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Booking Voucher Terms and Conditions

After the issuance of the Reservation Voucher, the following terms of use apply to it:
Validity: The reservation voucher is valid for 24 months from the date of issue. After 24 months, the voucher ceases to be valid, the validity period is not renewed.
Cost: The voucher is issued for the same amount (in euros) that you paid when you initially booked a car rental, and can be used when booking any rental through the sites of Booking Group. It is valid only for published rental prices and cannot be used to pay other fees, such as local taxes, related to other services related to car rental. The voucher does not cancel the cancellation policy and has no cash value.
Use of a voucher: A reservation voucher can only be used on Booking Group sites. Additional fees for its use are not charged.
Residual value: When using less than the face value, the residual value of the voucher can be used for subsequent bookings on Booking Group sites  . The expiry date of the initial voucher extends to its residual value.
Right of transfer: Reservation vouchers issued through Booking Group sites  may be transferred to other customers to book a car rental through Booking Group websites. To transfer a voucher, you must tell the other customer the unique combination of letters and numbers indicated in the voucher. The disclosure of this information about the voucher is considered permission to use it by the person to whom it became known. The owner of the voucher is solely responsible for protecting this information from disclosure. Booking Group does not bear any responsibility for the disclosure of information about the voucher or its unauthorized use.
Theft or loss: The voucher cannot be replaced in case of theft or loss.
Sale / exchange: Although vouchers can be transferred, they cannot be sold or exchanged. If it is suspected that the voucher was obtained through sale or exchange, the Booking Group reserves the right to consider the voucher and transaction void.
* Booking Group reserves the right to amend these Terms of Use in accordance with the law.


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