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Ankara panoramic photo

Ankara is less attractive to tourists than Istanbul, despite the fact that it is the capital of Turkey. But in vain. Rent a car and make sure that by the number and beauty of the sights it can not only surpass Istanbul, but also many cities of the world. Take a look at the Haji Bayram Mosque and admire the wooden carved interior that has been preserved from the Seljuk era. Climb the hill where the Ankara fortress is located and appreciate the full power of the main symbol of the city. Take a walk through the territory of “Anytkabir”, where there are architectural structures, a park and the Ataturk mausoleum with the tomb of the “father of the Turks”. In the warmer months, you can take a boat and ride on a pond in the Genchlik park, which, by the way, is the oldest in the city. Finally, climb the towers of Akkale and Shark Kulesi and enjoy panoramic views of the city.

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Car rental at Ankara airport

International Airport Esenboga ( Esenboga International Airport )
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IATA code: ESB
Location: 28 km from Ankara
Official website: http://www.esenbogaairport.com/en-EN/Pages/Main.aspx
Information: +90 312 590 40 00

The following companies provide car rental services at Ankara Airport: Hertz, Central, Budget, Payless, Europcar, National, Avis, Payless, Eco rent a car, Almira rent a car, Div rent a car, Thrifty Rent a Car, Garenta, and Sixt . Car rental desks are located in the arrivals hall. There are several parking zones near the airport, the cost of parking on which, depending on the time, can vary from 9 to 39 lire.

What to see in Ankara: interesting sights of the city


Mebusevleri Mh.

Anitkabir photo

Having rented a car, go see one of the most revered sights by the Turks - Anitkabir. This is the mausoleum of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, who founded the Republic of Turkey. Inside, tourists are given the opportunity to see a large collection of Ataturk's personal items, a collection of memorabilia from the Revolutionary War, panoramas of battlefields. Many tourists are going to appreciate the scale of the structure and look at the unique exhibits. On holidays, locals gather on the square near the mausoleum to honor the memory of the great figure and remember significant historical events.

Haji Bayram Mosque

Hacı Bayram Veli Caddesi

Haji Bayram Mosque photo

Haji Bayram Mosque is the most revered mosque in the city, where a huge number of locals gather during Friday afternoon prayers. The interior of the shrine is replete with floral ornaments and tiled mosaics that adorn the walls up to the windows. Here is also the mausoleum of Haji Bayram, which is recognized as the most beautiful of all built in the 15th century. Anyone can enter the mosque, while leaving the shoes outside.

Atakule Tower


Atakule Tower photo

To see the unforgettable landscapes of the city, go to the observation deck in the Atakule Tower. This is a panoramic and telecommunication tower that can be seen anywhere in the city. Upstairs is equipped with a terrace, from where it is especially exciting to look at the city, and the panoramic revolving restaurant “Seville”. If you are not ready for such experiments and want to stay in a more relaxed place, then be sure to visit the Doom restaurant, located under the dome of the tower.

Kojatepe Mosque


Kojatepe Mosque photo

When traveling by rental car, do not miss the opportunity to visit the largest shrine of Ankara - the Kocatepe mosque. A modern building located south of the Old Town is visible from almost anywhere in the city center. The interior is impressive from the first minutes. It is impossible not to admire the beauty and luxury of painted tile ceramics, stained-glass windows, carved marble elements of decor. An interesting fact: underground is the largest shopping center in Ankara. The money paid for the rental goes to the maintenance of the shrine.

Khizar Citadel


Khizar Citadel photo

At the site of the citadel of Khizar there was once an ancient settlement founded several thousand years ago. Reconstruction was carried out in the middle of the 19th century: 42 pentagonal towers were built from 14 to 16 meters high. Inside is a small old village. During the tour it will be possible not only to walk around the citadel, but also to dine in the restaurant, buy souvenirs in trading shops and even check into one of the hotels.

Near Ankara: the best car routes

Roman baths

Roman baths photo

If you have the time, do not miss the opportunity to look at the Roman baths, which were built in the III century under the emperor Caracalla. They consisted of 4 parts: a hot washing room, a cold room with a dressing room, a steam room and a cool lounge, pool. Once the most visited building in the city is now almost destroyed. Tourists have the opportunity to inspect the ruins, brick columns that supported the floor so that hot air circulates under it and personally see the layout of the baths. Interestingly, the building was dedicated to the Roman god of healing Asclepius.

Kiziljahamam Sohuksu National Park

Kiziljahamam Sohuksu National Park photo

Rent a car and go on an excursion to the Kyzyljahamam Sokhuksu National Park, which is famous throughout the country for its hot springs. Altynsu is one of the most popular sources where locals and tourists come for clean and healthy water. Near the source is equipped with a pool with layers of therapeutic mud, which are effective in combating skin diseases. Nearby are also geothermal springs, which have been actively used since Roman times. Water has a positive effect on diseases of the stomach. The park is also famous for its rich nature and beautiful views. Locals love to come here to stroll through the coniferous forests and take unforgettable pictures.

Chubuk Reservoir

Reservoir Chubuk photo

If you want to escape from the bustle of the city to a quiet place where you can enjoy the beauty of the nature of Ankara, go to the Chubuk reservoir. In spring or autumn, here you can see whole flocks of birds that make their annual flights. In the warm season, it is especially nice to walk around the surroundings, and capturing something edible, you can even have a picnic. Vivid photos and good mood will definitely be provided to you.


Language photo

In the vicinity of Ankara is the small village of Yazylykaya, which is of particular value to the country, because it was here that the historic and cultural center of Phrygia was once. Walking in the surroundings you can see the ruins of the former center - Midas Sehri. Fans of historical monuments will definitely have something to see and photograph here. “City of Midas” is famous for its citadel, unique graves, niches and altars, which are cut down in the thickness of volcanic tuff. After seeing the iconic places, climb to the top of the city to see the beauty from above. You can see the rocky surface of the plateau, which is gradually destroyed under the influence of sunlight, rain and winds.


Bogazkale photo

Bogazkale is a small village in the vicinity of which the capital of the ancient Hittite kingdom was once located. Having rented a car, set off to look at the ruins of a megalithic castle, the ruins of megalithic structures located on top of the rocks and a carved rock with a monument, the purpose of which is still unknown to historians. The sanctuary also deserves attention, on the walls of which unique bas-reliefs are carved: the outlines of male gods and female. If you look closely, you can trace the whole episode: here you can clearly see the robes of figures, swords. One of the walls depicts a plot dedicated to King Tutkhali the Fourth, dating from the period BC.

Food: atmospheric restaurants, cafes and bars

Kafes Firin Coffee & Bakery

Sogutozu, Eskisehir Yolu No: 122 http://www.kafesfirin.com/

Kafes Firin Coffee & Bakery photo

For delicious coffee and breakfast desserts, head to Kafes Firin Coffee & Bakery. Fresh ingredients and unique technology are used in the preparation, which makes pastries and sweets excellent in taste. Here is a wide selection of sweet products, but if you want something else, you can order, for example, a hamburger. The staff tries to be attentive to each guest and quickly serve. The institution often has a lot of visitors, so do not be surprised if you have to wait a bit for a free table.


Arjantin Caddesi No: 19 GOP http://www.cafemiz.com.tr/

Cafemiz Photo

Looking for a place where you can have a hearty meal with friends or family? Cafemiz is the best fit. This institution was the first in the area and is still popular among locals and tourists. Whatever dish you order, they will bring you a large portion, which will turn out to be fully satisfied. An advantage for those who have clearly planned their tourist route and appreciates every minute - fast service.

Camgoz balikcisi

Nenehatun Caddesi No: 111 | Gaziosmanpasa http://www.camgozbalikcisi.com/

Camgoz Balikcisi photo

If you are a big fan of seafood and know how to distinguish between cooking technologies, then you should definitely visit Camgoz Balikcisi to enjoy delicious dishes. The highlight of the establishment is the regular supply of seafood. Be sure that everything you try here will be expertly prepared and served quickly. A cozy atmosphere, a wide selection of dishes and excellent service will be the key to your pleasant meal. By the way, a rental car can be parked nearby.

Lox cafe

Bulten Sokak. No: 7 / B KavaklIdere http://loxcafe.com/

Lox cafe photo

If you want to dine in a cafe where, in addition to Turkish cuisine, vegetarian dishes are served, head to the Lox cafe. This is a small establishment with a stylish interior, a cozy atmosphere and extremely friendly staff. Here you will be able to give recommendations about the dishes presented in the menu, advise you on something new, and also help you choose drinks. The facility is open daily from morning to late evening.

Cafe des cafe

Tunali Hilmi Cad. 83 / A | Kavaklidere / Cankaya http://www.cafedescafes.com/tr/ana-sayfa

Cafe des Cafes photo

Strolling along the main street of Ankara, do not miss the opportunity to look into a cozy restaurant - Cafe des Cafes. The menu offers dishes from Turkish cuisine and international, but the main highlight is fusion. Here you can have a good time with a cup of coffee and a book or have a hearty lunch with your family. The courteous staff will make sure that the dishes you order are quickly prepared and beautifully served.

Where to live: comfortable hotels in Ankara

Holiday Inn Ankara-Kavaklidere

Kavaklıdere, Tunus Cd. No: 7
+90 312 424 40 00 http://www.hiankara.com/ double room - from € 69

Holiday Inn Ankara-Kavaklidere photo

Planning to rent a car and looking for a comfortable hotel at a reasonable price? Stop at the Holiday Inn Ankara-Kavaklidere. The main advantage is its convenient location. Nearby is the main shopping street, many restaurants. To services of visitors the fitness center, a jacuzzi, room-service, free parking is provided. If necessary, a conference will be available to use the business center.

Kahya hotel

Yesilırmak Cad. No: 14 Demirtepe
+90 312 229 29 77 http://www.kahyaotel.com/web/en/ double room - from € 53

Kahya Hotel photo

Kahya Hotel is a great option for a reasonable price in Ankara. The rooms are spacious and functional. The stylish interior and cozy atmosphere in the apartment make a good impression. The competent staff tries to please every guest: any wish will be fulfilled, and the misunderstanding will be quickly resolved. For those who seek to maintain their tone, equipped with a fitness center. The hotel is suitable for both business trips and traveling with family.

Ankara Atli Otel

Ilkbahar, 596. Sk. No: 79
+90 444 9 608 http://hotelatli.com/tr/ double room - from € 95

Ankara Atli Otel photo

Ankara Atli Otel is one of the elite hotels. It is located away from noisy streets, so extraneous noises will definitely not disturb your peace of mind. In the morning, working out in the fitness center, you can go exploring the sights of the city, and in the evening, being pretty well, it will be especially pleasant to visit massage or spa treatments. By the way, in the restaurant at the hotel you can have a delicious dinner with national dishes.

Meyra palace

Oguzlar, No :, Muhsin Yazıcıoglu Cd.
+90 312 266 25 00 http://www.meyrapalace.com/ double room - from € 108

Meyra Palace photo

Meyra Palace is a luxury hotel for those who love style in every detail, comfort and coziness. The interior is made in a traditional oriental style, the rooms are spacious and equipped with everything to feel at home. It offers travelers a fitness center, pool, spa. A banquet hall is provided for special events, and a conference room for negotiations. Convenient parking is available for tourists on rental cars.

Divan cukurhan

Necatibey Mah. Depo Sokak No: 3
+90 312 306 64 00 http://www.divan.com.tr/en double room - from € 76

Divan Cukurhan photo

Divan Cukurhan is an elegant hotel located in the heart of the city. Nearby are the main attractions, including the private museum and the museum of Anatolian civilizations. Each issue is an original design decision, complemented by unusual elements. To services of tourists the fitness center, a jacuzzi, a conference hall, room-service is provided. In case of misunderstanding, competent staff will be able to provide qualified assistance.

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