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Dubrovnik photo

Along with Venice and Amsterdam, Dubrovnik is one of the three most beautiful cities in Europe, according to UNESCO. The winding streets where you can wander for hours, fortresses and palaces with many secrets and mysteries, picturesque gardens where you can wait out the heat in the shade of thick trees, and authentic restaurants and bars with a wide selection of national dishes and drinks - this is what every traveler will appreciate. Rent a car and be sure to go to the surroundings of Dubrovnik - the beauty and charm of miniature cities and villages will cause you to flush. Have a memorable trip!

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Car rental at Dubrovnik Airport

Dubrovnik International Airport ( Dubrovnik Airport ) - download the scheme

IATA code: DBV
Location: 15 km from Dubrovnik
Official website: www.airport-dubrovnik.hr
Information: +385 2077 3100

The second name of Dubrovnik Airport is Chilipi Airport, after the name of the village next to which it is located. In terms of passenger traffic, it is in third place after the air hubs of Zagreb and Split. The airport began operations in 1962 and operated until the start of hostilities in Croatia in 1991. The airport resumed operations in 2000, and since then it has been uninterruptedly receiving and sending flights. The main airline is Croatia Airlines.

There is one terminal at the airport, where all the services necessary for passengers are presented: information desks, information desks, medical aid points, bank offices, exchangers, representative offices of rental companies, food courts and duty free shops. For an additional fee, you can use the VIP-lounge with a cozy lounge area.

The city center can be reached by buses of the Atlas travel company (the schedule depends on the arrival and departure schedule), a taxi or a rented car.

What to see in Dubrovnik: interesting sights of the city

Pile Gate

Vrata od pila

Pile Gate photo

From the Pile Gate, all travelers begin their journey to the Old Town - the heart of Dubrovnik. The path to the Gate runs through the bridge, which overlooks the harbor between the main forts of Dubrovnik - Bokar and Lovrizhenak. Several centuries ago, part of this bridge was wooden and every night an important ritual was performed at the Pile Gate: the bridge was tilted, the gate was closed, and the keys to the city were given to the guardian of the fortress. Today, the Pile Gate is open to visitors around the clock. Passing under the Renaissance arch with a statue of St. Biagio, the patron saint of Dubrovnik, you will find yourself on the main street of the city - Stradun.

Franciscan Monastery

Placa 2

Franciscan Monastery photo

One of Dubrovnik's oldest religious buildings, opening the architectural complex of the Old Town. The monastery was built over several centuries starting from the XIII century, so there is no single style, the monastery is supposedly located at the intersection of eras. The monastery has repeatedly suffered from earthquakes and fires, as evidenced by dilapidated buildings and faded ornaments on the walls. Go to the monastery: walk through its shady gardens and galleries, look into the baroque church and buy something in the old pharmacy - and the charm of this place will remain with you forever.


Petra Kresimira IV

Cableway photo

On the funicular in a few minutes from the northernmost point of the city wall, you will be transported to Mount Srd. In fact, the Dubrovnik cable car is a whole entertainment complex. After a funicular ride, head to Panorama Mediterranean Restaurant. From its terraces, visitors enjoy bird's-eye scenery. Remembering the views of the city is not the only treasure that you can take from here. For real jewelry, head to the Ohrid Pearl boutique, where you can buy handmade pearl jewelry - Croatia has been famous for centuries.

Banje Beach

Frana Supila 10A

Banje Beach photo

Bathing in the azure waters of the Adriatic Sea on Banje Beach, you can easily imagine yourself as a Renaissance aristocrat. To your right are the majestic ramparts, ahead is the endless sea, and on the horizon the island of Lokrum with a monastery on the rocks is green. If you like such views, then rent a catamaran or water ski on the shore to rush against the backdrop of such a fabulous landscape. But before that, have lunch at a restaurant on the beach - fresh seafood, complemented by a glass of white wine, is delicious.

Bourbon street

Bana jelacica

Bourbon Street Photos

Ask Dubrovnik residents: “Where is Bana Jelacica Street?” In response, you are likely to get embarrassed silence. Even locals forget the real name of the street, which everyone today calls Bourbon Street. All because all the main party places of Dubrovnik are located here. Jazz here mixes with latin rhythms and electronic bass, while local wines come into conflict with Margarita and Bloody Mary. In other words, bars for every taste and entertainment of all kinds can be found on Bourbon Street.

In the vicinity of Dubrovnik: the best car routes


Lokrum photo

Leave your rented car at the city port of Dubrovnik and transfer to a boat - after 10 minutes you will be at Lokrum. Lokrum is a unique island reserve with forests and olive groves, on the rocky coast of which lies the ancient Benedictine monastery. Walking along the Lokrum trails will take you all day, so plan your departure time in advance based on your local marina schedule.


Moan photo

An hour's drive along the Adriatic coast in a rental car - and you will find yourself in Ston. A panoramic view of the ancient village opens from the Great Croatian Wall - the longest defensive structure in Europe. It stretches for 5 kilometers through the wooded hills of Ston. Afterwards, get down to Mali Ston or the Old Town for a walk along the narrow streets that European cities are famous for. You will find yourself on the promenade with many restaurants serving amazing oysters - Ston's main culinary treasure.

Arboretum Trsteno

Arboretum Trsteno photo

Once in the Trsteno Arboretum, fans of the Game of Thrones series will be surprised to look around and feel deja vu, because it was this garden that served as the location for the shooting of the Tyrell dynasty estate. In the XV century, this oldest European arboretum was built for a wealthy patrician family, and to this day it is considered a miracle of landscape art of the Renaissance. Amazing plants, fountains, gazebos overlooking the coast, an aqueduct, a summer residence in the spirit of the Renaissance - all these sights you will find in the Trsteno arboretum. The park is located in the small village of Trsteno, which is most conveniently accessible by rental car. The path will take about half an hour from the promenade of Dubrovnik.


Photo taken

On the sandy coast of Slano, surrounded by pine groves, are located the cleanest beaches of Croatia. Do not be embarrassed by the rural look of this town - a peaceful holiday by the sky-blue waters of the Adriatic Sea is the main advantage of Slano. After sunbathing, visit one of the local home-style restaurants. If you want to make your evening special, we recommend choosing a restaurant at the largest Slano hotels - Admiral or Osmine. On their territory there will definitely be a parking space for your rented car.


Orasak photo

We recommend that all foodies visit Orasak and the surrounding villages - this is the center of gastronomic tourism in Croatia. In order to comfortably go around the largest farms and restaurants in the area, you will need to rent a car. In these places, farmers make beautiful goat cheese, organic olive oil and white wines - there will be something to taste on the terrace of some tavern with a picturesque view.

Food: atmospheric restaurants, cafes and bars


Brsalje 3 www.nautikarestaurant.com

Restaurant Nautika photo

To come to Dubrovnik and not to dine in Nautika is akin to if not a crime, then an annoying misunderstanding. Nautika’s “Walk of Fame” has star names such as Roger Moore, Kurt Russell, Goldie Hawn and Owen Wilson. In honor of the honored guest of the restaurant, Pope John Paul, the chef Nautika created a special fish dish, St. Peter's Fish. The restaurant is oriented only for dinner and starts at six in the evening. Be sure to book a table in advance - you can’t just get into such a symbolic place.

Dubravka 1836

Brsalje 1 www.nautikarestaurant.com/dubravka-restaurant-cafe/

Dubravka 1836 photos

Next to Nautika, no less atmospheric Dubravka 1836 is open. There are several types of breakfast on the menu that will set the right mood for your day. If you look here for lunch, we advise you to order grilled king prawns and Dubravka pizza. And be sure to take a table on the veranda - a view of the sea and the fortress will decorate your romantic meal.

Otto taverna

Nikole Tesle 8 www.tavernaotto.com

Otto Taverna photo

The main dish at Otto Taverna is a tender lamb with baked potatoes and fresh vegetables. A worthy pair for him will be carrot soup with ginger - it sounds unusual, but the taste is delicious. Book a table in advance, as there is usually no end to those wishing to try the creations of local skilled chefs.

Lacroma snack bar

Otok lokrum

Lacroma Snack Bar photo

If you don’t have time for a solid lunch, then choose the Lacroma snack bar. At first glance, nothing special - sandwiches, salads, pastries and classic desserts. But in some miraculous way, even the simplest tuna sandwich in Lacroma turns into a decent independent dish. The bread seemed to be fresh from the oven, and the crispy lettuce and juicy tomatoes seemed to have been plucked from the garden just a couple of minutes ago. Pay attention to the wine list - the selection of drinks is small, but quite decent. Order homemade wine and you will not lose.

D´vino Wine Bar

Palmoticeva 4a www.dvino.net

D´vino Wine Bar photo

One of the culinary gems of the Old Town is the D´vino wine bar, where you will spend a wonderful evening with a glass of wine and a light snack. Sommelier will help you navigate among the abundance of wines and tell you what to combine with. Jazz sounds in the background, and from the neighboring tables you can hear the laughter of visitors - a pleasant accompaniment for an evening in Dubrovnik.

Where to live: comfortable hotels in Dubrovnik


Pera Cingrije 7
+385 2030 0300 www.adriaticluxuryhotels.com double room - from € 136

Bellevue photo

The chamber and elegant Bellevue is located away from the center of Dubrovnik and attracts with its solitude and silence. All day you can bask in the sun on a pristine beach at the foot of the cliffs, swim in the pool overlooking the sea and try the culinary delights of local chefs. If you want the most secluded relaxation, then at your service are separate villas with their own garden and access to the sea. One of the many advantages of the hotel is its free private parking.


Frana Supila 12
+385 2030 0310 www.adriaticluxuryhotels.com double room - from € 117

Excelsior photo

Luxury hotel with access to the sea, close to the historic center of Dubrovnik. Spacious, minimalist rooms in pink and gray tones. The windows offer a wonderful panorama of the city and the coast. Excelsior guests can use the fitness center, relax in the sauna or massage, swim in the pools (indoor and outdoor) and try traditional Croatian cuisine in one of the local restaurants. For guests using the car rental service, free parking is available.

Hilton imperial

Marijana Blazica 2
+385 2032 0320 www3.hilton.com double room - from € 109

Hilton Imperial photo

Hilton Imperial is located next to the Old Town district. Neat, sustained in pleasant light brown shades of the room. The rooms overlook a busy street, so in the morning it is noisy. Special diet menus are available upon request. A big plus is the ability to check into the hotel with your pet (for an additional fee). Paid parking is available on site, where you can park your rental car.

Grand villa argentina

Frana Supila 14
+385 2030 0300 www.adriaticluxuryhotels.com double room - from € 102

Grand Villa Argentina photo

A five star hotel a couple of minutes drive from the city center. Grand Villa has access to the beach, so you can start your morning with a swim in the sea or with breakfast on the coast. Most rooms have cozy balconies with sea views. It features indoor and outdoor pools, a spa, a spacious gym and several restaurants on site. If you are traveling in a rented car, then you can leave it in a paid parking lot at the hotel (prior reservation is needed).

Prijeko palace

Prijeko 22
+385 2032 1145 www.prijekopalace.com double room - from € 102

Prijeko Palace photo

Boutique hotel in the center of the Old Town. Each room at Prijeko Palace resembles an aristocratic room. Vintage-style furniture, paintings and mirrors in massive golden frames, pillows and blankets with monograms and painted lamps - all this creates a romantic mood. The district has many cafes, bars and souvenir shops, the main attractions of the city can be reached in 5-10 minutes.

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