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Vienna photo

Vienna is a city of waltz, opera, museums and royal palaces that preserve the memory of the dramatic history of Austria. Vienna impresses guests with its sophistication and luxury, a special romantic mood and the atmosphere of eternal celebration and beauty. Coming to Vienna, as if you get to the royal ball, where everything is done with impeccable taste. The city is so charming that when you leave, you already dream about how you will return to the familiar streets and take a fresh look at your favorite places. If you saw everything you planned in Vienna and want to extend your pleasure from the trip, then rent a car and armed with a good mood, go on a trip to the suburbs of the capital, where the concentration of beauty is no less than in the center.


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Rent a car at Vienna Airport

Schwechat International Airport (Schwechat or Vienna International Airport) schemeSchwechat International Airport ( Schwechat or Vienna International Airport ) - download the scheme
IATA code: VIE
Location: 18 km from Vienna
Official website: www.viennaairport.com/
Information: +43 17007 22233

The following car rental companies provide car rental at Vienna Airport: Alamo, Sixt, Thrifty, Hertz, Europcar, Budget, Enterprise, Megadrive and Buchbinder. Car delivery racks are located on the ground floor of the P4 multi-story parking lot. The airport has several parking lots, which can be booked on the official website of the airport.

What to see in Vienna: interesting sights of the city


St. Stephen's Cathedral

Stephansplatz 3

St. Stephen's Cathedral photo

Symbol of Vienna and all of Austria. Gothic cathedral, containing a huge collection of works of art and religious relics. The first temple on the site of the cathedral was built in the XII century, after the fire it was rebuilt (XIII-XV centuries) and brought to its modern look at the beginning of the XVI century. Important historical figures of the country are buried here: for example, Duke Rudolph IV, at whom the cathedral was rebuilt; Duke Frederick III, uniting the Austrian lands; commander Eugene of Savoy, who defeated the Turks in 1697 near the Tisza River, which changed the alignment of political forces in Europe and turned Austria into one of the strongest European powers.

Museum of Art History

Maria-Theresien-Platz www.khm.at/

Museum of Art History photo

On the beautiful square of Maria Theresa there are two museums with almost identical architectural appearance. One of them is the Museum of Art History, built on the orders of Emperor Franz Joseph I at the end of the 19th century (1858 - beginning of construction, 1891 - opening). You can wander through the halls of the museum all day, peering into the canvases of Raphael, Velazquez, Rubens, Rembrandt, Titian, Dürer, Brueghel and many other great masters, whose works are recognizable not even by connoisseurs of painting. Be sure to take an audio guide to make your walk through the museum a fascinating journey into the world of art and human genius.

Albertina Gallery

Albertinaplatz 1 www.albertina.at/

Albertina Gallery photo

The world's largest collection of graphics is presented in the Albertina Gallery, which received such a melodic name thanks to its founder - Duke Albert of Saxony-Teshensky. The gallery began with a personal collection of the Duke, which was transferred to the palace he acquired. In 1822, the meeting became open to the public, and the public was very different. The only condition for entry and a kind of password was that visitors had their own shoes. The collection contains works by artists of various eras: Leonardo da Vinci, Rubens, Cezanne, Klimt, Schiele and others.


Michaelerkuppel www.hofburg-wien.at

Hofburg photo

The winter residence of the Habsburg dynasty in Austria, some rooms of which are still used for official receptions. Each new emperor expanded the territory of Hofburg, redeeming neighboring buildings, destroying them and creating majestic buildings in their place, personifying entire eras in the history of the country. The pearl of Hofburg is a unique Treasury where the crown of the Holy Roman Empire, made in the second half of the 10th century, is kept.


Schönbrunner Schloßstraße 47 www.schoenbrunn.at/

Schönbrunn photo

Baroque-style summer residence of the Habsburgs. It is considered one of the most beautiful palace and park ensembles in Europe, and is under the protection of UNESCO. Initially, the palace was used by members of the imperial family as a hunting castle, but after the death of Ferdinand II, his wife Eleanor Gonzaga founded her residence here (XVII century) and called it “a wonderful source” - Schönbrunn - in honor of the spring with water discovered in these places. Under Maria Theresa, Schönbrunn turned into the center of political and palace life, the period of the reign of the empress became a golden era in the history of the palace. So, in the north wing of the building, a theater was opened, where the children of Maria Theresa became the first actors, and a large menagerie - the Schönbrunn Zoo - which is the oldest in the world, appeared near the palace.

Outskirts of Vienna: best car routes



Klosterneuburg photo

Having rented a car, go to the north-west of Vienna, where the small town of Klosterneuburg is located, on the site of which in the I – V centuries AD there was a Roman military camp. The history of the modern settlement begins in the 9th century and is directly related to the construction of the Augustinian monastery of the same name, founded by St. Leopold III - the patron saint of Austria and Vienna. According to legend, when Leopold and his wife Agnes walked in these places, a sharp gust of wind blew off a woman’s cloak. Many years later, during the hunt, Leopold saw a strange glow emanating from a bush, the source of which was that same cloak. At the same time, the Virgin Mary appeared to the saint, asking Leopold to lay a monastery on this site. Among the main treasures of Klosterneuburg is the Verdun Altar, made of 45 gilded copper plates.


Baden photo

Ever since the time of the Romans, Baden was famous for its hot sulfur springs, whose healing properties attracted Austrian aristocrats and members of the imperial family to the city. Baden was repeatedly destroyed by Hungarians and Turks and, like a phoenix bird, was reborn again. In Baden, it is worth taking a stroll through the wonderful rose garden (the largest in Austria), peeking into the Beethoven House Museum and the Town Hall and walking through the territory of the Imperial Castle. This cozy resort town is most conveniently and quickly accessible by a rented car, which can be left in one of the public parking lots.


Mödling photo

About 40 minutes by car, you will find yourself in the southern suburb of Vienna, Mödling, where, it seems, nothing has changed since the Middle Ages. Ornate narrow streets, low stone buildings, the outlines of ancient fortresses and the leisureliness of local residents - in Mödling you can perfectly relax from the rhythm of a big city and spend several hours in a cozy and relaxing silence. Beethoven liked to come here, who first came to Mödling because of local mineral springs. Among the attractions, we recommend visiting the castle of Liechtenstein and the Church of St. Otmar. And of course, dine in one of the home restaurants that are found here at every step. When you rent a car, come to Mödling for half a day and plunge into the atmosphere of the old medieval city.


Dürnstein photo

Dürnstein is a charming city located in the famous Wachau Valley on the left bank of the Danube. The city is beautiful for its colorful houses, covered with ivy, aged signboards of shops where you can find many cute little things, and pedestrian streets, steeply climbing up to the ruins of Kunringerburg castle, where the English king Richard the Lionheart was imprisoned. Be sure to get to the Augustinian monastery - it houses the wonderful blue and white church of Marie-Himmelfart, made in the style of Austrian Baroque. We recommend getting to Dürnstein in this way: rent a car, drive to Krems on it, leave it in the parking lot and then transfer to the motor ship with open terraces, from which you will have gorgeous views of the Danube and the surrounding area.


Melk photo

From Krems on the boat you can also sail to another city in the Wachau Valley - Melka. It is worth coming here for the sake of the Baroque monastery, the first building of which dates back to the beginning of the 11th century. The modern hind dates from the first half of the 18th century. Once in the monastery, visit the Marble Hall with wall frescoes depicting ancient Greek heroes, a church with luxurious decoration of gold and marble and a library, whose fund is about 100 thousand manuscript and printing units.

Food: atmospheric restaurants, cafes and bars


Kohlmarkt 14 www.demel.at/index_flash.htm

Demel photo

Demel is more than just a pastry shop, it is a real museum of pastry art and a monument of an era. The whole high society of Vienna gathered here for a cup of tea with cakes, the Empress Elizabeth of Bavaria herself (or just Princess Sisi, as her relatives called her) loved to come to Demel to taste the next creation of Viennese confectioners. It seems that nothing has changed here since the 19th century: gilding, luxurious stucco molding on the ceiling and dark wood cabinets, behind the glass doors of which an exquisite tea set sparkles. In Demel, it’s easy to lose your head at the sight of numerous eclairs, rolls, muffins, cakes and sumptuous cakes, so for the first time we recommend that you restrict yourself to a slice of the famous Sacher cake and milk-caramel strudel. Stretch the pleasure of visiting the pastry shop for several days and try different types of sweets, to reveal the secret of Demel's stunning success. A good souvenir from Vienna will be a bag of candied violet petals, which the confectionery used to deliver to the imperial family.


Wollzeile 5 and Bäckerstraße 6 www.figlmueller.at/en/

Figlmuller photo

The waiters at Figlmuller with a smile deliver portions of schnitzel the size of a plate (and this is not an exaggeration) and probably chuckle quietly, watching the reaction of tourists when they bring such a royal piece of meat. It is unlikely that in the entire history of the restaurant there was at least one case when a visitor did not eat his schnitzel. Schnitzel Figlmuller is love from the first bite and an unforgettable gastronomic pleasure, for which you will definitely return here again. In order to get to Figlmuller and take a convenient place where no one will interfere with your excellent meal, we advise you to book a table in advance - in the evening you just can’t get here.

Cafe landtmann

Universitätsring 4 www.landtmann.at/

Cafe Landtmann photo

Everyone knows the sad story about breakfast in European hotels: boring and monotonous, they quickly bother even the most unassuming people. Therefore, wake up early in the morning and head to the Ringstrasse, where in the warmer months you can choose a table on the terrace and have breakfast in the best Viennese traditions. Hot chocolate, aromatic coffee, fresh fruit, muesli yogurt, a hot bun with honey, an omelet with ham and cheese - sounds like lovely music for those who are not used to having breakfast in a hurry. Landtmann is as pleasant in the evening as it is in the morning. The view of the Town Hall in the light of night lights will be a great addition to a romantic dinner with wine.

Do & co

Albertinaplatz 1 www.doco.com/de/

Do & Co photo

You don’t expect anything special from restaurants at museums. Caesar salad for granted, two or three types of pasta, several sandwiches and apple strudel - that’s the whole simple menu of such establishments. However, Do & Co, located in the Albertina Gallery building, is noticeably different from its counterparts and is perceived as a self-sufficient excellent restaurant, and not as an ordinary cafe at the museum. If you are lucky with the weather, go to the veranda overlooking the Vienna Opera and take a table in some quiet and peaceful place. Decorated by Do & Co to match the museum - elegantly and tastefully. As the main dish, we recommend beef in teriyaki sauce, and for dessert a panna cotta with coconut and passion fruit is suitable.

1516 brewing company

Schwarzenbergstraße 2 www.1516brewingcompany.com/

1516 Brewing Company photo

Bar 1516 has its own brewery, so it is not surprising that most of the visitors sit at tables with large glasses of beer and wash them with fried ribs. The interior is reminiscent of an old English pub: dark wood furniture, worn tabletops, and the walls are glued with old posters, posters and photographs. Add to this a pleasant twilight, which you will plunge into with pleasure after a walk along the noisy streets of the capital. Bartenders here like to chat, so if you need advice about the best places in the city, do not be shy and boldly start a conversation with them.

Where to live: comfortable hotels in Vienna


Sans souci wien

Burggasse 2
+43 1522 2520 www.sanssouci-wien.com/index.html double room - from € 238

Sans Souci Wien photo

San Souci Wien is an old 19th-century stone building next to the Museum Quarter. The decor of the rooms is made in soft colors: white walls, light parquet, furniture in gray and beige shades and retro lamps in tone. The walls of some rooms are decorated with originals of the works of famous pop art artist Roy Lichtenstein. For dinner, we recommend that you go to the local restaurant La Veranda and order rabbit and terrine with nuts, and then go to Le Bar and enjoy a set of three types of champagne. For those who travel by rental car, paid parking is available near the hotel (a place must be reserved in advance).

Altstadt vienna

Kirchengasse 41
+43 1522 6666 www.altstadt.at/ double room - from € 140

Altstadt Vienna photo

Boutique hotel near Museum Quarter. A simple and attractive design of rooms combines classic and modern details: for example, a picture of some eccentric modern artist that fits perfectly into the room’s interior can hang over a vintage table. In the evening, you can relax by the fireplace and drink a glass of wine to the sounds of pleasant music. If you rented a car, then paid parking is at your service.

Pension a und a

Habsburgergasse 3
+43 1890 5128 www.aunda.at/ double room - from € 129

Pension a und a photo

Cozy, family-run hotel near the Hofburg Palace. The rooms overlook a charming street with beautiful old buildings. Breakfast is served right in your room so your morning starts as comfortably as possible. At the reception you can buy a ticket to the theater or opera, as well as ask to book a table for you in the restaurant.

25hours Hotel Vienna

Lerchenfelder Straße 1-3
+43 1521 51151 www.25hours-hotels.com/ double room - from € 102

25hours Hotel Vienna Photos

To live a few days in the scenery of a magic show - this is possible at 25hours Hotel Vienna, where the walls of each room look like a bright dream of a crazy artist. Clowns, jugglers, acrobats, women with a mustache, horses, dragons, snakes - whose only images you will not find in the decor of the rooms. They played well with the furniture here: for example, instead of a TV stand, designers adapted old leather suitcases. Check out the hotel rooftop bar, from where Vienna appears to be chic. And of course, do not forget to take a picture for memory in a retro photo booth. The good news for those who have used the Vienna car rental service is that the hotel has its own paid parking.

Meliá vienna

Donau-City-Straße 7
+43 190 104 www.melia.com/ double room - from € 85

Meliá Vienna photo

Hotel located in Vienna's tallest building (250 meters). Spacious rooms with minimal design and panoramic windows that offer fantastic city views. Restaurant 57 is located on the 57th floor, where you can try grilled beef ribeye. The bar on the same floor serves Centenario signature cocktail (rum and caramel). Nice details: each room has a Nespresso coffee machine, to which 4 free capsules are attached daily; cozy terrace; parking, where you can leave a rented car for an additional fee.

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