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Dnipro photo

On the banks of the mighty Dnipro lies the beautiful city of the Dnieper with unusual industrial landscapes. A few decades ago it was “closed”, and those wishing to come, certainly had to get a “Dnipro visa”. The policy of the city has changed, and now anyone can get here. Of course, the main asset of the Dnipro is its sights. Having rented a car, it is worth visiting the palace of Potemkin, visiting the synagogue with the charming name “Golden Rose” and photographing the mysterious fountain “Swan”. It is better to allocate as much time as possible to visit Monastyrsky Island in order to have plenty of exercise, go to some delicious establishments, of course, to see the monument to Taras Grigoryevich and visit the Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas.

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Car rental at the Dnipro airport

Dnepr International Airport ( : Dnepr International, Airport then ) - download scheme

IATA code: DNK
Location: 5 km from the Dnipro
Official website: dnk.aero
Information: +380 56 787 0849

The following companies provide car rental services at the Dnipro Airport: VRC Car rental, United International Car Rentals, SIXT, Rental, Narscars, Europcar, Budget. Car rental offices are located in the arrivals area of ​​international flights. Free parking is available in front of the passenger terminal.

What to see in the Dnipro: interesting sights of the city

Ekaterinoslavsky Boulevard

Yekaterinoslavsky Boulevard photo

Favorite place for city residents to have a promenade and have a good time is Ekaterinoslavsky Boulevard located in the city center. This is a popular pedestrian area with many restaurants, cafes, eateries. Its main decoration, which gives a certain charm and lightness, is stone benches, paving stones, fountains. In the evening, the boulevard seems to be reborn, turning into a romantic place: shop windows, old buildings are illuminated by hundreds of lights. One wants to stop time and stay in this serene calm state, seeing the beauty of the city. Having plunged into the atmosphere of romance, do not pass by the monument to the Businessman. They say that if you rub his cigar, then a monetary addition is simply inevitable, and if you sit on your knees - you can safely begin to prepare for the wedding.

Transfiguration Cathedral

Pl. Cathedral, 1

Transfiguration Cathedral photo

On a rental car, go see the monument of architecture of national importance - Transfiguration Cathedral. Construction began at the end of the 18th century, but due to the political situation with Turkey, construction was suspended for almost half a century. During the revolution, the temple was preserved and today the shrine is considered the main place among the believers of the city. Divine services are regularly held here, anyone can enter the temple.

National Historical Museum named after D. I. Yavornitsky

Prospect Dmitry Yavornitsky, 16 museum.dp.ua

National History Museum named after D. I. Yavornitsky photo

You can view exhibits of national and world significance and get acquainted with the history of the region at the D. I. Yavornitsky National History Museum. The collection includes about 250 unique antiquities, including prints of the XVI-XVII centuries, weapons, relics of the Zaporizhzhya Cossacks, the mummy of an Egyptian woman with a child. The main property of the museum is the Kernosovsky idol, dating from the 3rd century BC.

Interpipe Plant


Interpipe Plant photo

You can diversify your tourist route by going on an excursion to the Interpipe factory. This is the only factory built during the independence of Ukraine. It is famous for its first-class equipment that cares for the environment, “green technology” and original art objects created by Olafur Elliasson. The guide will not only acquaint you with the stages of production of steel products, but also talk about the values ​​of a particular decorative bas-relief.

Museum of Retro Cars “Time Machines”

St. Mandrykovskaya, 44

Museum of retro cars “Time machines” photo

Representatives of any generation will be interested in visiting the Museum of retro-cars “Time Machines”. Someone will remember childhood, youth, and someone will get acquainted with the true rarities of the automobile industry. Buses, trucks, motorcycles, cars of the past century - all this can be seen during the tour. The retro atmosphere is perfectly created by decorative attributes: mailboxes, telephone boxes, gas stations. You can comfortably reach the popular attractions by renting a car.

In the vicinity of the Dnipro: the best automobile routes

Monastery Island

Monastery island photo

One of the most romantic places to visit when traveling along the Dnipro is Monastery Island. The main attractions here are the snow-white Nicholas Church, the dome of which is visible from different points of the city and a monument to the great Kobzar. Tourists with children will certainly be interested in visiting the aquarium and the zoo, the horse patio. The island has many restaurants and cafes with various cuisines. In the warmer months, for the guests of the city and the locals to relax, the beach area works. There are two ways to get to your destination: on foot along the bridge or on the high-speed troll.


Galushkovka photo

Near the Dnipro on the farm Galushkovka is a popular ethnographic complex, recognized as a center of green tourism. It consists of a model of the Cossack fortification and three peasant estates of the XIX century. During a tour of the first estate, you can see the inn and visit the museum of rural life. In the second - is the estate of a local artist, who has become famous throughout the world, thanks to his technique of Petrikov painting. Walking around the third estate, you can get acquainted with the basics of pottery and learn the secrets of beautiful products. Weapons, national costumes, dishes of the Cossacks - everything seen will certainly impress every tourist. Signing up for an excursion in advance, you can visit the horse show, attend a folk festival and try a traditional Cossack dinner with dumplings, kulesh and uzvar.

Samara forest

Samara forest photo

To diversify your tourist route, renting a car, go for a walk in the Samara Forest. If you are an experienced tourist, be sure to find the old partisan dugout. It is not visible on the surface of the earth, so you will need to make a little effort. Memorials to the heroes of the partisans will serve as reference points. Bringing a little food with you, you can comfortably sit in the dugout, take a break and have lunch.


May photo

One of the most popular destinations among locals and tourists is the village of Mayskoye, namely the Agrosoyuz enterprise, where the largest ostrich farm in Ukraine and a small zoo are located. The territory is large enough, so in order to have time to inspect everything and usefully spend time, it is worth using the services of a guide. During the tour, it will be possible to feed ostriches and touch the bulls that are bred here, as well as taste ostrich eggs and meat. The farm has comfortable gazebos where you can relax after long walks and have a bite to eat.

Tokovsky waterfall

Tokovsky waterfall photo

Fans of scenic spots should visit the Tokovsky waterfall, located in the village of the same name in the Apostolovsky district. Rocks of the canyon consist of multi-colored granite of the correct form and sometimes reach 30 meters. Thresholds and sinks form a total drop of 6 meters. The best time of the year to visit the waterfall is spring: then the power of the water is especially large, and what you see makes an unforgettable experience. By the way, in the last days of June, motorcycle meetings are held here under the code name “Sholokhov Waterfalls”.

Food: atmospheric restaurants, cafes and bars


St. Barrikadnaya, 2 www.reporter.dp.ua

Reporter photo

For breakfast in the Dnipro, go to the restaurant “Reporter”. Guests are offered Ukrainian cuisine, plus an extensive vegetarian menu and a good selection of gluten-free dishes. Minion fillet with pomegranate juice, cheese soup, lemon tart with strawberry coolies - beyond praise. Thanks to the good service and cozy atmosphere, the best memory of the restaurant remains. By the way, guests on rental cars can use the parking lot.


Dmitry Yavornitsky Ave., 88 Felicita restaurant

Felicita photo

Italian cuisine lovers can check out Felicita Restaurant for lunch. It is worth trying the shank, grilled octopus, chocolate pancakes with berries, the signature dessert “Felicita”. The staff is extremely attentive and helpful, tries to serve each guest as quickly as possible, regardless of the flow of customers. Pleasant music plays in the background, while tasting national dishes, you really feel like an Italian. The facility is suitable for business meetings or for a special occasion.

Coast Restaurant & Lounge

St. Naberezhnaya Lenina, 61 www.coast.dp.ua

Coast Restaurant & Lounge photo

For delicious cuisine and an incredibly cozy atmosphere, head to the Coast Restaurant & Lounge. Each guest will certainly appreciate the skilled work of the staff, the original presentation and the unique combination of ingredients. It doesn't matter if you are hungry or have a snack, try a veal steak, snails and wine, which will correctly select sommelier for you. The restaurant’s terrace offers picturesque views of the Dnipro, adding some romanticism and charm.

One dollar bar

St. Yavornitsky, 6 | Pl. Shevchenko www.facebook.com/onedollarbar

One Dollar Bar photo

After renting a car, go for a meal at One Dollar Bar. Of the main dishes, it is worth trying poached turkey, pate, hummus, ravioli. Desserts deserve special praise. Cheesecakes with condensed milk, cherry pudding, orange dessert with almonds and oatmeal - delicious so that you want to ask for recipes. For drinks, try a cappuccino or fresh celery. Especially cozy you can sit at a table by the window and enjoy the gastronomic masterpieces from the chef.

Pub Strasse

St. Mikhail Grushevsky, 1 www.facebook.com/StrassePub

Pub Strasse photo

For a fun evening out, Strasse Pub is the place to go. The friendly staff helps to comfortably accommodate and gives recommendations on certain dishes. Despite the number of guests, rest assured that you will be served quickly. The interior is made in the traditional German style, and the original details create a certain atmosphere of authenticity and have a pleasant rest. It doesn't matter if you came here with a friend or with a big company, there is enough space and assortment of dishes for everyone.

Where to live: cozy hotels of the Dnipro

Grand Hotel Ukraine

St. Korolenko, 2
+380 56 790 1441 www.grand-hotel-ukraine.dp.ua double room - from € 114

Grand Hotel Ukraine photo

Those who appreciate comfort and high quality service should opt for the Grand Hotel Ukraine. This is an elite hotel located in the center of the Dnipro, offering its guests modern rooms with stylish interiors and a huge bathroom. Breakfast includes a variety of dishes, drinks and freshly baked pastries. It offers a fitness center, spa area with jacuzzi, swimming pool, shuttle service. For couples with children, special rooms are equipped, for those who appreciate luxury - deluxe rooms.

Reikartz Dnepropetrovsk Hotel

St. Troitskaya, 12A
+380 56 790 7400 www.reikartz.com double room - from € 51

Reikartz Dnepropetrovsk Hotel photo

Those who like to travel by renting a car will find Reikartz Dnepropetrovsk Hotel the best choice. The rooms are spacious with good soundproofing and a minibar. The staff is attentive, but at the same time unobtrusive. Breakfast is organized in buffet style. In case of a business trip, a work area in the room and a conference room are equipped. Free parking is available (reservation is required).


Pl. Assumption, 11
+380 67 353 8877 dvoryanskiy.com.ua double room - from € 25

Noble photo

Hotel “Noble” is a budget accommodation option, which will be convenient to stay during a short business trip or traveling with your family. The main advantage is impeccable cleanliness. The hotel has special offers for long stays for couples and spouses. Using one of them you can save a lot and get a full range of services.

Park hotel

St. Voroshilova, 21D
+380 56 726 6000 www.parkhotel.dp.ua double room - from € 55

Park Hotel photo

If you do not pretend to be a luxury while appreciating comfort in everything, opt for Park Hotel. It is located in the central part of the city, if desired, museums, monuments, exhibition halls can be reached on foot. Guests have a choice of standard rooms, business apartments, deluxe rooms. In the restaurant at the hotel you can have a hearty breakfast or organize a business lunch, buffet. You can relax after a busy day in the spa area or in the Marakesh lounge bar.

Premier hotel abri

Descent Kalinina, 1
+380 56 719 9202 abrihotel.com.ua double room - from € 41

Premier Hotel Abri photo

Premier Hotel Abri is a comfortable hotel with a stylish interior and homely rooms. Regardless of the category, the apartments are equipped with everything necessary for a pleasant stay and productive work. It offers a fitness center, shuttle service, banquet facilities. Free parking is available for tourists on rental cars. There are promotions “Business Package” and “Wedding Package”, using which you can spend unforgettable time in the Dnipro.

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