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Pyatigorsk photo

Pyatigorsk, the center of the North Caucasus region immersed in greenery, was the first in Russia in 1863 to offer its guests a spa vacation with treatment with mineral waters. And until now, it is one of the most popular sanatorium zones, because more than 40 mineral springs are used for treatment, as well as natural radon - such a hospital in Pyatigorsk is the largest in Europe. You can fully appreciate the uniqueness of the nature of this region by renting a car, and visiting with a local guide numerous waterfalls, gorges, large springs and Mount Elbrus, where the cable car leads. A visit to all the beauties of the Caucasus and its main resort cities can take more than a week.

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Car rental at Pyatigorsk airport

Nearest to Pyatigorsk - Mineralnye Vody International Airport ( Mineralnye Vody International Airport )

IATA code: MRV
Location: 23 km from Pyatigorsk
Official website: mvairport.ru
Information: 8-800-333-0321

The following companies provide car rental at Mineralnye Vody Airport: Urentcar et al. Rental car rental desks are located in the arrivals hall. There are several parking areas near the airport, including free parking.

What to see in Pyatigorsk: interesting sights of the city


Gagarin Boulevard

Cave Failure photo

The famous Underground Cave Failure became famous in the movie “Twelve Chairs”, in which Ostap Bender decided to start collecting money for the entrance, fearlessly explaining to the police that the collection was “for the purpose of overhauling the Failure so as not to fail too much.” In fact, the admission is free, but the bronze “Great Combinator” still welcomes guests at the entrance, holding out a ticket of 50 kopecks. In the depths of the cave visitors can see a sky-blue lake. This bright blue color is given to the lake by hydrogen sulfide springs, due to which a strong unpleasant odor reigns in the cave. You can’t swim in the cave now, but near Failure, those who wish to plunge for free have access to sources that are popularly called “Shameless bathtubs”.

Park "Flower Garden"

Kirova street

Park “Flower Garden” photo

Another monument to the famous hero of the film “Twelve Chairs” is erected at the entrance to the Tsvetnik Park, a popular vacation spot for both visitors and locals. The arrangement of the park zone began in 1823 and lasted more than a century. Now it is a large-scale architectural and park area with bathtubs, grottoes, gazebos in the style of Chinese pagodas, galleries and restaurants, alleys, flowerbeds and a rose garden. Walking along the paths, you can notice the sundial, measuring 30 minutes between water procedures. Local musical ensembles and an orchestra perform in the park.

Mount Mashuk


Mount Mashuk photo

Since Pyatigorsk is located at the base of Mount Mashuk, it’s impossible, of course, not to visit the top of a kilometer-high. The cable car leads to the top point, ascent and descent will cost 360 rubles per person, but you can also walk uphill on a convenient asphalt road for free. The top offers breathtaking views of the entire city and its surroundings, including the peaks of the nearby mountains.

Place of the duel M.Yu. Lermontov

Place of the duel M.Yu.  Lermontov photo

On the slope of Mount Mashuk there is a small memorial complex reminiscent of the place of the duel and the death of the Russian poet Mikhail Yurievich Lermontov at the age of 27. In the center of the memorial there is an 8-meter dolomite obelisk with a bust and short but fruitful years of Lermontov’s life. The monument is surrounded by a fence made of small columns made in the form of bullets. Four corners guard stone vultures. The area around the memorial is planted with bright flower beds and lawns. Every year, fans of the poet come here to read the lines of his poems, filled with love for the Caucasus and Pyatigorsk.

Academic Gallery

Academic Gallery Photo

Without leaving Mount Mashuk you can admire another attraction of Pyatigorsk - the Academic (or, as it was called earlier, Elizabethan) gallery. It is located on a ledge of a mountain and is nicknamed the local “stone crown” of the city. The building, built in 1850, used to have spa bathtubs and pump rooms - where you could take a dip in the healing spring and drink mineral water. Now the building is empty, but still attracts many tourists and people walking with its pompous beauty.

In the vicinity of Pyatigorsk: the best automobile routes

Tambukan Lake

Tambukan Lake photo

9 km from Pyatigorsk, on the border of the Stavropol Territory, the beautiful lake Tambukan unfolded. Every year it attracts thousands of guests with its majestic beauty and healing mud at the bottom. Swimming in the lake is prohibited due to dangerous sharp snags at the bottom. Mud treatment has been carried out since 1886 in the health resorts of Pyatigorsk and neighboring cities, and was especially popular during the Great Patriotic War, due to the rapid healing of wounds after mud dressings. 1.5 million cubic meters of therapeutic mud of Lake Tambukan surpasses the beneficial properties of the famous Dead Sea mud in its characteristics.

Royal Falls Gedmishkh

Khabaz village

Royal Falls Gedmishkh photo

Rent a car to visit the enchanting Royal Waterfalls 70 km from Pyatigorsk. En route, you can admire the vast pastures and forested hills. With the opportunity to choose, the best to come on a sunny day when the rays sparkle and shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow in the streams of water. On the way from the Big Falls to the Small one you can have a barbecue in a small local cafe. At the Small Waterfall, tourists who are not afraid of coolness can swim in the clear mountain water.

Mount Beshtau

Mount Beshtau photo

After spending time on Mount Mashuk in Pyatigorsk, tourists already from afar get to know the top of Mount Beshtau - an inactive volcano, 1,400 meters high. You can drive to the mountain in a rented car, but you will have to go upstairs on foot along the beaten paths. From the top you can see the whole of Pyatigorsk and the peak of Elbrus. Walking upstairs will bring a lot of pleasant and interesting impressions, thanks to the beauty and richness of these places: mountain meadows with bright green grass and flower fields, forests with pristine silence and the animals that live in them.

Plateau of Greater Bermamyt

Plateau of Greater Bermamyt photo

If you arrived in Pyatigorsk by rental car, take the time and go see the Bermamyt plateau - this trip will definitely pay off with vivid emotions and amazing views! A path 100 km from Pyatigorsk will run through picturesque gorges and, in the case of a trip in spring and summer, blooming meadows. Given the height of 2600 meters, you need to be prepared that at the top it will be cool even in the summer, and in some places it will be possible to see the snow. Having left in the dark, here you can meet the dawn and enjoy the Elbrus volcano in the first morning rays.

Food: atmospheric restaurants, cafes and bars


Prospect Kirova, 25B www.pechorincafe.ru

Pechorin photo

After a busy walk in the Tsvetnik park, it is worth stopping by for a meal at the nearby Pechorin restaurant. The institution is divided into the main part in the classical style with the atmosphere of the evenings of the aristocracy and the summer terrace in a calm and relaxing Provence style. Here you can eat both roast in a rustic way, and grilled dorado, depending on the mood for a higher or home cuisine. In the morning, enjoy sweet pancakes with a cup of coffee.

Large balcony

Prospect Kirova, 65 balkon-lounge.ru

Large balcony photo

If you didn’t have enough panoramic views from the surrounding mountains or if you haven’t managed to get there yet, come to the “Big Balcony” restaurant and enjoy the view of Pyatigorsk and Mount Mashuk during lunch. Designer interiors and author's cuisine add uniqueness to this establishment in the very center of the city. The menu includes lamb, duck and a wide selection of Japanese dishes. You can also come here after a busy day to have a cocktail while admiring the sunset over the city.


Gagarina Boulevard, 2A
8 (879) 339-21-00

Photo failure

Near the eponymous attraction, the Failure cafe awaits its guests. A cozy interior with wooden beams and tables, upholstered chairs by the fireplace kindled in winter - set up for a pleasant rest after a long walk. Here you can taste all dishes rich in meat of Caucasian cuisine - kebabs, ribs, lamb tongues. There are several types of grilled fish.

Santa Fe (Santa Fe)

Prospect Kirova, 69 sf-cafe.ru

Santa Fe photo

Wanting to spend a romantic evening, do not deny yourself the pleasure of going to the Santa Fe coffee house. Light-colored interior, candles on tables and elegant desserts with a cup of hot tea will decorate your evening. However, you can also go here for a full meal - a rich menu allows you to choose a hearty dish for every taste. A beautiful view also opens from the second floor, which will allow you to continue the tour, warming yourself with a hot drink in a cozy place.

Il Gusto (Il Gusto)

St. Mira, 3 ok.ru/ilgustokmv

Il Gusto photo

Fans of Italian cuisine will appreciate the restaurant Il Gusto. Here you can feel yourself in a real courtyard of Rome, tasting pizza, which the local consider the best in the city - because the local chef will not regret the best ingredients for you. Friendly staff, large portions and a memorable interior are just some of the reasons to return here.

Where to live: comfortable hotels in Pyatigorsk

Hotel Alberia

St. New, 4
+7 (8793) 31-96-18 alberia-hotel.ru double room - from € 17

Hotel Alberia photo

For those who want to stay in a comfortable and budget hotel near the center of Pyatigorsk, the Hotel Alberia opens its doors. Superior rooms have a spa bath, where you can relax after exploring the city. It offers garden views where you can light a grill. Free parking is available on site, which is especially convenient for most tourists who use the services of rental companies. In the evening, guests are offered a cocktail in the hotel bar.

Spa Hotel Bristol

St. Soborna, 19
8 (800) 700-32-14 spahotel-bristol.ru double room - from € 50

Spa Hotel Bristol photo

For discerning guests, the Bristol Hotel offers the most exquisite service in comfortable rooms worthy of its four stars, in the immediate vicinity of the Tsvetnik Park. They made sure everyone feels like an aristocrat: chic rooms with king-size beds, a private restaurant with gourmet cuisine and a pub with a huge selection of alcoholic drinks, spa treatments for beautiful ladies and a conference room for business men.


St. Bunimovicha, 1
8 (8793) 33-83-88 kontinentalkmv.ru double room - from € 35

Continental photo

On the slope of Mount Mashuk, the Continental Hotel is located, attracting by its proximity to nature and the main attractions. Having settled here, you can allow yourself to meet the sunrise on the top of the mountain or end the day with views of the sunset over the city, so that you can then reach the room in just a few minutes. The hotel will appeal to those who can not imagine a vacation without a bath - it offers a beautiful sauna with a swimming pool. The bar serves Caucasian and European dishes, while delivering to your room.

Mask Pyatigorsk

St. George's Highway, 1st km
8 (800) 100-34-54 hotel.grkmask.ru double room - from € 35

Mask Pyatigorsk photo

Having rented a car, it is not necessary to stop in the very center of the city, since you always have the opportunity to quickly get to the sights both within the city and beyond. Hotel Mask offers a relaxing stay without city bustle in superior rooms with views of their own orchard. In the courtyard in the summer it is especially pleasant to sit by the fountain, ordering drinks from a local restaurant.

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