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Budapest panoramic photo

Budapest is called the “pearl of the Danube”, and it is well deserved. You can talk a lot about the amazing architecture of Budapest, but it is better to see it yourself at least once. Locals say they come to Budapest in order to stay here. And you can really believe in it: the city captivates with its majestic beauty and calm, pacifying atmosphere, helping to forget all the negativity and recharge only with good and bright emotions. When planning your trip, do not forget about the picturesque places in the vicinity of Budapest, which boast of lovely mountain scenery - this is impossible to miss. By renting a car, you will discover many opportunities for a rich and exciting trip to Budapest and its environs.


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Car hire at Budapest Airport

Budapest Airport SchemeFerenc Liszt International Airport - download the scheme
IATA code: BUD
Location: 16 km from Budapest
Official website: www.bud.hu/
Inquiries: +361 296 70 00

If you want to rent a car at the airport of Budapest, then You can contact the offices of rental companies such as Sixt, Europcar, Avis, Hertz and Buchbinder Rent-a-car. There are several types of parking at the airport: express, short-term and long-term. Parking space can be booked on the airport website.

What to see in Budapest: interesting sights of the city



Kossuth Lajos tér 1-3

Parliament in Budapest photo

The architectural symbol of the city and one of the largest operating government residences in the world. The construction of this neo-Gothic building was conceived after the unification of Buda, Pest and Obuda in 1873 and lasted from 1885 to 1904. The interiors of the parliament are made in the medieval style and are decorated with mosaic panels, stained-glass windows and gilded products. The main national relic is kept in the domed hall - the crown of St. Stephen, the first king of the Hungarian state, who converted the Hungarians to Christianity, for which he was canonized.

Buda Castle

Szent György tér 2

Buda Castle photo

For 700 years, Buda Castle was the residence of Hungarian kings. It was built in the middle of the 13th century for King Bela IV. With each new ruler, the castle was rebuilt, during military clashes (in particular, during the siege of Buda by the Turks in 1686) it was severely destroyed; the castle has survived to the present in the Baroque style. Now here is the Budapest History Museum, the National Library. Istvan Secheni and the National Gallery, where a collection of Hungarian art is presented (be sure to check here: it’s a great pleasure to wander through the halls of this magnificent gallery and look at the ancient canvases of great masters).

Art Museum

Dózsa György utca 41 www.szepmuveszeti.hu/

Museum of Fine Arts photo

The Museum of Fine Arts is located on Heroes' Square, founded in 1896 and has the largest collection of foreign art in Hungary. Here you can see the works of Goya, Velazquez, Rembrandt's drawings, sketches of Leonardo da Vinci, paintings by Delacroix, Rodin, Cezanne, Monet and other artists. We advise you to take an audio guide and get lost in the halls of the museum for several hours - we assure you, you will not regret it.

Varoshliget park

Kós Károly stny. www.varosliget.info

Varoshliget Park photo

There used to be a dense marshland with sparse vegetation on the site of the park. In 1799, under Queen Maria Theresa, the swamps were drained, planted trees and laid a canal system, turning this plain place into a picturesque city park. Here is the largest bath complex in Europe - the Szechenyi bath with thermal water. Walking deep into the park, on the shore of one of the lakes you will see the Vajdahunyad castle, combining elements of Romanesque style, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque. The Agricultural Museum is open in one of the outbuildings of the castle. The park has a zoo, a circus and the famous Gundel restaurant, which serves delicious pancakes stuffed with rum, nuts, raisins and lemon zest.

Margaret Island

Margaret Island photo

A small island located in the center of Budapest between Margit and Arpad bridges. Its length is 2.5 km and its width is only 500 m. The territory of the island is occupied by a cozy park where locals like to have picnics, play tennis, ride bicycles or just sit with a book in some secluded corner. There are also two hotels with thermal springs, the Palatinus swimming complex, a summer theater and a wonderful Japanese garden. Walking through the park, you will find the ruins of the Franciscan Cathedral and the convent, reminiscent of the fact that the daughter of King Bela IV lived here in the 13th century.

Near Budapest: the best car routes



Sentendre photo

Having rented a car, go to Szentendre - a city founded in the 17th century by the Serbs who fled from their country from the Turkish invaders. Szentendre is known as a city of artists, there are many creative workshops, art galleries and small museums. Narrow cobbled streets, low houses with a tiled roof, massive doors with patterns and ivy on the walls of buildings - in Stendenra the mood and atmosphere of the old city have been preserved. Despite the influx of tourists, it remains a cozy and pleasant place where you can escape for a couple of hours and walk aimlessly along the beautiful streets, examining shabby signs and looking into souvenir shops.


Visegrad photo

The most picturesque place in the bend of the Danube with a population of just over 1700 people. In the 14th century, Visegrád was the capital of Hungary; at the same time, on the top of the hill, a palace was built, which served as the summer residence of the Hungarian kings. Now only the walls, some rooms and the Tower of Solomon, in which, according to legend, Vlad III Tepesh, the very Count Dracula, were left from the Visegrad Palace and fortress. Climbing to the walls of the fortress, you will see a magnificent panorama of the Danube - a bewitching view, for which you should definitely come here on a rented car.


Godelle photo

30 km from Budapest, in the town of Gödelle, the Royal Baroque Palace is located - the favorite summer residence of Empress Elizabeth of Bavaria, often called the Princess of Sissy. The palace is open to visitors; tours, opera and classical music concerts are regularly held here. The palace is surrounded by a lovely park where you can see the monument to the empress and calvari with sculptures depicting the standing of the Way of the Cross. In summer, equestrian competitions are held in the park, stylized as antique.


Esztergom photo

The ancient Hungarian city on the border with Slovakia. At different times, the Celts and Romans lived here. It is believed that it was in Esztergom that Marcus Aurelius wrote his main work, Reflections. Esztergom - the religious center of the country, Saint Istvan was baptized and crowned here, and here is the residence of the Archbishop Primus of Hungary (an honorary religious title). The main attraction of the city is the Basilica of St. Albert of the XIX century. Under the dome of the cathedral there is an observation deck with a magnificent view of the city. We also recommend visiting the Archbishop's Palace in the Vizivaros quarter, where the beautiful Museum of Christian Art with a collection of European painting from the early Renaissance is open.


Gyor photo

Drive 130 km west of Budapest in a rented car and you will find yourself in the ancient city of Gyor, which dates back to the 5th century BC, when a Celtic settlement existed on the site of the modern city. In the center of Gyьераr, you will find beautiful baroque churches and palaces. The peculiarity of local architecture is the large number of closed balconies, which is why Gyor was called the “city of balconies”. Be sure to stroll to the central square of the Old Town, surrounded by exquisite Baroque buildings.

Food: atmospheric restaurants, cafes and bars

Bock bisztró

Pest, Erzsébet körút 43-49
Buda, Szarvas Gábor utca 8 www.bockbisztro.hu/

Bock Bisztró photo

For national Hungarian cuisine, head to Bock Bisztró, where the cuisine is ruled by one of the best chefs in Hungary - Lajos Biro. They like to experiment with traditional dishes, and it turns out so delicious that no matter what time you go to Bock, you can hardly find more than two free tables. Be sure to try sushi foie gras (goose liver with ginger and smoked eel), duck in vanilla sauce and sausage ice cream (believe me, it is much tastier than it sounds) and do not forget to order a bottle of wine (there are about 220 kinds of it). It is better to book a table in advance, especially if you want to get to a restaurant in Pest.


Sas utca 3 www.borkonyha.hu/

Borkonyha photo

Michelin-starred restaurant of modern Hungarian cuisine, where hot dishes cost only 10-15 euros. Ruin does not threaten you, so you can safely come here for dinner with more than one meal change and several glasses of wine. We advise you to try deer tenderloin with sweet potatoes or lamb with spinach puree. A simple and stylish design in coffee shades, a pleasant atmosphere and relaxing music in the background - in such an atmosphere, the dishes you order will taste even better.


Dohány utca 3-5 fausto.hu/home

Fausto's photo

An Italian restaurant where pasta and pizza are cooked no worse than in Italy itself. A nice bonus is a large wine list with a good selection of Hungarian, Italian, French and Spanish wines. Order salmon carpaccio, ravioli with ricotta, complement these dishes with a glass of white wine, and you will feel that you feel all the best aromas and tastes of the world. Fausto's prices are above average in Budapest, but it's really worth it.

Kispiac bisztro

Hold utca 13

Kispiac Bisztro photo

A tiny cafe reminiscent of the kitchen of your beloved grandmother: shabby wooden tabletops, slightly creaking chairs, lovely pictures on the walls, fruits in wicker baskets and a lot of jars with jams and all kinds of pickles. The chef buys food in the morning at the Central Market in Budapest, with which local farmers collaborate. Take duck or goose liver as the main dish, and order a goat cheese cheesecake for dessert - this will be the best cheesecake in your life. If in the morning you’ll be somewhere nearby, then have a look here for a cup of coffee with a freshly baked bun - you need to start the day with a good mood and a delicious breakfast.


Március 15. tér 4 www.kiosk-budapest.hu/bar/

Kiosk photo

If closer to night you want to have a burger with foie gras, and then have a cocktail on the veranda overlooking the Danube, then the best option is the Kiosk bar. It serves excellent cocktails with homemade syrup. During the day,  Kiosk  works in the format of a regular cafe, and in the evening it turns into a noisy party place with good music. The ragged brick walls, aged wooden furniture, floor-to-ceiling windows and ivy-covered white balconies straight from the 18th century are a nice version of the “ruin bars” common in Hungary, reminiscent of a warehouse of old things from the last century.

Where to live: comfortable hotels in Budapest


Aria hotel budapest

Hercegprímás utca 5
+361 445 40 55 www.ariahotelbudapest.com/ double room - from € 221

Aria Hotel Budapest photo

Five-star hotel within walking distance of St. Stephen's Basilica. The interiors of the rooms are made in the style of four musical directions: classics, jazz, opera and modern music. It offers visitors - a music library; spa with pool, sauna and hammam; complimentary tea, coffee, sweets and fruits all day long; daily tasting of wines and cheeses from 16 to 18 hours. The hotel offers a lovely view of the city from the roof: be sure to get up here in the evening and enjoy a cocktail at the bar.

Baltazár Budapest 

Országház utca 31
+361 300 70 51 www.baltazarbudapest.com/ double room - from € 130

Baltazár Budapest photo

Small hotel with 11 rooms in the historical center of Budapest near Buda Castle. Each room is dedicated to a celebrity: for example, Andy Warhol or Vivienne Westwood. The rooms are furnished with vintage furniture and cute accessories styled for a specific era. From the pleasant things: free Wi-Fi in the rooms, L'Ocittane cosmetics in the bathroom and anti-allergenic blankets and pillows at the request of the guest. The hotel has a wonderful restaurant with an excellent bar card, which presents a collection of local wines and different types of gin.

Gerlóczy Rooms de Lux

Gerlóczy utca 1
+361 501 40 00 www.gerloczy.hu/ double room - from € 95

Gerlóczy Rooms de Lux photo

This Parisian-style hotel is housed in a 1892 building in the historic center of Budapest. Gold-and-white striped wallpaper, rich wine-colored wooden furniture, red velvet armchairs, antique lamps and small balconies with wrought-iron grills - a simple design with a touch of bohemian chic. Bathrooms feature a white vintage bathtub with bronze taps. If you want to spend the morning like a real aristocrat, we advise you to order breakfast in your room, get a small bottle of champagne from the minibar and have a bite on a cozy balcony overlooking a quiet street.

Hotel zara

Dohány utca 42-44
+361 815 10 00 www.continentalhotelbudapest.com/ double room - from € 80

Hotel Zara photo

A cozy boutique hotel with a large rooftop pool. Spacious rooms in bright colors with a pleasant, unobtrusive decor. Guests at the hotel can use some of the wellness facilities free of charge: a sauna, a hot tub and a gym. In the evening, live piano music is played in the hotel lounge, and on Fridays the Azar Restaurant hosts themed Hungarian Night with national dishes, folk dances and a music show. We advise you to drop in a Gallery cafe for a cup of Capuchiner aromatic coffee with whipped cream and chocolate chips.

Heritage home apartments 

Dob utca 21
+36 30 303 4502 http://heritagehome.hu apartment for two - from € 60

Heritage Home Apartments photo

Close to the St. Stephen’s Basilica, in a restored 19th-century building, there are comfortable apartments with a minimalist design. The rooms are done in soft pastel colors, some rooms have balconies with garden views. On the ground floor there is a restaurant decorated in a vintage style. Be sure to come here in the evening when the restaurant lights candles and turns on a garland - the atmosphere here is simply fabulous. If you are traveling in a rented car, you can leave it in the parking lot at the hotel or use the underground parking on the neighboring Holló street.

Where to park a rented car in Budapest

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