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Car rental in Malta

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Popular cities:

  • Valletta

The Maltese archipelago, located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. Landscaped islands with their bays and amazing bays attract diving enthusiasts. The rich cultural and historical heritage will not leave indifferent even the most avid traveler. Do you like a calm and measured rest? Then choose on which beach to take sun baths - sand, pebble, rocky, and maybe in the wild? In the meantime, decide, rent a car and explore the most popular attractions.

Holidays in Malta

Museums and temples


Mdina photo

From the first seconds, the medieval city-museum amazes to the core. Climbing to the top of the hill and passing several gates, you find yourself in a place where the reckoning has stopped. Narrow winding streets, distinctive stone structures and the complete absence of cars help to plunge into the Middle Ages, travel back hundreds of years ago and feel the spirit of that time.

Megalithic temples

Megalithic temples photo

The main asset of Malta is the prehistoric man-made structures. Megalithic temples are a real composition of stone structures and temple complexes. An underground sanctuary, ornate floor plans of buildings, an atmosphere of mystery attract tourists. The mystical stories that happened in these places further fuel the interest of travelers. And to get to the amazing temples will be best by rental car.

Museum of torture

Museum of torture photo

If it’s hard to surprise you, visit this place. Children and people with fine mental organization are not allowed! The museum is located in a dungeon where prisoners were tortured and executed many years ago. Here you will witness terrible pictures and the most sophisticated cruel reprisals against criminals. In the role of the guilty and executioners - wax figures, but the reality of what is happening will not leave you indifferent. The scenes presented in the museum are not fiction to attract tourists, but part of the history of the Maltese state that took place.

Rules of the road, parking, toll roads

In Malta, left-hand traffic is accepted. It is imperative that you follow the basic rules of the road: all passengers in the car must wear seat belts. Children under 3 years old should be transported exclusively in child seats. In the suburban area there are practically no traffic signs. For non-compliance with traffic signs in Malta, a strict system of fines is provided. Therefore, when you ride around the city in a rented car, do not forget to observe the high-speed mode, put the mobile phone aside and fasten your seat belt.

Toll roads

In Malta, there is no charge for road traffic, there are also no sites with an additional charge.

Speed ​​mode

  • In the village - 50 km / h
  • Outside the village - 80 km / h


The maximum allowable blood alcohol level is 0.8 ‰.


In large cities there are both paid parking and free, but the time for using them will be limited. If you plan to rent a car, remember that the yellow line in the curb area means that parking is prohibited in this place.

Malta has a Controlled Vehicular Access system. It automatically reads the number of the vehicle, fixes the time of entry and exit, then calculates the cost of parking. This system is valid only in Valletta.

Emergency and referral services

  • Background - 190
  • Ambulance - 196
  • Police - 191
  • European emergency number 112

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