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Stavropol photo

The former fortress, and now the capital of the Stavropol Territory, is located right on the 45th parallel of the northern latitude, at equal distance from the North Pole and the Equator. Rent a car and visit all the historical places of Stavropol, which Nikolay I drove through, poets Mikhail Yurievich Lermontov and Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin walked. Rich in nature and history, the North Caucasus region will open for you the most beautiful places, healing springs and unique architectural sights.

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Car rental at the airport of Stavropol

Shpakovskoe Stavropol International Airport ( Stavropol Shapokovskoye International Airport )

IATA code: STW
Location: 39 km from Stavropol
Official website: flystw.com
Information: 8 (8652) 365-590

Given the remoteness of the airport from the city, it is most convenient to get to Stavropol by renting a car. The following companies provide car rental at Stavropol Airport: Rentcar26 and others. Rental car rental desks are located in the arrival hall. Near the airport there is a parking zone, free of charge for the first 15 minutes and then paid at the rate of 100 rubles per hour of parking.

What to see in Stavropol: interesting sights of the city

Fortress hill

Soldier Square

Fortress hill photo

Paying tribute to the history of the city, it is worth starting a visit to the sights from the Fortress Hill, on the site of which in 1777 a defensive fortress was built - the progenitor of Stavropol. Now you can see only the rest of the fortress wall, imagining how it all began. In 1849, the Cathedral of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God, which became the cathedral of the Stavropol Territory, was erected on Fortress Hill.

Memorial “Fire of Eternal Glory”

Memorial “Fire of Eternal Glory” photo

Having examined the birthplace of Stavropol and touched the stones that remember the history of the 18th century, do not rush to descend from the Fortress Hill - stop at the memorial “Fire of Eternal Glory”. Three faces are depicted on a stone wall: the first two faces are male, personify the soldiers of the Civil and World War II, and the third is the female face of the Motherland. An inscription is carved under them: "Happiness conquered by the struggle of the people, your life is eternal." Here, a fire always burns in memory of the fallen and bright flower beds are planted.

Station building

St. Station, 17 stavropol.dzvr.ru

The building of the station of Stavropol photo

In 1897, the first train arrived at the Stavropol station building, which was greeted as a miracle. Now the train to Moscow (the only long-distance train) leaves every three days and brings new tourists who want to get acquainted with the beauties of the region and improve their health. A beautiful bright blue building still looks very impressive and attracts attention. Many tours of the city begin from the square opposite the station, because the oldest street of the city, which is now called Karl Marx Avenue, departs from here.

Stavropol Regional Museum of Fine Arts

St. Dzerzhinsky, 115-119 www.artmuseum26.ru

Stavropol Regional Museum of Fine Arts photo

The largest museum in the Stavropol Territory occupies three historical buildings of the 19th century and has exhibits from the 5th century to the 20th. Here is a rich collection of ancient Russian icons, antique sculptures, Western European engravings, art from the East, a collection of paintings by artists from Stavropol and all of Russia, as well as European painters, including works by Aivazovsky and Kuindzhi. The museum often hosts festivals, concerts and theme nights.

Alexander Square

Alexander Square photo

In the center of Stavropol is located Alexander Square - a favorite place for walks of local residents. Here you can easily find a cafe to your liking from a number of institutions. In summer, it is pleasant to relax in the square in the shade of trees near cool fountains. After the installation of a 25-meter column, lined with red granite, with the figure of the Guardian Angel of the City of the Cross crowning it, the locals began to call it Angel Square.

Taman Forest

Taman Forest photo

Walking through the back streets of the city, you can unexpectedly find yourself in a real forest. To do this, you just need to turn off Dzerzhinsky Street onto the path between houses 159 and 161. It will lead you to the stairs down to the Tashla River. About 15 minutes through the forest, covering an area of ​​400 hectares, and you will find yourself at the Komsomolsky Pond, where you can swim and sunbathe. A beautiful view of the domes of churches and the forest opens from the pond.

In the vicinity of Stavropol: the best automobile routes

Kravtsovo Lake

Kravtsovo lake photo

Only 10-15 minutes by rental car and 9 km from Stavropol, you can visit one of the oldest lakes in the region - Lake Kravtsovo. Wildlife lovers will be delighted with the variety of local flora and fauna, this will also please fishermen, because fishing here all year round with only one restriction - at a time you can not take with you more than five kilograms of fish. The lake has its own unique attraction - a floating island in the center. Local services prohibit swimming in the lake, as already known fatal cases are due to algae growing all along the bottom, which can wrap around the diver's body. But to admire the beauties of the lake is absolutely safe, which attracts many tourists.

Lushnikovskoe lake

Lushnikovskoe lake photo

Once a deep-water relict Lushnikovskoye lake connected the Caspian Sea with the Black. Now it is a State nature reserve of regional significance, on whose territory many natural species listed in the Red Book are preserved. Salt water and sand of Lake Lushnikovsky have healing properties similar to the mud of Lake Tambukan. The peculiarity of the reservoir also lies in the fact that it “breathes”, as if alive, now being filled with water, now becoming smaller due to its location on the fault.

Honey waterfalls

The village of Red Kurgan

Honey waterfalls photo

Powerful jets of water falling from a height of 18 meters are an ideal place to visit on a sunny, hot day. The spray cools and the sun sparkles in drops of water. The name “Honey” stuck to the waterfalls among the people because of the abundance of wild bees in the crevices of the rocks. They say that earlier in the waterfalls there was even honey washed out of the honeycombs. But now there are no bees, and although it is not possible to try mountain honey here, visitors felt calmer.

Mountain ring

The village of Red Kurgan

Ring-mountain photo

Rent a car and go on a trip to the sights of the Stavropol Territory. At the Barbustan ridge, you will see a unique natural arch emerging from the cliff, formed about a hundred years ago. At that time she was considered sacred, because they could not understand how such a strange formation could have arisen. Now scientists have found an explanation - voids created a strong wind, for many decades, "blown" soft rock. You can read about this place in the works of Lermontov, one of which, “The Hero of Our Time,” was filmed near this mountain.

Tatar settlement

The village of Tatarka

Tatar settlement photo

Many will be interested in visiting the only open-air archaeological museum in the Stavropol Territory that preserves the history of local settlements from the 8th century BC. Near the village of Tatarka near Stavropol, where the Silk Road once ran, several ancient hillforts with ancient walls and remains of household items were discovered. On the spot you will be offered to choose and go through several excursion paths, depending on your strength and wishes.

Food: atmospheric restaurants, cafes and bars

Gastropub The Royce

St. Marshal Zhukov, 2
+7 (865) 264-30-40 theroyce.ru

Gastropub The Royce photo

In the central square of Stavropol, the gaining popularity of The Royce Pub has settled. The English style of the interior, combined with the original menu enhances interest, and comfortable soft sofas and a panoramic view make you linger longer. In the evenings, there are parties with invited DJs, and professional bartenders surprise guests with signature cocktails.

Brewery merchant Alafuzov

St. Serova, 281
+7 (865) 224-08-94 www.alafuzov.ru

Brewery merchant Alafuzova photo

At a restaurant near the merchant Alafuzov’s brewery, beer lovers can definitely take their souls, because only the close proximity of a private brewery opens up access to such an impressive list of beers. Everyone here will find beer to their taste and will be able to try new products: traditional wheat, smoked, red, ginger, honey - you can list here for a long time. The halls are harsh oak tables and benches. The cuisine mainly consists of beer snacks and large-scale meat dishes - sausages, pork shanks, grilled meat.


St. Dzerzhinsky, 160
+7 (865) 244-17-77

Restaurant Lubasha photo

Restaurant Lubasha combines folk traditions and fashion trends. Visitors are offered to sit on bright wide sofas and try classic Russian dishes in a modern interpretation. For those who want to try as much as possible, the new menu makes it possible to order dishes from remote corners of the world. And pleasant waiters are always ready to help doubters to decide.


St. Sovetskaya, 16
+7 (865) 271-27-12 www.t-bon.ru

T-Bon Restaurant photo

The meat restaurant famous in Moscow appeared in Stavropol. Here you will be offered the best steaks of perfect roasting, which will be prepared in front of you in the open kitchen. The friendly waiters will be happy to suggest which wine will be the most suitable for your chosen steak. In the hall you can sit on leather sofas and relax while waiting for the best meat dishes.

Grandma Tarahto

St. Pirogova, 42/1
+7 (865) 267-57-57 babkatarahto.gidm.ru

Restaurant Babka Tarahto photo

A fan of Russian homemade dishes will like the restaurant “Babka Tarakhto”. In the cozy interior on comfortable sofas you can taste salads with red caviar and meat baked with cheese and mushrooms, washed down with traditional kvass. This is a great place to have lunch if you are just in town. In addition, there is free parking near the restaurant where you can park a rented car.

Where to live: comfortable hotels in Stavropol


St. Marshala Zhukova, 1
+7 (865) 271-17-11 www.eurootel.ru double room - from € 40

EuroHotel photo

In the very center of the city, EuroHotel offers a place to stay in comfortable rooms with numerous additional services. Guests will not have to be bored - the hotel building has a swimming pool, sauna, billiards and T-Bon meat restaurant. Bathrooms are equipped with underfloor heating and TVs. Breakfast is included in the room rate and is served as a buffet on the ground floor of the hotel. For guests traveling with rented cars, it will be convenient to park in a public car park nearby.

Herzen House

St. Herzen, 112
+7 (8652) 95-10-22 www.herzen-house.ru/ double room - from € 28

Hotel Herzen House photo

The cozy atmosphere and friendly staff create a pleasant charm of the Herzen House hotel, and home-style cuisine blends in with this image. Bright themed rooms allow you to feel like traveling in Europe or to distant tropical islands. For important events, you can order a room decoration in a romantic style. Frequent special offers allow you to save money and get a nice gift during your stay.

Park hotel stavropol

St. Dovatortsev, 47B
+7 (865) 291-65-65 www.parkhotelstv.ru double room - from € 54

Park Hotel Stavropol photo

Feel the royal blue blood inside you, staying in the classic interiors of the aristocratic Park Hotel Stavropol. It is a 15-minute drive from the city center, with which you will not have problems if you come by your own or rental car. The hotel provides free parking. A morning buffet is included in the room rate and is served on the top floor of the hotel in a restaurant under a glass dome. Guests can dine there while admiring the panoramic view.

Design Hotel Champagne

Zavodskaya St., 18
+7 (8652) 28-02-08 www.shampan-hotel.ru double room - from € 25

Design Hotel Champagne photo

In a quiet area of ​​the city there is a bright and unforgettable design for everyone who visited it, the Champagne Design Hotel. The interiors are saturated with saturated colors, each room is individual in its design. The rooms are equipped with TVs, safes and refrigerators, as well as microwaves and electric kettles, thanks to which a tired guest can make tea before bedtime. You can also enjoy a cocktail in the hotel bar. Continental breakfast is served in the room upon request.

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