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Bari panoramic photo

Bari is a very colorful, atmospheric and cozy southern city located at the very base of the Italian “boot”. There are few tourists in Bari, so it’s nice to walk here all day, to take pictures against the backdrop of winding streets, slowly drinking wine on the veranda and enjoying the masterpieces of Italian cuisine. After spending a few days in Bari, rent a car and start your journey around the surroundings - and then your trip will be as saturated, informative and full of positive emotions as possible.

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Car rental at Bari Airport

International Airport named after Karol Wojtyła International Airport - download scheme

IATA code: BRI
Location: 8 km from Bari
Official website: www.aeroportidipuglia.it
Information: +39 080 580 0200

Car rental services at Bari Airport are provided by rental companies such as Maggiore, Hertz, Locauto, Avis, Auto Europa, Win Rent, Budget and Europcar. Rental car desks are located at the exit of the main terminal. At the airport there are three parking zones of different price categories.

What to see in Bari: interesting sights of the city

Basilica of St. Nicholas

Largo Abate Elia 13 www.basilicasannicola.it

Basilica of St. Nicholas photo

The main treasure of the basilica is the relics of Nicholas the Wonderworker, a Christian saint, the intercessor of all travelers, children and brides. The basilica was specially built to store the relics of the saint, which in 1087 was transported to Bari from Mira. They say that the relics are myrrh-streaming and the world allocated by them has a healing effect. The sacred world is collected once a year, on May 9, it is applied to diseased areas and even drunk.

Art Museum

Via Spalato 19 www.pinacotecabari.it

Art Museum Photo

At the central promenade of Bari, in the pallazo della Province, an Art Gallery with an extensive collection of European art has been opened since 1928. The exposition is divided into eras, each wing of the building is a separate time layer. Do not miss the work of Corrado Giaquinto, the Italian master of the Rococo era, in whose honor the museum is named. And also pay special attention to the wooden statue of Jesus Christ dating from the 12th century.

Swabian castle

Piazza Federico II di Svevia 4

Swabian castle photo

In the area of ​​the old city you will find a medieval Swabian castle, the construction of which began in the 12th century and was completed only by the 16th - this is due to a mixture of architectural styles in the interior and exterior. Passing the stone bridge, you will find yourself in the courtyard and see the massive main tower and bastions. Now the castle has a historical museum with an interesting collection of weapons, jewelry and household utensils. In the warm season, festivals and open-air lectures are held here.


Piazza dell 'Odegitria 1

Cathedral photo

The Cathedral of San Sabino is not as famous as the Basilica of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, but this is not a reason to miss it. The cathedral is named after one of the first Christian priests, and it was erected at the turn of the XII-XIII centuries on the ruins of an ancient Byzantine temple, damaged during the campaign on Bari of the Sicilian monarch William I the Evil in 1156. The interior of the cathedral has preserved the elements of the previous building: a paved floor, half-finished ornaments on the walls and the inscription: “Andrea” (that was the name of the Byzantine bishop who served here).

Archaeological Museum

Piazza umberto i

Archaeological Museum Photo

The museum presents the most extensive collection of antiquities related to the Apulian civilization. The basis of the collection is ceramics and bronze products, which are excellent in telling about the life and lifestyle of people of that time. The museum is open in the branch of the University of Bari, tours are carried out by prior request, so you need to register in advance.

Near Bari: best car routes


Bitonto photo

Having rented a car, go to neighboring Bitonto - an ancient city founded by the Greeks in ancient times. The place of power of the city is the cathedral of the XII century with impressive interior decoration in the Baroque style. Bitonto is famous for its olive oil (the best in southern Italy), so be sure to go to your local supermarket and buy a bottle of fragrant oil as a souvenir.


Alberobello photo

Alberobello is famous all over the world for its unique trulls - houses with conical roofs. It is interesting that the houses were built without connecting means, it was enough to pull out one stone and the whole building could instantly collapse. This "style" of construction was associated with a ban on the construction of houses in this area, however, local authorities made concessions and unofficially allowed the construction of buildings, but with one condition - so that they could be easily dismantled if officials rushed in. There are always a lot of tourists near the trulls, so you have to wait to take a single photo against the backdrop of these eccentric houses. The journey from Bari to Alberobello will take less than an hour if you go by rental car.


Altamura photo

Get to know Altamura from the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta - a monument of Romanesque architecture during the reign of Frederick II, erected around 1230. Inside the temple is decorated with gilding, stucco, luxurious arches and paintings of Neapolitan masters of the XIX century. Next, go in search of “claustria” - small squares in the historical part of the city. In ancient times, claustri served for the defense of the city: when enemies fell on these squares, residents blocked the exit and threw stones, spears at the enemy and even poured boiling water. You can continue your walk along Altamura in the Lamalung grotto, where a shocking archaeological find is hidden - the skeleton of a man who lived on the territory of modern Altamura in the era of the early and middle Pleistocene. There are several public parking lots in the city, so if you plan to get a rented car,


Castellana photo

Using the car rental service, head to Castellana. The beauty of the underground galleries of the castellan karst cave did not immediately become known. For centuries, locals considered it an ominous place and called it a damned hole. Here livestock disappeared and people disappeared, an eerie smell came from the bodies that had accumulated in the cave, which completed the frightening picture. People believed that the souls of sinners who are trying to escape into the light fall into this “hole”. In 1938, the cave was first investigated and found out that this was not a “hole” for sinners, but an incredibly beautiful karst cave 70 meters deep. Stalactites and stalagmites create figures in human growth and impress with their bizarre shapes and ornaments. It’s best to explore the galleries of Castellana with a guide,


Lecce photo

2 hours by car - and you will find yourself in Lecce, “Florence of the South”, as this picturesque city is called because of its Baroque architectural appearance. Lecce is worth a full day to reach as many attractions as possible. Be sure to wander around the Roman theater, take a picture against the backdrop of the column in honor of St. Oronzo - the defender of the city, look into the luxurious chambers of Charles V Castle and spend a couple of minutes alone with your thoughts in the magnificent cathedral on the main square of the city.

Food: atmospheric restaurants, cafes and bars

Lo scoglio da vito

Lungomare Massaro Tenente Nicola www.ristoranteloscoglio.com

Lo Scoglio da Vito photo

For dinner at sunset, select Lo Scoglio da Vito. Pasta with shrimps and mussels is one of the main characters of a large and worthy menu. Other dishes are also wonderful. For example, a fried octopus literally melts in your mouth, and smoked salmon causes instant dependence, I want to repeat portion by portion. Take a table on the terrace - there is the most picturesque view.

Mastro ciccio

Corso Vittorio Emanuele 15 www.mastrociccio.it

Mastro Ciccio photo

Mastro Ciccio is located near the promenade, so it is always crowded, noisy and fun. The menu contains all kinds of sandwiches, bruschettas, pizzas and other dishes that you can take with you. Be sure to try the squid sandwich: it does not even close from the abundance of the filling, and the juicy sauce soaks through the crispy bun. Lunch with a drink will cost about € 10. Ask to wrap a sandwich or pizza with you and go to the beach - lunch with a sea view is incredibly romantic.

La ciclatera

Corte Colagualano 36 www.facebook.com/LaCiclatera

La Ciclatera photo

Stylish and very Italian bar, reminiscent of a wine cellar. The charming bartender guesses the tastes of even the most demanding guests and prepares excellent cocktails. La Ciclatera's menu has nice desserts: mousses, croissants with various fillings, cheesecakes and muffins with some fantastic sauces. If alcoholic beverages are not relevant for you, then order, for example, orange-chocolate espresso - an interesting combination of sweet and light sourness.

Bari napoli

Via Nicolo 'Piccinni 187/189 www.barinapoli.it

Bari Napoli photo

The choice of locals is the Bari Napoli pizzeria, where a large line is always lined up for pizza from a wood oven. There are more than 20 types of pizza, so there will definitely not be problems with the choice. In addition to pizza, we recommend taking a snack with tomatoes and cheese, assorted local sausages and, of course, a glass (and preferably 2) of wine. You will definitely be delighted with such a combination!


Via Gaetano Devitofrancesco 11 http://www.pubhop.it/

Hop photo

Beer lovers will appreciate the atmosphere and range of drinks at Hop Pub. The basis of the menu is light snacks and meat dishes, which are combined with any kind of beer. Order a juicy burger and homemade potatoes with spices and, choosing a beer (try the dark one, it is the most popular here), take a table by the window.

Where to live: comfortable hotels in Bari

Parco dei principlesi

Prolungamento Viale Europa 6
+39 080 539 4811 www.parcodeiprincipibari.it double room - from € 135

Parco dei Principi photo

A cozy four-star hotel a couple of minutes drive from the airport. Spacious, bright rooms with minimalist décor and a minibar with a large selection of snacks and drinks. It offers guests a spa with an indoor pool, a hot tub, a sauna, a Turkish bath and a large gym. The price includes breakfast. For those traveling with a rented car, free parking is available (reservation is not needed).


Via Francesco Lombardi 13
+39 080 521 6551 www.palacehotelbari.com double room - from € 114

Palace photo

Nice hotel in the city center, surrounded by dense thickets of tropical plants. Classic-style rooms, some rooms overlook a picturesque patio. Guests at the hotel can use the fitness center, or arrange for massages at an extra cost. If you rented a car, then you can leave it in a paid parking lot at the hotel.


Via Altamura 26
+39 080 521 6403 www.hotelimago.it double room - from € 109

Imago photo

Design hotel in the center of Bari. The hotel lobby resembles a library: bookshelves all over the wall, shelves with magazines and miniature tables, at which guests sit with laptops or drink coffee while watching the morning newspaper. Thanks to the white walls and the minimum of furniture, the rooms seem spacious, it is very nice to wake up in the morning. Paid parking is available near the hotel, so you don’t have to worry about the location for your rental car.


Via Domenico Nicolai 71
+39 080 521 6600 http://www.hotelvictorbari.it/ double room - from € 85

Victor photo

Three-star hotel next to the train station. The rooms are simple, neat and comfortable. A big plus - the reception is open around the clock. The price includes breakfast. Note for motorists: paid parking is available near the hotel (you need to reserve a place in advance).

B&B Bari Old Town

Via Intendenza 19
+39 338 540 0629 www.barioldtown.com double room - from € 75

B&B Bari Old Town photo

Small hotel in the old part of town. The hotel does not have a sign with a name, so drive the address into the navigator and navigate on the map. Walls, furniture, windows - everything is white, due to this, the rooms have a lot of light and comfort. There are several parking lots in the area, so there will be no parking problems for your rented car.

Where to park a rented car in Bari

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