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Amman photo

A modern Arab city with the mysteries of the Middle East and the traditions of ancient civilizations - Amman attracts more and more tourists every year. It is impossible to understand his soul without renting a car and traveling around its main areas. The western part - fashionable institutions, collections of modern works of art, the Eastern, on the contrary, is characterized by extreme conservatism and adherence to ancient traditions. Fans of excursion programs should visit the Citadel, the Roman Theater, visit the valley of Wadi al-Syr, Jerash and “Can Zaman”. Shopping lovers can take a walk in search of the “little thing” in the “Golden Bazaar”, “Abdun-Mall”, “Mecca-Mall”. In between excursions, it is worth tasting popular local dishes: shavarma, bread cakes, falafel, oriental sweets.

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Car rental at Amman Airport

Queen Alia International Airport ( Queen Alia International, Airport then ) - download scheme

IATA code: AMM
Location: 32 km from Amman
Official website: www.qaiairport.com
Information: +962 6 500 2777

The following companies provide car rental at Amman Airport: Hertz, Budget, Europcar, Avis, Thrifty, Payless, Sixt. Rental car rental desks are located in the arrivals area. There are several parking areas near the airport. In the short-term zone, the first 10 minutes of parking are free.

What to see in Amman: interesting sights of the city

Ancient Citadel

Ancient Citadel photo

Having rented a car, go see the main heritage of the city - the ancient Citadel. There are no luxurious mosaics, antique furniture or other valuable exhibits, while the attraction is thoroughly saturated with historical events. Excavations are still being carried out around the structure, and each time archaeologists manage to discover something new. The Amman Archaeological Museum presents significant finds, the most valuable are the exhibits of the Early Bronze Age.

Roman theater

Roman theater photo

Not far from the Citadel is another legendary attraction - the Roman Theater. Built in 161 AD, it is still considered the dominant building of Amman. The theater with a capacity of 6,000 people is located on a slope, so at sunset the sun does not fall on the audience. Today, cultural and sports events are still held here, and the attraction impresses every tourist with its majesty and excellent acoustics.

Children's Museum


Children's Museum Photo

Young researchers will be interested in visiting the Children's Museum. Everything is equipped here in such a way that through games, books, puzzles to learn about incredible discoveries. For the younger age group, programs have been developed that develop imagination and motor skills. For older children - interactive classes. The museum also has an open-air playground, which often hosts fairs, concerts, an art studio to identify artistic talents, and the Secret Garden pavilion, where you can get closer to nature.

Abu Dervish Mosque

Abu Dervish Mosque photo

Abu Dervish Mosque is a striking example of Levantine architecture, built in the middle of the last century on the orders of King Hussein of Jordan. The shrine stands on a high platform. It is distinguished by an elegant composition consisting of many turrets, a pompous dome and a high minaret with a narrow spiral staircase inside. The prayer hall is distinguished by a rich interior with openwork carvings and floral ornaments. No less spectacular - a museum in the upper tier of the pavilion, which presents relics of Islam. Getting to the mosque will be more convenient by rental car.

Archaeological Museum

Museum St.

Archaeological Museum Photo

You can get to know the history and culture of the city by visiting the Archaeological Museum. The collection features unique exhibits, ranging from the Paleolithic to the 16th century. Ancient scrolls found near the Dead Sea, sculptural portraits of people who lived more than 6000 years ago, jewelry, household items made of glass, ceramics and stone - here, every exhibit can cause delight.

In the vicinity of Amman: the best car routes

Wadi As Sir Valley

Wadi As Sir Valley photo

At 12 kilometers from Amman is one of the most beautiful places in the country - the Wadi al-Sir Valley. Arriving on a tour, it is worth exploring the numerous Ottoman structures built at the beginning of the 20th century, the ruins of Qasr al-Abd Castle, walk through the legendary caves and visit the old port. No less interesting will be a ride in the areas of the municipality. Swiefiehu is considered an important cultural area, with a variety of entertainment and the best schools. Abdun is considered the richest area, it is replete with restaurants, night clubs, expensive real estate. The valley is also attractive due to the peculiarities of culture, which you can only feel after visiting Wadi al-Sir.


Khabaz village

Jerash photo

Hire a car and go to the legendary town of Jerash, which for many centuries has been hiding under a layer of earth and dust. The first step is to inspect the hippodrome, built in the II century. At that time, sporting events were often held here, today it is also active: the performance “Roman military art and chariot races” takes place here. A kind of “return to the roots” will be walks on Cardo Maximus. At the beginning of his journey, you can see traces of chariots every now and then, and approaching the upper part of the street, you will see the monumental gate of the Roman temple of Dionysos, built in the II century. Another legendary monument is the decorative fountain Nymphaeum dating from 191. Walking around the city, you should look into one of the Byzantine churches and consider the rich interior decoration, luxurious mosaic floors, among other things. Arriving in Jerash at the end of July, stay here for a few days to witness the local festival with fairs, opera, ballet, theater performances.

Qasr Al Harana

Qasr Al Harana photo

Fans of vibrant architectural structures will be interested in visiting the castle of Qasr Al Harana, located in the Karanakh desert. It has the shape of a regular square, devoid of rich decoration and magnificent interiors. At the same time, the castle at one time played an important role: travelers could stop here for the night, locking the doors tightly. The two-story building accommodated about 400 people, in the courtyard there are places for sleeping over camels and other animals. The peculiarity of the place was that through the windows-loopholes it was possible to monitor the situation in the desert and in the event of the approach of enemies, instantly respond.

Umm Al-Rassas

Umm Al-Rassas photo

The archaeological complex of Umm Al-Rassas was still mentioned in the Old and New Testaments. Today it is famous for the ruins of Muslim, Byzantine, Roman civilizations, many of which are still hidden underground. In the period of VII-VIII centuries, the town was famous for its powerful fortress, flowering gardens and many churches. During the excavations, it was possible to find 12 shrines with almost completely preserved rich decoration and a noticeable influence of Christianity. Of particular note is the church of St. Stephen with a large-scale panel depicting Palestine and nearby cities, and Jerusalem is here labeled as the “holy city”. Of particular interest are the walls decorated with mosaic panels and the Moses Memorial.

Quseir Amra

Quseir Amra photo

When traveling around Amman, renting a car, do not deny yourself the pleasure of visiting the Quseir Amra castle, built in 712 under the caliph Walid I. The bath houses and the front hall with numerous thematic murals depicting rulers, hunting scenes, musicians, have been preserved in their original form. ballerinas, children. It’s a miracle in itself that the frescoes have survived to our times, but most surprising is their very presence in the Muslim East. Every square centimeter here is literally saturated with historical events, every tourist who crossed the castle threshold will certainly feel the special energy of the place.

Food: atmospheric restaurants, cafes and bars

Habibah sweets

Al Hazar St 2 | Marwan Madi Complex habibahsweets.com

Habibah Sweets Photo

For a tasting of delicious oriental sweets, head to the Habibah Sweets. Powdered sugar, chopped dried fruits, sesame seeds, ground pistachios - all in abundance. If you can’t stop at one thing, you will be offered to try the sweets you like, and if desired, they will be packed in a stylish box to friends and relatives as a presentation. In addition to a huge selection, it gives the impression of a mixture of aromas and tastes, which plays up the appetite and provokes you to try as many sweets as possible at a time.

Fakhreldin restaurant

40 Taha Hussein Street | Jabal Amman, 2nd Circle www.fakhreldin.com

Fakhreldin Restaurant photo

Fans of Mediterranean cuisine and those who want to try Lebanese cuisine should head out to Fakhreldin Restaurant for lunch. Whatever your gastronomic preferences, there is something to get enough of. The highlight of the establishment is that every day a hidden kitchen check takes place here, so dishes are prepared exclusively from the freshest ingredients. In the afternoon, a real stir begins here, so it is better to book a table in advance.

Rosa damascena

Al-Kulliyah Al-Elmeyah Al-Islameyah St. www.facebook.com/pages/Rosa-Damascena

Rosa Damascena photo

Those who adhere to a healthy lifestyle and prefer vegetarian dishes should visit Rosa Damascena. The menu is extensive and new items appear regularly, for lovers of meat delicacies there is also something to try. The restaurant has a cozy atmosphere, good service allows you to look into the restaurant, both during a business lunch or a family dinner. Tourists using rental cars can use the parking lot.

IL Terrazzo Amman Restaurant

Issam Al Ajlouni Street Shmeissani www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/ammjr-amman-marriott-hotel/

IL Terrazzo Amman Restaurant photo

IL Terrazzo Amman Restaurant is an Italian island in Amman with a romantic view of the Dead Sea and first-class service. Pasta, steaks, salads, wines are beyond praise. The staff tries to please every guest, giving recommendations on dishes and in the selection of drinks, making you feel welcome. The institution has a stylish and cozy interior, which is the best suited for a special occasion.

V lounge & restaurant

King Faisal Bin Abdul Azia | Crowne plaza hotel

V Lounge & Restaurant photo

You can brighten up your evening leisure in the V Lounge & Restaurant. Muted tones, delicate aromas in the air and the extreme courtesy of the staff make for a pleasant pastime. Romance is added by live music (musicians play a guitar, a piano). You should definitely try the steak and shrimp, and in the choice of wine, trust the waiter. Thanks to the large portions, it will be possible to be fully satisfied, and after feeling the pleasant atmosphere, you will want to return to this restaurant for dinner again.

Where to live: Amman's comfortable hotels

Ayass Hotel

Al Madinah Al Munawarah St 153
+962 6 550 2550 www.ayasshotel.com double room - from € 108

Ayass Hotel photo

Are you planning to rent a car and looking for a romantic hotel? Choose your own Ayass Hotel. Spacious and comfortable apartments will surely please even the most avid tourist. The restaurant offers a special menu based on the gastronomic preferences of the guests: meat, vegetarian, gluten-free dishes. In the morning, working out in the fitness center, you can go on a tour of the main attractions, and in the evening - look into the spa area and relax in the jacuzzi or massage after a busy day. Free parking is also available. / P>

Amman pasha hotel

Shabsough Street 4 Al | Amman Downtown
+962 6 461 8262 www.ammanpashahotel.com double room - from € 39

Amman Pasha Hotel photo

Amman Pasha Hotel is a budget option with romantic echoes of decades gone by. The main advantage is a good central location. The rooms offer views of the main streets and the ancient Roman Colosseum. Nearby is a fruit market, souvenir shops, snack bars. The hotel has a homely atmosphere: here you can feed cats and rabbits, play instruments and leave your review on the wall in the hallway.

Corp Amman Hotel

Queen Alia Street, Al Shmeisani
+962 6 568 6666 www.hmhhotelgroup.com double room - from € 95

Corp Amman Hotel photo

The undisputed leader in the category “price / quality” - Corp Amman Hotel. There are all the attributes of the Middle East: hospitable staff, paying special attention to each guest, hearty breakfasts with a buffet and a light aroma of tobacco. The rooms are cozy and stylish, have a good rest after a busy excursion program or business meeting. Plus, convenient location to the main historical places of Amman.

The boulevard arjaan by rotana

The Boulevard, Rafiq Al Hariri Avenue, Abdali Area
+962 6 520 4444 www.rotana.com double room - from € 139

The Boulevard Arjaan by Rotana photo

The Boulevard Arjaan by Rotana is an elite hotel suitable for both a business trip and for a tourist program in Amman. The apartments feature stylish European interiors, a spacious bathroom and a kitchenette. It features a fitness center, pool, shuttle service. In case of a business trip, a work area in the room and a conference room are equipped. Free parking is available for tourists on rental cars.

Hotel misk

Shmeissani, Abdulhameed Sharaf St.
+962 6 565 7744 www.miskhotel.com double room - from € 64

Hotel Misk photo

For a comfortable trip, the small Hotel Misk is suitable. It is located in a quiet area near the center, thanks to good sound insulation, nothing will disturb the sleep of guests. The rooms are small, but comfortable and equipped with everything necessary. The staff is extremely attentive and helpful, helps tourists quickly adapt and makes recommendations about the “mast visit” places. The restaurant offers hearty breakfasts based on the gastronomic preferences of the guests.

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