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Belgrade panoramic photo

You expect romance and mood from the films of Emir Kusturica from the capital of Serbia, but you are greeted by a gray and simple architecture. The fact is that Belgrade, which was destroyed 38 times, clearly illustrates the difficult historical path of his country. Here Orthodoxy combined with Catholicism, West and East, bright graffiti and sparkling nightlife with a memory of the recent past, the ghosts of war and the faith of welcoming Serbs in a happy tomorrow. Do not limit yourself to viewing the capital alone - spend two days in Belgrade and, having rented a car, go to the province, where the traditional Serbian atmosphere and culture are preserved.


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Car rental at Belgrade Airport

Belgrade Nikola Tesla International Airport schemeBelgrade Nikola Tesla Airport ( Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport ) - download the scheme
IATA code: BEG
Location: 12 km from Belgrade
Official website: http://www.beg.aero/
Information: +381 11 209 44 44

Airport car rental service The following car rental companies provide Belgrade: Avis, Thrifty, Sixt, Hertz, Europcar, Budget, Auto rent, Moris, UniRent, Mega rent and others. The rental desks are located in Terminal 2 in the arrivals area of ​​international airlines. The airport has 24-hour multi-level parking, as well as open parking.

What to see in Belgrade: interesting sights of the city


Belgrade fortress Kalemegdan

Terazije 3 www.beogradskatvrdjava.co.rs/

Belgrade Fortress Kalemegdan photo

Acquaintance with Belgrade should begin with its main artery - Knez Mikhailova Street leading to his heart - the Belgrade Fortress, erected at the beginning of the 1st century. Fort, serving at different times four empires: Roman, Byzantine, Turkish and Austro-Hungarian - took its final shape only in the XVIII century. Now Kalemegdan is a national monument consisting of the Upper Town, the Lower Town and a beautiful park. There is plenty to choose from: you can evaluate a street exhibition of weapons, walk along medieval bridges and gates, go around the three-hundred-year-old Clock Tower, climb the Despot Tower, where there is an observation deck with a breathtaking panorama of Belgrade, or stand at the foot of the symbol of Belgrade - the monument to the Winner, whose nudity embarrassed the locals so much that they refused to install it in the city center. AND, finally, do not forget to go to the zoo, immortalized in the first frames of “Underground” Kusturica. Returning from the fortress in the evening, linger on Knez Mikhailova Street and pay attention to street musicians - Balkan motifs in their songs will cheer you up.

St. Sava Cathedral

Huk Aveny 35 www.hramsvetogsave.com/

Cathedral of Saint Sava photo

The White Stone Cathedral, whose blue domes are visible from anywhere in the city, is not only the main landmark of Belgrade, but also its most important attraction. According to legend, the Ottoman Turks burned the remains of the patron saint of the Serbian people, Saint Sava, on the hill, where the largest Orthodox church in the Balkans is now located. Looking at the cathedral, and you won’t think that it is the Serbian analogue of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, ​​it has been built for more than 100 years and has not yet been completed. However, despite the unfinished interior decoration, services are already underway in the temple.

Museum of Nikola Tesla

Nobels gate 32 www.tesla-museum.org/

Museum of Nikola Tesla photo

The only official museum of the great and mysterious engineer and physicist Nikola Tesla. The museum’s collection contains more than 160,000 original documents, about 2,000 books and magazines, several thousand photographs of the mysterious genius, as well as various electrical installations. Be sure to walk through the halls with a guide who will not only dispel some myths about the personality of the great inventor, but also demonstrate his creations and experiments in action. The focus with the lights in the hands still impresses not only children but also adults.

Quarter Skadarliya

Quarter Skadarliya photo

It is customary to talk about Skadarlia as a bohemian-restaurant quarter of Belgrade, in which actors and artists traditionally settled. In fact, this is not even a quarter, but one of its streets - Skadarska. Until the 19th century, it would never have occurred to anyone to talk about this quarter as prestigious: in the Skadarski region the poorest gypsies lived, who traded in scams and petty theft. But after the opening of the National Theater in the neighborhood, the actors who attracted their friends: poets, writers and artists became frequent guests of the quarter. By the beginning of the 20th century, the Gypsies could not afford the prestigious area and they were forgotten about them, and the Bohemia firmly settled in it. Of course, now curious tourists can be found here more often than ministers of muses. But the unique atmosphere remained: paving stones, the comfort of lovely restaurants entwined with ivy, old houses, benches in the soft light of lanterns, reckless street musicians. And a wooden signpost to artistic neighborhoods around the world: Monmartre, Grinzing, Old Arbat and the eloquent Moon above them.

Zemun District

Zemun district photo

In contrast to Skadarli, Zemun is a quiet and calm area of ​​Belgrade on the other side of the Danube. Due to its location, it is famous for plentiful fogs and architectural contrasts. Take a walk in the evening along the beautiful streets of the area and experience its mysterious atmosphere; see how the new mansion is adjacent to the destroyed shack; marvel at the wonders of parking on the steep hillsides; and finally climb the spiral staircase to the main local attraction - the medieval Gardosh tower. The Zemun district, which some consider the most authentic in Belgrade, will show you how contrasting the Serbian capital is.

Near Belgrade: Best Car Routes


Mount Avala

Mount Avala photo

Having rented a car, go to Mount Avala, which is considered one of the symbols of the city. Avala will appeal to travelers tired of the bustle of the capital: here you can take a walk through a picturesque park, see a monument to the Unknown Hero dedicated to the soldiers who fell in the First World War, as well as a monument in memory of the Soviet commander-liberator of Belgrade. An adjacent TV tower offers amazing views of the city and the valleys of Shumadia.

Novi Sad

Novi Sad photo

An hour away by car from the bustling capital, is the second most popular and largest city in Serbia - Novi Sad. It is also called "Serbian Athens": already in the Middle Ages Novi Sad was famous for its schools and gymnasiums, as well as for developed trade. The architecture of the city is very different from Belgrade: its center is filled with sophisticated buildings in the style of Gothic, Baroque and neoclassicism. Walking in the center, head to the Petrovaradin fortress, known from ancient times. It was rebuilt many times and managed to be in the possession of Turkey, Austria, Hungary and Germany, becoming the largest plain fortress in Europe. The walls of Petrovaradin in some places reach one hundred meters, and the underground tunnels have a multi-level structure. The fortress used to be called "Gibraltar on the Danube" because it separated the Christian and Islamic worlds,

Frushka Gora National Park and Mokra Gora

Frushka Gora National Park and Mokra Gora photo

On the road from Belgrade to Novi Sad, stop by to admire the Fruska Gora National Park, which covers an area of ​​500 km². Rare birds and animals live in its broad-leaved forests, but the main attraction is the monasteries. In these picturesque lands there used to be about 30 monasteries, and by 1941 there were only 17 left. During World War II, they all suffered very much, one was completely destroyed, and the rest are still not fully restored. Two can be considered outstanding and obligatory to visit - Krushedol and Novo-Khlopovo. And if you decide on a longer route, then after a walk in the park, go in a rented car to Mokra Gora. Here Emir Kusturica shot his masterpiece “Life as a Miracle” and was so fascinated by this place that he built the village of Kustendorf,

Dear Grad

Golubachki Grad photo

Some historians believe that Golubachki Grad was founded in the 1st century. Ugric tribes. At different times, they were ruled by the Romans, Madjars, Turks, Austrians and Serbian rebels, forming the unusual appearance of the fort. The fortress consists of 10 towers of various shapes. The fortress seems to climb a rock, running away from the Danube. It is not surprising that several romantic legends developed about its name. One of them says that the beautiful princess Elena was imprisoned in the fortress. From loneliness and longing, she raised pigeons and let them out into a world that Elena herself was not given to see. The second legend says that the fortress is named after the rebellious girl Golubana, who did not reciprocate with the Turkish ruler.

Food: atmospheric restaurants, cafes and bars

Znak pitanja

Kralja Petra 6 www.varoskapija.rs/

Znak Pitanja photo

This tavern with a name that literally translates as a question mark is the oldest kafana in the capital of Serbia. According to legend, the owner wanted to call it "At the Cathedral" but the city authorities did not give permission for this. The owner decided not to think about the name anymore, and then the same Znak Pitanja appeared on the door. The simple interior of the restaurant, inexpressive, like its name, is more than compensated by its historical status and the feeling of a real Serbian restaurant. Despite the fact that this place has long turned into a tourist attraction, there is always a table for a hungry traveler, the portion size and taste of the food will delight the stomach, and the prices will not burden the wallet. Just be careful - the portions are truly Balkan, which means that only a Gargantua will master a three-course dinner here.


Terazije 20 www.hotelmoskva.rs/sr/restoran

Čajkovski photo

Another restaurant with a rich historical past, which appeared in the legendary Belgrade Hotel Moskva in 1906. The interior of the Art Nouveau restaurant (high ceilings, heavy chandeliers, stucco moldings and antique furniture) corresponds to its status. Even 30 years ago, a trip to Moscow for Belgrade was a festive event. Now everything has become much more democratic here, but the restaurant still holds the brand. The list of visitors to the hotel inspires confidence: Brad Pitt was spotted here with a cup of Turkish coffee, Milla Jovovich enjoyed branded cakes, not thinking about the harm to the figure, and Jack Nicholson enjoyed a juicy steak. Chef Čajkovski focuses on Serbian and European cuisine and offers restaurant visitors a wide selection of fish dishes and desserts. Be sure to try the nut-fruit cake “Moscow” invented in Čajkovski.

Casa nova

Gospodar Jovanova 42a www.casanova.rs/

Casa Nova photo

Those who are tired of the Balkan cuisine with huge portions and an abundance of spices and suddenly want something more sophisticated will find the Casa Nova restaurant. This is an absolutely European (in the best sense of the word) institution with a classic interior, specializing in Italian and French cuisine. Truly Serbian here is only hospitality: a mandatory compliment from the chef and staff speaking three languages ​​(Serbian, Russian and English). Casa Nova recommends trying the Sicilian Wheel brand - steak and tortilla with vegetables stewed in white wine. Locals love Italian pasta with four kinds of cheese sauce, claiming it is the best pasta in town.

Toro Latin GastroBar

Ulica Karadjordjeva 2-4 www.richardsandoval.com/

Toro Latin GastroBar photo

For a delicious steak, head to the famous Toro Latin gastro bar. He is led by renowned chef Richard Sandoval. The institution positions itself as a restaurant of Mexican and Latin American cuisine, however, like any gastrobar, it plays on incredible taste combinations. Grilled dishes are especially popular here - try salmon with ponzu sauce with annatto and shiitaki mushrooms. Separately, it is worth noting the excellent wine list - for meat and seafood, the bartender can pick you up, for example, good Chilean wine or sangria.

Hleb i kifle

Zaplanjska 32 www.hlebikifle.rs/

Hleb i Kifle photo

Serbia loves pastries in much the same way as in France. Belgrade bakeries are literally at every step, seducing the smells of muffins by passers-not having breakfast. One of the best in the city can be considered a chain of cafes Hleb i Kifle. Without thinking about calories, feel free to take whatever you want. For those who still protect the figure, there is a large selection of so-called "integral" rolls, bagels and puffs of rye flour.

Where to live: comfortable hotels in Belgrade


Square nine

Studentski Trg 9
+381 11 333 35 00 www.squarenine.rs/ double room - from € 270

Square Nine Photo

The owner of the hotel conceived Square Nine as part of the recent history of Belgrade, an exceptional international luxury hotel. To reconcile the tragic past with the bright future of the developing capital - you must agree, the task is not an easy one. But thanks to the reconstruction by the project of the architect Isaiah Wenfeld and the work of several designers who for two years selected exclusive furniture at auctions, they managed to complete a difficult task. This is a stylish, discreet and sophisticated hotel, not screaming about luxury. There is everything you need for an ideal stay: a large spa with a swimming pool and Japanese ofuro bath, in rooms - vintage furniture, cashmere blankets and coffee machines, and the menu of 4 restaurants presents interesting dishes of the main cuisines of the world. If you rented a car,

Hyatt Regency Belgrade

Milentija Popovica 5
+381 11 301 12 34 www.belgrade.regency.hyatt.com/en/ double room - from € 250

Hyatt Regency Belgrade photo

Chain hotels with big names are a universal choice for the sophisticated tourist. This Hyatt stands out among other exceptional views from the window. Better view of the Kalemegdan fortress than from the rooms of this giant can not be found. 302 rooms, two restaurants, a bar, a swimming pool, a fitness and spa center, a ballroom for 600 people and paid parking. The city center is five minutes away. Hyatt hotels network always and always keeps the brand.

Boutique Hotel Townhouse 27

Maršala Birjuzova 56
+381 11 202 29 00 www.townhouse27.com double room - from € 122

Boutique Hotel Townhouse 27 photos

Tourists who do not have enough historical past and faded gilding will enjoy the first Townhouse 27 boutique hotel in Belgrade. It is located in a renovated building in 1929, next to Knez Mikhailova Street, and embodies all international standards. Only 20 huge rooms with a magnificent view from the window, unique decor and sculptures, on which the famous Belgrade sculptor Gabriel Glide worked. The interior is the realm of triumphant minimalism. In addition to standard services, such as a spa, and free Wi-Fi, hotel staff will be happy to provide you with a belt, socks or tie if you accidentally forget them at home. Parking is available on site, so you don’t have to worry about where you can leave your rental car.

Hotel moskva

Terazije 20
+381 11364 20 69 www.hotelmoskva.rs/ double room - from € 109

Hotel Moskva photo

The oldest hotel in Belgrade, opened in 1908 by the King of Serbia Peter Karageorgievich the First. Among the first well-known hotel guests is Leon Trotsky. Since then, politicians, celebrities and simply lovers of quality relaxation have been staying here. The design of the rooms is a bit old-fashioned and recalls the socialist past of Serbia, but it is precisely for this romance that people come here. For breakfast, the restaurant serves sparkling wine - your morning will begin in the finest aristocratic traditions. Perhaps the foyer of the building will seem to you completely up-to-date and even shabby, but then you can tell that you lived in the same place where Einstein, Brodsky, Hitchcock, Gagarin and Gandhi stayed.

Hotel 88 Rooms

Takovska 49
+381 11 411 90 80 www.88rooms.com/ double room - from € 90

Hotel 88 Rooms photo

A serious hotel with friendly and helpful staff, it occupies a multi-stage gray building near the center of Belgrade. The design of the rooms is close to Scandinavian minimalism with bright accents. The hotel has a rooftop excellent restaurant with lovely city views. The hotel has its own paid parking specially for those who travel by rented car.

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