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Car rental in Belgium

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Popular cities:

Tourists often visit Belgium, stopping for a day or even half a day. But in vain. The country is famous for fantastic jewelry, excellent chocolate, the best hotels and magnificent beaches. Having rented a car, you can travel around the main attractions of the whole country and visit the most delicious restaurants in a few days. When planning your tourist route, do not forget to include old castles in it. The most spectacular are the castle of the counts of Flanders, the castle of Dinant, Bouillon, Van Oydonk, d´Assonville. As a souvenir, bring fruit beer, chocolate, tapestries from Bruges and Brussels lace from Belgium.

Holidays in Belgium

Beach resorts


Ostend photo

Ostend is one of the most popular resorts where you can dine in the trendy hotel-restaurant, which was once the residence of the Belgian palace. Having sunbathed on one of the beaches, do not forget to stroll along the central square of Wapplein, visit the city hall and visit the Museum of Fine Arts. Finally, be sure to visit the harbor, in which the famous sailing ship of the Navy “Mercator” is moored.

De panne

De Panne photo

Perhaps the most picturesque resort in Belgium is De Panne. There are countless art deco and art nouveau villas in the old quarters. The kaleidoscope of events held in the warm season seems completely endless. Fans of theatrical processions, exhibitions, concerts will certainly appreciate this cultural diversity. Fans of measured relaxation can rent a car and go to local beaches, which, by the way, are considered the widest on the Flemish coast.


Knokke-Heist photo

If you want an unforgettable vacation in a luxury resort, head to Knokke-Heist. At your disposal will be the best restaurants, tennis courts, clubs for surfing, golf courses. Here is the most famous Zwin nature reserve in Belgium and the butterfly garden, where you can spend unforgettable time exploring exotic individuals. Do not forget to follow the posters to keep abreast of the most fashionable carnivals, festivals, fairs, which are held at the resort in season.

Rules of the road, parking, toll roads

Toll roads

In Belgium, road tolls are not provided.

Special Pay Roads

The Liefkenshoek Tunnel (1.37 km long) is part of the R2 ring road around Antwerp.

Speed ​​mode

  • In the village - 50 km / h
  • Outside the village - 90 km / h
  • By road - 120 km / h
  • On the highway - 120 km / h


The maximum allowable level of alcohol in the blood is 0.49 ‰ .


In Belgian cities, paid parking lots are predominantly equipped on all major streets. Some places are free, but with a limited time.

When traveling in a rented car, pay attention to the set signs warning about permitted parking hours.

Emergency and referral services

  • European emergency number 112
  • Fire Service - 100
  • Police - 101
  • Ambulance - 100

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