. The panoramic windows offer stunning views of the sea and mountains. Be sure that any request or wish will be granted. It seems that the staff does their work imperceptibly, so throughout the rest you will not leave the state of calm and tranquility.

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