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Haifa panoramic photo

Haifa is one of the largest cities in Israel, which is famous for its religious attractions. Not only pilgrims from all over the world, but also curious tourists come here to visit popular and little-known places, learn a lot of historical facts, recharge their batteries. An interesting fact: on Sabbath, there are all the entertainment venues, shops, and public transport. If you intend to spend your vacation as productively as possible, having arrived in Haifa, rent a car. Be sure to visit the parking lot of an ancient person, ride around the Lower City, where high-tech-style business centers are located. Take a stroll through the picturesque Bahai Gardens and visit the cave of Elijah the Prophet, where the prophet himself once lived. In the warmer months, you can go to the local beach, and at sunset you should definitely take a walk in the night city.

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Car hire at Haifa Airport

Haifa Airport ( Haifa The Airport then )

IATA code: HFA
Location: 6 km from Haifa
Official website: http://www.iaa.gov.il/he-IL/airports/Haifa/Pages/default.aspx
Information: +972 4-847-6111

Rental companies do not provide a car rental service at Haifa Airport. Near the airport building is equipped with parking for up to 100 cars.

Tel Aviv Ben Gurion International Airport ( Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport )
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IATA code: TLV
Location: 120 km from Haifa
Official website: http://www.iaa.gov.il/en-US/airports/BenGurion/Pages/default.aspx
Information: +972 3-975-5555

Car rental at Ben Gurion Airport is provided by Avis, Budget, Hertz, Dollar Thrifty, Eldan, Sixt. Car rental desks are located in the arrivals area. Near the airport there are short and long term parking lots.

What to see in Haifa: interesting sights of the city

Monastery Stella Maris

Stella maris rd

Monastery Stella Maris photo

Having rented a car, go look at one of Haifa's holiest places, the Stella Maris Monastery. Built in the second half of the 18th century, it is still considered the spiritual center for the Carmelites of the whole world. The exterior is characterized by rigor and restraint. The interior, on the contrary, is replete with luxurious details: a marble floor with a star, window stained-glass windows, a ceiling of Italian work, a painting of the dome. Near the altar is the entrance to the cave, which is considered the main shrine. Having examined the monastery from the inside, go to the observation platform, from where fascinating panoramas of Haifa and the Galilee mountains open.

Bahai World Center

Bahai World Center photo

The Bahá'í World Center is a complex consisting of gardens in Acre, a temple, a tomb and gardens of the Báb, the House of Justice, an international training center and a center where sacred texts are studied. Perhaps the most recognizable attraction is the terraced gardens that lead up to the tomb. The building of the sanctuary is decorated with tiling made of gold plates and mosaics. The World Center is open to the public. Everyone can get there, while observing certain rules of behavior.


Ha-Tishbi St 124 http://www.haifazoo.co.il/

Zoo photo

To diversify the excursion program, you can go to the Haifa Zoo. More than 350 plants and animals live here. During the tour you will be able to see Bengal tigers, Syrian brown bears, lions and leopards, camels, Palestinian vipers. In summer, it will be especially interesting to visit the “Night Safari” - a great opportunity to see some animals at the peak of their activity. Especially for children, a lematur opens for several hours a day.

Museum of Science, Technology and Space

Shmaryahu Levin St 25 https://www.madatech.org.il/

Museum of Science, Technology and Space Photo

One of the most fascinating places where children and adults can have fun is the Museum of Science, Technology and Space. The younger generation will be interested in visiting a 4D cinema, in the stunt hall and in the mirror room. Adults will love to study the history of computers, to see exhibitions dedicated to women in science or Leonardo da Vinci. There is a restaurant on the territory of the museum where you can have a hearty lunch in between visits to expositions. It’s more convenient to get to the museum by rental car.

Museum of Mans Katz

Yafe Nof Street, 89 http://www.mkm.org.il/eng

Mans Katz Museum photo

Art lovers should definitely visit the Mans Katz Museum. The exposition is represented by the works of the expressionist artist and his personal belongings. The main exhibits can be viewed in just over an hour. In addition, the museum regularly hosts exhibitions of world-class works. Visitors have the opportunity to see the works of Maurice Utrillo, Maurice Gottlieb, Marc Chagall, as well as sculptures by Marc Antokolsky.

Haifa Surroundings: Best Car Routes


Acre photo

25 kilometers from Haifa is the legendary city of Acre. Its history began more than 4000 years ago and during this time there were periods of ups and downs, wars and peace. Today, Acre is a small town, walking along the narrow streets of which you can enjoy old buildings, a market, old fish shops. Of course, it is worth visiting the Akko fortress, built in the middle of the XVIII century and taking a walk along its underground tunnel, looking into the Al Jazzar mosque and the Turkish bath. When inspecting Acre's gifts in the old bazaar, be sure to try hummus and baklava. Here you can buy souvenirs. Note to those who are going to stay in the town for a few days: you can taste delicious dishes of national cuisine in restaurants located along the beach.

Rosh Had Nikra

Rosh Had Nikra photo

One of the most amazing attractions located in the vicinity of Haifa is Rosh HaNikra. Here is a whole underground palace created by nature. For many centuries, the waters of the ancient ocean were washed by stone formations, creating the calcareous strata that make up the Rosh ha – Nikra cliffs. The snow-white grottoes hollowed out by the water in the coastal cliffs make an indelible impression. Rent a car and go see the magical beauty. During the tour, you can walk along the alleys and cableway and see the tunnel that was created by the army of Alexander the Great. By the way, a kind of cinema is equipped in the tunnel where you can watch a film about the history of the reserve. Having appreciated the views, and taking plenty of photos,


Caesarea photo

Another popular destination is the city of Caesarea, founded by Herod the Great at the end of the 1st century BC. On his orders, a palace, a hippodrome, an amphitheater, and a theater were erected here. The power and grandeur of aqueducts built to supply water are often compared to the Athenian Parthenon and the Egyptian pyramids. After excavations conducted in the middle of the last century, the city passed into the status of a National Reserve. Walking around Caesarea you can see ancient mosaics, the Roman “street of statues”, the remains of a breakwater dam, and visit the stadium’s arena. Finally, you should go to the Rally Museum and get acquainted with the works of great masters.


Nazareth photo

Not far from Haifa is the holy city of the Christian world Nazareth. It was here that Christ spent his childhood, so the percentage of professing Christianity is greater than in any other city in Israel. Arriving in Nazareth, you should visit the Grotto of the Annunciation and the Catholic Church of the Annunciation, which was built above the grotto, go to the Orthodox Church of the Archangel Gabriel and the Holy Spring. Popular among tourists is the national park “Sepphoris”. It is here that the remains of the Roman water reservoirs are preserved, in which, according to biblical tradition, Jesus turned water into wine. It is worth remembering that Sunday is considered a day off, so almost all establishments do not work.

Rothschild Park

Rothschild Park photo

Having rented a car, go on an excursion to the village of Zichron Yaakov to see the park of incredible beauty, built in honor of the philanthropist Rothschild. With its supply at the beginning of the XIX century, the construction of a winery began, which later became a major center for the production of wine, the construction of modern houses with centralized water supply was launched. Over time, a pharmacy, hospital, and school appeared in the town. According to locals, Rothschild invested more in the construction of the town than any other Jew before him. A few decades after his death, the ashes were transferred to the top of Carmel, a tomb was equipped, and a magnificent park was laid out around.

Food: atmospheric restaurants, cafes and bars

Gal´s Bakery

HaNassi Blvd 131 http://galsbakery.rest.co.il/

Gal´s Bakery photo

For breakfast in Haifa, Gal´s Bakery is perfect. From 5 a.m. the institution opens its doors to residents and visitors. This is a great place to start your day and explore Israeli delicacies. A summer playground is also equipped, where it is especially pleasant to sit in the warm season and enjoy the goodies and aroma of flowers from the garden. The bakery is conveniently located in the city center. Walking along the main streets, you should definitely stop by to try fragrant pastries, coffee or salads.

Ein el wadi

Wadi St 26 https://www.facebook.com/Ein.alwadi/info?tab=page_info

Ein El Wadi photo

If you are not ready to experiment in terms of food and intend to strictly adhere to your nutrition plan, you should visit Ein El Wadi. The facility offers a wide selection of gluten-free and vegetarian dishes. The restaurant has a cozy atmosphere, the interior is made in an authentic style. It is worth trying a light salad with greens and quinoa, hummus with tortillas, a hot dessert with goat cheese, homemade lemonade or wine (it is better to contact the waiters for advice). Be prepared to wait in line for a free table, however, it's worth it.

Pizza linga

Derech Jaffa 40 https://www.facebook.com/PizzaLinga

Pizza Linga photo

For a hearty snack on a rental car, head to Pizza Linga. Here you can taste one of the most delicious pizzas in the city, and as a drink - juice or draft beer. Be sure that at Pizza Linga you will be served and served quickly. It will be possible to settle in the institution as a large company or as a family. The atmosphere of the establishment is favorable for long conversations, and branded pizza makes you come back again.


Ha-Kharoshet St 10 http://www.zozamama.co.il/

Zozamama photo

If you want Asian or Thai dishes for lunch, you should go to Zozamama. The establishment is spacious, equipped with a large number of seats, so even at rush hour, there is a free table for you. The interior is very original, almost all the details are made of bamboo. To decide on the order, it is better to ask the waiters for advice, but you should definitely try a fruit non-alcoholic cocktail.

Elkheir Druze Cuisine

139 Shderot ha-Nasi | Central Carmel Elkheir Druze Cuisine

Elkheir Druze Cuisine photo

For dinner in Haifa, Elkheir Druze Cuisine is fine. Guests are greeted by a friendly host, helps to settle comfortably and talks about new products. The restaurant menu features Druze cuisine: original and unforgettable. It is worth trying goulash soup, lamb kebab, falafel, hummus, lentil porridge, signature salad. Meat dishes are especially famous: they are prepared using a unique technology, which makes it taste delicate.

Where to live: cozy hotels in Haifa

Templers boutique hotel

Sderot Ben Gurion 36
+972 77-500-3110 https://www.templers-haifa.com/ double room - from € 113

Templers Boutique Hotel photo

If you plan to rent a car in order to see as many attractions as possible, opt for Templers Boutique Hotel. This is a great option for a reasonable price, where it will be convenient to accommodate a couple or a group of friends. It offers tourists free parking, room-service, laundry. The highlight of the hotel is the original interior in each room, complemented by unusual details.

Haifa Bay View Hotel

HaNassi Blvd 101
+972 4-835-4311 http://hi.co.il/hotels/bay-view-haifa/ double room - from € 127

Haifa Bay View Hotel photo

An excellent option in the price / quality category is Haifa Bay View Hotel. The rooms are spacious and offer breathtaking views of the sea and the city. The hotel has everything to feel comfortable. You can eat hearty in the restaurant, and work out in the fitness center in the evening. A conference room is equipped for business travelers. In any situation, you can contact the hotel staff who will help to quickly fix everything.

Loui hotel

HeHaluts St 35
+972 52-513-4985
double room - from € 61

Loui Hotel photo

If you plan to travel a lot, and the starryness of the hotel does not matter, opt for Loui Hotel. The main bonus is the convenient location. Bahai Gardens and the German colony are a 15-minute walk away. The rooms are simple, with everything you need: kitchen and bathroom amenities. On the roof there is a cozy terrace with a wonderful view. Here you can have breakfast or just make a couple of frames as a keepsake.

Atelier luxury rooms

Sderot Ben Gurion 33
+972 52-223-8357 http://atelierluxuryrooms.com/ double room - from € 150

Atelier Luxury Rooms photo

For lovers of special apartments, Atelier Luxury Rooms is the place to go. The highlight of the hotel is an authentic and stylish interior. It creates the feeling of moving in time. It offers stunning views of the Bahai Gardens and the main street. On the miniature balcony, where everything is fine to the smallest detail, it will be nice to enjoy a cup of morning coffee or read a newspaper. Tourists using rental cars can use the free parking.

Hotel marom

Palmakh St 51
+972 50-772-1030 http://marom.hotelasp.com/ double room - from € 76

Hotel Marom Photo

Hotel Marom is a small, comfortable hotel located in a quiet location on Mount Carmel. The guests are greeted by the friendly hosts and help to settle comfortably. The restaurant offers delicious breakfasts, which you can fully satisfy. The rooms are equipped with everything you need, and in any situation you can contact the staff and they will deliver everything to you. The hotel provides laundry services, dry cleaning, parking.

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